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The frog sounds Micro telegraph transceiver kit manual

A brief introduction
This is a very small volume of a simple 40 meter band micro-power amplitude telegraph
transceiver, 9V square battery or external 9-12V DC power supply. Spread good time, and the
nearby provinces hundreds of kilometers amateur radio communications. This machine was first
introduced by domestic radio enthusiasts, but also it played a nice name "frogs". The frogs calling
Kit 3.1 public version based, combined with the actual usage Fixed several key issues, after
several debugging before the formation of the current version.

Key Indicators
Power supply: 9V-12V (Recommended 12V linear regulated power supply)
Antenna: 50 ohm, unbalanced
Transmission power: 2W (9V Power), 3W (12 power)
Frequency: transmitter local oscillator frequency: 7023KHz; receive local oscillator frequency:
about 7023-7026KHz
Operating mode: CW

Circuit schematic
See last page of this document accompanying drawings, the receiving part of the core is an NE602,
including its internal oscillation circuit and a balanced mixer the antenna signal coming into the
mixer after a crystal filter and attenuation potentiometer, The oscillation circuit in the reception
frequency oscillation, the two signals after the mixer, directly at the SSB / CW signal is converted
to an audio output audio NE602 gave LM386 zoom back, thus completing the whole process. By
direct mixing the RF signal into audio receiver is called the "DC receiver, the DC mean direct
LM386 amplifies the output speech signal, by the 2N7000 FET constituting the mute circuit is
used to turn off the receiver in the time when transmitting, at the same time the 74HC00 which the
audio oscillator generating sidetone, to make with headset Follow produce drops pattered keying
the audio .
Emitting portion using NE602 oscillation circuit, then buffer amplifier 9018, and 9018 as a
transmission key, the control transceiver circuit and the signal switching, the final stage is
constituted by the D882 Class C amplifier, the amplified high-frequency signal through the LPF
filtering followed antenna.

Component selection
9018 magnification select 130 D882 of about 200 magnification selection. L4 is a high-frequency
choke on FT37-43 ferrite bead (black) 0.51mm enameled wire around 11 laps, approximately
20cm (can also be used the fixed inductor instead) for sale on the market, the inductance of about
20uH . L5 is a high-frequency filter inductor 0.51mm enameled wire or mesh wire wound on a
magnetic iron core T37-2 (red), 16 laps, about 25cm, the inductance in 1uH about. Other
Inductance: 1mH fixed color ring inductance 100mH inductance the cylinder fixed inductors,
outsourcing black heat shrink tubing. Less than 1000pF capacitor for high frequency ceramic the
0.47uF capacitor for monolithic capacitors, larger than 1uF capacitor aluminum electrolytic
capacitors, all resistance fixed resistor 1/4W 5%.
Production testing
Install all components, first of all transistors, resistors, capacitors with a multimeter test again.
Then control the logo to install all the components of the circuit diagram and PCB board.
Generally installed in accordance with the order from low to high. After welding, must check for
solder short circuit. Package MOS FET 2N7000, in order to prevent electrostatic breakdown,
soldering iron should be properly grounded or disconnect the power to the soldering iron, waste
heat welding. Integrated circuit mounted socket, which can effectively avoid the core of the
integrated circuit welding bad.

Everything is in order, check and correct the positive and negative polarity connected to the power
supply, the power supply must not pick the wrong. Inserted into the headphone jack, Walkman
headphones, you can hear white noise. On the termination of the antenna 51 ohm resistor false
load, shorted KEY (to simulate pressing the key), detection machine current should not exceed
150mA. Not a long shorted KEY launch, otherwise D882 and dummy load fever, accidentally

Termination on the antenna, the antenna should be able to hear the noise gets louder or CW signal,
rotating board is indeed 47K potentiometer CW signal tone should change from high to low.

This machine is a simple direct conversion transceiver interference, selectivity can be compared
and the superheterodyne receiver, it is necessary to use not worse than the length of a half-wave
dipole antenna, or communication is relatively poor. The selection disturbance is relatively small,
spread the good opportunity for communication experiment, it is best to make an appointment
with your friends communication. Communication distance of about 150-300 km more secure, to
greater distance depends on the propagation environment and the operator's operating skills. If the
broadcast interference is relatively large, use 5K GAIN potentiometer signal attenuation, emergent
signal from the radio interference. Attenuation potentiometer is critical, carefully adjusted, you
will receive an unexpected effect. In the dissemination of good times with of this machine FT80C
goods shortwave radio with a signal on a distant contrast reception, this local effect is no
difference between basic commodity machine, which makes unexpected.

Recommendations for improvement

1N4001 replaced by appropriate varactor tube (recommended the 0P-100P), can increase the
receive frequency range. Q1 9018 power between 0.8W ~ 1.2W 8050 power between 1.5W to 2W
(select 8050 will make D882
In a critical state, need to be careful).

Finally, I hope you DIY machine, can be a successful!

Please note that Q3 (D882) direction, pin1 square hole.Own Q3 actual use, plus a "U"-shaped fins,
the assembly of the space at the rear of the device are sufficient.
The identification of the color ring resistance ceramic capacitors
Color ring resistance, the most common accuracy of 5% and 1% accuracy, 5% accuracy for 4
color wheel, 1% accuracy of the five-color rings, read
The method is as follows:
Capacitance of ceramic capacitors generally made pF (10R -12 power F) units, some products
using direct labeling, such as 1000p, 220p
: To index notation, such as: 102,221, the first two digits are the significant figures of the
capacitance after a number is followed by adding a zero
The number, such as 102 effective number of 10,2 indicates that the following Adds 2 0 1000pF;
221 is effective mathematical 2,1 said
Surface by putting 1 0, i.e. 220pF.
Marked 62 62pF marked 102, 1000pF
The polarity of the electrolytic capacitor
Electrolytic capacitor positive and negative polarity, insert the PCB board installation, make sure
that the positive and negative corresponding correct, do not install the wrong.
Red red LED, long pin is positive, the short pin negative magnetic coils wound
This package contains two magnetic ring: FT37-43 and T37-2. Do not wound them wrong.
FT37-43 exterior color is black. T37-2 appearance color is red.