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FOOD FIGHT! What Salem-area men and women think about plant-based diets. A plant-based diet includes plant foods in their whole, unprocessed form, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and small amounts of healthy fats. It limits animal products as well as processed foods or sweets. Say they would miss meat too much. Unappetizing sounding. Awareness of what the term “plant-based diet” means. Willing to try the diet. 25%, Say that not everyone in (1) their family would eat it erumcty 1 Yo 18-34 7 0 1 6% cHgang Laie) eZ 9% | AO ett = (EZA17% @©@@0@0@ 222% wens WIA 34% @e@ 8 it 2% GENERAL HEALTH ‘Typical Energy Level (3.5) | Typical Eating Habits (3.5) 889 ‘Overall Health (3.7) KRRBREY of respondents were White 8% KalseR PERMANENTE.