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FRCEM SAQ intermediate

Dr. Akshay Bhargav
Twitter handle: @emblitzkrieg
The following slides have been prepared using content from various sources on the internet and compiled for
the sole purpose of exam revision relevant to emergency medicine. The author recommends their verification
from standard textbooks if the reader has any doubt whatsoever. Also note that the list is not exhaustive.
Wells for DVT
Modified wells for PE
Rosier score for stroke
ABCD2 score for TIA
Risk of stroke in AF patients
Risk Category

In patients with a CHADS2

score of 0 to 1 aspirin is
acceptable therapy. With a
CHADS2 score of 2 or more,
oral anticoagulation with
warfarin or dabigatran is
HASBLED score for risk stratification of
bleeding in Afib patients
Bleeding risk with HASBLED
Sore throat: Assessing risk of Centors
criteria for GAbHS Pharyngitis
Westley Croup Score

0-2 mild
3-7 moderate
>=8 Severe
CURB 65 for pneumonia
Score >= 3 severe disease
Le Fort type 1
horizontal maxillary fracture, separating the teeth from the upper face
fracture line passes through the alveolar ridge, lateral nose and inferior wall of maxillary
Le Fort type 2
pyramidal fracture, with the teeth at the pyramid base, and nasofrontal suture at its apex
fracture arch passes through posterior alveolar ridge, lateral walls of maxillary sinuses,
inferior orbital rim and nasal bones
Le Fort type 3
craniofacial dysjunction
fracture line passes through nasofrontal suture, maxillo-frontal suture, orbital wall, and
zygomatic arch / zygomaticofrontal suture

Le Fort 1 is a floating palate

Le Fort 2 is a floating maxilla
Le Fort 3 is a floating face
Truelove and witts classification for Ulcerative colitis

Feature Mild Severe Fulminant

Stools/day <4 +/- bloody >6 + bloody >10 + bloody
Pulse Normal >90bpm >90bpm
Temperature Normal >37.5 >37.5
Hemoglobin Normal Anemia (<75% of Transfusion required
ESR <30 >30 >30
X-Ray Normal Colonic air, bowel Colonic dilatation
thumbprinting sign
Clinical signs and No signs of toxicity Abdominal pain, Abdominal
rectal bleed Increasing signs of distension, severely
toxicity. Severe toxic. Continuous
rectal bleed rectal bleed
Albumin Normal <3 <3
Based on Mechanism of Injury

Anterioposterior compression (APC)

APC I diastasis of symphysis <2.5cm

diastasis of symphysis >2.5cm, diastasis in

APC II the anterior part of the SI joint, while
posterior SI ligaments are intact

diastasis of symphysis >2.5cm, disruption

APC III of both anterior and posterior SI
ligaments with dislocation in SI joint

Lateral compression (LC)

oblique fracture of pubic rami and anterior

LC I compression fracture of sacral ala on
ipsilateral side
fracture of pubic rami and posterior
LC II fracture of ipsilateral iliac bone with

ipsilateral lateral compression (LC) and

LC III contralateral anterioposterior
compression (APC)

Vertical shear (VS)

VS fracture by superior and posterior force

NATO phonetic alphabets
5% 75% 10% 10% rare
RED Flags of Back pain