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(E4) UNIT C5: Activity 1 (Individual)

Listen to the audio and complete the dialogue with the missing information.
To form present perfect, we use
have or has and the past
participle of a verb. The past
participle of regular verbs is the
same as the simple past form.
Here are some time Here are some time
expressions we use the expressions we use the
present perfect. simple past

Present Perfect Simple Past

For a few hours Two hours ago

Since last year Last year
This afternoon Yesterday afternoon
This summer Last summer
be was / were been Ser o estar
Come Came Come Venir
Do Did Done Hacer
Eat Ate Eaten Comer
Go Went Gone Ir
Have Had Had Tener
Know Knew Known Conocer
Make Made Made Hacer
Say Said Said Decir
Send Sent Sent Enviar
Teach Taught Taught Ensear
Tell Told Told Decir
think thought Thought Pensar
play played played jugar
love loved loved amar
watch watched watch ver
visit visited visited visitar
finish finished finished terminar
start started started comenzar
cook cooked cooked cocinar
dance danced danced bailar
live lived lived vivir
listen listened listened escuchar
travel traveled traveled viajar
wash washed washed Lavar
walk walked walked Caminar
Activity 3

Live / abroad

Have you ever lived abroad?

Have you ever studied a
musical instrument?

S + have + past participle + C


Pedro has studied English for six months.

S past C

Pedro has studied English for six months.

Has Pedro studied English for six months?


Pedro has studied English for six months.

Pedro hasnt studied English for six

(E4) UNIT C5: Activity 6 (Groups of 2)

Individual: Look at the pictures. Choose one. Imagine that persons life.
Write 5 sentences about him or her. Use this language: