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BI Extensions

1. Archive Docs:
Feature to archive, store and retain finalized documents.
Document Types:

Reports (all types of reports)

Report Instances
Converted Docs (PDF, XLS etc)

Based on

Time Dates (before, between), Duration (older than x number of

User User name (users who left the company)
Groups Finance, Project etc
Folder Entire folder and subfolders
Docu Signed new feature enabled

Retention & Access:

Retention Duration Months, years, period

Retention Action Alerts, emails, msgs..
Access Rights Admins, Super Users

Archive location:

External DB, low storage option, Files and Disk spaces

2. Document Signature:
Feature to sign documents, reports and instances for publishing.
Documents/Report Types:

Reports All BOBJ report types (single version of truth report

Dashboards Xcelsius, Lumira, DS
Report Instances All report instances (final published version)

Signature features:

Watermark Background on the report (final)

Signature space Signed by, published by, Date custom object
Property Page Signed by, published by, Date, authorized by
Publish for Signature Workflow to send to manager
Approved/Authorized by Workflow to authorize by manager

Audit Trail:

Who user created, Published, authorized

Where Metadata of the report object (data source, folder, etc)
When Time stamp
Which Origin of report
3. Instant Messaging:
Functionality to message within the BI platform.

User or Group Messaging

Work on a Document
Update concurrently
Share objects (user variables)
4. 508 Compliance:
Feature to score and convert documents into 508 compliant format.
Coverage Scope:

All Report types

At Report Instance level
Based on BI version

Scoring Based on

Compliant features of existing document format

Scoring Algorithm that maintains 508 compliant rules

Licensing Based on:

# of application pages, documents, document instances converted

Scoring Approach:

Use web crawler to compile compliance scores and candidate

pages/report IDs for conversion
Generate summary of scores

Solution Approach:

Vendor supplies a new war file (BILaunchpad-508.war) that is a

Deploy new war as separate app on the App Server.

508 Compliance Feature Criteria (Sample):

Adoption of user selected color and contrast selections

Accessibility of all user interface elements via keyboard strokes
Display legends and labels for all report controls (combo boxes, radio
buttons, fields, toolbar elements)
Provision of Visual focus for user interface elements