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New Years Day Blessing for You and Our Planet

Posted by celeste on December 30, 2013 Leave a Comment

Donyvon, my hair stylist, raved about this movie, I Am, which I finally watched* over the Christmas
holidays. WOW! It is a beautiful documentary of the scientific proof of our interconnectedness with
everything and everyone on this planet. Much more important than the science however, at least to me,
was this movies ability to open your heart to how YOU can contribute to the betterment of our planet.
Your energy, your consciousness, your actions, make a difference, which is the very definition of being
a conscious evolutionary.
The most fascinating demonstration of this in the film was an experiment of electrodes placed in some
yogurt and attached to a meter that could read changes in the electromagnetic field in the yogurt. The
director of the movie, Tom Shadyac (director of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty), was encouraged to think
about people or situations that would elicit a strong emotional response. He was not hooked up to
anything, yet, his emotions registered as significant changes in the electrical field of the yogurt. This was
a powerful demonstration that we ripple energy and affect everything around us; everything reads our

So, with that in mind I am making a request of you for this New Years Day, January 1, 2014. Around
the world this day is traditionally focused on questions such as how can I be a better person, have a
better life, etc., creating a huge wave of collective desire (strong emotion!) for something new. Will you
join me, along with the 1200+ friends of Ken Graydon, and use this wave of collective emotion to
amplify a healing for ourselves, and therefore for our world?

The following blessing is from Ken Graydon, based on his work with the Organ Regeneration
Process which recognizes that you are a hologram for all. Feel the energy embedded in this, change the
words to fit your own spiritual understandings if you need to, and then read it aloud on Wednesday,
January 1.

I am in spirit; I and the Creator are one.

My healing blesses all of creation.
My intention with this healing is to offer regeneration to this whole body to bring it to the mental, spiritual,
emotional and physical standard that the Creator and I had planned for it to be at now.
I go to the high point of my soul where I may tap into the source of all healing, the place of
healing peace, the fountain of joy and the river of abundance. I am wrapped in a cloak of
power, which may only be used for good. My tongue is blessed that I may speak the words of
power, but only when used with love.

I make every effort to expand my consciousness, understanding and spiritual awareness to be

the best possible representative of the Creators teaching and healing intentions for people,
animals, environment and the planet.

I believe in this healing. I accept and allow all the blessings into my life. I am filled with
gratitude and peace.

And so it is.

May you experience a blessed, abundant, healthy and astonishingly connected love for our planet in 2014.

* I watched the movie on HuluPlus. I read that its also available on Netflix and you can rent it on

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