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What is the story ThreeGenerations by Nick Joaquinabout?

3 GenerationsBy Nick Joaquin

Three Generations talks about a Celo Monzon, whose unhappy childhood stillhaunts
him even if he is already a father. At the beginning of the story, hiswife tells him
about their sons plan to enter priesthood. !e is also told aboutthe call his sister
has made because she no longer knows what to do withtheir sick father. At this
point, readers are already given the impression thatduring this time, women s role
caters only to mens needs and their children."t will be known later in the story
that the sick father has been wild since he,Celo, has driven his latest woman away.
#o, in the setting of this story, itseems that having concubines is but normal. #o$a,
Celos wife, has evenbeen convincing him to allow the old man to have his girl
back. #he tells him,%&our father could never live without women . . . and now you
have driventhat one away. "t is death by torture.%'( This speaks
about downrightoppression of women as men are accepted in the society to have
numbertwos, threes or fours while women are not. This is an obvious
discriminationin the society, as women do not have the opportunities that men do.
This issomewhat like #hirley Chisholms %)*ual +ights for omen% in which
shesays that, % . . . omen that do not conform to the system, who try to breakwith
the accepted patterns, are stigmatized as %odd% and %unfeminine.%'- ust like in
the case of Celos calling his wife as vulgar when she tries toconvince him that he
allow his father to have what he wants.As the story continues, he then remembers
how his father has whipped himin his childhood. !e adds that his own youth had
been so unhappy becausehe lives in those times that %gave the head of the family
absolute dominionover his women and children. . . They bowed to the paternal whip
as long asthey had to/ then broke away to marry and breed and establish families
overwhom they had in turn set themselves up as lords almighty.%

Silent Trails
It tells about the silent atmosphere in Benguet hills, because of the silent atmosphere there you can only hear the
sound or music that made from the beautiful nature in benguet hills. Like the movement of ferns because of the
breeze and the echoey coming from Colliding bamboo. Also the pakkongs that serves the guidance of the feet of
women there that makes sound every tread of feet.