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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Give traditional newspapers a chance Early gradua-
Abbe Murphy
Mark Zuckerberg claims that the notion to realize who has your best interest at tion gives op-
that his website connects consumers heart here.
with sites like the lover youre trying to
replace me with is a pretty crazy idea.
Is it because I dont always draw
you in? Fake news sites are constant-
Our country relies on news outlets like ly trying to lure you in, whispering
me to report accurately, and if you leave sweet nothings in the form of click-bait Kayla Lindberg
me in the dust, who knows what will headlines like Pope endorses Donald Social Media
happen? I may not give you what you Trump and Jay-Z, Beyonce buy the Editor
Dear media consumer, want but I give you what you deserve: rights to Confederate Flag. But Im tell- klin0701@csd99.
the truth. ing you, my honesty in our relationship org
I know that we have been going Is it because Im not always the best is better than her flashy headlines and
through a rough patch in our relation- at seeing both sides? I really do try to fake sources any day.
ship, and I just want to make amends. Deciding to graduate early was the
be unbaised, but Im far from perfect. Without your love and support, my
You think that I havent been the most best academic decision I have made
Im written by humans, for heavens future looks pretty bleak. With more
reliable partner but, news flash, Im during my high school career. Freshman
sake. If you are mad at me for not being and more people like you falling for fake
a heck of a lot better than your new year, the idea of early graduation was
perfect, just look at who youre trying to news , what lies ahead for traditional
sweetheart. Youre trying to leave me brought up to me by an upperclassman
replace me with. According to a Buzz- news is unclear. who was currently in the process. Soph-
for some sketchy click-bait news site feed article, the top 20 performing fake Off the record, you actually need me omore year, I decided to take action and
you found on Facebook just because election articles gained over a million more than I need you. Because yeah, talk to my counselor to set up the plan
she tells you what you want to hear. You more shares, comments and reactions Ive got more issues than the New York we would work through in my final two
may not always like what I have to say, than the top 20 performing legitimate Times and I dont always tell you what years of high school.
but I tell the truth, so please, Baby, dont The process was fairly easy, I had to
election articles. The point of reporting you want to hear, but our relationship is
let me go. think about the credits that were already
the news is to inform accuractley, so crucial for our country. Ditch that ugly
Times are changing, but that doesnt obtained and how many more were
there is no point if the news organiza- site you found on Facebook and stay
mean we have to. According to MSNBC, needed. I took an extra English class my
tion people trust are full of lies. I may with me.
62 percent of Americans claim they get junior year and only needed to take Con-
not be as popular as your two-faced sumer Education to have all my credits
their news from social media, where sweetheart, but I promise that Ill treat Sincerely, needed to graduate. There was an option
lousy news sites like your new honey you better than she ever will. You need The traditional newspaper to take the course online and graduate
are constantly trending. Facebook CEO
after junior year, but that seemed too
early for me. I was required to write a
letter to the assistant principal. She had
THE SECOND GLANCE to approve my outline of my plan for
after graduation and how it would be
by Ryan Pustelnik
beneficial to my future.
After this semester, I will attend
College of DuPage and take a few gen-
eral education courses so that when I
transfer to the University of Missouri, the
four-year university I will be attending
in the fall, I wont have to take them. This
is a benefit considering that CoD offers
the same but significantly less expensive
courses that I would be taking at a bigger
university. Many colleges allow students
to apply as freshmen even if they have
college credit rather than a transfer stu-
dent, as long as they did not exceed the
limit of credit hours. CoDs courses are
$135 per credit hour whereas University
of Missouri are $612.90 per credit hour
for non residents of Missouri.
Some students, may think graduat-
ing early isnt a good option because
they believe that they couldnt attend
prom or the graduation ceremony, but
graduating a semester early does not
pull me out of these activities. Although
missing second semester is sad, moving
on and furthering my education a se-
mester early is what is best for me.

Omega staff bids

farewell to Kayla
Kayla Lindberg, our social media
editor, is leaving our staff at the end of
first semester. Even though her time with
us was short, she will continue to help
out on staff whenever she can and plans
to go to The University of Missouri to
continue on the path of Journalism.

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