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™ AgileMesh” COMYANDS Military Special Forces The AgileMesh Military Special Forces Team solution provides real-time incident level video and audio intel to team members and command staff. The solution is completely stand-alone, portable, rapidly deployable, and wireless. This high-tech offering uses our patented system design and control technology, which allows team members to easily deploy and use the equipment with no special technology skills required. + Rugged + Easy to use * Stand-alone + CommandMesh compliant + Wireless Man-wearable units provide real-time video and PTT audio to and from team members and the command staff. A helmet camera, an eye-piece video monitor, and a PTT audio headset connect to the man-wearable unit via rugged mil-spec connectors. Front panel pushbuttons and LED displays provide control and status of the man-wearable unit. Power is provided via a wearable battery pack. The man-wearable unit wirelessly connects to the other team member units and to the other CommandMesh compliant components of the incident solution. Video input Helmet mounted camera option Video output Helmet mounted eye-piece monitor option PTT audio headset option ‘CommandMesh compliant Comprehensive perimeter surveillance can be provided using AgileMesh Sentinel Camera Stations. These rapidly deployable wireless units connect to other incident units wirelessly using CommandMesh protocols, Once connected the Sentinel Camera Stations provide real-time video to the Command and Control location for viewing and recording. 38X optical zoom PTZ camera + Internal 12VDC battery Heavy duty tripod * Integrated battery charger Antenna assembly and cable + Extemal 12VDC input w/ battery clip cables CommandMesh compliant video unit. * 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz AgileMesh, Inc. / 1761 International Parkway, Suite 113 / Richardson, Texas 76081 7 972.231.2122 / F 972.231.2406 / Military Special Boy Using the AgileMesh Armored Vehicle Kit, your armored vehicle can become a mobile camera station wirelessly providing valuable surveillance video images and audio to and from a close-in position during an incident. Using CommandMesh protocols, these images can be sent wirelessly to the incident command location for viewing and recording. The armored vehicle can be used as an incident command post by connecting a computer running the AgileMesh Viewer application to the armored vehicle node. Using the video out capability of the Armored Vehicle Kit, the command staff can send selected video images to the personnel inside the armored vehicle. Two-way PTT audio is also supported. CommandMesh compliant video unit Video output option PTT audio input and output option Multiple camera options ‘Antennas and cable included NN 42VDC power pigtail included EoD ‘The Command Vehicle Kit provides situational awareness for the incident command staff. Video images generated by multiple CommandMesh compliant camera stations deployed at the incident are wirelessly sent to the command vehicle. These images are received by the mast radio unit mounted on the ‘command vehicle and connected to the Remote Control Unit (RCU) mounted inside the vehicle. From there they can be viewed on an attached computer running the AgileMesh Viewer application. The RCU controls the communication parameters of the mast radio. The network bridge option allows for connectivity to the intranet inside the vehicle. Up to two (2) vehicle mast cameras can be connected to the RCU for inclusion in the incident video images. ‘CommandMesh compliant video unit _ ‘Two (2) video inputs a Network bridge option Video output option PTT audio input and output option : Multiple camera options Antennas and cable included 12VDC power pigtail included Cc —s AgileMesh" AgileMesh, Inc. / 1761 International Parkway, Suite 113 / Richardson, Texas 75081 7 972.231.2122 / F 972.231.2406 /