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(Indias Unique Workshop for COMPLETE Self-development Skills)

Workshop Package

1. Motivation

Exploding Mental blocks

To overcome Self-doubts
Goals / Targets

2. Attitudes, Actions & Accomplishments

Positive thinking
Possibility thinking
Executive thinking
Executive Action
Achievers Planner

3. Extraordinary Memory

Left & Right Brain Activation

Natural Memory
Creative memory
How to remember Names & faces
Permanent Memory

4. Effective Communication

Public Speaking (one-to-one & one-to-many)

Win-Win Communication skills
Speaking to subordinates / equals / higher-ups
Listening dynamics
Body language
Non-verbal skills
5. Concentration Techniques

Physical Techniques
Psychological Techniques
Soonya Meditation
Yoga Swasa
Work Effectiveness

6. Instant Activity Techniques

Instant energy
Alpha Breathing
Yogic Sleep
Instant Relaxation
Alertness / Sharpness
Tension release

7. Time Management

IST & Time cushioning

To avoid Postponement
Quit-Gate Model
Delegation of work
Daily work Diary

8. Crisis & Stress Management

Pressure Handling
Maintaining psychological balance
Self-control Dynamics
Flash for Crisis Management
Anxiety Handling

9. Team Building & Leadership

Team Managers
Leader vs. Boss
Inter-personal relationship
Living in Harmony
Win-win work culture

10. General Health

Health secrets
Abdominal breathing
Yogic breathing
Energy Secrets
Food Habits
Acupressure Techniques

11. Down-to-earth solutions to Day- to-Day Problems

Inferiority Complex Temptations
Superiority Complex Bad Habits
Jealousy Stage Fear
Professional Jealousy
Finding Fault
Anger Shift in communication
Stuttering Love & Harmony
Problems vs. Challenges
12. Living in Harmony
To instil a pleasant and positive attitude towards life; for harmonious interpersonal
relations at home and outside; to blossom into an enchanting personality.

13. Result Language & Patriotism

How to be a great Patriot

How to enjoy every minute of working
How to uplift the Organisation

Mode of Presentation

Simple but profound techniques

Powerful auto-commands
Specially designed exercises
Effective creative dynamics
Audio-visual aids
Invaluable course material


Achiever's Planner
(World's only Planner of its kind)

Meditation CD for peak concentration

Course materials

Workshop Pad


Workshop Schedule

Starts on : Tentatively November 2015

Duration : 5 consecutive Sundays

Timings : 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Facilitator : Dr. J.N. Reddy

(Director & Founder of MAX Academy)

Venue : MAX Training Centre A/c, Kodambakkam

Professional Charges: Rs. 9750/- per participant

(Inclusive of INTENSIVE training, materials,
lunch, morning & evening snacks)