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Ambush z

An Ambush Alley stAnd-AlOne GAme

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This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations,
places or events is purely coincidental.

Images: Game photos 2008 Shawn Carpenter unless otherwise noted.

Other photos courtesy United States Department of Defense public domain

Cover Art & Layout: Dixie McCartney

Ambush Z Games: Ambush Alley Games

2008 Shawn Carpenter, Robby Carpenter, Peggy Carpenter.

Playtesters: Piers, Cyril, & Skip from the Newbridge Gaming Club

Publication History: Publication Version Date

Ambush Z 1.0.0 May 21, 2008
Printed October 21, 2008
Last Revised: October 20, 2008

page ii Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Table of Contents
Introduction. Basic Unit Definitions & Attributes
The Living and the Walking Dead......................6
Background Briefing. ........................ 1
Living Forces....................................................6
Sequence of Play Professionals (Military & Police)............................6
Military Units and Special Operations Teams..........6
Choose a Scenario............................................3
Police & SWAT......................................................6
Draw Quirk of Fate Cards..................................3 Military and Police Dog Teams...............................7
Set Up The Table...............................................3 Survivors...............................................................7
Place Zombie Hot Spots....................................3 Whiskey Charlies (Worthless Civilians)..................7
Set Up Living Units...........................................4 Headhunters..........................................................8
Scarcity of Supplies...............................................8
Set Up Zombie Units.........................................4 Troop Quality & Morale..........................................8
Zombie Reinforcements....................................4 Zombies............................................................9
Infection Level.......................................................4
Zombie Unit Characteristics...................................9
Types Of Zombie Reinforcements...........................4 Movement................................................................. 9
First Living Unit Activates.................................5 Starting and Maximum Troop Quality......................... 9
Zombie and Possessed Units Morale...................................................................... 9
Interrupt Living Actions..................................5 Awareness Range..................................................... 9
Zombie Vision......................................................... 10
Continue Activating Living Units.......................5 Bonus Defense Dice................................................ 10
Check for Zombie Random Movement..............5 Zombie Unit Types...............................................10
Move Any Remaining Dexters Odies (Oscars)........................................................ 10
or Possessed Units........................................5 Zulus (Zeds)............................................................ 11
Romeos.................................................................. 11
Dexters................................................................... 12
Zombie Dogs........................................................... 13
Traumatic Zombies.................................................. 14
Dexter Controlled Units (Possessed & Remotes)...... 14
Troop Quality and Morale Ratings...................15
Merging Units.................................................15
Unit Cohesion..................................................16
Split Units............................................................16
Differentiating Between Special Figures.........17
Alternate Basing.............................................17

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z Page iii

Table of Contents
Basics of Play Fire Combat
The (Nearly) Universal Mechanic...................18 Resolving Fire Combat....................................25
Line Of Sight (LOS).........................................18 Defense...............................................................25
The Defense Cap..................................................... 25
Line Of Fire (LOF)...........................................18 Cover Dice.............................................................. 25
Interruptions and Reaction Tests....................19 Armor Dice & Zombie Toughness Dice..................... 26
Zombie Interrupt Check........................................19 Examples of Determining Defense Totals.................. 26
Living Reactions to Interruptions..........................20 Firepower............................................................27
Interruptions by Fire.............................................21 The Firepower Cap.................................................. 27
Interruptions by Movement..................................21 Optimum Range...................................................... 27
Resolving Chains of Interruptions.........................21 Support Weapon Dice............................................. 28
Interruption Aftermath..........................................22 Examples of Firepower............................................ 28
Reaction Tests and Quirks of Fate........................22 Special Weapons and Armor...........................29
Overwatch.......................................................22 Anti-Zombie Weapons (AZW)...............................29
Anti-Zombie Armor (AZA)....................................29
Movement Close Combat Weapons......................................29
Handguns............................................................... 30
Default Movement Rates.................................23
Night Fighting.......................................................... 30
Moving Units on the Table...............................23 Splitting Fire............................................................ 30
Halted, Hidden or on Overwatch.....................23 Making the Attack Roll.........................................31
Cautious Movement........................................24
Rapid Movement.............................................24
Close Combat
Close Combat Quality Checks.........................32
Out of Contact Movement................................24
Resolving Close Combat.................................33
Fleeing Close Combat.....................................33

page iv Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Table of Contents
Casualties & Dependents Solo and Co-Op Gaming
Casualties.......................................................34 Solo and Co-Op Game Turn Sequence............43
Who Got Hit?.......................................................34 Hot Spots in Solo Games................................43
First Aid Checks for Living Units...........................34
Zombie Motivation..........................................44
Medics & Special Forces Units.............................35
Revenant Anti-Virus (RAV)...................................35 Zombie Actions and Action Triggers................44
Revenant Checks.................................................... 35
Turned Casualties.................................................... 35 Common ORBATs
Hot Shots................................................................ 35 Professional Military.......................................45
Improvised Hot Shots.............................................. 36 Australia..............................................................45
Casualty Evacuation (Casevac)............................36 Royal Australian Regiment....................................... 45
Dependents.....................................................37 United Kingdom...................................................45
British Army............................................................ 45
Disposing of Dependents & Casualties...........37 British Royal Marines.............................................. 46
Firing at Units With Dependents & United States of America.....................................45
Casualties....................................................37 USMC..................................................................... 46
Close Combat Against Units With Dependents US Army Light Infantry............................................ 47
& Casualties................................................37 Reaper Teams......................................................... 48
Professional Paramilitary...............................48
Morale........................................... 38 Police SWAT Teams................................................. 48
Morale Checks................................................38 Private Security Teams............................................ 48
Private Military Contractors...................................... 49
Whiskey Charlie and Headhunter Morale Checks..38
Morale Effects.....................................................38 Worthless Civilians.........................................49
Professional Morale Checks.................................39 Anti-Government Militia........................................... 49
Combat Stress....................................................39
Background Stress Level.....................................39 Scenarios
Positive Leadership & Stress................................40 Scenario 1: Outbreak!.....................................50
Stress Tests........................................................40 Scenario 2: The Thin Blue Line.......................52
Losing Confidence...............................................40 Scenario 3: Fallen Angels...............................54
Regaining Confidence..........................................40
Scenario 4: House of Pain...............................56
Special Rules Scenario 5: Damnation Alley..........................58
Zombies and Buildings.........................................41
Vendors of Choice........................... 60
Living Units and Buildings....................................41 Quirk of Fate Cards. ....................... 61
Barricaded and Fortified Buildings........................41
Defending a Barricaded Building..........................41
Defending a Fortified Building...............................42
Special Weapon Teams...................................42
Sniper Teams......................................................42

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z Page v

Ambush Z is the first non-historical expansion for the
Ambush Alley game system, but it is unlikely to be the
last. Weve got several unconventional cards up our
sleeves that we intend to spring on you over the next year
or two, some of which are definitely of the bump in the
night variety.
For us, Ambush Z represents the flexibility of the Ambush
Alley game engine, proving that what might at first glance
seem a highly specialized system can actually be used to
simulate action on a wide variety of battlefields. Although
Ambush Z is meant to be a somewhat light-hearted romp
through familiar horror movie territory, a lot of thought
has gone into the special rules provided. Ambush Z
games are just as fast and furious as a standard Ambush
Alley game but a lot creepier!
We originally intended for this expansion to address
Spec Ops vs. zombies only and leave the survivors vs.
zombies to all the games that have covered that ground
in the past. The more we thought about it, though, the
more it became clear to us that leaving out frightened
survivors armed with a hodge-podge of weaponry would
prevent Ambush Z players from taking advantage of a
lot of zombie movie scenarios not to mention all those
great civilian zombie fighter figures! The emphasis is still
on Special Forces operators taking it to hordes of walking
dead, but players who want to try their hand at surviving
the time of the dead with a rag-tag band of Whiskey
Charlies can certainly give it a go!

vi Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Background Briefing
The Revenant Plagues origin will probably be the source of heated academic debate and over-
heated conspiracy theories for the next century or more. The nefarious virus has been isolated, of
course, but its source remains the mystery that launched a thousand theories.
The most common theories are familiar to anyone alive today: The virus hitched a ride to earth on
a meteor that touched down in Mexicos Chiapas, Syrias Bekaa Valley, or in the Kharj Valley near
the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The virus was a warning from God, who was fed up with
the excesses of the Western world or the excesses of the Eastern worlds response to Wests
dissolution. Or both. Aliens, whose invading starships will arrive any day, unleashed the virus to
thin the human population and make it easier to enslave.
The big money is on The Power, though. In the nations that suffered the most from the plague,
The Power represents the nations that helped them the most First World powers like the
USA, UK, France, and Germany. In those First World nations, The Power refers to the biggest
bogeyman of any democratic people their own government.
John Schofield,

The Revenant Plague was like a bomb with multiple weekly television show devoted to tracking down
fuses, each burning at its own rate. mythical monsters around the world captured the first
film footage of Revenants, as the CDC would name
The first few cases in the USA were initially discounted
what everyone else called by their more obvious title:
as medical anomalies which had been grossly exag-
gerated by the local press. Thanks to the care used zombies.
in handling the potentially contagious victims of the The shaky footage, reminiscent of so many horror films,
plague, the spread of the disease was extremely limited, was soon airing every fifteen minutes on major news
giving the CDC time to examine it and, to their horror, networks around the world. It became the seminal
understand it. image of the early days of the outbreak.
Matters were quite different in the Third World. The The television shows front man is standing on a dusty
Revenant Plague struck the overcrowded, medically Mexican street interviewing three Chiapas Indians who
deprived villages and cities of un-developed nations like claimed to have seen a prehistoric monster in a nearby
a thunderbolt, and the fearful masses fleeing outbreaks lake. A crowd of curious onlookers mill around the front
were like sparks spreading a wildfire. Still, reports of man and his translator. As the interview progresses,
walking dead preying upon the living were easy to write heads at the back of the crowd begin to turn. Faint
off from regions already notorious for the abundance of screams can be heard in the distance and the crowd
UFOs crossing their skies and blood-sucking animals becomes more agitated. A louder shriek fills the air and
draining their goats. For the first few days the troubling the camera jerks away from the interview and pans
news from places like Mexico, Peru, Thailand, and down the street. Panicked men and women run past,
Pakistan were written off as mass hysteria. The subject pointing behind them. The scene blurs as the camera
received more attention from the hosts of late night talk zooms in to reveal dozens of shambling figures surging
shows and stand-up comedians than from the press. up the street. As the camera stabilizes, a fleeing man
The needle that burst the First Worlds bubble of stumbles and falls. He is instantly torn limb from limb
complacency came in the form of a documentary by his pursuers. The voice of the cameraman can
program gone horribly wrong. The crew of a popular clearly be heard saying, Holy shit! Zombies!

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 1

Background Briefing
Suddenly the reports of medical anomalies became rescue survivors and neutralize Revenants. Thanks
more ominous to TV audiences in the First World and to the expertise of the CDC and Americas military, the
they cried out to their governments for protection. The plague was virtually exterminated in the United States
USA took the lead in developing an effective response within a year. Similar results were achieved in Europe
to the Revenant Plague. CDC scientists announced and Japan.
that outbreaks could be contained by destroying the
In much of the rest of the world, madness reigned.
Revenants, the zombie-like carriers of the virus. While
Most developing nations lacked the resources or
difficult to kill, they could be taken down by sufficient
stability to mount an effective campaign of containment.
trauma to the head or torso. The virus could only
Their cities became citadels of resistance or festering
survive for a brief period in neutralized carriers. Kill
dens of plague infected Revenants. Without aid, most of
the zombies, kill the zombie plague.
mankind was doomed to extinction.
In the US, military forces were mobilized to respond
quickly and decisively to any outbreak of the Revenant
Plague. Special Forces units were often used as
Quarantine Teams, which entered infected areas to

2 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

The Sequence of Play is described below. It references
subjects that will be covered later in the rules, but
Choose a Scenario
Ambush Z is a scenario driven game. The victor isnt
provides a look at the games overall structure. determined by totaling up points of troops lost or by
playing till one side is obliterated. Instead, the victory
conditions of the scenario being played determine who
gets bragging rights and who is left cursing their dice.
Turn Sequence Players can either pick one of the provided scenarios to
1. Choose a Scenario. play or they can create their own.
2. Draw Quirk of Fate Cards as
dictated by the scenario. Draw Quirk of Fate Cards
3. Set up the table per the Scenario. Quirk of Fate is a term used to describe the tendency
for things to become confused and unmanageable on
4. Place Zombie Hot Spots. the battlefield. Quirk of Fate cards simulate this effect by
5. Set up the Living units on the providing an opportunity for unpredictable challenges or
Table per the Scenario. opportunities to arise.
6. Set up Zombie units on the Scenarios generally dictate when and how many Quirk
Table per the Scenario. of Fate cards should be drawn and the Living Player
7. On turns AFTER the first, Zombie Player may have to draw extra Quirk of Fate cards, as dictated
rolls on the scenario Reinforcement by his various Reaction rolls. See Reaction Tests and
table to determine the number and Quirk of Fate for details.
type of reinforcements that arrive.
Roll for Hot Spot they arrive from. Set Up the Table
8. Living Player activates his first unit Each scenario contains a description of how the table
(announce if moving/firing, firing/moving, should be set up, including the location of key roads,
going on Overwatch, or Hiding). buildings, and other terrain features.

9. Zombie units may Interrupt. Table sizes in Ambush Z vary from 2'x2' to 4'x4'.
10. Repeat steps 9 & 10 until all Living
units have been activated.
Place Zombie Hot Spots
At the beginning of the game, place 5 Zombie Hot Spot
11. Once all Living units have been Activated, counters on the table. Some scenarios will specify
Check for Random Zombie Movement. areas of the board where the counters must be placed,
12. The Zombie player may now others will leave their placement entirely to the players
move any Dexters or Possessed discretion. Some scenarios may use board edges and
units that havent Interrupted. forego the use of Hot Spots all together.
13. Repeat Steps 8 through 12 until one side Hot Spots indicate locations from which Zombie units
has met the Scenario Victory Conditions. may arrive. Each Hot Spot counter is labeled with a
number from 1 to 5. No Hot Spot may be placed within
6" of another on the table.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 3

Set Up Living units Infection Level
The scenario will indicate how many units the Living Just as normal Ambush Alley scenarios have an
player will receive, what their composition will be, and Insurgency Level, Ambush Z scenarios have an
where theyll be placed on the table. Set up the Living Infection Level. The higher the Infection Level, the
as the scenario dictates. greater the risk of encountering zombies in abandoned
buildings or attracting them with gunfire.
Normally, all Living units will be set up on the table at
the beginning of play, but some scenarios will call for Any time a Living unit enters a building other than those
units to be held off the table for later deployment. they begin play in or are traveling to, they must roll a
D6 and compare it to the games Infection Level. If their
Set Up Zombie units roll is less than the Infection Level, the building contains
zombies. Roll on the scenarios reinforcement table to
The Zombie player usually doesnt have very many units
on the board at the beginning of the game, but they will determine what the type and number of zombies are.
be continuously reinforced during play, based on the Hot Spots
Infection Level of the scenario. Unless stated otherwise in a Scenario brief, five Hot
Zombie units are placed on the table as described in Spots are placed on the table by the zombie player at
the scenario. This may sometimes place Zombie units the beginning of the game.
within range and line of sight of Living. Beginning play Secondary Hot Spots
with units in contact is not unusual in Ambush Z In addition to the five ordinary Hot Spots placed at the
beginning of the game, the Zombie player may place an
Zombie Reinforcements additional Hot Spot at the beginning of each turn after
Ambush Z scenarios never require an Infection Level the first. These are known as Secondary Hot Spots.
Check at the end of the turn to determine if zombie
Secondary Hot Spots are numbered from 1 to 6 and
reinforcements arrive zombie reinforcements ALWAYS
may be placed anywhere on the table that is not
appear at the end of each turn (unless otherwise
currently within Line-Of-Sight (LOS) of human forces.
dictated by the scenario).
Secondary Hot Spots are placed in numerical order
i.e., the first is 1, the second is 2, etc.
If there are duplicate numbered Hot Spots on the table
(i.e., there are two 2 spots), and the zombie player
rolls a number with two Hot Spots associated with it,
they may pick which Hot Spot from which they wish
their reinforcement unit(s) to appear.

Types of Zombie Reinforcements

Zombie reinforcements take one of three possible
forms: Automatic Zombie Reinforcements,
Reinforcements attracted by gunfire, and Pop-Up
Each type of reinforcement is described below:
Automatic Zombie Reinforcements
At the end of each turn, make a roll on the scenarios
Zombie Reinforcement Table to determine what unit or
units arrive. Roll a D6 to determine what Hot Spot each

4 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

reinforcement unit arrives at. On a roll of 6, the zombie
player may choose which Hot Spot he wishes a unit to
Zombie and Possessed units
arrive from. Interrupt Living Actions
Zombie and Possessed units may attempt to Interrupt
Zombies & Gunfire any Living unit they see activated.
Zombies always move towards the nearest gunfire.
Even more dangerously, gunfire often awakens Each Zombie and Possessed unit may only Interrupt
dormant zombies. once per turn.

Each and every time a unit fires a weapon, whether in

ranged or close combat, roll a D6. If the die roll is less
Continue Activating Living Units
Continue activating Living units and resolving Zombie
than the scenarios Infection level, make an immediate Interruptions until all units have been activated.
roll on the Zombie Reinforcement Table and place the
new zombie units on the table. Roll a D6 to determine
what Hot Spot each unit appears at. On a roll of 6, the
Check for Zombie Random Movement
Any Zombie unit that is not currently in contact with
zombie player may choose which Hot Spot he wishes a
or moving towards a Living unit is subject to random
unit to arrive from.
movement. Roll a D6 for each loitering Zombie unit.
Pop-Up Zombie Mobs On a roll of 1-4, the Zombies continue to mill around
Some die roll results on the Zombie Reinforcement in place. On a 5 or 6, move the Zombie unit their full
Table call for the appearance of Pop-Up Zombies. movement in a random direction. Roll 1D8 on the chart
Pop-Up Zombies are not placed at Hot Spots. Instead, below to determine the direction:
the Zombie player may place them anywhere on the
table as long as they are not within LOS of any human

First Living Unit Activates 1 2 3

One of the characteristics of Living vs. Zombie conflicts 4 5
is a pattern of action and reaction: Living tend to move 6 7 8
with purpose, discipline and according to a coordinated
plan, while Zombies tend to react to the Living forces
Random movement cannot take a zombie unit off the table.
Ambush Z reflects this by giving the Living Player the
If a random move would indicates that a zombie unit would
initiative in every turn. Each of the Living Players units move off the table, simply end its movement at the tables
will be activated, one after the other, while Zombie units edge. If the zombie unit is already at the tables edge, it will
attempt to interrupt their actions and throw them off mill around in place rather than move.
The Living Player may pick which unit he wishes to Move any Remaining Dexters
activate first. or Possessed units
Once activated, a unit may either Move and Fire or Fire Once all Living units have been activated, any Dexter or
and Move. Dexter controlled units (called Possessed units) that
have not attempted to interrupt the Living in that turn
may be moved (and fired, if appropriate).
Play continues until one side has completed its Victory

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 5

Military units are always well supplied with Revenant
The Living and the Walking Dead Anti Virus (RAV) unless otherwise stated by the
For the purposes of Ambush Z, all units fall into two scenario notes. They also possess night vision devices
broad categories: They are either Living or Zombies. and radios that allow military units to communicate
with one another.

Living Forces Most Military units have a Troop Quality of Trained (D8)
and a Morale of D10. Particularly experienced Special
Living forces fall into two broad categories:
Professionals and Survivors. Professionals are Forces teams may have Troop Qualities of Veteran
generally military or police forces who are struggling (D10) or, very rarely, Elite (D12). Special Forces units
to contain and/or eradicate the Revenant zombie threat. are highly motivated and generally have a Morale of
Survivors are hapless escapees of the Revenant Plague D12.
although some are less hapless than others . . . Private military contractors operating in hot zones are
usually similarly equipped and possess similar Troop
Professionals (Military & Police) Quality and Morale ratings.
Professionals are human forces that are actually
trained to work together against a common foe. Police & SWAT
Professionals understand small unit tactics and know Law enforcement officers are trained in basic small
how to work as a team. They know how to care for their unit tactics and SWAT officers have advanced training
gear, which is less likely to fail them, and theyre less and access to more formidable weaponry. Police and/
likely to panic due to their experience in tight situations. or SWAT officers are often found shepherding groups
Regular military units, Special Forces units, police of survivors in Hot Zones that have not yet been cleared
squads, SWAT units, and some private security forces by military forces.
are considered professionals. Some law enforcement agencies were issued small
amounts of RAV before the Revenant Plague reached
Military Units and Special full intensity, but most police or SWAT units will not
Operations Teams have access to the serum unless a scenario states
Most military units, and especially Special Forces/ otherwise.
Spec Ops units, are well equipped with weapons and Police are unlikely to have night vision devices or
protective gear. At the very least they will have assault weapons more potent than Small Arms. Regular police
weapons and body armor. Some specialized units may officers will generally have access to shotguns and
be equipped with Anti-Zombie Weapons (AZW) and assault rifles, while SWAT officers can usually lay
Anti-Zombie Armor (AZA). hands on sniper rifles. SAWs and grenade launchers
(other than the non-lethal variety) are not part of civilian
law enforcements arsenal.
Police and SWAT units have a Troop Quality of Trained
(D8) and a Morale of D10 unless otherwise stated by a

6 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Civilian survivors are often encountered by special
forces operators on missions. Such meetings usually
complicate things, changing a simple search and
destroy mission into a rescue mission. Viewing most
civvies as mission threatening baggage, operators
refer to most of them as Whiskey Charlies: Worthless
Not all civilians require rescue, however. Some survivor
groups are well-armed, well-organized, and eager for
some pay-back against the hordes of blood-ravening
zombies. Occasionally these survivor groups even
come to the rescue of Special Forces operators when
their missions have gone terribly wrong. Special Ops
troops refer to such militant survivors as Headhunters
due to their tendency to destroy zombies by blowing off
their heads.
Military and Police Dog Teams
Military and police units are sometimes supported by Whiskey Charlies
dog teams. Initially, dogs were used to detect humans (Worthless Civilians)
and other dogs infected by the Revenant Plague. It Most civilian survivors live up to the militaries disdain
was discovered early on that dogs could sniff out an and are fully qualified for the title worthless. Their
infected person with nearly absolute accuracy. normal response to a zombie threat is blind panic and
Since dogs react aggressively to the scent of Revenant flight often directly into the rotting arms of the very
infection, they were soon dragooned into service creatures theyre fleeing.
assisting clean-up teams in hot zones. The dogs Whiskey Charlies are rarely armed and even when they
proved invaluable in urban clean-ups by alerting their are, they tend to be ineffectual in combat.
handlers to the presence of Revenant zombies in
buildings, thus taking much of the uncertainty out of In short, Whiskey Charlies live to be rescued by Special
the building clearance process. Ops teams or eaten by packs of zombies.

In game terms, dogs can unerringly determine if a In game terms, Whiskey Charlies will always flee from
building or other concealing terrain contains Revenant zombies. They will run 1D8 + 6" in a random direction,
zombies. Make a die roll for zombie occupation before as indicated by the chart below (roll 1D8):
any units enter the building. If zombies are inside, units
associated with the dog team may decide to clear the
building or bypass it completely.
If a unit is clearing a building that a dog unit has alerted 1 2 3
on, the unit receives +1 to its building clearance die roll.
4 5
Dogs have the same Troop Quality and Morale as their 6 7 8
handlers. They may only fight in Close Combat, having
no ranged weapons. Some military dogs are equipped
with body armor.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 7

If Special Operations units or Headhunters are within
sight, Whiskey Charlies will flee directly towards
Headhunters are survivors who are actually capable of
them rather than in a random direction. If the Whiskey holding their own against Revenant zombies, whether
Charlies reach the Special Ops unit or Headhunters, defending a strongpoint or mounting aggressive raids.
they will immediately put themselves under their protec-
tion. They become the units Dependents. Headhunters are usually comprised of civilian survivors
who have come under the leadership of someone with
Professional and Headhunter units with Whiskey Charlie good tactical skills, but theyre also sometimes drawn
Dependents may not make Rapid Moves, but their from groups of people who have some background in
Troop Quality is unaffected (note that this differs from violent action, such as street gangs or militiamen. At
the standard Ambush Alley rules). least one famous Headhunter gang was composed of a
If Whiskey Charlies are barricaded in a building or other group of historical re-enactors!
fortified position, they will not flee unless zombies For the most part, Headhunters behave in the same way
break into the building. as Special Forces or other military units, but they are
Whiskey Charlies have a Troop Quality and Morale of subject to some special rules described below:
D6. They are rarely armed with firearms, and must
rely on improvised hand-to-hand weapons and their Scarcity of Supplies
fleetness of foot to defend against zombie attacks. Headhunters are almost always short of supplies,
Some scenarios may indicate that Whiskey Charlies are especially medical supplies and ammunition!
armed with Small Arms, in which case they may use
Headhunters automatically become Low on Ammo
ranged combat.
any time they roll more 1s than successes on a
Whiskey Charlies who become casualties while in Firepower roll. A unit that is Low on Ammo loses a
the care of a Spec Ops or Headhunter units use the die of Firepower. A unit may suffer repeated Low on
appropriate First Aid Chart to determine the nature Ammo results if theyre reduced to zero Firepower,
of their injury. Injured Whiskey Charlies who are not they may no longer make ranged attacks.
under the protection of a military or Headhunter unit are
To reflect the scarcity of key medical supplies,
automatically KIA.
Headhunters casualties roll on the standard First Aid
Whiskey Charlies who are not Dependents of a military table (not the Medic/Spec Ops First Aid table) and only
or Headhunter unit NEVER have Revenant Antivirus have Revenant Anti-Virus available on a roll of 6+ on
available to them (unless the scenario states otherwise). their Troop Quality Die.

Troop Quality & Morale

Headhunters usually have a Troop Quality of D6, but
they may have as high as a D8 if the scenario calls
for it. Their Morale is usually D8, but may be higher as
dictated by the scenario.

A Special
Ops team
defends a
from the

8 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

If zombie Troop Quality has not increased by the
Zombies beginning of Turn 3 through a roll on the reinforcement
Walking dead, cannibalistic disease victims, alien table, it automatically goes up one die type. If zombie
possessed automatons, fast or slow, smart or stupid, Troop Quality has not increased by the beginning of
whatever the rationale or characteristics, we all know a Turn 6, it is automatically raised one die type.
zombie when we see one!
Zombie Troop Quality can never increase more than one
Ambush Z tries to take a fairly generic approach to the die type in a single turn.
subject by providing players with rules for some of the
If zombie Troop Quality has increased by a die roll
more common zombie archetypes. We provide explana-
between Turns 1 and 3, the automatic increase at the
tions for each zombie breeds existence against a
beginning of Turn 3 does not occur.
Revenant Plague backdrop, but with minor alteration,
they could be used in any zombie universe. If zombie Troop Quality has increased between Turns 4
and 6, the automatic increase at the beginning of Turn 6
Zombie Unit Characteristics does not occur.
Most normal human units only have two characteristics Maximum Troop Quality indicates the highest die type
of importance to the game: Troop Quality and Morale. that can be attained by a particular type of zombie.
Zombie units have a slightly different set of characteris-
tics and rules that go along with them. Morale
Zombie units are never called upon to make Morale
Movement Checks and have no Morale characteristic.
Different types of zombie units have different movement
rates, as noted in their descriptions. Zombie movement Awareness Range
will either be restricted to a total number of inches Zombies are not the most observant creatures on this
they may move in a turn or will be the same as that of earth. Unless something attracts their attention with a
normal live human units. loud noise, bright flash, or the sweet, sweet smell of
Zombies with movement stated in inches (Odies blood, zombies generally content to mill about mind-
and Zulus) may occasionally put on a burst of speed lessly as they decompose.
if a tasty target presents itself. If either type of unit A zombie units Awareness Range represents the
announces that it is charging to Close Combat a living distance at which they are likely to notice living prey.
unit, they may move an additional number of inches Any living unit moving or firing within a zombie units
equal to a single die roll of their current Troop Quality zone of awareness will be noticed automatically.
die type.

Starting and Maximum Troop Quality

Unlike living troops that have a more or less fixed Troop Close combat
Quality, Zombie units tend to be sluggish and ineffective is unpleas-
in the opening minutes of an engagement. As time goes ant, not only
by, they became more agitated and aggressive. because the
To represent this slow increase, all zombie units zombies are
have a starting Troop Quality, which indicates their more likely to
Troop Quality on the first turn of the scenario. When notice their
the Zombie player rolls for reinforcements at the foes.
beginning of each turn, there is a chance that the roll Photo courtesy
will indicate an increase in Troop Quality for his forces. Piers, Thomas, &
Cyril of the NGC.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 9

Zombie Unit Types
The Revenant Plague produced four distinct varieties
of Revenants or zombies: Odies (or Oscars), Zulus
(or Zeds), Romeos, and Dexters. Each type of zombie is
described below.

Odies (Oscars)
The Revenant Plague virus is so pernicious that it can
even occasionally reanimate human corpses that barely
possess enough muscle and connective tissue to
stand or move. Such posthumous infections result in
revenants that look more like skeletons than anything
else. In the early days of the plague, some wag coined
the name Odie for such revenants, derived from O.D.
or Original Dead. The military adopted the term, using
it interchangeably with the phonetic for the letter o,
Zombies will notice movement within their LOS but Oscar.
beyond their Awareness Range if they can pass a Troop Odies are usually encountered near cemeteries, crypts,
Quality Check. In a unit composed of a mix of zombie bogs, or any other places that moderately preserved or
types, always use the highest Troop Quality for such mummified corpses might be found.
Odies are very slow and brittle. A single burst of gunfire
Zombies always notice regular gunfire and will move or a well placed blow from a baseball bat are generally
towards the last direction from which it came unless enough to reduce an Odie to a dusty pile of rags and
they hear nearer gunfire or notice (or have already bones.
noticed) a living unit.
Zombies will always notice suppressed gunfire directed
at them within their Zone of Awareness. Otherwise, they Odies (oscars)
must make a Troop Quality Check to notice suppressed Movement 4"/Turn
gunfire anywhere on the table. Once theyve noticed it, Starting Troop Quality D6
zombies move towards suppressed gunfire in the same
manner as regular gunfire. Maximum Troop Quality D8
Awareness Range 6"
Zombies will always move towards regular gunfire in
Bonus Defense Dice/unit 0
preference to suppressed gunfire louder is always
more interesting to a zombie. Bonus Assault Dice/unit 0

Zombie Vision
Revenant zombies appear to rely on senses beyond
that of normal human vision. They can sense prey in
fog, smoke, or even complete darkness. They suffer
no negative modifiers when fighting at night or in poor

Bonus Defense Dice

Some zombie units receive bonus Defense Dice.

10 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Zulus (Zeds) Romeos
When the Revenant Virus finds a recently dead host, In the early days of the Revenant Plague, most victims
the result is usually a Zulu (also called Zeds). Think encountered by medical teams were still living human
traditional movie zombie and youve got a good mental beings whose mental faculties had been seriously
image of a Zulu: Slow, relentless, bloodthirsty, and hard compromised by the virus. These hapless victims
to kill. were often so violent and aggressive that there was
no choice but to euthanize them. Within short order, of
Zulus can be found EVERYWHERE. Theyre the most
course, the virus rejuvenated its host, leading to the
commonly encountered revenant and are the plagues
term Revenant, which was used to describe both
icons. Their only imperative seems to be to find unin-
living victims and recently revived hosts. When the US
fected human bodies, living or dead, to infect with the
military became involved in quarantine and recovery
Revenant Plague. If they happen to eat an arm or a leg
efforts, they referred to Revenants with the phonetic for
in the process of passing the virus on, so be it. Thats
r: Romeo. Some survivors of infected areas refer to
gravy, so to speak.
them more descriptively as fast zombies.
Zulus are slightly slower than living humans, but they
Romeos move just like living troops. Romeo mobs
make up for it in hardiness. Only a good shot to the
receive two extra Defense dice.
brain or immense physical trauma can put a Zulu down
for good.
Zulus can move up to 6" in a turn and Zulu mobs Romeos
receive two extra Defense dice. Movement As living troops
Starting Troop Quality D8
Zulus (zeds) Maximum Troop Quality D12
Movement 6"/Turn Awareness Range 8"
Starting Troop Quality D6 Bonus Defense Dice/unit +2
Maximum Troop Quality D10 Bonus Assault Dice/unit +1
Awareness Range 6"
Bonus Defense Dice/unit +2
Bonus Assault Dice/unit +1
Photo by Robert Thivierge

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 11

Dexters If a Dexter is faced with an immediate threat, it may try
Occasionally (and fortunately, rarely), the virus will to eliminate the threat directly. Cornered Dexters have
infect a host that has some sort of genetic predisposi- been known to lead their Romeo cohorts into hand to
tion for a symbiotic relationship that benefits both hand combat with cleaning teams or even charge into
entities. Such hosts retain much of their old intellect battle alone.
but are apparently stripped of all human memories or In hand to hand combat, Dexters are a force to be
emotions. reckoned with. Entire special operations squads have
Dexters seem to be motivated purely by a desire to been killed (or worse) by a desperate Dexter. Even the
establish and maintain an area of contagion, spreading most experienced and hardened operators go out of
it as much possible and, when needed, marshaling their way to avoid coming into close grips with a Dexter.
its resources to protect it from external threats. It is Dexters, or the mob theyre attached to, receive two
theorized that Dexters possess an awareness of the extra Assault dice in close combat.
entire area of contagion thanks to a hive mind-like link
to other plague hosts within it. In addition to receiving Additionally, the Dexters reputation as nearly unstoppa-
information from nearby hosts, Dexters are also appar- ble melee monsters is so intimidating that a unit being
ently able to direct their activities, a horrifying ability attacked by one must make a Troop Quality Check. If
that transforms a milling mass of brainless zombies the unit fails, its Troop Quality die is reduced by one
into an army of fearless, virtually unstoppable soldiers type (i.e, from d10 to d8). Troop Quality may never be
capable of following rudimentary strategies of conquest lowered to less than a d6, however.
and defense. Possession
Dexters closely resemble Romeos, with whom they Dexters may Possess living human beings, but
normally surround themselves as a sort of personal only those who voluntarily submit to it or who are too
guard. They can usually be recognized by their eyes, weak willed to resist. In game terms, this means only
which smolder with malevolent cunning. units whose Morale has been reduced to D6 may be
The very first revenants identified as Dexters were
a pre-teen sibling pair, brother and sister. The boys A Dexter must be within 10 of a unit with D6 Morale to
horn rimmed glasses, still worn despite their shattered attempt to possess it. To resolve the attempt, make a
lenses, led the contact team to name him after a boy Possession Check.
genius cartoon character. To resolve a Possession Check, follow the steps below:
Like Romeos, Dexters are fast and difficult to kill or The Dexter rolls 6D10 and the unit it is attempting to
incapacitate. When cornered, they are ferocious and possess rolls its Morale dice.
seem to be capable of super-human levels of violence.
The Dexter and the defending unit both discard any dice
Dexters move like living troops and are only found in with a score lower than 4. Dice are then compared as
Romeo mobs. If encountered without a mob of Romeos, with any other attack, with the defending unit matching
they still receive an extra two Defense dice. its dice against the Dexters in an attempt to match or
In addition to their ability to control other zombies exceed their scores.
from a distance, Dexters are also able to exert limited If the defending unit rolls more or the same number of
psychic influence over living, uninfected human beings. successes than the Dexter, it shrugs off the possession
This influence falls into two categories: Possession and attempt with no ill effects.
Dread. More on this later.
If the defending unit rolls fewer successes than the
Dexter, it becomes subject to Dread (see those rules,

12 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Movement As living troops
Starting Troop Quality D10
Maximum Troop Quality D12
Awareness Range Line of sight
Bonus Defense Dice/unit +2
Bonus Assault Dice/unit +2

If the Dexter rolls twice as many successes as

the defending unit, it has possessed the unit
and may begin using it as part of its own force
on the next turn.
Once Possessed, a unit remains Possessed for
the duration of the game.
A Dexter may take no other actions and may Once a Living unit moves beyond 6" from the Dexter,
not guide its Minions on any turn that it attempts a the Dread effects dissipate.
Zombie Dogs
Remotes lacking instructions from their master will stop
Like Rabies, the Revenant Plague is capable of infecting
where they are and mill abut unless they spot a Living
both human beings and dogs. So far, no non-canine
unit during the turn using the standard rules for normal
animals have been found to be susceptible to the
Possessed units who lack guidance from their master
Zombie dogs run in packs and can be found roaming
may continue to move and fire at units in their LOS.
in and around any contagion area. They use their keen
They no longer receive guidance as to the location of
sense of smell to track down uninfected human and
units outside their LOS, however, and if no Living unit is
canine hosts, inexplicably showing a preference for
within sight, they will move to cover and await further
humans over their fellow dogs.
instructions from their master.
Dexters cause Dread one of two ways: By attempting
to Possess a unit (described above) or by simple
Zombie Dogs
Movement As living troops
Starting Troop Quality D8
All Living units within 6" of a Dexter, whether in LOS or Awareness Range 18"
not, are filled with a deep, confidence shaking dread.
Bonus Defense Dice/unit +2
This Dread evidences itself in two ways:
Bonus Assault Dice/unit +1
1. Units affected by Dread lower their Morale by
one die type. If they are currently D10 Morale, for
instance, they would be reduced to D8 Morale.
2. Units affected by Dread lose one Firepower
die in both Fire and Close Combat.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 13

Traumatic Zombies Possessed units can also use firearms in the same
Some zombies are harder to put down than others. Its manner as other Living units. They may also take
a lot easier to kill a decomposing hulk of a man that it advantage of cover and Out of Contact Movement.
is a recently turned girl-scout, family member, friend, or They are not, however, sophisticated enough to use
little old lady. Overwatch.

Scenarios and Quirk of Fate cards will identify Traumatic Due to their telepathic powers, Dexters are aware of the
Zombies. A recently turned casualty is always a presence and general location of all living beings near
Traumatic Zombie for the unit from which it came. them. They may use these telepathic powers to steer
their Possessed and Remote minions to unsuspecting
Traumatic Zombies trigger the following negative effects Living victims. Simply put, units that are under direct
for units attacking or reacting to them: control of a Dexter may be moved directly towards
Reduce Troop Quality Die by one type any Living unit of the Dexters choice rather than being
when Reacting to a Traumatic Zombie forced to wait to see the humans or hear their gunfire.
Remote and Possessed units still must make a Quality
-1 Firepower Die when firing at/in close
Check to find Living hiding in buildings or rubble.
combat with a Traumatic Zombie
Possessed units Troop Quality doesnt increase when
Take a Combat Stress Test when firing at/
the Zombie Ferocity increases. They maintain the same
in close combat with a Traumatic Zombie
Troop Quality throughout the game.
Dexter Controlled Units Remotes (Dexter Controlled Zombie Units)
(Possessed & Remotes) Dexter controlled Zombie units, also called Remotes
A Dexters remarkable psychic abilities allow it to by field operators, benefit from their telepathic connec-
exert control over units of Zombies and weak minded tion to their far more cunning master.
or willing human slaves. The effects of this control
Since Dexters can see through their minions eyes,
vary, between Zombie and Living units, however, as
Remotes are not limited by their usual Awareness
described below.
Range. They can react to any Living movement or fire
As noted before, a Dexter may control a maximum within their LOS.
of 4 Possessed or Remote units at any one time. Any
Like Possessed units, Remotes can be guided to the
Zombie unit the Dexter is attached to does not count
position of Living units via telepathic connection.
against this 4 unit limit.
Otherwise, Remotes behave in the same manner as
ordinary Zombies of their type.
Dexter controlled living units are referred to as
Possessed units. Possessed units behave much the

Courtesy Piers, Thomas, & Cyril of the NGC

same as Zombie units. Like Zombie units, they lack
the initiative to do more than attempt to Interrupt the
actions of Living units. They are as fearless as their
dead comrades, and never take Morale tests.
Unlike Zombies, they are not limited by an Awareness
Range and can automatically Interrupt any Living unit
that moves or fires within their LOS.

14 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Troop Quality and Morale
Only Living units have a Morale value. A units Morale
Morale Ratings rating reflects how motivated and eager (or resigned
and fatalistic) it is to fight and continue fighting when
In addition to being categorized as Living or Zombies,
each unit also has a Troop Quality and Morale Rating. things get dicey. Units with higher Morale ratings are
These ratings help determine how effective the unit is in less bothered by set-backs and casualties and are
combat. more likely to keep fighting in the face of hardship. Low
Morale units may show their heels at the first sign of
Troop Quality trouble.
The Troop Quality measures a units level of training, Theres no real relationship between Morale and Troop
expertise, and discipline. Living generally have a higher Quality a unit with Elite Troop Quality may have low
Troop Quality than zombies, but it is possible for a Morale because theyve been in the field too long or
group of talented and motivated amateurs to have a have lost their favorite squad-mate. A mob of rabble
high Troop Quality. might be so inspired by charismatic leader that theyre
Troop Quality is broken down into the following cat- willing to face certain death to follow his commands.
egories: Elite, Veteran, Trained, and Untrained. Living The four Morale Ratings and the dice associated with
will always have a Troop Quality of Trained or higher. them are described below:
Zombies may never have a Troop Quality higher than
Veteran. Morale Ratings Dice
High Morale D12
Each Troop Quality rating has a die type associated with
it. This is the type of die thrown by the unit when it makes Good Morale D10
the various Troop Quality Tests required by the rules. Average Morale D8
Low Morale D6
Troop Quality Dice
Elite D12
Veteran D10 Merging Units
Trained D8 Units may merge to form a larger unit if desired.
Untrained D6 To merge, units must move within unit cohesion
(explained later), at the beginning of the next turn, they
Examples of Troop Qualities are considered a single unit.
Elite Units: Delta, SAS, Spetznaz Merging units are not required to have the same Troop
Veteran Units: Highly trained Living with extensive Quality or Morale. Units with different Troop Quality and
combat experience. Morale ratings are referred to as mixed units.

Trained Units: Living military formations, including Mixed Units

Marines and Rangers, Police SWAT teams, remnants of Troops of different Troop Quality or Morale may be
the Iraqi army or secret police, freedom fighters with thrown together into a single unit. This usually occurs
extensive training or experience. when two units who have been ravaged with casualties
Untrained Units: Armed civilians, Police, Jihadists, merge to form a new unit.
Rebels, Poor quality Military units, Most third-world If troops of different Troop Quality and Morale combine
military units. to form a single unit, the following rules apply:

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 15

Mixed Unit Troop Quality
If a unit is composed of figures with different Troop Unit Cohesion
Quality, use the Troop Quality of the majority of figures All figures in a unit must remain within 1 of one
in the unit. If the unit is evenly split between Troop another.
Qualities, use the lowest quality for the unit. A Living unit may be spread more thinly and still
effectively occupy and hold defensive positions. While
Mixed Unit Morale
wholly occupying a defensive position a Living units
If a mixed unit has members with different Morale rating,
cohesion distance is expanded to 2".
its overall Morale is set by whichever of the following
factors that most closely applies to it: Units that break cohesion due to movement or terrain
If the mixed unit has a leader, it uses the leaders must regroup to restore it in their next activation.
Morale for all checks. If there are more than one leader
in the unit, use the highest leader Morale rating for the Split Units
unit. Units may divide into smaller elements at the start of
their activation. Only one element of a unit may move
If the unit doesnt have a leader, the unit has the morale
and fire on the activation that the unit is split. From that
of the majority of its members.
point on, each element is treated as a separate unit for
If the unit doesnt have a leader and there are an equal the purposes of movement and fire.
number of troops with different morale in the unit, it
Split elements may merge to reform their unit.
uses the lesser of all morale values in the unit.

Mixed Unit Range Leaders

If a unit is composed of different troops of different Leaders may move freely about the table. They are not
troop qualities, use the range value of the lowest troop subject to Unit Cohesion rules. However, leaders who
quality. (Range will be explained in more detail later.) are not within cohesion range of a unit may not act as

Left: Units
with 1" Unit
Right: Living
a defensive
with 2" Unit

16 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead


its leader unless it is established at the beginning of the

game (or in the units notes) that he has the capability
Differentiating Between
to contact units by radio, cell-phone, HUD, etc. Special Figures
While not as big a problem with 20-28mm figures, it
Even ad-hoc Living units have an established chain can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between
of command or pecking order. When a leader is lost, 15mm figures, especially at table distance.
a subordinate is there to take over his role. Positive
Leaders alleviate Combat Stress Levels for the unit to We solve this problem by painting a colored dot on
which theyre attached. the back of the bases of our special figures: Yellow for
leaders, red for support weapons.
Leaders Joining a Unit Feel free to use whatever method you wish to identify
A separated leader may join any unit it pleases by your own figures, but the colored dots have worked
moving into cohesion with that unit. quite well for us!
If the unit the leader joins has already been activated in
the turn he joins it, the unit and leader may perform no
further actions. Both are finished for the turn. Alternate Basing
Many Ambush Z players may already have modern
If the unit has not been activated before the leader joins military figures based on multi-figure stands for use
it, it may be activated later in the turn but may only with other games. This basing method works perfectly
fire, not move. The leader joining the unit counts as the fine with Ambush Z, so theres no need to rebase
units movement. your existing armies or replace them with new figures.
Simply treat each stand as a fireteam and keep track of
how many casualties it has taken.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 17

Basics of Play
The (Nearly) Universal Mechanic THE (nearly)
Ambush Z has one (nearly) universal mechanic that
applies to the resolution of a wide range of unit actions,
ranging from determining hits against the enemy to
digging in under fire: Roll a 4 or better. Roll a 4+
If the action calls for an opposed roll, such as firing on If Opposed, Roll a 4+ and Higher
the enemy, Roll a 4 or better and roll higher than your than Opponents Roll

When we look at the example above, it may at first

Line of Sight (LOS) seem silly to say that the Living can see two out of six
All infantry units have a 360 degree line of sight. Figure figures in a zombie unit but cannot shoot at the unit
facing is irrelevant. (or at the two exposed individuals, for that matter), but
There is no maximum visual range. The boards on it is our intention to represent a fluid combat situation.
which the game is played are small enough that figures Models on the table delineate the area controlled by a
can see (and, indeed, fire) from one side to the other. unit, but do not specifically represent the static location
of individuals. Figure placement simply indicates that
LOS can be blocked by terrain features, such as the unit is exhibiting some control of the area they are
buildings, high walls, deep trenches, etc. placed in.
LOS is not determined on a per figure basis. LOS is When you embrace this idea, youll discover it opens a
traced from the rough center of the firing unit to the wide array of tactical options. In practice, the Zombie
rough center of the target unit. player will often benefit from any ploy that disrupts or
If half or more of the firing unit can see the target unit, it otherwise slows the progress of the Living player
may fire. If less than half the target unit is visible to the
firing unit, it cannot be fired upon.
Line of Fire (LOF)
Example: Six Zombies are moving around a building. A unit must have a clear line of sight to a target to fire at
Two come into LOS of a unit of Living. Since the Living it. If there are other units or civilians between the firing
cannot see half or more of the Zombies, they cannot unit and the target, Line of Fire must also be considered.
react to them. Since less than half the Zombies can see
LOF is a line traced from the middle of the firing unit to
the Living, they cannot charge them.
the middle of the target unit. Any units or civilian stands
within 2" of this line and at the same elevation or lower
are considered to be in the line of fire.
Units or stands that are within 2" of the LOF of a target
unit at a higher elevation than the firing unit are not in
the line of fire, but are at a higher elevation than the
The Zombies firing unit are not considered to be in the Line of Fire.
and Living in Example: A Living unit is firing at an RPG gunner on a
this instance roof top. Another Living unit is directly in front of them
do not have at street level. Since they are firing over the heads of
clear LOS to
one another.

18 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Basics of Play
Interruptions and
Reaction Tests
Zombie/Possessed Interruptions
of Livings Movement/Fire
When a Living unit moves or fires within Line of Sight
(including movement or fire that is part of a reaction)
of Zombie or Possessed units, the Zombies/Possessed
may attempt to interrupt with movement or fire of their
own. The Zombie player must declare all units that are
interrupting and whether they are interrupting the Living
units movement or fire. If movement is being inter-
The Living in the foreground may fire over the interven-
rupted, the interrupting player must indicate where in
ing Living to engage the zombies on the roof top.
the move the interruption occurs.
the intervening unit at a target above them, the street Since Zombie units cannot use firearms or other missile
level unit is not considered to be in the line of fire. The weapons, they can only interrupt by moving closer
Living unit can engage the RPG gunner. to the Living unit or by moving into contact with it for
close combat.
Living may not fire at a target if other Living are in the
line of fire. They may fire if civilians are in the LOF, but Possessed units may interrupt using either fire or
they have a chance of hitting them (See Civilians on the movement.
Battlefield). Note, however, that some scenarios may
Dexters/Possessed units may also sacrifice an interrupt
forbid fire that might injure civilians.
action by firing on Pinned Living units.
Zombies may fire at targets regardless of who or what
A Living unit may be interrupted by more than one
is in their LOF unless a scenario restricts them.
Zombie unit, but each Zombie unit may only interrupt
No unit may fire directly through another unit at the one Living unit per turn.
same elevation.
Example: A Possessed unit wants to fire at some Zombie Interrupt Check
Rangers. Unfortunately, a second Possessed unit is If a Living unit moves or fires within a Zombie units
directly between them and their desired target. The Awareness Range, the Zombie unit may interrupt it
Possessed units and the Rangers are all at street level, automatically. In fact, a Zombie unit must interrupt the
so the second Possessed unit blocks the first units fire. first unit that enters its Awareness Range.
If a Living unit moves or fires within LOS of a Zombie
unit but outside its Awareness Range, the unit must
make a Quality Check.
If the Zombie unit passes the test, it has spotted the
Living unit and must interrupt.
If the Zombie unit failed the test, it continues to mill
about where it is.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 19

Basics of Play
Note that Zombie units who have failed previous The Reaction Test
spotting checks in the turn must continue to make When a Living unit is interrupted, a Reaction Test is
checks as new Living units cross their LOS. Once a taken. Both involved units roll their Troop Quality die.
zombie unit has spotted a Living unit successfully, it The interrupting player must roll a 4+ and roll higher
need no longer check to see if it spots subsequent than the Living player to interrupt before the Living
Living units that come within LOS. player can react.
Zombies can only perform one of two actions when Living units on Overwatch or who were stationary the
they Interrupt a Living unit. They may either charge into previous turn receive a +1 to their Troop Quality die on
close combat if proximity permits or they must move Reaction Tests. Living moving Rapidly receive a -1 to
directly towards the spotted Living unit to come within their die roll.
close combat range.
If the Zombie player rolls a 4+ and the roll is higher
Living Reaction to Interruptions than the Livings roll, the Living unit has lost the
Reaction Test and the interruption occurs before the
When a Zombies attempt to interrupt a Living units
interrupted unit can react. Once the interruption is
movement or fire, a Reaction Test is made to determine
resolved, the Living unit may react by returning fire.
whether the Living were able to react before the inter-
It may then complete its Activation by finishing its
ruption occurred. If the Living win the Reaction Test,
movement and/or fire.
they are able to fire or move before the Zombies carry
out their interruption. If the Living lose the Reaction If the Zombie player fails to roll a 4+ or rolls lower than
Test, they arent able to react until after the Zombies the Living player, the Living unit has won the Reaction
interrupt action. Test and may either complete its movement or fire on
the interrupting unit before the interruption occurs.
Living may react when:
If the Living units movement was not yet complete,
A Zombie or Possessed unit declares
it may finish its movement once the interruption is
an interruption against it.
A Zombie or Possessed unit declares an
interruption against another Living unit
within LOS (IF the reacting unit has not
already been activated see below). Reaction Test Results
Living units may only react to Zombie/Possessed units Zombie Rolls 4+ and higher than
that are interrupting them or by sacrificing their own Living: Interruption is resolved
activation to react to an interruption of another Living before the Living can react.
unit in LOS.
Otherwise: Living Player may fire on
A Living unit whose movement/fire has been inter- Zombies or complete their move before
rupted may always react as long as it has Movement or the Zombies Interruption is resolved.
Firepower remaining.
Living units within line of sight of a friendly unit that
is being interrupted may also react if they have not
already been activated. Such a reaction counts as the
units activation for the turn.
Overwatch units may always react to any interruption
within their line of sight.

20 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Basics of Play
Interruptions by Movement
Photo courtesy Piers, Thomas, & Cyril of the NGC

If a Zombie or Possessed unit interrupts a Living units

movement by moving towards it or attempting to
charge into close combat, simply move the Zombie/
Possessed unit as desired.
If the unit being moved is Possessed, state at the start
of the move what movement type it is using (Cautious
or Rapid) and move the group the appropriate distance.
The interrupted unit may react to it as described above.
Living who have not yet been activated and Overwatch
units may also react to the interrupting Zombie/
Possessed unit.
Living who havent been activated lose their turn if they
Interruptions by Fire react to a Zombie/Possessed interruption of another
If a Living unit loses a Reaction Test when being inter- units movement or fire.
rupted by fire from a Possessed unit, resolve the fire
immediately. Living troops who survive the attack make Resolving Chains of Interruptions
any required Morale checks. Check. If they are not The interruption/reaction process is pretty straightfor-
Pinned, the Living unit may return fire and finish their ward when one Zombie unit is attempting to interrupt
movement if appropriate. one Living unit. During the course of play, however, it
If a Living unit wins a Reaction Test when being inter- is quite common for more than one Zombie unit to
rupted by Zombie fire, it may: interrupt a single Livings activation. This can get a
little confusing, but the following guidelines should help
Fire before the interrupting unit. Once the Living fire has keep everything straight:
been resolved, the surviving Possessed may then take
their interruption fire. Remember, interruptions occur at the moment a Living
unit is activated. At that time, the Zombie player must
Once all fire combat is resolved, the Living player may announce ALL units within LOS that are interrupting the
finish his movement if appropriate. activating unit. This announcement counts as the units
Living units roll one less Firepower die when resolving one interruption per turn, even if the interrupted unit is
fire combat for each interruption after the first. destroyed before they have a chance to perform any
Move into cover or out of the Possessed units line
of sight. The Living unit may not move any farther The only exception this rule occurs when a Living unit
than their regular movement. If their movement was moves into the LOS of a unit that could not see it at the
interrupted, they may only move the remainder of their time of its activation. In this case, the Zombie unit(s)
movement. may declare an interruption as the Living move into
Living units lose 1 of movement for each interruption
after the first during their activation. Make the Reaction Test for each interruption in turn,
starting with the unit nearest the Living unit being inter-
rupted. Do not resolve interruption or reaction fire at
this time, but note which units against which the Living
passed its Reaction Test and against which it failed.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 21

Basics of Play
Once all Reaction Tests have been rolled, resolve
successful interruptions first. Start with the unit nearest Overwatch
to the Living and against whom the Living failed its Only Living units can go on Overwatch. A Living unit
Reaction Test, then the next furthest, etc. can choose to go on Overwatch when activated.
Once all successful interruptions have been resolved, Overwatch units may interrupt the actions of any
resolve all reactions against units that the Living passed Zombie/Possessed unit in their LOS, including
their Reaction Test against. Start with the unit nearest to interruptions.
the Living, then the next furthest, etc. Overwatch fire may not be interrupted by Zombies or
Once all successful and unsuccessful interruption Possessed units.
attempts have been resolved, the unit may complete Overwatch units lose one Troop Quality die from their
its activation. Remember that Living lose 1 dice of Firepower for each interruption after the first. They may
Firepower and 1 of Movement for each interruption continue to interrupt until they run out of dice.
after the first!
When Overwatch fire interrupts a Zombie/Possessed
Interruption Aftermath interruption, make a Reaction Test as described previ-
A Living unit that survives being interrupted by Zombies ously. If the Overwatch unit passes the Reaction Test,
without being Pinned or forced to Pull Back may finish they fire before the Zombies act. If not, they fire after
its activation as usual. It may finish its movement and the Zombies act.
fire, minus any movement penalties or lost Firepower Overwatch fire takes place before the Living unit being
dice accrued for reactions to interruptions. interrupted makes their Reaction Test.

Reaction Tests and Quirks of Fate

Reaction Tests also serve as triggers for Quirk of Fate
events. If the Living player rolls a 1 on their Quality
k Quir
Die when making a Reaction Test, a Quirk of Fate card
is drawn and the effects are applied.
of of of of
Fate e F
Example: A Living unit of Veteran Quality rolls a D10
to react to a unit of Zombies who are about to charge eate
them. The die comes up with a score of 1. The Living
player draws a Quirk of Fate card and the cards effects
are read and put into effect immediately.

Optional Quirk of Fate Rule

If youd like to see more Quirk of Fate effects in your
games, try this alternative rule: At the beginning of each
turn make a Quality Check for the highest Quality unit in
the Living force. If the Quality Check fails draw a Quirk
of Fate Card!

22 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

When a player decides to move an activated unit, he
must declare what unit hes moving and at what rate. If
Halted, Hidden or on Overwatch
If the unit does not move or has been placed on
he doesnt declare a movement rate, its assumed the Overwatch, it does not move. Stationary units or units
unit is moving Cautiously. on Overwatch are considered to be on alert for attacks
A units movement type may change during the course and receive a +1 to all Reaction Tests.
of its move. If a units Move is interrupted and it isnt Units that are halted may also declare themselves to be
Pinned or forced to Pull Back, the player may choose Hiding. Any unit that is not Exposed may Hide. Hidden
to change to whatever Movement Rate they wish. If the units may not move or fire. Hidden units require a
units Movement Rate increases after an interruption, Quality Check to be spotted by Zombies or other Living
remember to deduct the distance already moved. units.

Default Movement Rates In order for a Zombie unit to spot a Hidden unit, it must
In the war-torn streets of most Ambush Z scenarios, be within the Zombie units Awareness Range and the
people who want to survive tend to move cautiously. Zombie unit must make a successful Troop Quality
To reflect this, all Living and Possessed units have a Check. A successful check indicates the Zombies have
default movement rate of Cautious. spotted their hidden prey, while a failure means that
they are oblivious to their presence.
Zombies generally move their full movement towards a
spotted Living unit. Otherwise, they mill about in place Dexter controlled units are always aware of the position
or wander about randomly. of Hidden units.
In order for a Living unit to spot a Hidden unit, it must
Moving Units on the Table be within LOS and the Living unit must make a success-
To simplify movement, Ambush Z bases unit movement ful Troop Quality Check. A successful check indicates
on the position of a units leader. To move a unit, simply the unit has spotted their hidden adversary, while a
measure movement for the units leader and then place failure means that they remain unnoticed.
the members of his unit within cohesion distance
around him.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 23

Cautious Movement Out of Contact Movement
Units using Cautious movement may not move more Out of Contact Movement may only be utilized by
than 6" per turn. Possessed units.
Living units using Cautious movement receive a +1 On the turn following its initial placement, a Possessed
to all Reaction Test die rolls to reflect their training unit that has never been seen by any Living Units,
in spotting potentially dangers and likely ambush i.e., no Regular unit (including UAVs) has had an open
positions. Line of Sight to it since its placement on the table, may
move anywhere on the table as long as it can trace a
Zombies receive no such bonus.
path from its current position to the spot it wishes to
move to without crossing any Living units line of sight.
Rapid Movement
Units that move more than 6" in a turn are using Rapid Possessed units utilizing Out of Contact Movement
movement. No units may move more than 12" in a turn. must end their movement if they cross a Living units
line of sight.
Units may make a Rapid move and then fire, but
may not fire and then make a Rapid move. It is much Once a Possessed unit has been within line of sight of
easier to dash into position and start firing than it is to a Living unit it is considered fixed and may not use
disengage at a sprint. Out of Contact movement again, even if it moves out of
sight of all Regular units on the table.
Units that have moved rapidly receive a -1 penalty to
all Reaction Test die rolls and lose 1 die of Firepower. This unrestricted movement is meant to represent
Rapid moving units are also extremely vulnerable to fire, the intimate knowledge of the local terrain passed on
so units attacking them receive a bonus Firepower die. to them through telepathic contact with their Dexter

24 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Fire Combat
Fire Combat occurs whenever one unit takes another
under fire, whether as a direct action or as an
Note that only Living units (whether survivors/spec ops
or units under the mental control of a Dexter) may use
Fire Combat. Zombies are restricted to Close Combat
Like Ambush Alley before it, Ambush Z puts less
emphasis on the specific weapons used in a firefight
than on the skill and training of the combatants using
those weapons.
Rather than focus minutely on the individual charac-
teristics of weapons, comparing one weapons range,
reliability and accuracy to anothers, we assume that A units Defense is determined by totaling its number of
all classes of weapons designed to perform the same figures and adding any Cover or Armor dice.
battlefield tasks are basically analogous it is the man
using the tool that makes the difference.
Low Troop Quality units may be using better weapons
than a higher Troop Quality unit, but its doubtful that Unit Defense
the differences in weapon performance will make up Defense = Number of Figures in Target
for the disparity in training and experience. On the Unit + Cover Dice + Armor Dice
other hand, high Troop Quality units are familiar with (Or Zombie Defense Bonus Dice)
their weapons and know how to take advantage of their
strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. -1 die when charging into Close Combat
Defense Cap: No Defense may exceed 10D
Resolving Fire Combat
To resolve Fire Combat, both units involved determine
how many Troop Quality dice they have in Firepower The Defense Cap
and Defense. Each unit rolls the appropriate number Units may not have a Defense higher than 10 dice, total.
of Troop Quality dice and discards any dice with a
score lower than the target number (usually a 4+). Cover Dice
The defender matches his dice to the attackers dice, In the urban environment that Ambush Z simulates,
attempting to match or exceed the score on each dice. wide open avenues and plazas are less common that
Any of the attackers dice which the defender cannot streets strewn with debris and parked (or wrecked)
match or exceed cause a casualty. cars. Most gamers dont have enough scenic pieces to
replicate this cover-rich environment on their tabletop,
Defense so we assume that any unit that is not Exposed (see
The better trained and more experienced a soldier is, the rules on being exposed under Firepower) is taking
the more likely he is to make the most effective use of advantage of unseen terrain features.
whatever cover and concealment is available to him.
We simulate this by linking a units Troop Quality to its

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 25

Fire Combat
Cover is not determined on a per figure basis, it is
based on the position of the unit. If half or more of
a given unit are in cover, the entire unit receives the Cover Dice
benefit of that cover.
In Cover: +1 Defense Die
Example: Six SpecOps operators move into position
Solid Cover: +1 Defense Die
in the cover of some low walls surrounding a fountain.
4 of the Operators make it behind the walls, but two Exposed: +1 Firepower Die for Attacker
are left in the open. Since half or more of the Operator
figures are in Solid Cover, the entire unit is considered Exposed (+1 Firepower Die for Attacker): If a unit is
to be in Solid Cover. in open ground and is not within 2" of a scenic piece
Units may receive additional dice to their Defense based representing cover of some sort, it is considered to be
on any additional cover beyond the usual battlefield Exposed. Exposed units are extremely vulnerable to fire,
clutter: so units attacking them receive an extra Firepower Die.

In Cover (+1 Defense Die): A unit does not move may Armor Dice & Zombie Toughness Dice
declare that it is In Cover. Living units are automati- Units who are wearing body armor receive additional
cally In Cover on any activation that they do not move Defense dice.
and are not Exposed.
Zombies receive extra Defense dice based on their type.
Romeos and Dexters that have not moved during their These bonus dice represent how difficult it is to kill
activation may declare themselves In Cover by passing something that is already dead.
a Quality Check. No other Zombie types may use cover.
Pinned units may also take a Quality Check to get
In Cover even if they have moved. This bonus die is Armor Dice
cumulative with other applicable Defense Dice.
Light Body Armor: +1 Defense Die
Solid Cover (+1 Defense Dice): Cover that has a
Anti-Zombie Armor: +2 Defense Dice
good chance of deflecting or outright stopping bullets is
considered to be Solid Cover. Some examples of Solid
Cover might include concrete or adobe buildings, sand Bonus Defense Dice
bags, stone walls, wrecked APCs, etc
By Zombie Type
Odies: No bonus dice
Zulus, Romeos, Dexters: +2 Defense Dice

Examples of Determining Defense Totals

Example 1: A fireteam of Rangers are moving down
a street when they are fired upon. There are 5 figures
in the fireteam, giving them a base Defense of 5 dice.
More than They are also wearing light armor, so they receive a
half the bonus die, bringing their total Defense to 6 dice. Since
Zombies they are considered to be a unit of Trained quality, they
are in Solid will throw 6d8.

26 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Fire Combat
Example 2: The same fireteam above is fired upon while Example: A unit with 15 figures and several support
taking cover in a building. There are still five figures in weapons has a base Firepower of 10d due to the
the unit, giving it a base Defense of 5 dice. The unit is Firepower cap. It is firing at a unit that that is Close
wearing light armor, so they receive a bonus armor die. Combating it and so receives a -1 to Firepower. Its
They are also in a building which provides a Solid Cover modified Firepower is 9d.
bonus of 1 die. Their final Defensive is 5 + 1 + 1 = 7.
They are of Trained troop quality, so theyll throw 7d8
for their Defense roll. FIREPOWER
Example 3: A unit of 6 Worthless Civilians are moving Firepower: Number of Figures +
across an open field. They have a base Defense of Special Weapon Dice = Number of
6 dice. They are not wearing armor or in cover and
Troop Quality Dice in Firepower
receive no bonus dice. Since they are Untrained quality
troops, they roll 6d6 for their Defense roll. +1 die if in Optimum Range
Example 4: A unit of 11 Headhunters are taking cover -1 die for each Interruption after
in a walled courtyard. Normally this would give them a the first in a single Activation
Defense of 12 (11 + 1 for Solid Cover), but due to the
-1 die in defensive fire vs. Close Combat
Defense Cap, their Defense is lowered to 10.
+1 die if target Unit is Exposed
Firepower or making a Rapid Move
A units Firepower represents its capability to bring Firepower may never exceed 10d.
effective fire on the enemy. As previously discussed,
All negative penalties are applied
Ambush Z works on the assumption that the quality of
to the 10d cap, regardless of the
the man using the weapon is more important than the
minor differences between individual weapons within number of figures in the unit.
the same class. As a result, a units Troop Quality is the
most important factor in determining its Firepower.
Optimum Range
To determine a units Firepower, total the number of Most weapons can easily fire from one edge to the
figures in the unit armed with standard weapons other due to the table sizes used in Ambush Z Units
(Assault Rifles, AKs, M4s, etc.). Subtract any dice lost who are within Optimum Range of a target, however,
from interrupts or Overwatch fire. The resulting total is have a better chance of causing casualties. Troops
the attacking units basic Firepower. with better training or more experience have a greater
Optimum Range than less experienced opponents.
Add any Special Weapon dice to the basic Firepower
dice to determine the final number of Troop Quality dice Optimum Range should not be confused with effective
to be thrown in the attack. range, which is a term with a very specific meaning. It
is the distance at which a Distance at which a weapon
The Firepower Cap may be expected to fire accurately to inflict damage or
No unit may have a total Firepower greater than 10 dice. casualties. The effective range for most weapons used
This rule reflects the fact that there are limits to even the in the game will be many times the width of even the
most highly trained units fire discipline. largest tables.

Note that all negative penalties are applied to the 10d

cap, regardless of the number of figures in the unit.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 27

Fire Combat
Our term, Optimum Range, refers to the distance on the Special Weapons fall into the following general
tabletop at which the average trooper of a given troop categories:
quality is likely to cause a wounding hit. It is a measure
Light (+1 Firepower Die): Light Support Weapons are
of the firers ability to shoot well, rather than a gauge of
man-portable and can be operated without assistance
the weapons innate accuracy.
although an assistant gunner may be on hand to spot
Optimum Range is directly linked to a firing units Troop or pass ammunition, his services are not required to
Quality: operate the weapon effectively. Light Support Weapons
generally use standard small arms ammunition, but have
a greater range or rate of fire than their smaller brethren.
OPTIMUM RANGES Examples of Light Support Weapons include: SAWs,
Rifle Grenade Launcher, Grenade Launcher
Elite D12 12"
Veteran D10 10" Medium (+2 Firepower Die): Medium Support
Trained D8 8" Weapons usually require a crew of at least two for
transport and effective operation. They are often vehicle
Untrained D6 6" mounted or emplaced. Other Medium Support Weapons,
Support Weapons have twice the units such as RPGs and other shoulder launched missiles, are
Living Optimum Range. Vehicle mounted easily portable but cause increased damage due to their
explosive power.
and emplaced Support Weapons always
treat their attacks as being within Optimum Examples of Medium Support Weapons include: HMGs,
Range, regardless of the distance fired. AGLs, standard RPGs
Heavy (+3 Firepower Die): Heavy Support Weapons
require a crew of at least two to operate. Heavy Support
A unit only receives one Optimum Range die regard- Weapons are rarely transported into the field by infantry
less of how many of the units weapons or weapon and are more often vehicle mounted or emplaced.
types are in Optimum Range. A unit receives the extra However, some of the more powerful man-portable
Optimum Range die if any of its attached weapons are missile systems are also classified as Heavy Support
firing at targets within Optimum Range, unless fire is Weapons due to their devastating explosive power.
being split. In an instance of split fire, only the portion
of the unit with a weapon or weapons in Optimum Heavy Support Weapons include: Tank guns, AT missiles.
Range receives a bonus die.
Examples of Firepower
Support Weapon Dice Example 1: A Ranger fireteam of four figures is about
Figures using Support Weapons add dice to their units to fire on a unit of Zombies. The team has a basic
Firepower in excess of the dice received for the figures Firepower of 4. One of the figures is armed with a SAW,
themselves: a Light Support Weapon that adds a bonus die, raising
the fireteams Firepower to 5. Since the Rangers are of
Trained quality, theyll throw 5d8 for their Firepower roll.

SUPPORT WEAPON DICE Example 2: The same Ranger fireteam described above
has been interrupted by fire twice while moving into
Light Support Weapons: +1 Die position. It now fires. Its Firepower is 5, as described
Medium Support Weapons: +2 Dice above, but the two interrupts cost the unit two dice -
their final Firepower is therefore 3.
Heavy Support Weapons: +3 Dice

28 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Fire Combat
With the arrival of Revenant zombies, mainstream and
Special Weapons and Armor fringe designers were forced to share their expertise to
As the Revenant Plague raged like a wildfire through develop armor light enough to be tactically useful but
the third world, arms companies and local weapon and strong enough to resist the brutal power of a Revenant
armor wizards bent their genius to the task of creating zombie.
more and better tools to put down the zombie hordes
Units equipped with AZA roll two extra Defense dice,
once and for all and to protect the warriors who
but make all Reaction Tests at a minus 1 Troop Quality
carried the new wonder-weapons.
die type (e.g., a Veteran unit in AZA would roll a d8 for
While the specialized anti-zombie gear took a dizzying their Reaction Tests instead of their usual D10).
array of specific forms, in general, they tended to fall
into one of two categories: Big ass guns or thick ass Close Combat Weapons
armor. Their in-game effects are described below: Some weapons have been designed specifically for
use in close quarters battle, including fire arms like the
Anti-Zombie Weapons (AZW) shotgun, submachine gun, or pistol and specialized
Experience in the hot-zones proved that the quickest melee weapons like swords, axes, and hockey sticks.
way to take out a Revenant was to destroy its head or
Close Combat firearms have been designed to be very
cause so much damage to its mechanical structure that
effective at in your face ranges, but the factors that
it was immobilized. High explosives will accomplish
make them so useful in a virtual knife fight dont serve
those ends, but can be just as hard on the humans
them so well when engaging targets at long range.
using it if its deployed too near them. Standard assault
weapons could get the job done but burned up a lot of In game terms, Close Combat weapons such as
ammunition in the process, which could be a serious shotguns and SMGs throw an extra die in Close Combat
problem for units operating far from their supply or when firing at a target within Optimum. Beyond
lines as was often the case for Special Operations Optimum Range, Close Combat weapons use a d6 for
teams in the Hot Zones. The solution settled on by their Firepower Quality die regardless of the firing units
many firearms gurus was a big bore weapon equipped Troop Quality.
with state of the art recoil reduction to allow accurate
Figures armed with melee weapons also add an
follow-on shots. Other, more pragmatic and traditional
additional die in close combat.
designers found their solution in a much older weapon
system the venerable old pump shotgun.
Units equipped with AZW throw an extra Firepower die
(in addition to any Support Weapon dice they might

Anti-Zombie Armor (AZA)

Even before the Revenant Plague, mainstream armor
designers were hard at work trying to develop light,
durable armor that would protect troops and police
A Reaper
officers from bullets and shrapnel. Some fringe
Team with
armorers were also working on exotic or extreme
armor systems designed to protect the wearer from
bears and sharks.
(AZW) and
Armor (AZA).

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 29

Fire Combat
Handguns Example: A SWAT unit with a Firepower of 6 and a
Like SMGs and Shotguns, handguns are very, well, Troop Quality of Trained is fighting at night. The unit has
handy in close quarters. They dont throw down the no night vision capability, so its Firepower is reduced to
volume of fire that a subgun or shotgun does, however, 5 and its Optimum Range, which was 8, is reduced to
and so are a little less effective. 4. The units Morale, which was D10 is reduced to D8.

A figure firing a handgun at a target in Optimum Range Splitting Fire

receives a reduction of one die type to its Troop Quality Units normally find that it is tactically advantageous to
(i.e., a figure with a Troop Quality of D8 would throw group their fire, but there may be situations where a unit
a D6 when using a handgun). Troop Quality cannot be will benefit from splitting its fire.
reduced below D6.
Note that a unit that fires on infantry with its small arms
Handguns cannot fire effectively enough at targets while using Support Weapons to engage a vehicle is
beyond Optimum Range to engage them at all. not considered to be splitting its fire.
Handguns are very effective in Close Combat, however, To split fire, the owning player must announce what
and figures using handguns in Close Combat receive a targets a unit is going to engage and how many
bonus Firepower die. Firepower Dice will be devoted to each target. Support
Weapon dice must be allocated to one target and may
Night Fighting not be split among multiple targets.
Professional units generally possess night vision
devices of some sort. Superior night vision devices The number of targets a unit can service is limited by its
gives these Living troops a decided edge over Troop Quality.
Possessed opponents who are not similarly equipped.
In Ambush Z we assume that most Professional
Military units possess night vision devices unless the Targets Engaged by Quality
scenario says otherwise. Likewise, Possessed units
Untrained: May only engage ONE target
never possess night vision devices unless dictated by a
scenario (or if a Professional unit with night vision has Trained: May engage TWO targets
become possessed during the course of a game). Veteran: May engage THREE targets
As stated earlier, Zombies do not require night vision. Elite: May engage FOUR targets
They can see in darkness, fog, smoke, etc. and suffer
no deleterious effects under conditions that would leave
Living units virtually blind. Example: A Living unit taking cover in a traffic circle is
Living units fighting at night that have no night vision being engaged from two sides by Zombies. The Living
devices lose one die of Firepower and have their are trained, so they can split their fire between two
Optimum Range cut in half. Units with night vision targets. They have a Firepower of 6 (4 figures plus 2
devices suffer no such penalty. dice for two Light Support weapons a SAW and RGL).
The player decides to split his fire exactly in half, with
Because of the monstrous nature of their foes, Living
one rifleman and the SAW gunner engaging one group
units also dread fighting at night. All Living units suffer
of Zombies and the other rifleman and RGL engaging
a reduction of their Morale by one die type, even
the other. The Living engage each unit with a Firepower
those equipped with night vision devices (looking into
of 3.
the dark and empty eye sockets of charging Romeo
through NODs is no picnic). Living Morale may not be
reduced below D6 due to night fighting, however.

30 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Fire Combat
Making the Attack Roll The dice are laid out and the defender matches his dice
against the attackers as best he can, trying to match or
To determine the outcome of an attack during a firefight,
the attacker rolls his Firepower versus the defending exceed as many of the attackers scores as possible.
units Defense. He arranges the dice as shown (underlined numbers
The attacker rolls a number of dice equal to his are the Attackers dice):
Firepower and discards any dice with a score of less 10-X, 9-4, 7-8, 5-5, 4-4
than 4.
Since the defender had no die rolls that could equal
The defender rolls a number of dice equal to his or exceed the attackers 10 and 9 rolls, he leaves the
Defense. 10 unanswered and sacrifices one of his 4s against
The defender matches his Defense dice to the attackers the 9. This allows him to put his 8, 5 and remaining 4
Firepower dice, attempting to match each of the against the attackers 7, 5 and 4, negating them. End
attackers dice with an equal or higher die roll. The result the defender takes two casualties, leaving a
Defender may arrange his successful dice against the lone Romeo snarling in mindless rage behind the bullet-
Attackers successful dice as he sees fit. pocked mud wall!

Any of the attackers dice with a score of 4 or greater

that cannot be equaled or exceeded by a Defense Die
indicates a casualty.
Example: A fireteam of 5 Veteran SpecOps (3 with
rifles, one with a SAW, and one with a Rifle GL) make
a ranged fire attack on a unit of 3 Romeos crouched
behind a low mud wall. The Zombies are within the
Operatorss Optimum Fire Range.
The Living players Firepower is 8 (one for each figure
in the fireteam), +1 die each for the SAW and Rifle
GL, which are Light Support Weapons) and +1 for
Optimum Range. The unit therefore throws 8 Troop
Quality dice, or 8d10.
The Zombie players basic Defense is 3 dice (one for
each member of the unit) He receives an additional
die for the intervening wall (+1 for Solid Cover). The
Romeos currently have a Troop Quality of Trained, so
their Defense is 4d8.
The Living unit (Veteran Troop Quality) rolls 8d10,
noting each individual roll: 10, 9, 7, 5, 4 (he also rolled
a 3, 2 and a 1, but since those are not a 4 or higher,
they are discarded).
The Defending Romeos (Trained Troop Quality) throw
4 Troop Quality dice for defense and notes the result of
each die: 8, 5, 4, 4.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 31

Close Combat
Close Combat with a Zombie or Possessed unit is a

Photo by Robert Thivierge

horrifying experience. The unnatural creatures have no
fear of death, feel no pain, and are relentless in their
efforts to render their opponents into a feast of human
flesh. Most Living units will do whatever they can to
avoid coming to actual grips with the walking dead.
Any time a Zombie unit is within movement range of
a Living unit, it will move to engage that unit in Close
Combat. Dexter controlled Remotes and Possessed will
only enter close combat if their master directs them to,
but ordinary, uncontrolled Zombie units must move to
engage Living units in Close Combat.
Living units may voluntarily charge into combat with
Zombie or Possessed units, but they normally prefer to overrides the self-preservation instincts of a Possessed
keep their distance and let their guns do the talking. unit, so they will not attempt to lay down defensive fire
or flee from Close Combat.
Close Combat Quality Checks
Zombie and Possessed units never need to take a Resolve defensive fire in the same manner as normal
Quality Check to engage in Close Combat. fire combat, but subtract 1 die from the defending
units Firepower to reflect the unnerving effect of being
Living units voluntarily attempting to initiate Close charged and 1 die of Defense from the Assaulting unit
Combat with a Zombie or Possessed unit must make to represent how heedless they are of danger during
a Quality Check to determine if they have the nerve to their break-neck charge into the enemy. Attacking units
follow through with their intent. are subject to this modifier even when being fired upon
If the unit passes the Quality Check (it rolls a 4+ on as part of reactions or interruptions from units not
a Troop Quality die), it may proceed with the Close directly involved in the Close Combat itself.
Combat. If the unit fails its Quality Check, it must remain If the Attacker is a Living unit and it takes casualties
in place and forfeits its activation. The unit may spend from defensive fire, he must make a morale check as
its activation taking cover or tending to its wounded, usual. A Pinned or Shaken result aborts the assault.
however. It may also still react to Zombies. Pinned and Shaken units are returned to their positions
Living units being attacked in Close Combat by Zombie prior to the assault and are subject to the usual Pinned/
units must also make a Quality Check. If the Living Shaken effects. Zombie or Possessed units will ignore
unit passes its Quality Check (by rolling a 4+ on its casualties and press home with their attack.
Troop Quality die), it may either opt to attempt to break If the Attacking player takes no casualties or passes his
the charge with defensive fire or flee one full Rapid morale checks (in the case of Living units), move the
movement away. Units with Dependents may not flee. assaulting figures into contact with the defenders and
Regardless of how it responds to the assault, the Living resolve the Close Combat.
unit forfeits any other actions for the turn.
If a Living defending unit fails its Quality Check it can
Zombie and Possessed units need not take this Quality either stand in place and fight with no defensive fire or it
Check. They will always stand their ground and receive can flee up to one full Rapid move and become Pinned.
the charge. The transmitted blood lust of a Dexter
If the defending unit doesnt flee, the assaulting figures
are moved into contact with the defenders and the
Close Combat is resolved.

32 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Close Combat
Resolving Close Combat Fleeing Close Combat
Close Combats are resolved in the same manner as Fire Living units who survive the first round of Close
Combat, except the combat continues until one side is Combat with a Zombie or Possessed unit may opt to
wiped out or flees. Additionally, neither side may claim flee instead of attacking in the next round. To flee, they
Cover dice. must announce their intent and forfeit their attack for
that round. They must then pass a Troop Quality Check.
The assaulting unit makes the first attack roll and
Success indicates they can move a full Rapid Move
casualties are determined. If the defending unit isnt
away from the Zombies. Failure indicates that they may
wiped out or captured, it may make an attack using its
not attack this round and Close Combat moves on to
surviving figures. This process continues until one side
the next round.
is wiped out or flees.
Living units may make repeated attempts to flee.
Neither side are subject to Morale checks or effects
Zombies and Possessed have no fear of death or
capture, and the Living find the idea of surrender
impossible to consider. Close Combats are often bloody
melees to the death!

Photo courtesy Piers, Thomas, & Cyril of the NGC

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 33

Casualties & Dependents
next turn, it must move into or towards such a position.
Casualties Living may not make a First Aid check until they are in
If ANY of a Living units figures are removed as casual- Solid Cover or out of LOS from all Zombies/Possessed.
ties, the unit must make a Quality Check each time it
While tending to its wounded (or transporting them to
attempts to move faster than Cautious for the rest of
a safe location to tend them), the unit may only react to
the game. This reflects the fact that the men in the unit
Zombies/Possessed. It may not fire unless it is reacting
are a little less eager to stick their noses into a hornets
to an interruption and may only move if it must do so
nest after seeing what happened to their buddy.
in order to reach a safe position. If more figures are
Casualty figures are removed from play. wounded while moving into cover, their status can be
Casualties are resolved differently for Living and checked in the same turn they were wounded (in other
Zombies. Zombie casualties are immediately removed words check last turn and this turns wounded all at
from play, while Living casualties receive a First Aid once).
check to determine their status. If a Living casualty is found to be dead or wounded,
its figure is removed from play and its owning unit is
Who Got Hit? subject to Casualties penalties until it makes contact
When a unit takes casualties, it can occasionally be with an aid station or casualty evacuation unit.
important to determine who the casualty is. As in most It is also important to track which units have taken
things, when this is important varies depending on casualties, because those casualties may Turn.
whether it is a Living or Zombie unit that has taken the
hits. To determine the seriousness of a casualtys injuries,
roll for each figure hit by enemy fire on the First Aid
Unless a Zombie unit is composed of a mixture of table:
Zombie types, it really doesnt matter which walking
corpse has just stopped walking. If it is a mixed unit,
dice to determine which zombies were hit.
For professional living units, it really doesnt make a
difference who was hit. If the leader was taken down, Roll a D6:
his second command will take over. If a special weapon 1: KIA. The unit gains a Casualty which
trooper was taken down, another member of the team
may count as a victory condition for some
will take up the weapon (Professionals tend to be
cross-trained on all weapons the unit might use). scenarios. The figure is removed from play.

If a Possessed unit is being fired on and it has any 2-4: WIA. The unit gains a Casualty which
special weapons troops, dice to see if they were may count as a victory condition for some
casualties. If figure with a special weapon becomes scenarios. The figure is removed from play.
a casualty, the Possessed unit it belonged to can no 5-6: The casualty figures injuries
longer claim that weapons support dice. are slight. Casualty returns to action
at beginning of next turn.
First Aid Checks for Living Units
When a Living unit takes casualties, it must spend its
next turn determining the nature of their injuries. If it
is not already in a position that is out of LOS from any
Zombie units or in Solid Cover at the beginning of its

34 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Casualties & Dependents
Medics & Special Forces Units Revenant Checks
Units with Medics follow the same rules above, but If unit doesnt possess a supply of RAV and has taken
the Medics specialized training translates into a better casualties from zombies in combat, it runs the risk of
chance of survival for his patients. those casualties turning.

Members of Special Forces units all receive advanced The Revenant Virus is extremely virulent and can be
life-saving training, so all Special Forces figures count transferred through the slightest scratch. It spreads
as Medics. more or less quickly, based on the state of the host
bodys immune system. Some victims turn into
If casualties are being treated by a Medic or Special Revenant zombies a few days after exposure to the
Forces trooper, roll on the table below for the Aid Check: virus others might turn in a matter of minutes.
To reflect this, units who have Dependents as a result
of combat with zombies must make a Revenant Check
MEDIC FIRST AID TABLE at the end of each turn to determine if any of their
Roll a D6: Dependents have transformed into blood-ravening
Revenant zombies.
1: KIA. The unit gains a Casualty which
may count as a victory condition for some To perform the Revenant Check, simply roll a D6.
On a roll of 5 or 6, one of the units Dependents has
scenarios. The figure is removed from play.
2-3: WIA. The unit gains a Casualty which
Once one of a units Dependents have turned, that unit
may count as a victory condition for some need not take any further Revenant checks until they
scenarios. The figure is removed from play. suffer fresh casualties in combat with zombies.
4-6: The casualty figures injuries
are slight. Casualty returns to action Turned Casualties
Turned casualties are always Romeos. They immedi-
at beginning of next turn.
ately attack their former companions in close combat.
Their companions may attempt to React to the attack.
Firing on a former companion usually results in some
Revenant Anti-Virus (RAV) hesitation, though, so Professionals suffer a minus
Additionally, all potential casualties must be given one Troop Quality die type (If they are normally a D10,
a dose of the Revenant Anti-Virus or risk becoming they use a D8 for the Reaction Test). Survivors suffer a
infected with the Revenant Plague. Even the slightest minus two die type reduction. If this reduction lowers
scratch from a Revenant zombie is enough to transmit their Troop Quality die type below D6, they may only
the disease! React on a die roll of 6.
Units that possess RAV are assumed to give a dose of
Hot Shots
it to any potential casualties they might receive from
Some Special Forces units out on long patrols exhaust
Revenant zombies, preventing them from becoming
their supply of RAV. Such units usually carry a supply of
zombies themselves. Most military units are well
Hot Shots to be given in lieu of RAV.
supplied with RAV.
Hot Shots are specially designed thermite grenades
Units that do not have RAV and have Dependents due to
which are placed inside a wounded soldiers mouth
combat with zombies must make a Revenant Check at
and then detonated remotely. A small, ultra-hot blast
the end of each turn.
instantly vaporizes the casualtys head, guaranteeing
that they will not turn.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 35

Casualties & Dependents
Some Special Forces units are rumored to use Hot Still, the Revenant Virus can do a lot with very little, so
Shots in preference to RAV, because the Hot Shot never anything less than complete destruction of the victims
fails while RAV fails once in every thousand or so head may not be sufficient to the cause. If a improvised
applications. Hot Shot is used on a casualty, the unit it belongs to
must still make Revenant Checks. On a roll of 6, the
The use of Hot Shots does have a detrimental effect on
casualty will turn. Assume that the turned casualty
morale, even among the most hard core units. If a unit
revived earlier and used its knowledge of the units
uses a Hot Shot on a fallen comrade, their Morale is
habits to ambush its former comrades.
reduced by one die type for the duration of the scenario.
This reduction only occurs after the first time a unit Improvised Hot Shots have the same effect on Morale
uses a Hot Shot. Subsequent uses have no effect on as regular Hot Shots.
unit Morale.
Casualty Evacuation (Casevac)
Improvised Hot Shots If the Living force has CASEVAC assets available (heli-
If special thermite grenades and remote detonators copters, ambulances, an on-table aid station, etc.), then
arent available, less refined means may be resorted to a unit may lose its Casualties by moving into contact
in order to prevent a wounded or dead comrade from with the CASEVAC asset. Wounded are assumed to be
turning. Field expedient Hot Shots have ranged from passed over for treatment, freeing the unit up to move
sledge hammers to shotguns. Anything that will cata- without transporting their casualties.
strophically damage the victims cranium will suffice.

36 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Casualties & Dependents
Dependents Firing at Units with
Dependents are non-combatants that have become
attached to a unit through one means or another. Dependents & Casualties
Dependents have the unfortunate effect of degrading a If a unit with Dependents or Casualties is fired upon, it
units combat effectiveness and mobility. makes its Defense roll as normal. Note that only combat
effective figures contribute a defense die in other
Units that are escorting POWs, VIPs, Whiskey Charlies words, casualties and Dependents do not add dice
or other non-combatants are considered to have to the units Defense. However, if the unit rolls more
Dependents. The special rules for some scenarios may failures (scores of 3 or less on their Defense dice) than
dictate other circumstances under which a unit may successes and it is determined that they have suffered
acquire or dispose of Dependents. casualties, then one (1) of the casualties must be
Figures representing the Dependents should be added counted against a Dependent or Casualty.
to the unit escorting them. This allows the figures to be Example: A SpecOps fireteam is escorting two
captured (or re-captured} by the opposition. wounded scientists to safety when it is fired upon by
Units with Dependents lose one die of Firepower and a Possessed unit. The SpecOp player rolls 4d8 for
may not use Rapid Movement. Defense and scores a 1, 2, 3, and 4. The Zombie player
rolls 4d6 for Firepower and scores a 2, 3, 5, and 6.

Disposing of Dependents The Living player allocates his Defense dice and
determines that the unit will suffer 2 casualties. Since
& Casualties more than half of his Defense dice were failure rolls
(with scores less than 4), one (and only one) of those
If a unit with Dependents moves to a friendly edge of
the table, it can hand its POWs or casualties off board two casualties must be one of the Dependent scientists.
unit and negate the Dependent penalty. Casualties can
also be handed off at aid stations or to casualty evacua-
tion units, as designated by a scenario.
Close Combats Against Units
Abandoning Casualties
with Dependents & Casualties
If a unit with Dependents and/or Casualties launches
Living units may voluntarily abandon casualties or be or receives a Close Combat, the Casualties are not
forced to abandon them as a result of fleeing Close counted as combatants. Dependents, however, even the
Combat. lowliest Whiskey Charlies, will still put up some sort of
Living units that abandon casualties suffer a reduction a defense and may add their dice to units Assault and
in Morale by one die type (i.e., a unit with D10 Morale Defense dice.
would go down to D8 Morale if they abandoned a
This morale reduction only occurs the first time a unit
abandons a casualty.
The abandoning units Troop Quality is not affected
(this differs from the standard rule in the Ambush Alley

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 37

Even the most highly motivated units have their limits
a unit that has been badly mauled will often take a
moment to reflect on cost vs. gain. In Ambush Z, these
moments of battlefield introspection are referred to as
Morale Checks.

Morale Checks
Zombie and Possessed units are never subject to
Morale Checks or Morale effects.
Living units take morale checks under certain circum-
stances, described below.
When a unit is called upon to make a Morale Check,
it must roll a Morale Die for each figure in the unit
and consult the appropriate Morale Effects rules for
Professionals or Headhunters/Worthless Civilians.

Whiskey Charlie and

Headhunter Morale Checks
Whiskey Charlies and Headhunters take a Morale

Each time it is fired upon
Each time it takes casualties
Each time it is within 12" and within
LOS of a Romeo or Dexter unit

Morale Effects
If a unit has been forced to make a Morale Check, roll a
Morale Die for each figure in the unit.
All rolls of 4+ are counted as Successes and all rolls
less than 4 are counted as Failures. Total the number
of Successes and Failures and consult the appropriate
rules below to determine the results of the test.

38 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Professional Morale Checks Pinned units become un-pinned at the end of the turn
in which they were Pinned.
A Professional unit takes a Morale check:
If a Professional unit is Pinned a second time, it must
attempt to Pull Back unless it is already in a defensible
Professional MORALE position.

CHECK POINTS Pull Back: Living that have been Pinned may be
forced to Pull-Back if they are Pinned a second time
Each time it takes casualties in the same turn. A unit that is forced to Pull Back will
Each time it is within 12" and within immediately move away from the last enemy unit that
fired at it and take up a covered position to re-group. It
LOS of a Romeo or Dexter unit
can move up to 6" to find cover (regardless of how far
it has already moved), but must move into the nearest
covered position.
Professional Unit Morale Effects
Professional units will respond in one of three ways to Units that are forced to Pull Back must spend their next
Morale Checks. They will either Stand, be Pinned or Pull turn regrouping. They can fire or go on Overwatch while
Back. regrouping, but they may not move. At the end of the
turn they are re-grouped and may move as desired on
Stand Result: If a Professional unit makes a Morale the following turn.
Check and the number of Successes (4+) is greater
than the number of Failures, the units morale holds and A unit that is regrouping following a Pull Back may be
they suffer no adverse effects. Pinned again by enemy fire and forced to pull back if
Pinned a second time.
Pinned Result: If a Professional unit makes a Morale
Check and the number of Failures is equal to or greater
than the number of Successes, the unit is Pinned.
Combat Stress
Stress, and the individual soldiers reaction to it, is an
Even the most well-trained and highly motivated unit integral part of the combat experience. The cumulative
of soldiers will take pause when suddenly reminded of effect of individual stress may eventually have an effect
their mortality in the face of enemy fire or faced with on a units overall combat performance. In a zombie
moral predicaments that take them out of the zone. rich environment, this stress can sometimes be more
This (usually) temporary drop in motivation is referred than a unit can handle.
to as being Pinned in Ambush Z
Scenarios using Combat Stress will indicate it in their
Pinned units must move to cover if they have any Special Rules section. Players may also opt to use
movement left. They may not move towards the enemy these rules with whatever scenarios they choose.
while seeking cover.
A pinned unit that cannot move to cover without moving Background Stress Level
towards the enemy may attempt to Get In Cover. The background stress level of a game is determined
by the scenario. Generally, the background stress level
Pinned units may fire at enemy units during their normal will be 0, but if the scenario involves units that have
activation or interrupt an enemy movement with fire. been out in the field too long with too little rest, are cut
However, pinned units lose 1 Quality Die on any test off, etc., the background stress level might start at 3.
theyre called on to make. Initially, all Human units on the table will have the same
The Morale Dice of pinned units are unaffected. Stress Level, unless otherwise dictated by the scenario.
As time goes by, Stress Levels will begin to vary.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 39

The following conditions will raise or lower a units To perform a Stress Test, roll 1 Quality die for each
Stress Level: figure in the squad. Roll an extra die if a Positive Leader
is within 6" of the testing unit.
Compare each die to the current Stress Level of the

More Stressed If more dice are equal to or greater than the current
Stress Level, the unit has passed the Stress Test and
+1 for each turn after the first
suffers no effects.
+1 for Dependents/Wounded in the unit
+1 if unit has abandoned casualties If more dice are less than the current Stress Level, the
unit has failed the Stress Test and Loses Confidence.
+1 for each zombie objective achieved
+1 if more than three zombie mobs in sight
+1 if fighting at night
Losing Confidence
A unit that loses confidence due to a failed Stress Test
loses a Firepower die. If a unit loses all its Firepower
Stress Relief dice through repeated loss of confidence, it becomes
-1 If unit has Revenant Anti-Virus combat ineffective and is removed from the table.
-1 for each regular objective achieved
-1 if unit is in a Barricaded Building Regaining Confidence
-2 if unit is in a Fortified Building Under the right circumstances, units can regain lost
-X for positive leadership within 6" confidence. Units may not regain confidence in the
same turn that they lose confidence.
Units may regain lost confidence if one or more of the
Positive Leadership & Stress following conditions apply at the beginning of a turn:
While most leaders, regardless of rank, are functionally
competent, some possess the extraordinary ability
to inspire their men. In Ambush Alley, we refer to
this combination of charisma and moral authority as
Regaining Confidence
Positive Leadership. Roll for regained Confidence if:
Positive Leaders may be of any rank, but most in most Unit is within 6" of Positive Leader
Ambush Alley games are squad leaders or platoon leaders. Unit has no zombie units within
Each Positive Leader has a Leadership rating ranging LOSUnit has friendly armored
from 1 to 3. This equates to the level of stress per turn vehicles in sight APC, IFV, or AFV
the leader can alleviate for each Regular unit within 6".
Unit achieved a scenario
Leaders with Positive Leadership and their leadership objective in the last turn
rating are noted in Scenario briefs.

Stress Tests If one of the following conditions applies to a unit at the

At the beginning of each turn after the first, each
Regular unit on the table will make a Stress Test. Any beginning of a turn, it may roll to regain confidence.
negative effects resulting from the Stress Test are This is accomplished by performing a Stress Test. If
applied immediately. the unit passes the stress test it will regain a die of

40 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Special Rules
to it. They may also test to see if they are able to get off
Buildings a volley of final defensive fire before the zombies close
Living units will often seek refuge in buildings to keep with them.
zombies at a distance. Buildings fall into one of three
types: Barricaded and Fortified Buildings
Open Buildings Open Buildings are ordinary buildings Some buildings may be designated as barricaded by a
that havent been prepared for defense. They provide a scenario briefing or may be barricaded by Living units
place for Living units to hide but offer very little protec- during a game.
tion. They have no special game effects. To barricade a building, a living unit must spend an
Barricaded Buildings Barricaded Buildings have been entire turn in the building and pass a Troop Quality
reinforced with some basic defenses that give Living check at the turns end.
units an edge against zombies who attempt to force If the unit passes the check, the building is barricaded.
their way in.
If the unit fails the check, the building proved to be
Fortified Buildings Fortified buildings are either unsuitable for defense and may not be barricaded. The
purpose-built defensive structures or existing buildings unit must find another place to hole up.
that have been extensively modified and structurally
reinforced to become literal fortresses. Defending a Barricaded Building
If zombies try to force their way into a barricaded
Zombies and Buildings building, a modified version of Close Combat is used to
Zombies may only pursue living units into buildings if determine their success.
they witnessed them enter, the living units attack them
from within the building, or the Zombies detect them. Living units have the advantage when defending a bar-
ricaded building. Zombies must expose themselves in
Zombies can detect humans in buildings if they are their attempts to push through windows or force open
within the Zombie units detection range and the Zombie doors. The press of other zombies behind them who
unit successfully passes a Troop Quality check. push mindlessly forward reach their prey interferes with
their efforts and leaves them open to brutal and well
Living Units and Buildings aimed attacks from the living defenders. As a result,
Living units can freely enter barricaded and fortified attempting to breach a barricaded building is far more
units there are living sentries or look-outs standing by dangerous for zombies than it is for the living humans
open the door for fellow survivors and just as quickly within.
slam it in the face of any zombies pursuing them.
A zombie unit must be in contact with a barricaded
When entering a building on the table that is not held by building to attempt to breach it. To resolve the defense
Living forces, a Living unit must roll against the sce- of the building follow these steps:
narios Infection level to determine if there are zombies
Total the zombies attempting to break into the building.
This number plus the zombie units
If a building does contain zombies, roll on the sce-
Assault bonus determines how many attack dice the
narios reinforcement chart to determine their nature
unit will throw.
and number.
Total the number of humans defending the building.
Immediately resolve a close combat, with the zombies
Add appropriate dice for Body Armor and an additional
inside the building making the initial attack. The Living
die for defending a barricaded building. This is the total
unit treats this attack as an Interruption and may react

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 41

Special Rules
number of Defense dice the living unit will throw. Note
that the Living player does not roll any extra dice for Special Weapon Teams
support weapons. Where Firepower is concerned, some teams are worth
more than the sum of their parts. Machine gun teams,
Both players throw their dice and discard any dice lower
anti-tank teams, and sniper teams generally project
than a 4.
more power on the battlefield than suggested by their
If the Zombie player has more successes than the small size. For this reason, Special Weapon Teams
Living player, the zombies have forced their way into the receive a two dice bonus to their Firepower.
barricaded building and engage its defenders in Close
Note that this bonus ONLY applies to units that are
Combat. The defenders may not take defensive fire
specifically designated as Special Weapons Teams
against the zombies.
and who have a Troop Quality of Trained or better. Just
If the Living player rolls more successes than the having a SAW or AT weapon in a squad doesnt make
Zombie player, the zombies were unable to force their that squad a Special Weapons team, the units entire
way into the building. Additionally, the Zombie player purpose must be to operate their special weapons
must match his dice against the Living players just as in accordance with the tactics associated with those
if he were defending against a Close Combat attack. weapons.
The Zombie player must remove a zombie figure for
Example: A scenario grants the Living force a Machine
each of the Living players dice he is unable to tie or
Gun Team. The team consists of a gunner and assistant
beat with his own dice.
gunner with a Troop Quality of Trained. Normally their
Continue this process until the zombies either break into Firepower would be 3d8 (1 die for each figure and a
the barricaded building or are wiped out. third die for the light support weapon), but with their
Special Weapon Team bonus, their Firepower is raised
Defending a barricaded building does not draw the
to 5d8.
attention of zombies who are not in LOS.
Defenders may abandon a barricaded building and flee Sniper Teams
in the same manner that Living units may flee from a Some scenarios may call for the Living player to have
Close Combat engagement. a Sniper Team. In addition to the extra dice received for
being a Special Weapon Team, sniper teams may also
Defending a Fortified Building designate which figures should be removed as casual-
Defense of a fortified building is resolved in the same ties in a unit theyve scored a hit against.
manner as a barricaded building, with the following
Simply having a sniper attached to a unit does not
convey this advantage. If the sniper is part of a normal
Fortified buildings are designed to allow the effective unit, his dice are simply added to that units firepower
use of support weapons, so Living units defending as usual.
them may add their support weapon dice to their
Everything on the table is in Optimum Range for a
defense total.
Sniper Team.
Living units defending a fortified building receive 3
EXAMPLE: A Living sniper team scores three casual-
bonus defense dice instead of the 1 die received when
ties against a Zombie unit comprised of a Dexter, two
defending a barricaded building.
Romeos, and three Zulus. Normally the Zombie player
would dice to see which figures were hit, but since the
casualties were caused by a sniper, the Living player
gets to choose which figures are removed.

42 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Solo and Co-op Gaming
Ambush Z has been designed from the ground up to
support solo gaming. It would be nice if everyone had a
group of friends they could game with on a Living basis,
but the reality is that many of us infrequently have the
Solo/Co-Op Turn Sequence
time or opportunity to play face to face games. The 1. Choose a Scenario.
following solo rules will mean that we dont have to let
2. Draw Quirk of Fate Cards as
our figures and terrain go to waste!
dictated by the scenario.
A variant of the solo rules arose from our addiction to
3. Set up the table per the Scenario.
video gaming: The Co-Op game. Co-Op games pit two
or more Living players against Zombie forces that are 4. Place Zombie Hot Spots.
not controlled by a player its like a group solo game. 5. Set up the Living units on the
Co-Op games use the same rules as Solo games, Table per the Scenario.
but two or more players assume command of one or 6. Set up Zombie units on the
more Living units on the table. The players cooperate Table per the Scenario.
(imagine that!) to achieve the mission objectives for the
scenario theyre playing. 7. On turns AFTER the first, Zombie Player
rolls on the scenarios Reinforcement
Co-Op games are a great way to introduce new players table to determine the number and
to the game in a non-competitive way and are just type of reinforcements that arrive.
plain fun!
8. Living Player activates his first unit.
Solo and Co-Op Game 9. Check for Zombie Unit Interruptions.
Turn Sequence 10. Repeat steps 9 & 10 until all Living
The normal Turn Sequence chart can be used for units have been activated.
Solo and Co-Op games. There are some special notes
regarding Hot Spot placement and Zombie interruptions, 11. Once all Living units have been Activated,
but otherwise the game plays no differently than the the Zombie player may move any
head-to-head version. Zombie units that havent Interrupted.
12. Repeat Steps 8 through 12 until one side
Hot Spots in Solo Games has met the Scenario Victory Conditions.
We could have devised a tremendously complex
method of randomly assigning the locations of Hot
Spots at the beginning of a game. Instead, weve opted
to trust the common sense of our players.
Place the five Hot Spots on the table in logical locations
in the manner described in the head-to-head version
of the rules. Role-play a little and pretend youre the
Zombie player would you really want a Hot Spot in the
middle of an open field? Or would it be better placed in
that walled compound?
The better you place the Zombie Hot Spots, the better
and more challenging your Solo or Co-Op game will be!

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 43

Solo and Co-op Gaming
Zombie Motivation
Since theres no player controlling the Zombies
in a Solo or Co-Op game, well have to rely on Possessed or Remote Units
some basic rules that dictate how theyll act If Living move or fire in LOS:
under different circumstances. If not in cover and Firepower is >6, Interrupt to
All Zombie units are governed by a set of basic move into cover.
motivations. These motivations determine how
If not in cover and Firepower is <6, Interrupt to
theyll act when confronted by Living movement
move out of LOS and towards nearest friendly unit.
or fire. Keeping these motivations in mind will
help you govern Zombie actions properly. If within double Optimum Range and Firepower less
The basic motivations for all Zombie units/figures than 6, roll D6: On a 1 or 3, interrupt to move into
are described below: Optimum Range, on a 4+ Interrupt to fire at Living.

Dexters: Avoid contact with the Living If in Optimum Range, Interrupt to fire at Living.
while directing Remotes and If within charge range and not equipped with
Possessed to neutralize them. firearms, charge into Close Combat
Zombie units: Find living units
If not in Optimum Range but Zombies have a
and destroy them.
Firepower of >6, Interrupt to fire.
Remote & Possessed units: Defend the
If Fired on and Zombie Firepower is <6, Interrupt to
Dexter and destroy the Living.
move out of LOS.
Zombie Actions and If fired on by Living and Zombie Firepower is >6,
Action Triggers interrupt to fire.
As each Living unit is activated, check to see if If activated at end of turn:
there are any Zombies within Awareness Range. If combat occurred within 6 and unit is not in cover,
If there are, move them directly towards the move to take cover and gain LOS of enemy.
activated Living unit and engage them in Close
Combat if possible. If combat occurred within 6 and unit is in cover
within LOS of the enemy, remain in place.
As each Living unit is activated, check to see
if they are within LOS of any Zombie units that If no enemy unit in sight and no combat has
are not within Awareness Range. If so, check to occurred within 10, move at Cautious speed
see if the Zombie units spot them, starting with towards nearest Living unit.
the nearest Zombie units first. Move Zombies
that spot Living units directly towards them at If no enemy in sight but combat has occurred
maximum movement. within 10, move at Cautious speed towards nearest
enemy unit to gain cover and LOS of enemy.
For Possessed and Remote units use the table at
right. If within charge range and not equipped with
firearms, charge into Close Combat
If Dexter is Attached to Unit:
Do whatever seems to be the smartest thing for the
unit to do! Play it as if YOU were the Dexter!

44 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Common Orbats
The following ORBATs (Orders of Battle) represent Or
common units found on the battlefields represented by 1xRAR Rifle Brick
Ambush Z. 1xRAR MST Brick
These ORBATs are not exhaustive. They are tailored to *Note that one Brick Leader is the Section Leader and
reflect the assets and manpower that would be applied the other is the Assistant Section Leader.
to a typical Ambush Z mission, so they cut off at the
RAR Platoon
Platoon (or equivalent) level.
3xRAR Rifle Sections
ORBATS are organized from the bottom up, starting Or
with the Fireteam and working up to the Platoon, if 2x RAR Rifle Sections
applicable. 1x RAR MST Section
1x Grenadier w/F88/M203 (RGL, Lt. Support)
Australia 1x Gunner w/FN MAG58 (GPMG, Med. Support)
1x Sniper w/SR-25 or SR-98 rifle
Royal Australian Regiment (Professional)
The basic building block of the Royal Australian
Regiment (RAR) is the Brick. Two Bricks form a United Kingdom
Section. Three Sections form a Platoon. British Army (Professional)
Additionally, Maneuver Support Teams (MSTs) are The basic building block of the British Army is the
available to support Living Rifle Bricks. MSTs are bricks Fireteam. Two Fireteams form a Section. Three Sections
armed with AT weapons or heavier infantry suppression form a Platoon.
weapons than the standard infantry brick. MSTs may be Troop Quality of British Army units ranges from Trained
attached as half a section, as their own section at the to Veteran.
platoon level or as a company asset.
British Army Morale defaults to D8, but scenarios may
Troop Quality of RAR units ranges from Trained to indicate higher or lower value.
RAR Morale defaults to D8, but scenarios may indicate
higher or lower value.
The RAR have Body Armor. They sometimes have
access to Anti-Zombie Armor and Anti-Zombie
The following ORBAT is for a Living RAR Infantry
from the
RAR Rifle Brick 2nd BTN,
1xBrick Leader w/F88* Princess of
1x Grenadier w/F88/M203 (RGL, Lt. Support) Wales Royal
1x Gunner w/F89 (SAW, Lt. Support) Regiment
1x Rifleman w/F88 hold off
RAR Section zombies in
2xRAR Rifle Bricks the Middle

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 45

Common Orbats
British Army troops have Body Armor. They sometimes British Royal Marine Maneuver Support Section
have access to Anti-Zombie Armor and Anti-Zombie 1x Section Leader w/IW
Weapons. 1x Sniper w/Sniper Rifle
1x Gunner w/51mm Mortar (Med. Support)*
The following ORBAT is for a Living British Army Rifle
1x Rifleman w/IW
*This is a handheld, light mortar.
British Army Fireteam
1x Fireteam Leader w/IW* British Royal Marine Section
1x Grenadier w/IW-RGL (Lt. Support) 2x British Royal Marine Fireteams
1x Gunner w/L108A1 (SAW, Lt. Support)
British Royal Marine Troop
1x Rifleman w/L86 LSW
1x Platoon Commander w/IW
*Note that one Fireteam Leader is the Squad Leader and 1x Platoon Sgt. w/IW
the other is the Assistant Squad Leader. 3x British Royal Marine Sections
1x British Royal Marine Maneuver Support Section
British Army Section
2x British Army Rifle Fireteams
United States of America
British Army Rifle Platoon
1x Platoon Commander w/IW
USMC (Professional)
The basic building block of the United States Marine
1x Platoon Sgt. w/IW
Corps is the Fireteam. Three fireteams under a Squad
3x British Army Rifle Sections
Leader form a Squad. Three Squads under a Platoon
British Royal Marines (Professional) Leader form a Platoon.
The basic building block of the British Royal Marines Troop Quality of USMC units ranges from Trained to
is the Fireteam. Two Fireteams form a Section. Three Veteran.
Sections plus a Maneuver Section form a Troop.
USMC Morale defaults to D10, but scenarios may
Troop Quality of British Royal Marine units ranges from indicate higher or lower value. They have Body Armor.
Trained to Veteran. They rarely have access to Anti-Zombie Armor and
British Royal Marine Morale defaults to D10, but Anti-Zombie Weapons.
scenarios may indicate a higher or lower value. They The following ORBAT is for a Living Marine Rifle
have Body Armor. They sometimes have access to Anti- Platoon.
Zombie Armor and Anti-Zombie Weapons.
USMC Fireteam
The following ORBAT is for a Troop from a Royal Marine 1x Fireteam Leader w/M-16
Close Company. 1x Grenadier w/M-203 (RGL, Lt. Support)
British Royal Marine Fireteam 1x Gunner w/M-249 (SAW, Lt. Support)
1x Fireteam Leader w/IW* 1x Assistant Gunner w/M-16
1x Grenadier w/IW-RGL (Lt. Support) Total Firepower: 6D
1x Gunner w/L108A1 (SAW, Lt. Support) USMC Squad
1x Rifleman w/L86 LSW 1x Squad Leader w/M-16
*Note that one Fireteam Leader is the Squad Leader and 3x USMC Fireteams
the other is the Assistant Squad Leader.

46 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Common Orbats
USMC Platoon Troop Quality of US Army Ranger units ranges from
1x Platoon Leader w/M-16 Trained to Veteran.
1x Platoon Sgt. w/M-16
US Army Ranger Morale defaults to D10, but scenarios
1x Navy Corpsman w/M-16
may indicate a higher or lower value. They are equipped
3x USMC Squads
with Body Armor. They sometimes have access to
US Army Light Infantry (Professional) Anti-Zombie Armor and Anti-Zombie Weapons.
The basic building block of the US Army Light Infantry The following ORBAT is for a generic US Army Ranger
is the Fireteam. Two Fireteams under a Squad Leader Platoon.
make up a Squad. Four Squads make up a Platoon.
US Army Ranger Rifle Fireteam
Troop Quality of US Army Light Infantry units ranges 1x Fireteam Leader w/M-16 or M-4
from Trained to Veteran. 1x Grenadier w/M-203 (RGL, LT. Support)
USAR Light Infantry Morale defaults to D8, but 1x Gunner w/M-249 (SAW, Lt. Support)
scenarios may indicate a higher or lower value. 1x Assistant Gunner w/M-16 or M-4

US Army troops have Body Armor. They sometimes US Army Ranger Rifle Squad
have access to Anti-Zombie Armor and Anti-Zombie 1x Squad Leader w/M-16 or M-4
Weapons. 2x USAR Rifle Fireteam

The following ORBAT is for a generic US Army Light US Army Ranger Machine Gun Squad
Infantry Rifle Platoon. 1x Squad Leader w/M-16 or M-4
3x Gunners w/M249 (SAW, Lt. Support)
US Lt. Inf. Rifle Fireteam 3x Assistant Gunners w/M-16 or M-4
1x Fireteam Leader w/M-16 or M-4 3x Ammo Bearers w/M-16 or M-4
1x Grenadier w/M-203 (RGL, LT. Support)
1x Gunner w/M-249 (SAW, Lt. Support) US Army Ranger Platoon
1x Assistant Gunner w/M-16 or M-4 1x Platoon Leader w/M-16 or M-4
1x Platoon Sgt. w/M-16 or M-4
US Lt. Inf. Rifle Squad 1x Radio Operator w/M-16 or M-4
1x Squad Leader w/M-16 or M-4 3x US Rifle Squads
2x USAR Rifle Fireteam 1x US Army Ranger Machine Gun Squad
US Lt. Inf. Rifle Platoon HQ Squad
1x Platoon Leader w/M-16 or M-4
1x Platoon Sgt. w/M-16 or M-4
1x Radio Operator w/M-16 or M-4
2x Gunners w/M-249 (SAW, LT Support)
2x Assistant Gunners w/M-16 or M-4
US Lt. Inf. Rifle Platoon
1x Rifle Platoon HQ Squad
3x Rifle Squads

US Army Rangers (Professional) US Army

The basic building block of the US Army Rangers is the Rangers
Fireteam. Two Fireteams under a Squad Leader make up facing a bad
a Squad. Four Squads plus Platoon HQ personnel make day on the
up a Platoon. street.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 47

Common Orbats
Reaper Teams
The most hardened and experienced veterans from PROFESSIONAL PARAMILITARY
Americas SpecOps community were cherry-picked to Standard Police Squad (Professional)
form TF Reaper. Reapers mission was simple Once During the early days of the Revenant Plague, ordinary
conventional forces had isolated a hot-spot, Reaper police officers were often organized into squads
teams would enter the area and clean it out. This to patrol the streets and put down looters and the
mission often required Reaper Teams to escort scien- obviously infected. Poorly armed and inexperienced
tists, engineers, and other highly-skilled technicians into in small unit tactics, such police squads were often
Hot Zones. It also saw them operating alone, deep in the overwhelmed by Zombies.
worst Hot Zones, seeking out and destroying Dexters.
A typical police squad has a Troop Quality of Green
Other nations followed suit, creating their own elite (D6) and a D8 to D10 Morale. They are generally armed
units to contain and destroy all traces of the Revenant with body armor, shotguns, and a sprinkling of assault
Plague. rifles. A police squad that saw action in Denvers Five
Reapers, as TF Reaper operators referred to them- Points district is described below:
selves, have Troop Quality of Elite (D12) and a D12 1 x Police Sgt. w/AR-15 (Small Arms)
Morale. 5 x Policemen w/Shotguns (Close Combat Weapons)
Reaper Teams are routinely equipped with Anti-Zombie
Armor and Anti-Zombie Weapons. British Army troops
Police SWAT Teams
Police SWAT Teams were often called upon to act as
have Body Armor.
municipal Special Forces teams in the early days of
A Typical Reaper Team the outbreak. Better armed and trained than regular
1 x Reaper Team Leader w/AZW (Anti-Zombie Weapon) patrol officers, they fared somewhat better against the
& AZA (Anti-Zombie Armor) growing Revenant hordes.
3 x Reapers w/AZW (Anti-Zombie Weapon) & AZA SWAT units typically have a Troop Quality of Trained
(Anti-Zombie Armor) (D8) and a D10 Morale. SWAT teams are equipped with
body armor and a mixture of Close Combat weapons
and Small Arms.
1 x Police Sgt. w/AR-15 (Small Arms)
2 x Policemen w/Shotguns or SMGs (Close Combat)
2 x Policemen w/AR15s (Small Arms)
1 x Police Sharpshooter w/Sniper Rifle (Small Arms)

Private Security Teams

Some wealthy citizens hired private security teams to
protect them and their property during the outbreak.
Their skill and quality of gear varied wildly from unit
to unit. Some private security teams were ex-military
or police, while others were wannabes who failed to
Three become soldiers or police officers.
of a Reaper
team with
AZW and

48 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Common Orbats
Private security team Troop Quality ranged from D6 to
D10 and they typically had a D8 or D10 Morale. They WORTHLESS CIVILIANS
generally wore body armor and used Close Combat or Street Gangs (Whiskey Charlie)
Small Arms. A fairly well equipped team that worked for Many street gangs viewed the Revenant Outbreak as
a notorious Hollywood director is described below. an opportunity to consolidate their power and shrug off
1 x Team Leader w/M4 (Small Arms) the constraints of government. They saw the infected
2 x Guard w/Shotgun or SMG (Close Combat) Revenants as just another enemy to be gunned down
2 x w/M4 (Small Arms) as long as the gangs could keep their neighborhoods
safe, they could rule over them like petty feudal lords.
Private Military Contractors This attitude often brought them into conflict with the
Private Military Contractors were hired by wealthy police and professional military units.
individuals and by government entities to assist the
Typical gang members have a Troop Quality of
police and military in protecting uninfected citizens from
Untrained (D6) and a D10 Morale. Leaders or outstand-
the Revenant plague and the zombies it spawned.
ing gang-members may have Troop Qualities as high as
PMC troops are usually ex-military and are well-trained Veteran.
and equipped. Their Troop Quality ranges from Trained
A typical street gang patrol
(D8) to Veteran (D10) and they have a Morale of D10 or
1 x Gang Lieutenant w/AK47 (Small Arms)
D12. They are equipped with body armor, Small Arms,
2 x Gang Members w/Shotgun or SMG (Close Combat)
and Support Weapons. They sometimes have access to
2 x Gang Members w/AK47 (Small Arms)
Anti-Zombie Armor and Anti-Zombie Weapons.
A typical PMC fireteam is described below: Anti-Government Militia (Whiskey Charlie)
1 x Team Leader w/M4 (Small Arms) Many politically motivated, anti-government militias in
2 x Gunners w/SAW (Lt. Support) the US took the same view of the Revenant Outbreak as
2 x Contractors w/M4 (Small Arms) the inner-city gangs: Opportunity came knocking with a
moldering, half-decomposed hand. Some militias were
so successful in securing remote regions of the US
and eradicating the infection (albeit through the most
inhumane and draconian methods) that the federal
government was forced to negotiate or impose martial
law to regain control of their territories.
Typical militia members have a Troop Quality of
Untrained (D6) or Trained (D8) and a Morale of D10.
They sometimes have access to regular body armor.
A typical militia anti-zombie patrol
1 x Militia Sergeant w/AK47 or AR15 (Small Arms)
2 x Militia Gunners w/SAWs (Lt. Support)
2 x Militia Riflemen w/AK 47s or AR14s (Small Arms)

Afghan militia join the fight.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 49

Scenario 1: Outbreak! Table Set-Up
(2x2 15mm, 4x4 25mm)
A CDC team is investigating reports of Revenant
Plague in a small town. Initially things seem fine, but
one morning the team awakens to find the streets
around their rented laboratory flooded with Zulu class
Revenants. Their frantic call for help over the radio
brings the nearest military intervention team running a
single fireteam of Special Operators!

Mission Brief
Three high value civilian scientists are barricaded in a
building and require rescue. The town they were inves-
tigating has suffered a massive outbreak and is now
crawling with Zulus. Its only a matter of time until the
scientists are detected and become part of the problem,
rather than the solution.
Fireteam Alpha is nearby and is directed to respond on
foot. They are to link up with the scientists and escort
them safely out of the area.
E: Entry/Exit point for Living
Living Mission Objective 1, 2, & 3: 6 x Zulus
Fireteam Alpha must make their way to the building X: 3 x Scientists in barricaded building
mark on the Table Set-Up diagram and take the scien-
tists under their protection. They must then escort the
Scenario Stats
scientists to safety by exiting at point E on the diagram.
Background Stress Level 0
Remember that Alpha will be subject to the rules for
Infection Level 4
Dependents once it links with the civilian scientists.
Game Duration (turns) 6
Revenant Mission Objective
Feast on Living flesh!

50 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Living Force Composition
Reinforcements Fireteam Alpha (Troop Quality D8, Morale D10)
To determine what sort of reinforcements 1 x Fireteam Leader w/Small Arms
arrive at the beginning of each turn, roll 2d6 2 x Riflemen w/Small Arms
and consult the table below: 1 x Gunner w/SAW
1 x Grenadier w/Rifle Grenade Launcher
Die Roll Zombies
2 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type! Fireteam Alpha has Body Armor and sufficient RAV for
1d6+3 Zulus the duration of the scenario.
3-11 1d6+3 Zulus Scientists (Troop Quality D6, Morale D8)
12 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type! 3 x Scientists (Whiskey Charlies)
1d6+3 Zulus
Zombie Force Composition
Hot Spots There are three zombie mobs on the board at the
Roll to see which Hot Spot each reinforcement beginning of the game. Each mob contains 6 x Zulus.
unit arrives from. On a roll of 6, the Zombie
player may choose which Hot Spot the rein- Regular Victory Conditions
forcements arrive from. If the Zombie player Fireteam Alpha reaches the
rolls a number for which there are more than barricaded building: 5 pts
one Hot Spot, he may choose the Hot Spot
Any survivors exit the table at point E: 5 pts.
from which his reinforcements arrive.
Per Scientist that exits the board at point E: 5 pts.

Zombie Victory Conditions

Fireteam Alpha never reaches the
barricaded building: Victory
No survivors exit the board: Victory
Per Fireteam Alpha member killed: 3 pts.
Per Scientist killed: 5 pts.

Optional Rules
Try the scenario with no special rules in play and see
how it goes. Then attempt the game using these special
rules, one at a time:
Play the scenario using the Night Fighting rules.
Give Fireteam Alpha silenced weapons.
Photo by Robert Thivierge

Give Fireteam Alpha Anti-Zombie

Weapons & Armor
Have 1d6+1 Romeos arrive on
Reinforcement rolls of 7 or 11.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 51

Scenario 2: The Thin Blue Line Table Set-Up
(2x2 15mm, 4x4 25mm)
The Revenant Plague spawned pitched battles in cities
and towns all over the US as its contagion reached
outbreak proportions. A terrified citizenry found itself
confronted by hostile Revenants, in dribbles and drabs
at first and then in all their numbers and hosts of the
dead will always outnumber those of the living. In many
cases all that stood between John Q. Public and the
bloodstained claws of the zombie horde were a few
underpaid and poorly armed cops a thin blue line

Mission Brief
The central square of a small town has been cleared of
zombies and most of the towns population (who have
not taken to the road in flight or already fallen to the
Revenant plague) have barricaded themselves in the
towns police department building. Unfortunately, the
town stands squarely in the path of a massive wave of A: Police Squad 1
Revenant zombies trudging their way towards a large B: Police Squad 2
metropolis, drawn there like iron filings to a magnet. C: National Guardsmen
The towns only defenders are its few police officers PD: Police HQ Building
and a few hastily assembled ad hoc units of Army 13: 6 x Zulus
National Guardsmen. H1 15: Hotspots
This scenario details the defense of one corner of the
town square, where a few cops and Guardsmen risked Scenario Stats
their lives to block the zombie hordes entrance into the Background Stress Level 2
square through a large park. Infection Level *
Game Duration (turns) 6
Living Mission Objective
Find a spot to hide or fortify and hold out until rescue. * Zombie reinforcements are automatic. Since the
town center has been cleared, theres no chance of
Revenant Mission Objective encountering random zombies if Living units enter
Feast on Living flesh! Reach the Police department buildings.
building and continue feasting on Living flesh!

52 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Living Force Composition
Police Squads
To determine what sort of reinforcements
Both Police squads are equipped as below. They have
arrive at the beginning of each turn, roll 2d6
body armor but no RAV. They have a Troop Quality of
and consult the table below:
Untrained (D6) and a D10 Morale.
Die Roll Zombies 1 x Police Sgt. w/Shotgun (Close Combat)
2 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type! 4 x Policemen w/ Shotgun or SMG (Close Combat)
1d6+3 Zulus
3 1d6+1 Romeo National Guardsmen
The National Guardsmen have body armor and RAV.
4-6 1d6+3 Zulus They have a Troop Quality of Trained (D8) and a D10
7 1d6+2 Romeos Morale.
8-10 1d6+3 Zulus
1 x Fireteam Leader w/M16 (Small Arms)
11 1d6+3 Romeos 1 x Grenadier w/M203 RGL (Lt. Support)
12 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type! 1 x Gunner w/SAW (Lt. Support)
1d6+3 Zulus 2 x Riflemen w/M16 (Small Arms)

Hot Spots Zombie Force Composition

Roll to see which Hot Spot each reinforcement There are three zombie mobs on the board at the
unit arrives from. On a roll of 6, the Zombie beginning of the game. Each mob contains 6 x Zulus.
player may choose which Hot Spot the rein-
forcements arrive from. Secondary Hot Spots
are not used in this scenario.
Regular Victory Conditions
No Zombies within 6 of Police HQ: 10 pts.
Each Surviving Cop or Guardsman: 2 pts.

Zombie Victory Conditions

For each Zombie within 6 of Police HQ: 3 pts
All Cops and Guardsmen killed: VICTORY
Per Cop or Guardsman killed: 1 pt.

Optional Rules
Try the scenario with no special rules in play and see
how it goes. Then attempt the game using these special
rules, one at a time:
Play the scenario using the Night Fighting rules
Photo by Robert Thivierge

(only the National Guardsmen have Night Vision).

Replace the Police Squads with SWAT units.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 53

Scenario 3: Fallen Angels Table Set-Up
(2x2 15mm, 4x4 25mm)
Before Dexters and were identified and their powers
understood, helicopters were routinely used to rescue
stranded survivors or ferry strike-teams into position.
Many helicopters were lost, of course, falling prey to
ground fire from Possessed (these losses were blamed
on disaffected anti-government militia groups and out of
control street-gangs until the discovery of Dexters and
it was not always an inaccurate determination). This
scenario details the experiences of one such helo which
was downed in Indian Country.

Mission Brief
A SpecOps team being exfiltrated by air after days
of operating in a Hot Zone has been downed by an
unexpected shoulder launched anti-aircraft missile,
probably stolen from a National Guard Armory by some
militia group or another. The Helo Pilot was able to auto-
rotate the stricken chopper into a relatively safe landing.
The two man crew and the operators aboard suffered H: Helicopter crash site.
little more than a few cuts and bruises. The chopper Starting position of Living Forces.
came to rest in a somewhat rural area, but it seems 13: 6 x Zulus
that its dramatic arrival has drawn the attention of every
Revenant in the county. The team must find a safe spot Scenario Stats
to hole up and await rescue! Background Stress Level 3
Infection Level 4*
Living Mission Objective Game Duration (turns) 6
Survive for 6 turns
* The Infection Level for this game is 4 for the purpose
Revenant Mission Objective of any tests. Zombie reinforcements automatically
Feast on Living flesh! arrive at the beginning of every turn after the first.

54 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Zombie Force Composition
Reinforcements There are three zombie mobs on the board at the
To determine what sort of reinforcements beginning ofa the game. Each mob contains 6 x Zulus.
arrive at the beginning of each turn, roll 2d6
and consult the table below: Regular Victory Conditions
For every surviving human at
Die Roll Zombies
the end of game: 3pts
2 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type!
1d6+3 Zulus If there are no zombies within 10 of the
SpecOps unit by games end: 10 pts.
3 1d3+1 Romeo
4-6 1d6+3 Zulus
Zombie Victory Conditions
7 1d3+2 Romeos All Living killed: Victory
8-10 1d6+3 Zulus
For each Zombie within 6 the SpecOps
11 1d6+3 Romeos unit at games end: 1 pt.
12 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type!
Per operator or air crew killed: 3 pts.
1d6+3 Zulus

Hot Spots Optional Rules

Roll to see which Hot Spot each reinforcement Try the scenario with no special rules in play and see
unit arrives from. On a roll of 6, the Zombie how it goes. Then attempt the game using these special
player may choose which Hot Spot the rein- rules, one at a time:
forcements arrive from. If the Zombie player Play the scenario using the Night Fighting rules
rolls a number for which there are more than (All Living figures have Night Vision Optics).
one Hot Spot, he may choose the Hot Spot
from which his reinforcements arrive. Give the SpecOps team AZW
(Anti-Zombie Weapons).
Crash a larger helo and have two
Living Force Composition SpecOps fireteams + the flight crew.
SpecOps Team
The SpecOps team aboard the helicopter is wearing
Body Armor and suppressed weapons (other than
the SAW and M203 launcher, of course). Their Troop
Quality is Veteran (D10) and they have D12 Morale. The
team is equipped as described below:
1 x Fireteam Leader w/M4 (Small Arms)
1 x Grenadier w/M203 RGL (Lt. Support)
1 x Gunner w/SAW (Lt. Support)
2 x Riflemen w/M4 (Small Arms)

Helo Air Crew

The air crew is wearing Body Armor. Their Troop Quality
is Trained (D8) and they have D12 Morale. They are
both armed with M4s (Small Arms).

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 55

Scenario 4: House of Pain table set-up
(2x2 15mm, 4x4 25mm)
As bad as things were in the US and Europe during
the initial Revenant Outbreak, conditions in third world
countries were infinitely more hellish. In occupied
nations, Coalition forces often found themselves forced
to fortify their positions and hope for the best while
holding off waves of Dexter coordinated Revenant and
Insurgent attacks. Resupply by air was virtually impos-
sible and even ground convoys protected by heavy
armor found it difficult to get through urban Hot Zones
to reach the scattered firebases and CIMIC compounds
requiring aid. Sometimes firebases had to hold out for
weeks at a time in the face of unimaginable horror.
One of these firebases, sited in the contentious city of
Dawala, has gone down in military lore as the legendary
House of Pain.

living mission objeCtive

Food, water, and ammunition are running low. The
firebases defenses are rapidly degrading. The CO
called for immediate evacuation hours ago and the relief Shaded Zone: Set up area for 2nd Platoon
convoy is nearly in sight. The remnants of the company Z1 Z3: 6 x Zulus
need only hold out for an hour or so longer and they R1- R3: 5 x Romeos
can leave the House of Pain behind. As usual, the worst P1: 4 x Possessed w/Small Arms;
of the fighting comes down to 2nd Platoon, elements 1 x Possessed w/SAW; 1 x Possessed w/RPG
of which are tasked with holding down the defenses P2: 6 x Possessed w/Small Arms;
on the firebases most vulnerable flank. If 2nd Platoon 2 x Possessed w/SAW
can keep the Zulus out of the fort till the cavalry arrives, P3: 2 x Possessed w/Small Arms; 2 x Possess w/RPGs
everyone will be going home alive. If not, the armored D: Dexter and 6 x Romeos
columns mission will change from rescue to clean-up. Z: Zombie Edge: All Zombie reinforcement arrive from
this edge of table
revenant mission objeCtive Scenario Stats
Breach the firebases defenses! Feast on the flesh of the
Background Stress Level 3
Infection Level 4*
Game Duration (turns) 10

* The Infection Level for this game is 4. Reinforcements

arrive automatically at the beginning of every turn.
The Zombie player may make an Infection Level roll
to see if an ADDITIONAL reinforcement unit arrives at
the beginning of each turn.
Do not make rolls for awakened Zombies when
Living or Possessed units fire their weapons in this
Photo courtesy Piers, Thomas, & Cyril of the NGC

56 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Living Force Composition Zombie Victory Conditions
(Elements of 2nd Platoon) Zombies in Shaded Area at end of game: 10 pts.
2nd Platoon troops are equipped as below. They have Per living KIA: 3 pts.
body armor and RAV. They have a Troop Quality of Per living WIA: 2 pts.
Trained (D6) and a D10 Morale unless otherwise noted.
All Living KIA: Victory
Lt. Meuse and Sgt. Poole are both Positive Leaders. Lt.
Meuse has a Positive Leadership of 2 and Sgt. Poole
has a Positive Leadership of 1.
Special Rules
All buildings within Living starting zone are FORTIFIED.
Fireteam Alpha:
1x Lieutenant (Lt. Meuse: D10 Troop Quality,
D12 Morale) w/rifle (Small Arms) Reinforcements
1x Rifleman (Small Arms) To determine what sort of reinforcements
1x Grenadier w/rifle & GL (Lt. Support) arrive at the beginning of each turn, roll 2d6
1x SAW Gunner (Lt. Support) and consult the table below:

Fireteam Bravo: Die Roll Zombies

1x Platoon Sergeant (Sgt. Poole: D10 Troop Quality, 2 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type!
D12 Morale) w/rifle (Small Arms) 1d6+3 Zulus
1x Rifleman (Small Arms) 3 1d3+1 Romeo
1x Grenadier w/rifle & GL (Lt. Support)
4 1d6+3 Zulus
1x SAW Gunner (Lt. Support)
5 1d6 Possessed w/Small Arms
MG TEAM (Weapon Team) + 1 w/SAW
1x Gunner w/MG (Lt. Support) 6 1d6+3 Zulus
1x Assistant Gunner w/rifle (Small Arms) 7 1d3+2 Romeos
Sniper Team (Sniper Team 8 1d6+3 Zulus
D10 Troop Quality, D12 Morale) 9 1d6 Possessed w/Small Arms
1 x Sniper w/sniper rifle (Sniper Rifle) + 1 w/RPG
1 x Spotter w/rifle (Small Arms) 10 1d6+3 Zulus
11 1d6+3 Romeos
Zombie Force Composition 12 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type!
Initial Zombie forces are described in the Table Set-Up 1d6+3 Zulus
Diagram. All Possessed units have a Troop Quality of D6.
Hot Spots
Regular Victory Conditions Hot Spots are not used in this scenario. All
No Zombies in the shaded area reinforcements enter the table from the edge
at end of game: 10 pts. marked on the Table Set-Up Diagram.
No Zombies within 6" of the shaded area
at the end of the game (not cumula-
tive with condition above): 15 pts.
Per surviving member of 2nd Platoon: 2 pts.
Kill Dexter: 10 pts.

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 57

Scenario 5: Damnation Alley Table Set-Up
(2x2 15mm, 4x4 25mm)
Dexters eventually became aware of the Revenant Anti-
Virus and did everything within their power to prevent
its delivery to areas which had not yet fully succumbed
to the Revenant Plague. In such virulently infected areas
as Dawala, the transport of RAV was often limited to
stealthy foot patrols by specially trained Reaper Teams.
The Reaper Teams often used such step and fetch
missions to draw out Dexters and destroy them.

Mission Brief
A fresh supply of RAV must be delivered to the police
station of one of Dawalas Revenant besieged neighbor-
hoods. Two Reaper Teams are dispatched to deliver it.
Normally a single team would be sent, but a Dexter is
believed to be in the area of the neighborhood and it is
hoped that the delivery team will have a chance to kill
two birds with one stone.

Living Mission Objective

Deliver the RAV to the police station by exiting the unit
carrying it off the board at the point designated on the E: Entry Point for Reaper Teams
Table Set-Up Diagram. Locate and kill the Dexter, if X: Exit Point for Reaper Team with RAV
possible. D: Dexter and 6 x Romeos
R1 R4: 5 x Romeos
Revenant Mission Objective P1 P4: 4 x Possessed w/Small Arms
Destroy the RAV and feast upon the flesh of the living! +1 x Possessed w/RPG
Protect the master at all costs!

Scenario Stats
Background Stress Level 0
Infection Level 5
Game Duration (turns) 6

58 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Living Force Composition
Reaper Squads
To determine what sort of reinforcements
Reaper Squads are equipped as below. They have Anti-
arrive at the beginning of each turn, roll 2d6
Zombie Armor, Anti-Zombie Weapons, and sufficient
and consult the table below:
RAV for the duration of the scenario. They have a Troop
Die Roll Zombies Quality of Elite (D12) and a D12 Morale.
2 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type! Reaper Squad 1 (Carrying
1d6+3 Zulus RAV for police station)
3 1d3+1 Romeo 1 x Fireteam Leader w/AZW
4 1d6+3 Zulus 4 x Gunner w/AZW
5 1d6 Possessed w/Small Arms
+ 1 w/SAW
Reaper Squad 2
1 x Fireteam Leader w/AZW
6 1d6+3 Zulus 4 x Gunner w/AZW
7 1d3+2 Romeos
8 1d6+3 Zulus Zombie Force Composition
9 1d6 Possessed w/Small Arms Starting forces for the Zombie player are indicated on
+ 1 w/RPG the Table Set-Up Diagram. All Possessed units have a
10 1d6+3 Zulus Troop Quality of Trained (D8).
11 1d6+3 Romeos
12 Increase Zombie TQ 1 Die Type!
Regular Victory Conditions
At least three members of Reaper Squad
1d6+3 Zulus 1 exit at the point indicated on the Table
Set-Up Diagram by turn 3: 10 pts.
Hot Spots
Roll to see which Hot Spot each reinforcement At least three members of Reaper Squad
unit arrives from. On a roll of 6, the Zombie 1 exit at the point indicated on the Table
player may choose which Hot Spot the rein- Set-Up Diagram by the games end: 5 pts.
forcements arrive from. If the Zombie player
Kill Dexter: 10 pts.
rolls a number for which there are more than
one Hot Spot, he may choose the Hot Spot Each Surviving Reaper: 2 pts.
from which his reinforcements arrive.
Zombie Victory Conditions
Prevent Reaper Squad 1 from exiting the table
at the point indicated on the Table Set-Up
Diagram with at least three members: 10 pts.
Dexter alive at end of game: 10 pts.
Per Reaper killed: 1 pt.
All Reapers killed: Victory

Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead Ambush Z 59

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60 Ambush Z Special Operations vs. The Walking Dead

Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk
of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate

Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk

of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate
The Last Place Sometimes You Crap! I Knew Who Dropped Watch Your Step
You Look Eat the Bear I Dropped This!? Someone in a randomly
determined unit fell and
One person becomes
separated from the
One person becomes
separated from the unit - a
Something! Youve found some spare
ammunition! Regain a
sprained their leg/ankle/
arm/wrist, etc. Dont
unit - a Civilian if any Civilian if any are present, One Living units Firepower die if Short on remove any figures,
are present, a soldier if a soldier if not. They are firepower is reduced Ammo or ignore the next but treat the unit as
not. They are found safe found dead and horribly by one die due to a Short on Ammo result. having a Dependent.
and sound at the end of mutilated at the end of shortage of ammunition.
the game. This counts the game. This counts
as a survivor for victory as a casualty for victory
points, if appropriate. points, if appropriate.
Not as Bad as Not as Bad as Eww. I NEVER Hair of the Dog This Batch
it Looked! it Looked! Wanted to that Bit You Spoiled . . .
Save this card and turn it
in to revive one casualty
Save this card and turn it
in to revive one casualty
See That! A member of the Living
force has a vial of
It is discovered that the
RAV suppy carried by
due to combat. The due to combat. The A randomly determined unit Revenant Antivirus theyve the Living force has been
figured thus revived is figured thus revived is sees something so grisly hidden away for just the contaminated, spilled,
NOT subject to infection. NOT subject to infection. that it instantly disheartens right moment! Theres or otherwise rendered
them. Lower their Morale enough left to treat any ineffective. NO Living units
by one die type (Ignore casualties taken for the have RAV available for
if Morale is already D6) duration of the game. the duration of the game
unless some is found
as the result of another
Quirk of Fate card.
Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk
of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate

Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk

of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate
Once More into Game over, man! Now THAT I told you that Everready
the Breach! Game Over! Pisses Me Off! looked serious! My Ass!
Someone in a random Someone in a random Something happens that A mmber of a randomly All the batteries belonging
Living unit makes an Living unit makes such a makes a randomly deter- determined unit was to a randomly determined
inspiring speech or remark depressing, demotivating mined unit so aggressive previously infected with unit have gone dead. If
and raises the units speech or remark that it that their Troop Quality is the Revenant virus and this is a night mission,
Morale by one die type. lowers the units Morale raised by one die type for chooses this moment to their Night Vision no
No effect if units Morale by one die type. No the duration of the game, transform into a ravening longer functions.
is already D12. The entire effect if units Morale is up to a maximum of D12. Romeo! Replace one figure
Living force also loses 1d3 already D6. The entire in the unit with a Romeo
levels of Combat Stress. Living force also gains a and immediately resolve
level of Combat Stress. close combat between it
and its former comrades.
Everready Friendly Thats My Thats My Did We
My Ass! Natives, Grandma! Grandma! Wander into
All the batteries belonging
to a randomly determined
Or . . . ? A randomly determined
Zombie unit has a
A randomly determined
Zombie unit has a
a Cemetery?
unit have gone dead. If A group of 1d6 Traumatic Zombie in its Traumatic Zombie in its A surprising number of
this is a night mission, Headhunters armed with midst. Anyone attacking midst. Anyone attacking Zombies appear out of
their Night Vision no Small Arms appears within the unit is subject to the the unit is subject to the nowhwere. The Zombie
longer functions. 6 of a randomly designated Traumatic Zombie rules. Traumatic Zombie rules. player can make an
unit. Roll 1d6. On an even extra reinforcement
roll, the Headhunters join roll on the next turn.
forces with players units
to defeat the Zombies. On
an Odd Roll they stand
back and watch. Re-roll
at the beginning of each
turn until the Headhunters
join up or the game ends.
Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk
of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate

Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk

of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate
Did We Lets Build Lets Build It Was a Dark It Was a Dark
Wander into a Fort! a Fort! & Stormy Night & Stormy Night
a Cemetery? The Living force finds a
barricaded building. They
The Living force finds a
barricaded building. They
Fog, heavy rain, snow,
dust - some vision blocking
Fog, heavy rain, snow,
dust - some vision blocking
A surprising number of can designate any building can designate any building weather has rolled in, weather has rolled in,
Zombies appear out of on the board as barricaded on the board as barricaded leaving the Living player leaving the Living player
nowhwere. The Zombie and accrue the advantages and accrue the advantages practically blind. Treat all practically blind. Treat all
player can make an of the Barricaded Building of the Barricaded Building Living units as if they were Living units as if they were
extra reinforcement rules without spending a rules without spending a Night Fighting, even those Night Fighting, even those
roll on the next turn. turn actually barricading it. turn actually barricading it. with Night Optics. Zombies, with Night Optics. Zombies,
of course, are unaffected. of course, are unaffected.
Was It Was It These What the . . . What the . . .
Something Something Worm-Bags Place a group of 1d6 Zulus
within 6 of a randomly
Place a group of 1d6 Zulus
within 6 of a randomly
We Said? We Said? Arent So Tough! determined Living unit determined Living unit
in a position where they in a position where they
Increase all Zombie units Increase all Zombie units Decrease all Zombie units
begin out of LOS from begin out of LOS from
Troop Quality by one die Troop Quality by one die Troop Quality by one die
the unit. As soon as that the unit. As soon as that
type (i.e., from D8 to type (i.e., from D8 to type (i.e., from D10 to
unit moves/fires, the unit moves/fires, the
D10), not to exceed D12. D10), not to exceed D12. D8), not to go below D6.
Zulus may Interrupt. Zulus may Interrupt.
Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk
of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate

Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk Quirk

of of of of of
Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate
The Odd Well, At Least Hell Hounds Hell Hounds Romeo, Oh,
Angry Shot It Makes a A pack of 1d6 Zombie
Dogs appear at a random
A pack of 1d6 Zombie
Dogs appear at a random
Rogue survivalists, militia-
men, or just bloodthirsty
Good Club Hot Spot. They are imme- Hot Spot. They are imme- 1d6 Romeos appear at a
random Hot Spot. They
diately in play. Needless diately in play. Needless
specialists intent on A randomly determined are immediately in play.
to say, they are hungry to say, they are hungry
revenge appear in area - support weapon in a
for living flesh . . . for living flesh . . .
and the boom of their big randomly determined unit
gun is definitely a welcome has suffered a failure that
sound. A two man sniper will require a gunsmith to
team can be placed repair. The gunner is now
anywhere on the board considered to be armed
over 12 from the nearest with standard Small Arms.
Living unit. It can move, but
can never come within 6 of
any other Living unit. Its
movement and fire is con-
trolled by the Living player.
Romeo, Oh, Is There Wrath of God Cold, Dead Dont Fear
Romeo Anybody Out The Living units recieve
word that the area theyre
Fingers the Reaper
1d6 Romeos appear at a
random Hot Spot. They
There? operating in is so seriously A random Living unit
finds a dead SpecOps
A randomly determined
Living unit is contacted
infected that it is about
are immediately in play. Survivors are barricaded team that they can search by the last survivor of a
to receive a massive
in a building within 6 of for supplies. They find a Reaper Team. The Reaper
airstrike. They now only
a randomly determined light support weapon and throws his weight behind
have two turns to complete
Living unit. The survivors enough RAV to last the the units mission in return
their mission and exit
begin yelling for help. duration of the game. for their help getting out of
the board. If they are
The house contains 1D6 the area. The Reaper has
not off the board in two
Survivors - each one the a Troop Quality and Morale
turns, they are all killed.
Living player escorts of D12 and is equipped
off the board at the end with Anti-Zombie Armor
of their mission are and Anti-Zombie Weapons.
worth 2 victory points. He also has all the RAV
the Living force needs for
the duration of the game.