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Excursion recommendations

Herrrensitz und Kultur-Gut Ermlitz (manor house), Ermlitz, Schkopau (Saalekreis), summer
residence of the Apel family, frequently visited by Wagner.
Church and birthplace of Richard Wagner‘s grandfather in Müglenz, Hohburg (District of Leipzig).
The Bayreuth Festival 2001 provided significant funding for the restoration of the church windows
and organ.

in Leipzig
Wagner Haus and theatre in Bad Lauchstädt (Saalekreis). Witnessed, in 1834, the beginning of the
conducting career of Richard Wagner, as the Magdeburger Theater performed here in summer.
Meeting with his first wife, Minna Planer (1809–1866).

1 4 Hôtel de Pologne before the fire,
coloured lithograph, 1846

Brühl in Leipzig, watercolour, 1st half of 19th c Hôtel de Pologne, Hainstraße 8–10 /
now Hainstraße 16/18

undergoing conversion
Heinrich Laube (1806–1884), steel engraving

It is here, in November 1832, that Richard meets Heinrich Laube, from 1833 editor of
Haus zum Roten und Weißen Löwen: the ”Zeitung für die elegante Welt“, a journal of elegant living, developing the publi-
cation into a leading journal of the ”Junges Deutschland“ literary movement.
Birthplace of Richard Wagner, Brühl 3 /
Laube enthuses him with his ideas on free divine love, Richard reads his novel ”Das
now a former department store
junge Europa“, Heinse‘s ”Ardinghello“ and Heine‘s ”Romantische Schule“. Laube ”Lohengrin“, staged by Steffen Piontek, 2006.
(”Blechbüchse“ – tin box), Brühl 20
publishes early writings of Richard, such as the essay ”Die deutsche Oper“, published First act. Lohengrin: Stefan Vinke
on 10 June 1834.
Richard Wagner is born in the year of the Leipzig Battle of Nations on 22 May Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon lived in the building during the Leipziger
1813 ”on the Brühl, in the house of the red and white lion, two flights up“, the Disputation of 1519. The hotel took its name from a stay of the Polish King Stanislaus Imprint Leipzig is a city with a great musical tradition. Music can be heard and experi-
ninth child of the police clerk Friedrich Wagner (1770–1813) and his wife Johanna Leszczynski in 1706. The building later served as a trade fair building for some time. © Richard-Wagner-Verband Leipzig e.V. 2008 enced throughout the city. Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Rosine Pätz (1778–1848). Friedrich Wagner succumbs to a typhus epidemic on Text: Ursula Oehme
or Robert and Clara Schumann all have museums dedicated to them. To date, the
23 November. Ludwig Geyer (1778–1821), a longstanding friend of the family, Editing: Ursula Oehme, Thomas Krakow

actor, painter and poet, marries Richard‘s mother on 28 August 1814, with the family Translation: P. Plötz-Steger, J. Wheatley poet-composer Richard Wagner has proved considerably more difficult to find.
subsequently moving to Dresden. Titel image: Richard Wagner (1813–1883), oil painting by Cäsar Willich, 1862 With this tour the Leipzig Richard Wagner Society aims to change this, offering
Photos/reproductions: Andreas Döring (1), Gabine Heinze (3),Thomas Krakow (3), Oper Leipzig/ inhabitants of Leipzig and visitors alike the opportunity to follow in the footsteps
Following the demolition of the building in 1886 various buildings were erected on
Andreas Birkigt (1), Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig/Thilo Kühne/Christoph Sandig/ of Wagner. Richard is a Leipziger … is the motto of the society. Because Wagner
the site, including a department store, which received a memorial plaque created by Hermann Walter (28)
the Leipzig sculptor Fritz Zalisz (1937–1970). The reconstruction of the Brühl by ”mfi Haus Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum, is the only one of these great composers to actually be born in Leipzig. It was here
Design: Gabine Heinze, TOUMAart
Management für Immobilien AG“ is set to be completed by 2010. The ”Blechbüchse“ will Kleine Fleischergasse 4 Printing: Merkur Druck- und Kopierzentrum GmbH Leipzig that he went to school, here that the idea of becoming a musician was formed. In
be included in the ensemble and a place of memorial to Richard Wagner established. Leipzig he found the material that he required, absorbed lasting impressions in
Richard ist Leipziger ...
The Coffe Baum is the second oldest the theatre and concert hall as well as experiencing the staging of his own early

Richard-Wagner-Verband Leipzig e. V.
Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient, coffee salon in Europe and the oldest Chairman: Thomas Krakow compositions. The relationship to his city of birth was a turbulent one, but at the
lithophane, porcelain, coffee house in Germany. Erected in Vice-President of the Richard Wagner Verband International e. V. end of his life the two were reconciled. It is now up to Leipzig to pay tribute to
circa 1840 1556 at the same time as the Old Town Office: Richard-Wagner-Platz 1, 04109 Leipzig
Hall, regular guests included Robert Tel: 0049 (0)341 30868933, -34, Fax: 0049 (0)341 30868935
him. Follow in the footsteps of Wagner either on foot through the city centre or
Komödienhaus on the Ranstädter Bastei Schumann and Richard Wagner, in by car in the surrounding area. In the process you can accompany him through
(Stadttheater, after 1868 Altes Theater), addition to personalities such as Johann Bank details: Sparkasse Leipzig, bank code 860 555 92, account no. 1180 114 520 stages in his life.
Theaterplatz 9 respectively Richard-Wagner- Christoph Gottsched, Gotthold Ephraim
Platz 2, destroyed in the Second World War / Lessing and Max Klinger. Wagner‘s We wish to thank
demolished as a result of the expansion of the visits to the establishment are not
Goerdelerring/Tröndlinring streets, in the documented. However, it may be
Stadt Leipzig, Kulturamt Richard ist Leipziger …
approximate present-day location of assumed that, as a passionate drinker of Management für Immobilien AG
Richard-Wagner-Platz, Goerdelerring tram stop coffee, he was also a visitor.

St Thomas‘ Church
Christian Gottlieb Müller
Rosalie Wagner (1803–1837),
oil painting by Gustav Kühne,


The Ranstädter Gate and the Theatre in Leipzig, coloured etching, circa 1820
8 Robert Sipp (1806–1899),
Schneiderherberge, Auerbachs Keller,
Richard‘s passion for the theatre emerges at an early stage. Leipzig’s first concert hall of the Euterpe Music Society, Mädler-Passage,
dedicated theatre structure of 1766 was converted into the Stadttheater in 1817. Detail from a coloured engraving by Johann Georg Schreiber, Leipzig 1749 Thomaskirchhof 1 / Grimmaische Straße 2–4
Sisters Rosalie and Ottilie are star performers here. After experiencing the On 16 August 1813 the boy is christened by Deacon Eulenstein with the name present-day Bach Archive and Bach Museum,
famous singer Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient as Fidelio in 1829 Richard Wilhelm Richard Wagner. In addition to the parents, the records of St Thomas‘ Church Thomaskirchhof 16 There is no evidence of Richard Wagner‘s visits to this restaurant, made world famous
decides to become a musician. His B flat major overture (drumbeat overture) also note as godparents the councillor Dr Wilhelm Wiesand, Miss Juliane Schöffelin, by Goethe‘s ”Faust“. The sole link: in the Goethezimmer hangs a portrait of Rosalie,
provides light entertainment for the audience on Christmas Day 1830. However, on deputising for her Miss Louise Mohl (both merchant‘s daughters), and the merchant The Euterpe Music Society had a decisive influence on musical life in Leipzig for a period who also played Gretchen. It is nonetheless likely that uncle Adolf, who lived next door
16 March 1832 overture and closing music for the 5th act of E. Raupach‘s ”King Adolf Träger. of 62 years. From 1822 to 1835 ”musical entertainments“ were staged in the hall of the in the Königshaus, would have acquainted him with Auerbachs Hof (built 1530–38).
Enzio“ are received with applause. Criticism from Rosalie leads him to destroy his first The original structure from the 12th century was augmented with a nave in 1482–96, Schneiderherberge in Thomaskirchhof 7. The Gewandhaus musicians Christian Gottlieb The two paintings by Andreas Bretschneider from 1625, depicting the legendary
opera, ”The Wedding“ with the exception of the introduction, which had already been the building was extensively renovated from 1991 to 2000. Müller (conductor from 1831–38) and Friedrich Robert Sipp were also involved here. barrel ride and Faust with the carousing students, are certain to have enthused him
composed. His opera ”The Fairies“ of 1833/34 was never produced in his lifetime. The Richard secretly receives lessons in harmony from Müller, followed by violin lessons just as they did the young Goethe. In 1832 Richard wrote seven compositions on the
first Wagner operas to be performed in Leipzig were ”Tannhäuser“, on 31 January 1853, from Sipp – his ”worst pupil“. At Christmas 1831 the Euterpe rooms first experience subject of this ”Faust“.
Thomaskirchhof in Leipzig, colour lithograph, circa 1830
and ”Lohengrin“, on 7 January 1854. Richard‘s concert overture in d minor, followed by the concert overture in C major and The conversion of the Mädler-Passage 1912–14 resulted in the loss of the approxi-
the symphony in C major in 1832. mately 70 merchant‘s vaults. Only the historic wine cellar remained.

3 Apelsches, later Thomäisches Haus,
Königshaus / Adolf Wagner,
lithograph, 1832
present-day commercial building,
Markt 17

7 As a nine year-old, Richard first spends a Carl Benjamin Schwarz,

The Market Place in Leipzig,
few days of his summer holiday with his
watercolour, 1799
The Pichhof, diagonally opposite the Hallesches Tor, detail from a coloured etching by uncle Adolf Wagner (1774–1835). Familiar
Johann Jakob Wagner, circa 1830 Christian Theodor Weinlig with Goethe and Schiller, the philologist,
St Thomas School / (1780–1842), translator and private scholar has a great
Pichhof, Bahnhofstraße 18 / present-day superintendent‘s reproduction of a painting 9
influence upon him. Richard is impressed
approximate present-day location offices, Thomaskirchhof 18
by the ornate chambers dating back to the
Willy-Brandt-Platz tram stop, At Easter 1830 Richard enrolls at the St Thomas School. Here too, he has little time of the Saxon Elector and Polish King
West Hall of Central Station interest in lessons. He composes and indulges his enthusiasm for the French Revo- Augustus the Strong, as well as the extensive
lution and the Polish uprising against Czarist rule. Departing the school without a library. The mysterious atmosphere serves as
Ludwig Geyer dies in 1821. At the end of 1827 the fatherless family returns to Leip- leaving certificate, on 23 February 1831 he enrolls as a music student at the University of inspiration for the tragedy ”Leubald and
zig. From Christmas of that year Richard also lives ”in the Pichhof, at the Hallisches Leipzig. With the cantor of St Thomas‘ Church, Christian Theodor Weinlig (cantor Adelaide“.
Tor, 1st flight“, which becomes a meeting point for men of letters (Heinrich Laube 4) 1823–42), he completes his studies in composition within six months. His ”disser- Constructed around 1560 and converted in
and composers (Heinrich Marschner). His enthusiasm for Beethoven results here in tation“, completed in six weeks, is a symphony in four movements in C major. 1706/07 for the merchant Andreas Dietrich
a piano transcription of the 9th symphony, which he offers – unsuccessfully – to the First mentioned in 1254, the St Thomas School is the oldest school in Leipzig. The Apel, visitors here included Czar Peter the
publisher Schott in Mainz. superintendent‘s offices have been located at the site since 1904. Great, Frederick II and Napoleon I.

Brockhaus. with Robert Schumann (1810–1856) enjoying recognition for his -S Hai rl. t Johannis- Ma rtin -Lu the r-R ing Täub 12 platz chen Albert Lortzing and Friedrich Nietzsche. eg its illustrious guests included Karl Herloßsohn. with Leipzig arranged the unveiling in the Klingerhain. Model of the design on a postcard (designed in 1904). Leipzig Opera House Saxon Court Conductor with a ”feeling . In Luise‘s the German people“. was home to the artists Robert and Clara Schumann née Plaue tz rri in the Festsaal depicts Leipzig after the Battle of Nations. circa 1850 poser. V. was a pupil at the St Thomas Beethoven to Goethe‘s ”Egmont“. Gewandhaus music director August Pohlenz conducts Richard‘s first compositions. 1885 Parthe Uferstr. . He Georgiring of Louis Spohr notes an encounter with fails to return the book on time. A. the Old Town Hall was converted into the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum R a -Br Schumann-Haus. the overall artistic work of Wagner – music. Saxon court in the Ranstädter Gate (illuminated plaque on local history on the new talented young pianist Clara Wieck (1819– Richard Wagner Memorial dential house. are also received positively. ZOO Richard Wagner. 11 ga Löhrstr. On the 125th birthday of the and often artistic significance. of com. following the end of the Second Fairies“ and ”The Ban on Love“. A. Brockhaus company 1843. with Mendelssohn and Wagner 14 Friedrich Georg Wieck (1800–1860). the grandfather of which involved setting music in the style of 1842 of the first conservatory in Germany. From 21 to 23 April 1871 Richard Wagner and his completed. Roßplatz 7 (destroyed in The design of Max Klinger (1857–1920) foresaw a three-piece ensemble comprising ”Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung“ with ”great pleasure“. Until 1943 the site was home to the residential house of the grandparents and oil painting by Theodor Hildebrandt.. a manor house that is the summer residence of the family. Bringing together the The building destroyed in the Second World War was replaced between 1956 and 1960 the lecturer Dr Oswald Marbach. with his balustrade of the waterway). e Geo Thomaskirchhof P Pleiß Querst ”Kintschi‘s garden café is undoubtedly the friendliest place in Leipzig . Alter Neumarkt. ele 4 Katharinenstr. circa 1825 Allee Old Town Hall. Famous pupils of the Nikolaischule include Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. ald at the Rittergut Ermlitz. The homage to Parsifal and Kundry. opened as r St einw ner St a Swiss cottage in 1824. Hector Berlioz. Christian Thoma. Second World War) / Neues Theater (precurser to the Opera House). the building was restored from 1991–94 by the cultural foundation Kulturstiftung Leipzig. School. foundation had the house to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the death of Mendelssohn-Haus. er 23 eg r. A. The autobiography Composition“ by Johann Bernhard Logier. guests also included Richard Wagner. oil painting by Alexander Schlick. . The ”Stadtmodell von 1822“ Pla ng This building. including Tadeusz Kościuszko. dies of compli. On corner of Grünewaldstraße and Roßplatz ring to Matthäikirchhof (removed in the 1970s to make way for the new district 10 April 1834 the overture to his opera ”The Fairies“ is performed. Seeb r. erd demolition. Quergasse/Querstraße 8 Richard-Wagner-Hain Augustusplatz resp. In 1924 the plinth was positioned in the Klingerhain.“. St poor grades. the City of Leipzig refused to grant acceptance. Before an almost empty hall.. circa 1890 Alte Nikolaischule. stopping in Leipzig in the process. P D re s d Pe te rs s tr tr. Emil-Fuchs-Str. In 1927 the structure was incorporated into the zoo and has now been reconstructed in accordance with heritage conservation guidelines. by Emil Hipp erected 1864–68 on Augustusplatz offered a new home to the opera. as well as Richard Wagner. In the scope of the GDR Richard a considerable debt. for Richard Wagner. 15 Prusse (opened in 1720 as the Goldener Helm). his host. A call for bids from the City of Leipzig in October 1932 for a Wagner memorial in 1878 by opera director Angelo Neumann (1838–1910) led to the final reconciliation museum. Favourite sister Rosalie. Reichsstraße and corner of Grimmaische Straße Richard is a Leipziger . The ”Modell des Gewandhaussaals“ 14 of 1894/95 shows the concert hall prior to its Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Hector Berlioz. Friedrich provides asylum and whereby the garden architectural grounds of Gustav Allinger (1891–1970) are also to be staged the ”Ring“ in the years 1973–76. The metal plates belonging to the ”Dirigentenpult“ – conductor‘s who the couple had previously met in the house of Clara‘s father 13. Palmengarten. Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig. these followed by two quartettes of 19 of a bronze bust of the com. Ge. sons of the founder. Richard Wagner on 13 February 2008 renovated and the late Biedermeier Gewandhaussaal. lli 23 Erected in 1556. rgir S a lo m o n st Inselstr. Enrolling on 21 January Ro ßp la tz 19 Gold Pr schm 17 ag 1828. with the exception of ”Parsifal“.F 18 April. Brockhaus into an internationally-active. Franz Liszt and str. ”The Mastersingers of Nuremberg“. the Second World War) / now a green area. Clara was already an e -S Go podium – (circa 1780) from the concert hall commemorate. The first complete The history of this burial site dates from 1278 Querstraße 18 The site of the F. much admired by returned to their previous position of prominence. the first dedicated concert building of the present-day Gewandhaus Orchestra. Erected in 1512.XI. In addition to Franz Liszt. with the consequence that. photograph. 11 November 1842 and on 28 November 1843. many to promote his planned festival house. The family is outraged. musicians and publishers. Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus. As a museum park behind the Grassi. Brockhaus Rheintöchter-Brunnen fountain From 1693 to 1720 the first opera house was situated on the Brühl. The Internationale Mendelssohn- The laying of a wreath by the Leipzig Richard Wagner Society Stiftung e. His friendship with Guido Theodor Apel (1811–1867) 9 preserves Richard r St -Str. He lived there from 1845 until 24 ”Systems of Music Science and Practical behind the Opera House.. father of the inhabited the bel-étage of this resi. Gottlob Friedrich Wagner (1736–1795). lithograph performance of the epic music drama ”The Ring of the Nibelung“ outside of Bayreuth to 1883. A good concert costs extra . Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900). Pf af fe nd or fe r P Ro P sen Ger bers tr. as well as allowing him to enjoy frequent stays Karl-Ta rg e Wilhelm-Leuschner. also ”Rich. His housekeeping book records four visits from Richard Wagner: on 5 Mozart. notes a Neumark Grim sitätss Otto-Schill-Str. Born in Müglenz. including that of Wagner is related by marriage to both publisher Friedrich – through marriage to his 1934 the memorial was declared to be the ”Richard Wagner national memorial of master in 1938 his complete works were performed. alongside Wolfgang Amadeus H ein tr. . 22 P bust by 11 Friedrich Schaper. steps. proprietor of the Hôtel de positioning of the steps and plinth on the original site are planned for 2010. developing into a place of veneration 16 constantly has works by Richard Wagner in its repertoire. Richard sculptor Emil Hipp (1893–1965). wandhaus music director. sse St r. Mendelssohn played his ”Variations Wagner Festival 1983 the City of Richard Wagner Memorial (plinth) The former fair building Handelshof was sérieuses“ with ”utmost bravura. including. he ol . Pfaffendorfer Straße 29 7 Ze Str. The Neues Theater or Am Elsterwehr in Brockhaus-Zentrum. exhibition areas and arranges special exhibitions and concerts. including the early operas ”The Richard Wagner‘s mother and his sister Rosalie sister Luise (1828) – and orientalist Hermann. It is not known whether the early composition weg of Richard Wagner performed at Kintschy‘s found favour with the audience or not. in 1868.2 Wi Str. tal Nordstr. footpath and the Elstermühlgraben waterway With the intention of composing music for Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. music and the arts. maintains the tt isc 16 conducted the prelude to the ”Mastersingers“ and the ”Tannhäuser“ overture. built 1908/09. The three naked female figures of the relief on the front side symbolise haus. his death in 1847. on 22 April. 16 (destroyed in the at the Elsterflutbecken. glyphograph. created by Max Klinger following the score with rapture“. erected in 1838. Brühl Wieck from 1840–44. the music hall 11 of 1781 in the Zeughaus wing of the Gewand. entrance Karl-Heine-Straße Spohr. World War. painters. for the pampering treatment that enables him Friedrich Nietzsche. poetry and acting. ob Ernst Wilhelm Straßberger/Johann Jakob Wagner. -K le The society Robert-und-Clara-Schumann-Verein-Leipzig-Inselstraße-18 e. Residence of the grandparents Grü formed in the Gewandhaus 14 in 1835) and stage music. n s t Richard-Wagner-Str. The performance of his D minor overture on 23 February 1832 is received by the Hôtel de Prusse. chronicle of the famous coffee garden of Georg Kintschy in the Rosental park.. the left Siegfried with the dragon and Mime.. erected 1844/45. of the 25 Neues Theater three-verse ”Kraftliedchen“ (Stadtgeschicht- (destroyed in the liches Museum Leipzig). ”Terribly slovenly“. Kreuzstr. Wagner 1. Ste tr. urgs in the face of several financial disasters. Restoration and A plaque in the stairway of the 2nd floor commemorates the concert room.. the first. it is currently being converted. major company. 7 May. in order to borrow the book in the Schwanenteichanlage family. l Kl nstr Johannes Brahms. To rnw nbe Platz s new art Peter accompany the ”Columbus“ drama written by his friend he composes an overture (per..1862“. Richard Wagner. acclaimed pianist. Heinrich Marschner. plinth and sculpture. happy years of their marriage. 18 present-day Opera House. 14 mai sche r. Reichsstraße 1. Ludwig Bechstein. Second World War) / Residential house and company F. During the September unrest of various sections distributed around Germany in time for the 200th anniversary of by the first new theatre to be built in the GDR. Täubchenweg entrance Jahn-Allee Figures on the present-day F. Wagner (Polonia-Ouverture 1836). today Inselstraße 18 nsche an 1 Leipzig between 1906–09. bronze. ens Nür tr. 1871 Alter Johannisfriedhof. coloured etching. World War) / today the former site is traversed by a street. he receives idts tr. he is displeased at being moved back a grade. Wagner enthusiasts can make some interesting discoveries Wagner-Platz dt- in the permanent exhibition entitled ”Leipzig original“. platz Univer r. the right side depicts was demolished in 1894 to make way for the new fair building Städtisches Kaufhaus. who marries Ottilie in 1836. opened on 9 October 1960 with Wagner‘s cations from childbirth on 12 October 1837. today the Alte Johannisfriedhof is home Heinrich and Friedrich. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. as Richard Wagner knew it.. A meeting place for poets. Richard composer and musical virtuoso. r. Goet Nikolaikir ng 12 str chhof 15 21 22 tr. 21 ho lithograph. develop the on a site at the Elsterflutbecken resulted in the successful design of the Stuttgart between the master and the Leipzig theatre. The death 1830 he joins university students in guarding the company premises. The statue failed to be performance fails to take place. part of the Famed for its acoustics. founder birthplace of Richard Wagner‘s father. steinw uchnitz str. circa 1850 ch rg 11 20 ri ed . of Richard Wagner. Ranstädter Steinweg 39 (destroyed in the Second 13 Friedrich Wieck‘s piano shop and lending service for musical items. tz ”Spring Symphony“. financial support to Polish émigrés. plete isolation“. 1867 20 to recuperate and regenerate is reflected spon- taneously in the composition. . photograph. 16 his 1828 tragedy ”Leubald and Adelaide“. Nikolaikirchhof 2 P Burgplatz Schillerstr . Inselstraße 5. in Section V. since 1839 Universitätsstraße / 17 Königstraße 3 / apartment restored to its original now ”Städtisches Kaufhaus“. Further early works. directed by opera director Joachim Herz. Markt st r. Three 8 times a week there is an average concert there. married to salon Richard encounters the greats of the worlds of literature. studied theology at the University of Leipzig and was an excise officer of the approaches Friedrich Wieck. Reichss Go ri hest he 12 tts Dörrienstr. lithograph by August Hunger. Carl Maria von Weber. From 1882 all Wagnerian musical dramas to approximately 400 tombs of culturally-historic publishers F. Ritter Di 24 K. the theatre administration building of the Ministry of State Security). 13 Großer B rockhau Kintschys Schweizerhäuschen in the Rosental / al 6 P 9 10 s ing tr Grimm today the restaurant Hacienda Las Casas in Leipzig Zoo. ch Theodor Apel. n P aische Augustus- r. Universitätsstraße wing now Goldschmidtstraße 12 condition. 1846 str Town Hall and Market Place. tr. resulting in Richard Wagner there on 24 June 1846. wife Cosima (1837–1930) travel through Ger. Markt 1 25 Jahn- weg Tröndlinr in g 3 Stein ädter Richard. At the foundation stone ceremony on 6 March were on the programme. The steps created in 1907 led from the Promenaden- such as the C major symphony on 10 January 1833. where the new Wagner‘s birth in 2013 is the declared goal of the Leipzig Richard Wagner Society. however. Nikolaikirchhof. to international acclaim. Ka wi Nikolaistr. Grimmaische Straße 5 (Selliers Hof ) / now the former trade fair building Handelshof. 18 sius and Johann Gottfried Seume. f P . Louis Kraft. A. Ha ba upt- Jac hn Robert und Clara Schumann. 1896) 21. Robert Schumann. V. Herz also of the mother on 9 January 1848 leaves the Royal rapid presses are the target of much public anger.