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Friday, October 5, 201513, 2013 Volume 46 Issue 2 DGNs Student Newspaper

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volunteering through DGN clubs and what it takes to hidden and unknown places at State.
Gives Back Day. get one started. of DGN

From Smashed
Summer sun streams through my windows
like light through a magnifying glass, and
I toss and kick down the sheets, writhing
like an ant doused in lighter fluid. I vomit
most mornings, but sometimes, I also spit
Alcohol, like all addictive drugs, up black specks that remind me of cof-
changes the chemistry in your brain fee grounds, and I dont know they are
in such a way that after one drink, symptomatic of stomach bleeding.
the brain wants another. (180) (305-306)

I know that as long as I keep

drinking, I will drive back everyone
who is good-natured. Only people
who are as drunk and damaged as
I am will stay. (330)

Author speaks to D99 schools about alcohol

Abbe Murphy | Editor-in-Chief got her stomach pumped at the age of 16. This memory Survey in 2014 (a self-report survey that gathers infor- that she hadnt thought about in years eventually be- mation on a wide variety of health and social topics) an

came a chapter in what is now her published memoir. average of 18% of students binge drink (consume five
uthor of New York Times best-selling We liked that she had a similar experience to our or more drinks in a row) like Zailckas did, which is close
memoir Smashed, Koren Zailckas, spoke to students, student assistance coordinator Keith Bullock to the state average of 18.25% and the Dupage county
DGN on Oct. 16 at this years Red Ribbon said. She had a suburban upbringing and she also pri- average of 17.5%*. Students who reported drinking in
Week assembly in the Clarence Johnson marily abused alcohol in high school and in college. It the last 30 days used alcohol more than any other sub-
auditorium. This double second period assembly was stance, with types of alcohol like beer (from bottles or
only one component in the schools broader drug and cans) and liquor (vodka, whiskey, etc.) reported as the
alcohol prevention program. I believe that, though she had most commonly used.
Zailckas book chronicles the events of her de-
cade-long struggle with alcohol, which began at age
the experience necessary to The IYS is a self-report survey that gathers informa-
tion on a wide variety of health and social topics that
14 and continued until 23. Almost 10 years after she present . . . she didnt have the schools distribute every two years. Although schools
began drinking, Zailckas decided tell her side of the are not required to administer the survey, some
binge-drinking phenomenon that is spreading amongst depth of hindsight and self-clar- schools, including DGN, give out the survey to be able
todays youth, especially young women. ity that was also needed. to receive school-specific results.
At 23, I was just beginning to quit drinking and be- One way that the district uses the IYS results is for
ginning to reflect on how my drinking had been really -Marion Deal (9) the most teens marketing campaign. According to the
an expression of my unhappiness and my lack of con- Student Assistance page on both schools websites, the
fidence, Zailckas said. I really published Smashed be- campaign emphasizes evidence that proves that most
cause I wanted to offer the younger womens perspec- students are not using substances, purposefully chal-
tive. The only people who were talking about why girls wasnt so much that her substance abuse progressed lenging the assumption that everyone is doing it and
like myself were drinking were [college professors] to something extreme like intravenous drug use, so we uses IYS results to support their claims.
who had been removed from the college drinking scene thought that her experience would resonate more with Numerous posters and infographics throughout
for quite a while. our students if they themselves have experimented the school and online present IYS statistics using a so-
Recently out of college, sober, and living in Manhat- [with alcohol] or have a friend or a parent who strug- cial norms approach. According to the National Social
tan, Zailckas couldnt shake one specific drunken mem- gles with alcoholism. Norms Institute, this approach utilizes data to combat
ory from her mind of a time when she almost died and According to DGNs results from the Illinois Youth misperceptions regarding how many people are
2 News
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Grant wins Biology Color and compassion
Teacher of the Year Students volunteer on the first ever DGN Gives Back Day
Abbe Murphy | Editor-in-Chief Julia Zita | News Editor
Biology teacher Jeff Grant was rec-
ognized earlier last month as the Chi- Over 75 students from different clubs,
cago Drug and Chemical Associations organizations and teams got together on
Top Biology Teacher of the Year. Saturday, Oct. 10 to help various orga-
Grant will be honored with a $1000 nizations in the community, for the first
honorarium at the associations lun- ever DGN Gives Back Day.
cheon on Nov. 5.
Six groups participated: the girls soc-
Throughout Grants 13 years of
cer team painted apartments for Dupage
teaching at DGN, he has piloted nu-
merous science-related programs, Pads, the Women in STEM cleaned book-
such as independent research oppor- shelves at the Downers Grove public li-
tunities for students with the Morton brary, Direct Action played board games
Arboretum and clean-up days at the with patients at Providence Healthcare


Belmont Prairie. and Rehabilitation Center, DECA orga-
He incorporates lots of extra things nized donations at Sharing Connections,
to the lessons like Micro Monday and ELITE passed out fliers for the upcom-
Science Friday, senior Maci Schaub
ing 5k/10k sponsored by Family Shelter
said. Besides the things he does to
Services, and Spanish IV painted panels
make it fun, he knows a lot about bi-
ology and can answers your questions at Good Samaritan Hospital.
with specifics and makes sure you un- Special services teacher Megan Hur-
derstand the material. ley and career and technical education
Grant is currently utilizing a Na- department chairperson Mark Mirando- PAINTING PUZZLES: Christian Clements (11), Justin Weisner (12) and Veronica Lee (12) design panels.
tional Science Foundation grant to la came up with the idea for students to
create a research prairie on Downers
away from the remodeling and serve as show their appreciation for how the
volunteer from the national Make a Dif-
Grove Park District land. This prairie something cheerful for patients to look community has benefited them.
ference Day organization.
will allow students to observe how at to hopefully help brighten their day. I feel it was important because
Hurley, Mirandola and Jill Browning,
different environmental conditions af- [My group] painted a pond scene Downers Grove has done so much
District 99s director of communica-
fect natural prairies and is a just one with water, lily pads, and water lilies. We for me. Its my home and and I feel as
example of Grants out-of-classroom tions, spread the word saying DGN stu- didnt want to do anything too detailed though DGN gives back was a great op-
Science initiates. dents were looking to complete volun- and we found that picture [online] so portunity to help my community on a
Mr. Grant contributes a great deal teer projects in the area. we decided to try it. We also thought the more personal level, Stagaman said.
to the science department, science With the help of Spanish teacher hospital patients might like it because it Some members of the community ex-
department chair Michael Heinz said. Joshua Bodenheimer, Spanish students
He is constantly seeking ways to bring
was a calm water scene, student junior pressed their appreciation by sending
painted panels that will be displayed in
real world experiences in science into Abigail Testin said. handwritten notes to the class.
the cancer wing of the hospital as it un-
the classroom for students. In addi- The goal of the project was to have As a person who goes to Good Samar-
dergoes construction.
tion to this, he continuously helps all the juniors and seniors in Spanish IV itan Hospital several times per week, I
It added a lot of color and creativity
teachers work to develop new topics was so surprised and pleased to see the
and new methods of inquiry into their to the building. Weve already gotten a lovely painted art on the entry boards to
science classrooms. positive comment from a patient at Good I was so suprised and the hospital, Downers Grove resident
Sams that the paintings brightened her
pleased to see the lovely Pat Russell said. You really brightened
PE course ideas cater day. Its just really nice to know that
painted art on the entry things up in that area. Thanks so much!
the paintings mean something to the It was great of you all for making it look
to students interests patients there, student junior Sharon boards to the hospital. nicer. I appreciate it.
Stagaman said
Emily Zimel | Staff Writer The hospital provided the paint and -Pat Russell Participating in DGN Gives Back Day, is an opportunity that students and stff
the students were responsible for bring- will have in coming years.
Three new PE classes are current- ing their own brushes and creative ideas The students and teachers who par-
ly being created for the 2017-2018 for the panels. take part in an activity that would not ticipated in this first year were truly
school year, they are: kickboxing, food The panels are designed to add color only benefit the community but also amazing, Hurley said.
and fitness and personal training and to the surrounding area, take attention
certification. DGN PE department
chairperson Courtney White and DGS
PE department chairperson Scott
Furthering prevention
IYS results contribute to substance abuse education
Lange are working together to create
the new curriculums for both schools.
The changes will be presented to dis-
trict administration in Sept. 2016.
The application will include the (Story continued from front page) about his experience with hard drugs. of hindsight and self-clarity that was
curriculum, similarities and differenc- This year, Zailckas had a more intimate also needed, Deal said.
es to other classes, how the growth actually using substances. presentation in the auditorium, rather Moving forward, Bullock is looking for
of students will be recorded and how Operation Snowball, a leadership pro- than the main gym like Herren. other effective ways of sharing the IYS
the success of the curriculum will be gram that focuses on drug and alcohol My overall reaction to Korens pre- information to serve the overall purpose
tracked. prevention, shares values with DGNs
The purpose of the new classes is to sentation was that she seemed very re- of helping teens make their own healthy
most teens campaign. The 2015 fall latable. Her story seemed very practical choices.
provide more options for students to
Snowball directors helped out with Zail- and wasnt very extreme, Snowball di- *IYS averages were calculated using
find a class that best suits their inter-
ests, prepare them for the future and
ckas presentation by introducing her rector senior Ben Goodell said. In the a holistic approach, giving each percent
allows them to serve as a wealth of in- and facilitating a short question and an- past, weve had speakers with pretty the same weight in the average. DGN
formation to others. swer session after her presentation. amazing stories. These stories were ef- numbers were comprised of all grade lev-
For the past six years, PE teacher The name Operation Snowball comes fective, but it is also good to look at the els, while county and state numbers were
Ted Glazier has taught a kickboxing from the idea of a snowball effect; as one issue from another point of view. I felt based solely on 10 and 12 grade averages,
class every Friday morning before person adopts a certain lifestyle, it leads like the story she shared could easily due to the fact that those two grades were
school, this class will serve as the ba- to more people adopting that same life-
sis for one of the new courses being happen to many people. required by the survey provider.
style, Snowball director senior Maria According to book club member fresh-
Derrig said. The different parts of RRW man Marion Deal, who read Smashed,
Career and technical education Corrections:
teacher Katelyn Kordecki and PE
do just that. Everything students see Zailckas presentation lacked depth,
teacher Christina Krein came up with around school that tie into most teens which may have led to some students In the Sept. 30 issue, the statistics box included
or PBIS lessons is to promote healthy a mixture of swim times that included yards and
the idea for a food and fitness class to negative reaction to the presentation. meters. Weve recalculated the times using only
prepare students for a college environ- lifestyles. She brushed off some hideous events meters for the 200-meter freestyle event.
ment or their future. Throughout the years that DGN has with an almost cavalier attitude, and Lindsay Mathys current time: 2:04:65
I believe that when kids come here held events for Red Ribbon Week, nu- seemed to be lacking a comprehension Olympic trial cut: 2:02:39
they come with an empty tool box. My merous speakers have come in to talk to Olympian best times:
job is to fill it up so when they go to of just how impactful her experiences
students about their experiences with Missy Franklin: 1:54.81
college they will know all the import- were. I believe that, though she had the Katie Ledecky: 1:55.16
substance abuse. In 2013, former NBA experience necessary to present at Red Michael Phelps: 1:42:96
ant things, Krein said.
player Chris Herren spoke to the school Ribbon Week, she didnt have the depth