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Memebers of National Amila USA Jamat

Jamat Presdients USA Jamat
December 28, 2010

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It pains me to share the happenings at a recent wedding in Virginia On the
Thanksgiving weekend this year, children of distinguished families, descendants
of Saliabiyan-e Masieh Mou'oud as, were maimed. The marriage / Walima /
Mehndi ceremonies included happenings of dancing, mixed gender gathering etc.
These arc aspects repeatedly emphasized as wrong for Ahmadies by Hazrat
Khalifstul Masieh Al- Kharnis as well as Khulafs before him.

-11iisamounts to abandonment of the traditions of Rasool'Allah saw. It is the

wrong step if blessings associated with belief in Mohammad Mustafa saw are
desired. It sullies a sacred ceremony, the sending of our youngsters into the
journey of life. It amountsCosending them with poisonous provisions as two
innocent souls embark for the adventure of existence, including procreation of
their next generation.
Not only that, it sets a very wrung example for the numerous youngsters who
,a-ere invited to the wedding events, and only some of them walked out of the
ceremonies. It amounts to contaminating many good people by these practices
These are more befitting a non-Muslim / non-Ahmadi / non-believer.

Mazur has taken disciplinary action which would be announced as well. In the
meantune, I ask that this and subsequentAnnouncement be read out at a
monthly Jamat meeting as well as at juma.
I hope and pray to Allah, that we will adopt ways pleasing to Him. That our
youth be the torch bearers of faith and teachings of Masieh Mou'oucl as. That
they be Blessed by Allah with His Light and protected from the incitation of
Shaitan .Ameen


r r i v a t e Seerctan. Sahib For I lazur's Favor.
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'5X(I G000 Y ROAD. SuelA z o ; t 5 : N T E M A T I O N A L HEADWATERS
$14,10 jFtt 1470-0115 R A 8 w A N , PAKISTAN

Respected Sadr Sahiban of Local Jama'ais & national Auxilaries

Ref: Wedding of Mr * I * * 441011111* * Miss 11010.0.110011****

45scdum0A/aikum; ha W a fiaralcalohu:

I am writing this letter under the instructions of Respected Amir Sahib, USA.

Respected Amir Sahib observed, I t pains mc to share the happenings at a recent wedding
in Virginia. On the Thanksgiving weekend this year, children of distinguished families,
descendants of Sahabiyan-c Masich Mou'oud as, were married. The marriage Walima
Mehndi ceremonies included happenings of dancing, mixed gender gathering etc. These
areaspects repeatedly emphasized as wrong for Ahmadies by Hadrat Khalifatul rvlasieh
Al-Khamis as well as Khulafa before him."

As a result of the above happening, disciplinary actions have been taken which should be
announced at a monthly Jsana'at meeting as well as at Jurna.

I regret to infonn that as per the instructions of Respected Amir Sahib, the following
individuals arc no longer considered ihe members of Alunadiyya Muslim Conununity:
B i n h of Research Triangle Jama'at, sic late s a h i b ,
11.11b of Research Triangle Jameat, di M a n i ' h i b ,
(the Groom) of Research Triangle Jarna'ai.
4. Mrs. SeillsN a z i (the Bride) of North Virginia Jarna'at.
5. Mr. a z i , of North VA. Jama'at, sic) W 1 1 1 . . . 5 a h i b .
6. Mrs. 4111111111/01411 of North Virginia Jameat. ci/o K1 s a h i b .

The other individuals, whose list is attached, are disciplined as follows:

I. No Chanda will be accepted from them.
2. N o service to the Jamalat will be accepted from them.
3. They will not be allowed to participate in Jama'at functions_

Kindly inform these individuals of the decision and take necessary administrative steps to
record and implement this decision.

Masoud A. Malik D e c e m b e r 30, 2010
General Secretary
Name Jamalat Father's or Husband's Name

1. Mr. Potomac 5/0

Mrs, M E M Potomac P d / o C l i t 9 111111111 .

2. Dubai sio Mr. M

Mrs. Dubai d/o CoL Z

3 M r. Boston sio Mr_ M =

Mrs Boston dio Mr. N

4 . 0 r. Richmond si
M r s S . V M Richmond d/o Mr. h i l l . 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 .

S. Mr. New Orleans s/o Mr

Mrs 8 1 1 1 1 , New Orleans d/o Mr.

6 Mr 4 0 ) 4 4 . 1 . 1 b Silver Spring sic Ch. N A M =

Mr5 P I A Silver Spring d/o Mr. B i a m m i n

7. Mr. M A = Orlando s/o Mr.

Mrs. A M M O N . Orlando d/o Mr, i e u a I M M I I I M

8- Mr- 4 0 Ain/ S I M RT Park sio

Mrs. V I N M S . B . RT Park d/o

9 M r. M A I M Potomac ski Dr.

Mrs. S h i n Potomac d/o Late Dr. S

10. Dr. Richmond sio

M r : 6 . 1 1 = Richmond

11 M o H I M A 4 / M ) Potomac 5/0 H
Mrs. P I Potomac

12 M s S e r M , A , 1 1 1 = Miami dipMr. HIMIMIII1

Ms 1 1 1 2 4 1 1 . Miami di() Mr.
Mc A M P / M A I D Miami d i Mr

13 D r. 1 1 1 = 0 Cent Virginia S/0 A M I N I M M I D

Mrs. I D Eta Cent. Virginia CVO

14 M r s u m p a . Potomac *Th
15 MS 4 1 ) Potomac w/o Late Dr.

16 M s M I N I M , No. Virginia cwomr. 54041=11.411b

17_ Miss e l l Potomac d/o Mr. A N = 1 1 1 1
18 M i s s . Potomac d/o Mr.

19- Miss 4 1 . 0 4 1 1 1 ) Virginia d f o M r, .

20.Mr. 4.4.41110 Dallas 510 i s 4 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 M M E I M M E I D

mi / Muslimswhobelievein theMessiah,
imm_./ United States of America Hadhrat Mirza Chulam Ahmad QadianiT

April 6, 2011
Presidents of Jama'at Ahmadiyya USA
All Members of National Aamla

Hadrat Khalifatul Masih Alithamis (AB) has graciously forgiven the following additional
members over their participation in non-conforming marriage ceremonies. This event was
held in Virginia last Thanksgiving.

Name Jama'at Father's or Husband's Name


Mrs. lilimeramand& Dubai do
/ moommiummoSahib
3. Mr.Immammowinurid Orlando 5/0 Mr. NINAMilagaliVitahib

New Orleans s/o Mr. I w i m b

New Orleans d/o MmblenimmilassediCahib

7. MriNENNOMPAIMINA Dallas sioimommismemos

8. M s . Smathuielviusumiluxxxxxx No. Virginia d/o Mr.11111111111111111111111111111141111

May Allah grant us moral & spiritual strength to maintain purity in our faithful
commitments to the Nizame Jama'at. Amen!

Kindly announce that at Friday sermon & monthly meeting.


Masoud A. Malik
General Secretary

15000 Good Hope Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905

phone: 301-879-0110 fax: 301-879-0115 1-800-Why-Islam