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Directions: Your family friend is expecting her first baby and she
is nervous about how much it is going to cost. She is especially
confused about how much diapers are going to cost and her
friends give her conflicting advice on where to purchase them.
Help your friend figure it out by gathering the data, comparing 4
different retailers and solving this problem.

Analysis Paper Outline

I. Introduction
II. Predictions
III. Data Collection
IV. Results
V. Conclusions


The introduction paragraph should draw your audience in and describe the
situation, the problem, and the analysis you are going to do to solve it. This
paragraph should contain some background information to enhance the
understanding for the reader as to the reason for the analysis.


Explain what your group members predictions were.

Data Collection

This is where you give the actual data you collected. You need to do this in an
organized way so some writing may be appropriate, but also use charts,
tables, and graphic organizers.


After you do the math necessary to figure out which retailer has the cheapest
option you should show your work by providing graphs or charts.
Explain in sentences the results like which one was cheaper.


Conclusions are more than just saying which company to buy from. Your
conclusions should be other broad, general findings you have discovered
along the way. For example, online retailers offer more coupons than grocery
stores if you sign up for their daily emails.

4 Points 3Points 2 Points 1-0 Points

Title Page A title page with Missing one Missing two No title page
title, subtitle, component of components of or missing 3
Group Members proper title proper title or more
Name. page. page. components of
proper title
Introductio The purpose of The purpose of The purpose of The purpose
n the analysis was the analysis was the analysis of the analysis
clearly identified identified and was partially was
and reasons for reasons for identified and erroneous,
study was given. study was given reasons for irrelevant,
but in a study was missing or the
somewhat given may or reasons for
unclear manner. may not have study were
been given. unclear or
Data Professional Accurate Either data is Data is either
Results looking and representation of not presented inaccurate,
accurate the data in clearly or missing, or
representation of tables/graphs. missing tables/graphs
the data in Graphs and titles/labels. are
tables/graphs. tables are unacceptable.
Labels and titles labeled and
present. titled.
Conclusion Conclusions are Conclusions for Conclusions Conclusions
s extremely logical, the most part are are vague, poor, missing
specific, thorough logical, specific, general, or or are vague,
and use data to and use data to dont use general, or
support findings. support findings. specific data to dont use
support specific data to
findings. support
Writing Demonstrates A few grammar, Some Does not use
correct word voice, word grammar, or incorrectly
choice and choice or spelling voice, word uses
scholarly voice. mistakes but not choice or appropriate
Report contains no enough to spelling word choice
grammatical or distract from mistakes that and/or voice.
spelling errors. flow of paper. distract from Many
flow of paper. grammar/spelli
ng errors.
Presentatio Report is Report is neat Report is Reports
n extremely neat and easy to read lacking either neatness
and easy to read. and contains formatting, and/or
It is formatted in a some formatting. headings, readability is
way that makes it labels, or unsatisfactory.
easy to read with neatness that
proper section would make it
titles easier to read.

TOTAL POINTS: __________________