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Goose Creek Friends

Newsletter February 2017

Goose Creek Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Lincoln, Virginia

Queries for Second Month:

Home and Family
In what ways do you make your home a place of
affection where Gods presence is felt?
Do you allow time for family worship and spiritual
exploration, taking care to include both the very young
and very old?
How do you take care that commitments outside the
home do not encroach upon the time and loving attention
the family needs for its health and well-being?
How does the Meeting support families of all kinds in
their attempts to improve communication, family life,
and the rearing of children in an atmosphere of love?
Friends meet with Delegate Dave LaRock's Legislative Assistant,
Can you keep a sense of humor and avoid taking Daniel Davies on Wednesday, January 25th, Virginia Interfaith
yourself too seriously? Center for Public Policy Lobby Day in Richmond

Monthly Meeting for Worship This will be a fundraiser to benefit local county school
with a Concern for Business, systems, helping to finance their student field trips.

Second Month: Meeting approved with thanks the 2016 report of the Goose
Creek Meeting Trustees, who act as stewards safeguarding
The Clerk presented a letter from our visitor Jim and investing the capital funds of the Meeting.
Sanders, who spoke in both the letter and after Meeting
for Worship about his delight at finding, while driving The Archive Committee brought suggestions for several
through Lincoln one day, that our doors were not locked. improvements to the Meeting House, including greater
She read a letter from Kent Brewer of South Mountain security for the contents of the office, an appraisal of
Friends Fellowship expressing his gratitude for being part certain objects owned by Meeting, and having the Meeting
of Quakerism, and for the supportiveness of Patapsco House wired for WiFi. Friends also considered acquiring
and Goose Creek Friends Meetings. Patricia Barber, a fireproof safe for our most precious documents. The
who works with Patapsco Friends in sustaining South Archive and Property Committees will work together
Mountain Friends at the Maryland Correctional Center in on these issues and return to Meeting with concrete
Hagerstown, MD, offered more details and will convey suggestions and proposals.
our warm greetings to Kent. Friends discussed holding a threshing session on how we
Friends approved requests from the Lincoln Community can be active in the world while maintaining our spiritual
League for use of the Meeting House or grounds on a center. It was agreed that we would hold off on scheduling
number of dates in 2017. a date, waiting for our focus to clear in the wake of recent
political events.
Friends approved three sessions on yoga and meditation to
be offered by Liz Huntington at the Meeting House. A soup lunch was approved for March.

Meeting approved the use of the Meeting House on August Friends approved holding a second session on What Do I
6 by the Mosby Heritage Area Association for a talk about Believe? at the rise of Meeting on April 23.
Northern Virginia Quakers and the Underground Railroad. Friends approved adding a Donate button to our website.
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Scholarship Grants
Applications are due March 4, 2017.
Essay Writing will be held on
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 9:30 am
at the Goose Creek Meeting House
Lincoln, Virginia
RSVP by email before March 4 to let us know that you
will be coming to the essay writing that day. The essay
writing is a required part of the application process for
both the Pancoast Shepherd and the Goose Creek Friends
Scholarships. If you cannot attend the March 4 writing
session, please let the committee know before March 4 so
that we can schedule a remote essay writing for you. Save the dates: First Day events
Applications are due by March 4, 2017. If you cannot send in February and March
us your application before March 4, bring it along with February 12 S.P.I.C.E.S. Peace Troup debut!
you. A copy of your most recent official school transcript
must accompany your application. February 19 Discussion about the spiritual state
of our Meeting during the past year, in preparation
If you wish to have an application sent to you for our annual report to BYM
electronically, please send your request to goose.creek. The application form will also March 12 Soup and bread lunch after Meeting
be posted on the Goose Creek Friends Meeting website. for Worship
Send your completed application (with transcript) to March 19 Right Relationship with Animals,
Goose Creek Friends Scholarships, PO Box 105, Lincoln, presented by Margaret Fisher of Herndon Meeting
VA 20160.
Grants for education beyond high school will be awarded
for the academic year 2017-2018. There are two separate Meditation at Goose Creek
kinds of scholarship available: March 26, April 2, and April 9
Jane Pancoast Shepherd Scholarship Fund Janes wish Three consecutive Sunday afternoons, 3:30-5:00 pm,
was that students from Loudoun County be provided with there will be free meditation clinics offered at the Meeting
assistance in their education. Any accredited college or House for members of the Meeting as well as anyone else
graduate program qualifies as well as Janes alma mater, who wants to attend. Each session focuses on developing
George School. or deepening a personal meditation practice. Topics will
Goose Creek Friends Scholarship Fund The Goose include breath-centered movement, managing stress,
Creek Scholarship Fund combined several historical funds preparation for meditation and prayer, meditation, and
to award grants to students from Goose Creek Meeting Quaker Practice. If you cant join all three, come to
and the greater Lincoln community seeking education whichever ones fit your schedule.
after high school. Whether you are a long-time practitioner or simply
curious, the benefits of meditation are fundamental,
wholesome, and profound. The basics of a personal
meditation practice are compatible with any faith practice
or belief system. Whatever it is that a person seeks in
order to become more whole, meditation can aid the
Registration is required. For more information call me at
304-229-8603 or email
Liz Huntington
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Last month, in the wake of Wanda Woolseys death, we

printed her poem Peace and Beauty. Her daughter, Deirdre,
Quaker News
also shared with us Wandas lovely Prayer Flags: February 17-19: 40th Annual Washington Friends
Conference on Religion and Psychology, Claggett
Prayer Flags Center (Adamstown, MD). The plenary speaker for
by Wanda Woolsey this year is Jungian Analyst Melanie Starr Costello,
who presents the topic of Decline and Ascent: The
I laid my hand The heart must needs Paradoxical Passage of
Upon Follow
March 4-5: Junior Young Friends Conference,
A square of colored cotton The eye,
Langley Hill Friends Meeting (McLean, VA) Please
cloth, For it is arrive at 10am with sleeping bag, pad, pillow, change
Infused, There, of clothes and toiletries. The deadline to register and
I hoped, Linked together be guaranteed a slot is one week before the conference
The whole of it And reaching upward (February 24). Anyone registering after that date will
be placed on a waiting list and may not be able to
With Toward the heavens attend. For more information, contact Jocelyn Dowling,
A dream They Youth Programs Manager. To register, go to the JYF
At once powerful and pure. Receive the sun, Registration page on the Yearly Meeting website.
Accept the rain, Baltimore Yearly Meetings Third Month
I embellished the perimeter Stiffen with frost. Interim Meeting: Richmond Friends Meeting,
With March 18, 2017
A continuous stream Even now March 19: Intervisitation Travelers Gathering
Of As the fabric fades, at Richmond Friends Meeting The Intervisitation
Written Symbols As the edges fray, Working Group invites you to join us. Our goal is to
Designed both And as the inked facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation
among Yearly Meetings, as well as local Meetings.
To encompass supplications smear,
Come join us in practicing being a friendly ambassador
And It is there that under the care of BYM. We hope by sharing worship
To direct God's breath and fellowship with other Friends, we can develop
The dream. Falls upon them, a wider perspective and respect for one another. If
you have interest in learning about how other Friends
Moves them,
worship and embrace Quakerism, this Working Group
My small square Stirring the corners, could be a good fit for you. If you are interested but
Of colored cotton cloth, Billowing the whole, can't travel, you are still very welcome. Please join us
And others And turning the to learn more at our Traveler's Gathering on March 19
Of the same size, impermanence at Richmond (VA) Friends Meeting.
Were strung Of these individual March 31-April 2: Young Friends Conference at
Together Testaments of faith, Fox Haven Retreat Center (Frederick, MD) Young
And lifted up Into one prayer Friends should plan to begin arriving at 7:00 pm on
Friday. For information, check the Young Friends
To hang With many website (
So that the eye Multicolored parts. we_do/yfs/yfcon.html) or contact Jocelyn Dowling
Is drawn (301-774-7663). Please remember that the deadline to
Upward register and be guaranteed a slot is two weeks before
the conference (March 17). Anyone registering after
To where the colors
that date will be placed on a waiting list and may not
Are set apart be able to attend.
Against the sky
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Sundays Facing Bench

Meeting for worship at 9:45 a.m. FEBRUARY
First Day School at 10:00 a.m. Peggy King
Fellowship at 10:45 a.m. MARCH
Sheila Kryston
February First Day
2.12 Sunday 11 am S.P.I.C.E.S. Peace Troupe practice debut School
2.19 Sunday 11 am Discussion about the spiritual state of our 02/05/17
Meeting during the past year, in preparation Start With Hello
for our report to BYM
2.26 Sunday 11 am Ministry & Oversight Committee meeting 02/12/17
S.P.I.C.E.S. Peace Troupe
3.05 Sunday 11 am Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business Getting-to-know-
3.12 Sunday 11 am Soup and bread lunch our-committees:
3.19 Sunday 11 am Margaret Fisher: Right Relationship with Animals Unity with Nature
3.26 Sunday 11 am Ministry & Oversight Committee Meeting
First Day School, February 2017 committees: Finance
02/05/17 Start With Hello! In addition to practicing the S.P.I.C.E.S. song,
students will have an opportunity make Valentine cards for friends and
others in the community. This will be a way to celebrate Sandy Hook
Promise's Start With Hello Week (
02/12/17 Lights, Camera, Action! Students will have a chance to rehearse the NEWSLETTER
grand entrance to the S.P.I.C.E.S. Traveling Peace Troupe's very first The Goose Creek Friends Newsletter
is published monthly by the
practice performance for Friends at the rise of Meeting! Goose Creek Friends Meeting,
02/19/17 Unity With Nature. This lesson kicks off a series of Getting-to-know 18204 Lincoln Road, P.O. Box 105,
our-committees presentations that will be offered throughout the year. Lincoln, VA 20160.
This week, the clerk of Unity with Nature will lead a Q & A CLERK
discussion with the students the committee's role in the Meeting and Debbi Sudduth, 540.338.3363
wider community.
02/26/17 Why Does Meeting have a Finance Committee? This is the Patricia Barber, 301.432.5706
second in a series of Getting-to-know-our-committees presentations.
The clerk of Finance Committee will demystify its role in the Meeting TREASURER
and community. Annie Carlson
Teen Discussion Group NEWSLETTER EDITOR
Catherine Cox, 301.834.6892
If three or more teens (ages 13-17) are present, they are welcome to head over to
Allen's shop next door for a youth-led discussion group. Students and FAPs are WEBSITE & FACEBOOK
encouraged to make sure the conversation stays related to Quakerism.
Art thou in darkness? mind it not, for if thou do it will fill thee 540.751.0323
more, but stand still and act not, and wait in patience till light DONATIONS
arise out of darkness to lead thee. James Naylor, 1659 Please direct donations for
Goose Creek Friends Meeting to
Annie Carlson, P.O. Box 105
Lincoln, Virginia 20160