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PROJECT PARTICIPANTS specific methods of managing the

The project participants consist of
all the individuals entities who
Public approval process have
(a) Work on the project directly to be figured out into any
(b)Influence the project directly schedule and budget.
Owner How designer and
constructor are selected is
Owner is one with a deep pockets
spelled out.
Owners can be;
Some projects are managed by
a) Individuals .. Seeking a home private organizations.
for their growing family,
Private owners
b) Organizations.. Responding
This category includes
to change in technology,
a) Homeowner .. who builds
c) Municipality.. Seeking to
only one house in a lifetime
improve its infrastructure, or
b) Multinational company .. that
d) Developer.. Working to make
owns numerous facilities
money by filling a perceived
market need. c) Developer .. Special type of
private owner who often
owns the project only for the
Source of financing defines the duration of project. His goal
type of owner is to make money through
quick sale or long-term
a) Public owners rental.
b) Private owners
Owner representation
Public owners
Owners represent a specific
Money can be from local or state, interest during the project's life.
but owner is taxpayer.
While designers focus on
Some of these projects are done functionality, aesthetics and
through public agencies that innovative use of materials, owners
commission the construction. are additionally concerned about
a) Department of transportation durability of design, storage and
availability of materials, simplicity
b) State public works of operation, and ease of
c) DSI maintenance.

Because these agencies represent While constructors concerned with

the public, they must follow maintaining schedule and budget
through efficient methods of
assembly and improved a) to translate and develop an
management techniques. owner's requirements and
graphically represent them.
Principle designers: Architects and
Engineers. Engineers work within large A/E
firms, but most often they are
On Building and Residential independent consultants.
sector projects
Responsibility: varied depending on
- Architects are lead their discipline, but in all cases
designer, laying out the concept on they must understand an owner
paper with owner. requirements: budget, operations,
- Engineer brought in after durability and Intended use of
basic concept is worked out but space.
before details are developed.
On Infrastructure and Civil Engineers:
Industrial sector projects
Determine project location on
- Engineer is lead designer.
a site by studying the
- Architect is brought in to subsurface soil conditions
work on the aesthetics. and the topography of the
Example: A refinery project.
Engineer designs mechanical, Design roads, bridges,
electrical and structural systems. tunnels, parking lots, storm
Architect handles office spaces and water drainage, and sewage
building color schemes. treatment plants.
Architects Structural Engineers:
Architects are stars of building Calculate strengths and
industry. deflections, foundation sizes,
beam thickness, and strength
First people to hear owners of floor slabs.
talk about their needs.
Ensure that a building can
Meet occupants withstand the forces of wind,
Define budget and schedule gravity and seismic activity.

Influence choice of contractor Surveyors

Influence choice of delivery Mechanical Engineers

method Electrical Engineers