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Calculation of NPT (Non-Productive time)


Equipment failure (EQF)

Ex. Failure of cellar jet, Mud pump sucking air, Power tong failure while
running casing
Slow Progress (SP)
Ex. Slow RIH, POOH 10 stands per hour (planned at 12 stands per hour)
Other (OTHER), slow casing running at speed of 3 joints per hour (planned
10 joints per hour)
Ex. Wear bushing did not pass through bell nipple in first attempt, Non-
availability of equipment, draw-works maintenance, slow-progress lying
down of BHA
Unplanned activities
Ex. Wiper trip, PIT unplanned, Unplanned POOH due to low build up rate
than desired rate with present BHA
Downhole Problems
Ex. Found held up while RIH, Hard cement drilling, cavings fallen behind
the casing getting drag and fluctuations in pressure & reciprocation of
cavings to clear it,