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Keep this reference card handy and refer to or your Operation
and Maintenance Manual for additional information. Your Operation and
Maintenance Manual information is considered correct if there is a discrepancy.

Standards and Maintenance Intervals


Oil (New standard) API CJ-4 (ECF-3) New Maintenance Products for 2007 Cat Engines and Beyond
Oil Change Interval (Same as 2004) Base 30,000 Miles
Oil Filter Change Interval (Same as 2004) Base 30,000 Miles
Fuel Filter Change Interval (Same as 2004) Base 30,000 Miles
Cat Preventive Maintenance Products

CV Filter Change Interval 90,000 Miles
Coolant Change Interval (Same as 2004) Base 300,000 Miles/6 years
DPF Cleaning Interval
CRS Nozzle Cleaner
Minimum 150,000 Miles
Every 50,000 Miles or 2nd Oil Change
Cat Filter Recommendations Part Number Stick with genuine Cat maintenance Perform at required specifications
products and you never have to wonder or beyond to deliver maximum
C7 (C7S)
if your Cat engine is getting everything performance, even under harsh
Engine Oil, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R1807 it needs to deliver long life and operating conditions
Fuel Secondary, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R0751 top performance.
Available worldwide, genuine Cat oils,
Fuel Water Separator, Spin-On 175-2949
When you use the Cat products fluids, filters and batteries make it
C9 (C9S) recommended for your engine, you can easy to take care of your new Cat
Engine Oil, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R1808 be sure that all your fluids and filters: engines so you can focus on getting
Fuel Secondary, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R0751 loads down the road.
Meet strict quality-control standards to
Fuel Water Separator, Spin-On 175-2949 precisely fit your Cat engine
C13 (LEE)
Engine Oil, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On
Engine Oil, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On (two filter design) 249-2347
Fuel Secondary, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R0749
Fuel Water Separator, Spin-On 256-8753
Crankcase Filter (CV) 296-8325
C15 (SDP)
Engine Oil, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R1808
Fuel Secondary, Advanced High-Efficiency, Spin-On 1R0749
Fuel Water Separator, Spin-On 256-8753
Crankcase Filter (CV) 296-8325

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Hit the highway with a new Cat engine, and you can be While todays Cat engines are highly How can you tell if youre using the right
sure youre meeting todays emissions regulations. Cat advanced, their service needs are fluids, filters and other maintenance
C13 and C15 Engines with ACERTTM Technology are built surprisingly straightforward. In fact, products? Caterpillar makes it easy.
to meet the toughest EPA standards for 2007 and Cat engines with ACERT Technology
beyond, while delivering outstanding performance, require essentially the same maintenance Use the Cat maintenance products
excellent fuel economy and long service life. intervals as previous models in the C13 recommended for your engine and you
and C15 class. can take to the road with confidence.
More than simply an emissions solution, ACERT All of these products have been carefully
Technology enhances overall engine performance. And The only considerations that have engineered to help your engine deliver
its so advanced, you wont even know its there. changed are the types of fluids maximum performance and the longest
and filters required for the new possible service life. Thats why it pays
ACERT Technology takes advantage of breakthroughs in
engines. Tighter tolerances and higher to keep it Cat.
fuel delivery and combustion timing, plus refinements in
pressures demand filters and fluids
air management, turbocharging and aftertreatment. All
with new specifications that ensure
the technology is completely integrated into the engine
adequate protection.
platform, so your engine looks and works pretty much
like it always has.
Your new Cat engine was specifically designed and built
to take care of emissions compliance for you, so you can
concentrate on putting more miles under your wheels.

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Cat DEO-ULSTM engine oil provides superior protection and life
Cat Crankcase Ventilation (CV) filters are for new Cat engines. It is strongly recommended for all 2007
an essential part of the emissions reduction on-highway engines equipped with aftertreatment systems using
strategy used on Cat C13 and C15 On-Highway 15-ppm sulfur fuel. It is also recommended for all previous
Engines, and they are required to meet 2007 EPA models of Cat Diesel Engines.
Emission Standards.
Convenient Replacement Interval Cat DEO-ULS Engine Oil exceeds the performance requirements
In most cases, you replace the Cat CV Filter every 90,000 miles. of Caterpillar ECF-3 (Engine Crankcase Fluid Specification)
Benefits: and API CJ-4.
Easy maintenance Housing end caps, o-ring seals and media are Benefits:
incorporated into a single, easy-to-maintain unit. Keeps engines clean Better detergents protect against piston
Outstanding performance Ultra-high efficiency media element and ring groove deposits.
removes vaporized oil droplets and particulate matter from the Comprehensive protection Advanced additive package
crankcase blow-by stream, trapping very fine particulate matter improves protection of the engine and the Diesel
and contaminants. Particulate Filter (DPF).
Easy filter changes without the need for special tools. More consistent viscosity Enhanced
dispersants provide better soot-related
viscosity control, prevent viscosity
CRS NOZZLE CLEANING FLUID loss from shearing and reduce
Cat Regeneration System Nozzle Cleaner for new Cat On- oil consumption.
Highway Truck Engines comes packaged in a convenient Wider temperature range Improved
dispenser for easy no mess, no waste use. protection from thermal and oxidative
breakdown helps the oil withstand
Benefits: higher sump temperatures while offering
Maintains peak performance Helps extend life low-temperature pumpability.
and reduce maintenance costs for Cat
Regeneration Systems.
No spills Convenient dispenser filled with
pre-measured cleaner makes injection into CRS
nozzle port fast and simple.
Works fast Cleans the entire regeneration system
within 10 minutes.

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Cat Fluids Recommendations Part Number

1 Gallon (3.785 Liters) 291-3866
5 Gallon (19 Liters) 291-3868
55 Gallon (208 Liters) 291-3869
Cat Regeneration System Nozzle Cleaner (CRS) 308-1504
1 Gallon 301-2232
5 Gallon 287-1531
55 Gallon 287-1532

Cat Battery Recommendations

Cat Racing Batteries Highest CCAs In The Industry Maintenance Free
PROVEN PRODUCTS FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Deep-cycle and starting battery for sleepers, reefers,
transit buses, RVs and school buses. Applications
with extensive key-off usage of in-cab accessories or inverters. 175-4360

Starting and deep-cycle battery for applications that include

long hauls and local runs. Industrys highest-CCA dual-purpose
CAT PHO BATTERIES CAT ATF-HD AUTOMATIC CAT EXTENDED LIFE CAT ADVANCED CAT ADVANCED truck battery. Excellent for 4-battery applications. 175-4370

Cat Premium High Output (PHO) batteries Cat 175-4370 Starting/Cycling Battery
are designed for long-life, durability and holds the industrys highest rating for a Cat ATF-HD is a new Cat ELC protects cooling systems and
OIL FILTERS High-quality Cat fuel filters are applications where starts are infrequent and battery cycling is limited. 175-4390
maintenance-free performance in the dual purpose. With its unique design this fluid for automatic engines three times as long as traditional New high-efficiency oil designed for the higher injection Cat 4D and 8D Batteries Maintenance Free Exclusive Flat Tops
toughest applications and most battery features 825 CCAs and is transmissions, tested coolants, without the hassle of using filters deliver increased pressures and closer tolerances
extreme climates. recommended for most day-cab Bus/RV/Concrete Mixers. 153-5700
and approved for additives every 15,000 miles. contamination-control of the latest on-highway
applications while providing use with Cat CX28, engines, and they are Bus/RV/Concrete Mixers. Industrys Highest-CCA 4D Battery. CCA Rating 1,400. 153-5710
Cat 175-4390 Starting This advanced coolant performance, providing for a
additional protection against CX31 and CX35 much cleaner-running engine manufactured to meet Bus/RV/Concrete Mixers. Industrys Highest-CCA 8D Battery. CCA Rating 1,500. 153-5720
Battery features 1000 Cold light-duty cycling/key-off helps end the problems of
Cranking Amps (CCA)one transmissions. It lubrication system. Caterpillars most
accessory usage. It is an provides exceptional additive dropout, gel demanding specifications.
of the industrys highest excellent battery for formation and radiator Cat Advanced High-Efficiency Filters
ratings for a starting battery. stability and protection and,
applications that include long in some cases, can extend drain intervals. clogging, while saving you contain a superior high-efficiency filter Cat Advanced High-Efficiency
This battery is designed for hauls and two-, three- or- four more than 50% on media to trap dirt more quickly, while Fuel Filters provide the highest
over-the-road applications where battery systems. This synthetic fluid is recommended for Supplemental Coolant maintaining excellent dirt-holding level of protection for your engines fuel
daily starts are infrequent and battery over-the-road automatic transmission Additives (SCAs). Just add capacity. They offer better filtration system. Designed especially for EUI fuel
cycling/key-off accessory use is limited. Cat 175-4360 Starting/Cycling Battery is applications requiring the Caterpillar AT-1 Cat Extender once at 300,000 miles to efficiency than standard oil filters as well systems, these filters use a super-fine
In cold climates, it is ideal for day cabs the industrys highest-CCA deep-cycle specification. Available in 55-gallon ensure that Cat ELC performs to its as improved engine cleanliness and cellulose/synthetic blend media for
with two-, three- or four- battery systems. truck battery with 710 CCAs. This premium drums, 5-gallon pails and 1-gallon jugs. maximum life. component lifewithout the shorter maximum filtration efficiency.
deep-cycle battery can be used to change intervals often required by other
convert from a 3+1 to a 4+0 (2840 CCA) brands higher-efficiency filters. R

system, which will provide longer battery

life in applications with long periods of R

idling and extensive key-off usage of

in-cab accessories or inverters.

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CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos and "Caterpillar Yellow," as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used
without permission.

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