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Mission Statements

Presentation by Becky Caligiuri

What will we accomplish

1. How to create a
2. When to revise
your Mission
3. How to revise
your Mission
Creating a
Mission Statement
Creating a Mission Statement

Creating a Mission Statement for

your organization can be an easy

Your Mission Statement will

illustrate what actions will be taken
to accomplish the vision.
Creating a Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement should be

easy for people to work towards

It will tell your members and

supporters ways you plan on
accomplishing the vision & to add
value to your community.
Creating a Mission Statement

Your Mission Statements come in

different forms depending on what
of good/service your provide to the
Creating a Mission Statement
Purpose Strategy Values

Behavior Character
Creating a Mission
What is the role of the Board?
Make sure mission statement is a
direct reflection of the vision
Mission Statement must be clear,
concise, and represent organization on
a large scale
Example Mission
3M: "To solve unsolved problems
Mary Kay Cosmetics: "To give
unlimited opportunity to women.”
Merck: "To preserve and improve
human life.”
Wal-Mart:"To give ordinary folk the
chance to buy the same thing as
rich people.“
Walt Disney: "To make people
When to
Revise Your
Mission Statement
Revising your Mission Statemen

Creating the Mission

Statement may be easier
that knowing when to
revise it.

There are many indicators

to look out for that will
signal to the board that a
review of the mission
statement is due.
Revising your Mission Statemen

There are key elements to look for

within your organization that will
indicate to you that your mission
statement may need to be reviewed
for updating.
Revising your Mission
The two easiest ways to know when to
update your mission statement are:
1. Your organization accomplished their
current mission statement

2. Your organization updated their

Revising your Mission
3 other indicators that your organization
should revise their Mission Statement.
1. Constituents/Community suggested actions do
not correlate with the Mission Statement.
2. Volunteers/Group members feels the group
needs to change direction
3. Is your organization resistant to problem-driven
Revising your Mission
Another indicator that your organization
will need to revise their mission
statement is where they are in their
Organizations that are in the stagnant stage
should review their mission statement to
ensure that it is still relevant to the work of
the organization.
Revising your Mission
Some indicators of the stagnation
Lack of adaptive capacity; usually
due to problems with board or
executive management
Declining communication
Lack of staff
Reduced commitment to activities
Loss of funding
Revision your Mission
What is the role of the Board?
Recognizing why the mission
statement need to be revised
Actively taking steps to change the
mission statement
6 Steps to
Revising your
Mission Statement
6 Steps to Revising your
Mission Statement
1. Review your existing Mission
2. List current objectives
3. Renew your passion
4. Recognize the changes
5. Write your revised Mission Statement
6. Communicate the new Mission!
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