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Chapter One: Chapter Fjve:

Hjstory of the Scarred Lands 3 Organizations 34
The Titans 3 Courtesans of Idra 35
Ascendency of the Gods 4 Cult of Ancients 35
The Divine War 4 Exemplars 35
Horsemen of Vangal 36
House Asuras 37
Chapter Two: Incarnates 37
Hjstory of Ghelspad 5 Legion of Ash 37
The Short Form 5 Legion of Crimson 38
The Less-Short Form 5 Order of the Morning Sky 38
The Divine War 6 Paladins of Corean 39
The Early Years, The Scaled 39
1 AV through 56 AV 6 Vigils of Vesh 39
The Middle Years, Arcane Factions 40
56 AV through 82 AV 6
The Druid War,
82 AV through 90 AV 6 Chapter Six:
The Rise of Virduk, Cosmos &Cosmology 41
90 AV through 112 AV 7 The Gods 41
Red Water Rising, The Titans 44
112 AV through 126 AV 7 The Calendar 46
Hegemony Triumphant, The Planes of Existence 47
126 AV to the Present 7

Chapter Three:
Nations &Cjty-States 10
Nations 11
City-states 19

Chapter Four:
Topographyof Ghelspad 25
Forests 26
Hills 26
Islands 27
Lakes 28
Manmade 28
Mountains 28
Plains 30
Rivers 30
Seas and Inlets 30
Wastelands 31
Wetlands 33
something more.
Mighty though the titans were, they were not gods. But
the titans children.. .

Ascendencv of the Gods force of combatants blows, mountains shattered into

rubble-strewn plains; when used as stepping-stones,
Though philosophers have difficulty explaining
islands sank beneath warriors feet. The feuding gods
just why and how it could have happened, the children
and titans each spawned races of monsters and hu-
of the titans were not titans themselves. Like their
manoids as foot soldiers to swell their ranks. Divine
progenitors, they drew some power from Scam itself;
blood spilled across Scam, warping the very land.
the vast remainder of their potency they derived from
another source. The titans children drew the greatest Terrible though the war was, it finally ended.
portion of their strength from the worlds mortal races With the help of Denev, the gods prevailed. They
by feeding on the intensity of mortal belief and the could not kill the titans once and for all, however -
vibrancy of the human condition. The power that not even they possessed such power. Each titan had
these children drew from the mortal races made them to be restrained or imprisoned so that he could not
something new and better. It made them gods. regain his strength and seek revenge. The gods pulled
the teeth from Gaurak the Glutton before burying
The godsenviable connection to Scams mortal
the Ravenous One beneath the earth, thus ensuring
races predestined their rebellion against their par-
that he would not chew his way out. They cut Mormo
ents. While the titans were at one with the essential
the Serpent Mother into pieces, scattering her parts
elements of heaven and earth, they cared little for the
far and wide so that the Queen of Witches could not
world in their charge. A titan, disappointed with how
re-form. The gods dealt with each titan in turn,
a coastline had developed, thought nothing of reduc-
stripping each of his power and sealing him away.
ing it to sand with a series of tidal waves, thus
cleaning the slate. A titan, bored with the thriving Today, Scam is no longer the world it once was.
mortal races in her domain, might give birth to The land bears horrible scars where gods felled titans.
horrific monsters to make things more interesting. The Kelder Mountains are split with chasms left by a
heavenly axe. The Homsaw Forest has grown gnarled
The gods, who felt the suffering of the mortal
and twisted feeding on the spilled blood of Mormos
races to their very souls, decided that the titans reign
heart. Great deserts and badlands linger where ver-
must end. Even the cruelest of the gods realized that,
dant fields once flourished. An entire sea runs red
should the titans capriciously cleanse the world of
with the blood of a titan who lies chained within its
mortals- which was a very real possibility- the loss
depths. The world twisted and changed wherever the
of the mortals faith and vitality would cripple the
titans - or their dismembered remains - now lie. Of
gods. So these celestial lords met in secret and plotted
the monstrous races created by the titans and gods
rebellion. When Denev, the titan of the earth itself,
during the war, many still survive in the gouged
spoke out against her siblings, the gods took it as a
reaches of the land. Those races favored by the gods
sign. As a result, the Titanswar erupted.
- - The titans chosen are far less fortunate; they
The Djvjne War watch and wait from their wilderness exiles, plotting
Eight gods and one titan went to war against a to restore their fallen patrons.
dozen other titans. The revolution shook the pillars Scam is no longer. To many of its inhabitants,
of heaven, shattered the blazing iron streets of hell it is now simply the Scarred Lands - a wounded
and raged across the face of the world. Under the world yet to heal.
city-states comprising our continent. While you would not have
gained your post without at least a pming familiarity with this
8 information, it is imperative that you continue to improve your 1
comprehension of the political situations vital to Vesh.
P Remember too that there is great wisdom in the experi-
! ence of your fellow vigilants who dutifully serve throughout
these lands. As opportunities permit, I encourage you to
I question these vigilants upon their return to our fair nation.
Before a brief discussion of each nation or citv-state of
1 Ghelspad, a short list of information is provided, asfollows:
Official or Predominant Worship: Most nations, of course, seek
blessingsfrom all the gods, but most behold themselvestopnmanly
one or perhaps two. Obviously, those places beanng an official
god name also predominantly worship that respective deity.
Complete Name: Self-explanatory. [For example, we collo-
quially refer to ourselves as Vesh, instead of the mouthful:
the United People of Vesh.]


Capitol: Self-explanatory, though obviously not re- though under the rule of its present high-king, Albadia
quired for city-states. has made great strides toward civilization. Actual
Other Cities of Note: These are often a nations cities dot the southern border of the country, which
other port cities, but always a city of substantial size cause a great deal of frustration among the northern
and/or strategic importance. tribes who do not understand the need and question
Ruler: The nations leader and his or her official title. the usefulness of such permanent settlements.
Government: This section offers a brief discussion of In fact, in recent years, a rival for high-king has
the means by which rulers are chosen. While often a emergedamongthenorthlandtribes.ThoughtheAlbadians
matter of heredity among monarchies, there are a insistthattheyhaveone,auehigh-lungwhowinstheright
number of exceptions, such as ruling councils or gov- to rule for his lifetime, the longer %la lives and rules in
ernments of popular consensus.There are even cases in southern Albadia, the greater the chance the northlands
which a high priest governs. will slip from his control. To appease these people, Thalcs
Population Composition Estimate: Though rough and has slowly let atrophywhat had been a strongrelationship
perhaps inaccurate, these tabulations summarizethe best with the elves of Vera-Tre,with whom the Albadianshad
informationcurrentlyavailable.The peoplesofGhelspad, fought the titanspawnthat demolished Amalthea during
which may be surprising to discover, live in fairly homog- the Druid War. However,Mcsmaintainstradewith the
enous communities. That is, humans generally live with elvesandwithVesh(totheextentthatge0graphypermits).
humans, elves remain among the elves, on so on. Other nations, especiallyMithril, arenot invited for fear of
the missionary fervor of outlander priests.
Allies: Only officially recognized nations or city-states
are recorded. For instance, while they surely still have The lands here are far from settled and largely
much in common, Mithril no longer maintains official unexplored,at least by the Vigils. There aresome barbar-
ties with Lord Vrain, now of Fangsfall. ianswhoclaim toknow the fullextentofthesenorthlands,
but upon interview, they also admit that there are certain
Enemies: See Allies, above.
areas into which none might safely penetrate.
Nations Ankila
For the most part, Ghelspads nations h g e the Official or Predominant Worship: Hedrada
coasts of the continent. This has much to do with the Complete Name: The Calastian Dominion of Ankila
natural tendency of civilizations to prosper when in
proximity to water, but also owes much to the dangers
present at the continentsheart. During the Divine War,
the Divine Races were pushed to the breakingpoint (i.e.,
driven to the edges of the continent); even today, 150
years after the victory of Tanil and her compatriots,
titanspawn still make the interior avery dangerous place.
Official or Predominant Worship: All (with many
women secretly making offerings to Belsameth)

mony. While there are occasionalweak sparksamong the

will of Ankilas people to resist King Virduk, Calastiahas
largely succeeding in cowing the populace -a result of
the temble Battle of the Bleached Shore and the subse-
quent execution of King Ankila the 8&.
though, for only it and Calastia itself are surrounded by
othercivilizedterritories.This isnotto say that titanspawn
and other dangers do not worry it, but any degree of extra
this safety fuels the complacency of the Ankila peoples
Enemies: Khirdet and weakens resistance against Virduk.
The image of the fierce Albadian barbarian is Conversely,Anlulamightprovetheweakpointofthe
one that will likely never fade from memory or even Hegemony; the longer it remainsseemingly indifferent to
from the daily life of the Albadians themselves - Calastianrule,themoreVidukandhiseventualsuccessors

~~ ~~~

will ignore it and move troops elsewhere. Perhaps then Today, Calastiahas expanded its own borders at the
somethingcould be done to liberate these people, though expense of its neighbors, continuously conquering and
only iftheyexhibitsomethingakintoadesireforliberation. annexing these other nations. Ankila, Lageni, New
For this reason, maintaining some degree of contact with Venir, Zathiske and the virtuallyenslaved halflings of the
Ankila, despite its relative inaccessibility, remains vital. Heteronomy of Virduk now form the Calastian Hege-
mony. Over 70 years old, King Virduk has maintained a
Calastja passion fordestructionanddominationthat iscompletely
Official or Predominant Worship: All (with the at odds with everything for which Vesh fights. Fortu-
nobility and military worshiping Chardun) nately, all men die, and the same will be true of Virduk.
However, there has been much activity in Calastia
that points to the possibility that Virduks death will not
signalthe end ofhis empire.His new queen,Geleeda, was
Other originally thought to be nothing more than a pale-
skinnedbeauty plucked from the tundra of Albadia for an
old mans pleasure. Yet, recent events and certain inves-
tigations by many vigilantshave shownher to be a canny
diplomat and powerful sorceress. Virduk, seemingly un-
able to spawn an heir despite a great number of wives and
dalliances, perhaps expects Albadian sorcery to answer
this need. Either way, evidence mounts, indicating that
Queen Geleeda is the force with whom Ghelspad will
next reckon once age claims the old tyrant.
freedomof the Veshian
nationofcalastiaor, at Dunahnae
least,thedespotwhopresent1yreignsasitsking.Thestory Official or Predominant Worship: Chardun
of Virduks rise to power is infamous, of come: a bloody Complete Name: Imperial Dunahnae, Eternal Bas-
saga of patricide that precipitated the death of thousands tion of His Lord Chardun
when,upontakingthethrone,VirdukwithdrewCalastias Capitol: Dun
forces from the Divine Races allied armies during the Other Cities of Note: Ertik
Druid War. As a result, titanspawn destroyed Amalthea,
Ruler: His Lord High Priest and First Minister of
swarming unchecked out of the Homsaw Forest and the
Chardun Aarixthic
Bleak Savannah, almost 70 years ago.

Government: A feudal theocracy, the clergy owns all Allies: None

the land, which is overseen by hereditary lords. Enemies: None
One of the great paradoxes of this epoch within

ite the fact that

Like its southern neighbor, Dunahnae, Darakeene

enjoys considerablegeographicalprotections that allow
welcome than 0th it to nonchalantly regard the safety of nations like Vesh,
which would seem to be its natural ally. Ringed by ocean
withgoblinoids.Thoseparticulartitanspawnwere flushed and essentially impassable mountains and forest,
out during the Divine War, and the followersof Chardun Darakeene has translated its physical characteristics
quickly claimed the land as their own. Since the time of into a political philosophy. Perhaps it is natural that its
the goblins, though, the land has become even less people have tired of war, but war is a fact of life in these
accessible. Politically andmially, Dunahnae isextremely times, and Darakeene would do well to recognize that.
isolationistic,whichon one hand is fortunate (itprevents However, at the same time, Darakeene has faired
the First Minister and King Virduk from recognizing very well. The breadbasket of Ghelspad (notwith-
certain commonalties),but on the other hand troubling standing some of the lands in Calastia), Darakeene
(it seems most likely that something inimical to Veshs probably produces the overwhelming majority of
interestsbrews within Dunahnaesborders).However,as grain, allowing the nation to prosper irregardlessof its
the Blossoming Ocean and Wall of Bones protect remoteness and lack of experience as a major trading
Dunahnae on all sides, only the most experienced and nation. In addition, the country is even more open
rarest of vigilants may penetrate Dunahnaesborders for socially than politically, and outlanders are welcome.
reconnaissance; Vesh has thus far chosen not to assign In any event, minority sentiments within
vigilants to this more distant, potential threat. Darakeene are beginning to shift away from strict
Escaped slaves and a few brave souls who dared that neutrality, as a few southern provinces struggling to
dark land to rescue captured and enslaved loved oneshave regain their cultural identity and voice their fears that
provided some intelligence. The accounts reported are in Dunahnae might be preparing to target them for
many cases unfit for print. Suffice it to say that slavery and attack. In fact, two years ago, the hereditary ruler of
other abuses are practiced with growing inhibition. Most one of these provinces, Provark, anticipating future
recently, Vesh has learned that an exchangeof diplomats military conflict, commissioned the Veshian Vigils to
has taken place between Dunahnae and Calastia-a foul scout the lands between Provark and Dunahnae, to
omen indeed. Intercepting communications from such both uncover hidden lairs and map the terrain in
diplomats, to shed light on the situation within Chardun preparation for war. While Vesh did send a Vigil on
and any brewing alliance,has b m e a vigilant priority. that long and perilous journey, one of Emperor Klums
battalions turned it away at the mouthof Murmur Pass.
Official or Predominant Worship: None official, Durrover
but all officially respected Official or Predominant Worship: Madriel
Complete Name: United Provinces of Darakeene Complete Name: Durrover-between-the-Mountains
Capitol: Meliad Capitol: Durrover
Other Cities of Note: Arboth, Canntontown, Trum Other Cities of Note: None
and Weyside Ruler: King of the Lowlands and Lord High King of
Ruler:HisMostRegalMajestyEmporKlumtheImpamal the Mountains Jeddrad the 3rd
Govemmenk Nine once-separate provinces have united Government: Hereditary monarchy.
underone~andhavesincegrownlargelyindistinct from Population Composition Estimate: Human 65%,
one anothq all now submit to the rule of a single emperor. Dwarf 15%,Elf 12%, Half-elf 7%, Half-orc 1%
Population Composition Estimate: 76% Human, Allies: Burok Tom, Hedrad, Mithril and Vesh
12% Halfling, 6% Elf, 4% Half-orc, 2% Dwarf Enemies: Calastian Hegemony
~~ ~~~


The battleground of the moment,

Durrover is unofficially p r e s u d l w v e n

itself, there is little else in the nation that

might challenge or threaten Calastia. Vesh
had been assisting Durrover by way of troops
and resistance efforts, as have the dwarves
of BurokTorn, but its essentially a hopeless
struggle; Calastia has the benefit of topog-
raphy, drawing large numbers of fresh troops
from territories already in its possession.
Therefore, Vesh has begun to focus on
setting into place a resistance movement
within Durrover city that will prove useful
once Virduk takes it.
Gleamjng Valley
Official or Predominant Worship: Corean
and Hedrada
Complete Name: The Gleaming Land of

Allies: Mithril and Vesh

Enemies: None
What strange things these lands and
the gods present to the Divine Races -and
what tragedy as well. The story of the Hol-
low Knights of Gleaming Valley is
well-known and doesnt bear lengthy rep-
etition; simply recall that they were created
by Corean to fight in the Divine War.
Afterward, spiteful Vangal denied them
their heros reward, so these enchanted
beings remain among the living.
Successfully remaining organized and
unified in the decades since the Divine

War, the Hollow Knights have competently and Population Composition Estimate: Halfling 52%,
quickly forged a small nation for themselves. While Human 32%, Half-orc 14%, Dwarf 2%
most of the Hollow Knights use the names of their Allies: C a l a t
former lives in addition to their new titles, their ruler
is know only as King;who the man was in his former
life, prior to serving Corean once again as a spirit,
remains a mystery.
ThoughthemajorityoftheinhabitantsoftheGleam- other
ing Valley live life eternal, Ghelspad is a continent of easily
conflict and danger; the knights cannot presume that they
will live a n eternity. The nation they have formed is some sol
doomed to wither,as do their ranks. Worse yet, something
seems to be stalking the Hollow Knights; though nearly a
dozen knights have been lost over that past few months, trade and sal
theirpride has kept them fromcontactingVesh, until now.
The Hollow Knights have requested assistance in tracking
down their unseen and unknown enemy. [As of the have even gone
Fnn@ Of this repn, vesh had Just kpaccepting halflings disaffection with other races or cultures into
volunteers from its ranks for this mission. -ed.] a genocidal fervor, especially among the halfling mili-
Heteronomy of Vjrduk tiamen who are continually trained and outfitted in
Official or Predominant Worship: All (with a pre- the Heteronomy. Leave it to Virduk to find ways to
ponderance worshiping Enkili) inspire hatred within people.
Complete Name: Heteronomy of Virduk While a number of the halflings certainly see
through Virduks generosity and the Satraps propa-
Capitol: Calas
ganda, the vast majority seem content with this life,
Other Cities of Note: None especially as it means their own militias are better
Ruler: Lord Satrap Tomvolie Kres outfitted to repel the titanspawn that frequently slip
Government: The Satrap, who is the highest-rank- from the Hornsaw Forest. That the militia wears
ing military officer assigned to defend the region, has Virduks Black Dragon emblem on their shields is of
ultimate regional authority and reports directly to little consequence to the shire farmers who are spared
King Virduk of Calastia. titanspawn raids.

To the extent that Vesh has been able to track troop Ruler: Duke Traviak the Steel-fisted
movement,Virduk has recently assigned more soldiers to Government: This hereditary monarchy pays hom-
the Heteronomy of Virduk, augmenting the halfling age to King Virduk.
militias for some unknown purpose. Observers wonder
why Virduk is militarizing on a western front when he is
obviouslymakingsuchgreatgainstothe east inhrrover.
Might this buildup be connected with the recent diplo-
maticcommunicationsbetweenCalastiaand Dunahnae ?
Official or Predominant Worship: Madriel
Complete Name: SovereignNationofKarriaonTarrak

Lageni. Duke Traviak has since healed that break.

Though he has never gained equal political footing,
Traviak enjoys more freedom than any other ruler
within the Calastian Hegemony does.
Research into the matter uncovered the following
details. Lageni, already committed to the Druid War,
was the first to receiveword of the coupewithincalastia
to her uprooted from the Karan province of Darakeene (when Virduk committed patricide and took Calastias
and departedfor the theretoforesparsely inhabited island throne). Because Lageni was unable to withdraw its
of Tarrak. The motivation for this separation remains troops in concert with its Calastian allies, Aold instead
unclear, perhaps involving political disputes between allowed Calastian forces to move unhindered through
Tagani, Emperor Klum of Darakeene and some members Lageni, enabling Virduk to surprise the dwarves at
of Taganis own royal house, which still serves as the Irontooth Pass. Equally plausible is the theory that the
provincial head of Darakeenes Karan province. relationship betweenvirduk and Aoldwasneverthat of
What is becoming clear is that, despite professing equals,but instead that of partners in crime wherein one
good intentions, Queen Tagani and Karria itself are (Virduk)had the jump on the other (Aold),who would
operating very erratically.One moment sees the nation have been crushed had he not played along.
assisting a Darakeene vessel broken in a storm; the next However, while the people of Lageni and even
witnesses the nation making landings in Devils March, Aold deserve sympathy, Traviak deserves nothing of
as though preparing to annex land there in conjunction the sort. The man grew up fighting, but unlike Virduk,
with Dunahnae. In some regards, Karria is the polar Traviak has done more than direct the battle from
oppositeof Darakeene: while Darakeeneremains disen- afar. He is an astute strategist and cunning tactician
tangled from political arrangements, Queen Tagani -acruel man who has lived his life on the battlefield,
seems quite willing to make any number of deals and crushing the innocent into lifelessness with his own
treaties, often agreeing to conflicting arrangements. hands. As such, Traviak is not so much the ruler of
Whatever Karrias external ambitions, internal Lageni as he is one of Virduks three highest-ranking
problems trouble Queen Tagani, as her people have generals. He is counted among those the Vigil would
failed to take complete control of Tarrak. Though the very much like to see put to rest.
extent of the titanspawn presence there remains un- New Venjr
known,whatever is therehasproven tenacious. Especially
Official or Predominant Worship: Belsameth
puzzling is the fact that Karria does not seem to be in
CompleteName: New Venir of the CalastianHegemony
constant conflict with these forces, which implies that
Queen Tagani may have struck a bargain with them. Capitol: Femulyae
Other Cities of Note: Aridilis (renamed Urlisian)
Lagenj Ruler: His Resplendent Majesty, Prince Urlis
Official or Predominant Worship: Chardun
Government: A military ruler reports to King Virduk,
Complete Name: Archduchy of Lageni so Prince Urlis is merely a figurehead.
Capitol: Castle Durm Population Composition Estimate: Human 68%,
Other Cities of Note: Outpost Elra Halfling 23%, Half-orc 5%, Elf 2%, Dwarf 2%

Allies: Calastian Hegemony The nationshumble and respectful character is still

Enemies: Burok Tom and Durrover appealing. Even though the populace grows ever more
The final potentate of Older Venir, Emperor diverse and the settlements become fixed and develop
into towns (or, in the case of East Ontenazu, a legitimate
city), the personality of the original nomads remains
intact. These people use their knowledge of the Canyon
of Souls winds to transport gods through the Kelders.
With the constant fighting in Durrover and Virduks
control of Irontooth Pass,Ontenazu has become the sole
safe passage through the Kelders. To their credit, the
people have thus far resisted greed and opprtunism;
whether this philosophy will survive the tumultuous
economic,political and societal forces at play remains to
be seen. So far, they have cautiously accepted Calastias
sources suspe more recent overtures of peace, though Ontenazu seems
to be positioning itself for political neutrality. Time will
King Virduk was consolidafing new territory and tell how long that remains a viable option.
planning new initiatives. Emperor Urlis (as he was Vera-Tre
known at the time) made what appeared to be a Official or Predominant Worship: Denev and Tanil
deal with the devil; it has since been revealed as
Complete Name: The Virgin Woods of Denev
the collaboration of two fiends. In return for spar-
Capitol: Vera-Tre
ing the populace, Urlis handed Venir over to
Virduk, and the nation became New Venir of the Other Cities of Note: [Unavailable]
Calastian Hegemony. Ruler: [Unavailable]
In truth, Urlis (now only titularly a prince)
threw his people to the beast in return for a life of
personal luxury. In fact, Femulyae is sometimescalled
Little Shelzar and is the seat of decadence and
debauchery within the Calastian Hegemony.
Official or Predominant Worship: Enkili and Denev
Complete Name: The Canyonlands of Ontenazu


er old In any event, while Veshs alliance with the elves of
Vera-Tre (Virgh Woods in their language) is common
Populal %,Dwarf knowledpe,Veshhaspromised,aspaaofthisagreement,not
28%, H -arc 1%. torevealwhatlittleisknownoftheiilands.Regardless,Vesh
Allies: Vesh can (without claim to disit-honnation) reveal to its recruits
Enemic- _.. that these elves are strong allies. They retain the ability to
The twi which claim work ancient magic, and their populace is strong, healthy
nationstatus be 1thecanyonsthrough and numerous. How numerous and how prepared for battle
the Kelders that connect the ded King Virduk his not even Vesh claims to know.
greatest defeat. The people of Ontenazu, long an eclec- The elves communicate with the outside world
tic bunch, historically accept anyone who can prove strictly by means of envoys who will not reveal in
their worth and wisdom. At the time that Virduk whose name they communicate. These envoys are
attempted to annex West Ontenazu, however, the clearly willing to suffer and/or die for their secrets, as
cctownwas only a gathering of nomadic humans who proven by Virduk who has threatened and enacted
were just beginning to develop a familiarity with the both means to extract information.
winds of the Canyon of Souls.That knowledge allowed Vesh
the nomads toboth retreatsafelyand luresizableCalastian
Official or Predominant Worship: Madriel and Tanil
forces into the canyons to be tom apart by sudden and
Complete Name: United People of Vesh
seemingly unpredictable crosswinds.

Other Cities of Note: Ezel, Moor and Rika

ones own nation (and Tanil knows Vesh has

critics within its own borders and thank the
goddess for them), this author lasesobjectivity
over the subject of Vesh. Numerous perils
beset the peoples of Vesh: the slitheren of the
marshes, the monsters of the Blood Basin, the
o r a of the Plains of Lede, the armies of the
Calastian Hegemony and so on. Yet the
Veshian people have remained steadfast and
unified,fendingoffthese threatswhilecarving
a nation for themselvesfrom a wilderness that
is only passably secure.
Further, the Veshian peoples, rising
above their own concerns, ordained them-
selves the championsof the oppressedpeople
of the continent -even those of the world.
Presumptuous, perhaps, but it is a mantle
borne with overweeningpride by the peoples
ofVesh,who are servants of Tanil and do her
work for her good because that work is good.
To this end Vesh created its Vigils. Appoint-
ment to these prestigious units means
inducteeshave a rich history to live up to and
an honorable tradition to uphold. Veshian
Vigils roam the continent (especiallyitseast-
ern half), searchingfor lore and information
that aids in defending the helpless and ex-
poses the many enemies of freedom.
Vesh is not universallyloved (evenamong
the -le it aids), and its devotionmakes it an
free, and in a world wracked by pain-a world
gods -little else seems more valuable.
Ofcourse, Vesh cannot - should not
-be defined only by the enemies that beset
it and the responsibilities it assumes in fight-
ingthe enemiesoflanil acrossallofGhelspad.
Trade routes from Mithril through the

Cordrada Corridor, Serpentine Pass and Mullis Town; City-states

those from Hedrad up the Hornswythe; and those from
While the major nations of Ghelspad fringe the
western Ghelspad through Ontenazu: they have all
peripheryofthecontinent, anumberofthriving (though
contributed to stronger commerce among many na-
some are admittedly dying) independent towns and
tions. In addition,Veshs traditionsofmasterfulbrewing,
cities (all categorized as city-statesfor the purposes of
leather working, weaving, wine making, blacksmithing
this vigilant primer) display the promise that civiliza-
and (ofcourse)evenmorebrewingprovideitwithgoods
tion can and will spread and that people will still fight as
to barter to other nations. And despite the tainted land
hard for an honest life as they will against each other.
that surrounds Vesh, there is enough arable farmland,
verdant forests and plentiful game within its borders to Amalthea
amply provision its population year round. The bards Official or Predominant Worship: Denev
who travel around Vesh keep Tanils musical tradition Complete Name: Amalthea
alive and spread the lore of our great nation. These
things, which make a free life worth serving, have
inspired many vigilants to sacrifice their lives to main-
tain and advance the cause of freedom.
Official or Predominant Worship: Enkili and

rushed to Amaltheasaid.Amalthea might have survived

intact had not patricidal Virduk rescinded his fathers
military support during the Druid War.
a population fixed enough to call a community. A weekly
market draws the people wether,who are otherwise widely
dispersed among the hillsides h e a t h the Kelders. Denevs
druids tend to the communitys spiritual life. Many of the
Enemies: Burok
Vera-Tre elves, unwilling to play the cat-andemouse game
This nation co the sorrowful remnants
of an older kingdom that stretched from the ocean to wise affect the world outside the Virgin Woods.
the Gascar Peaks. But the Divine War and King
Like much of the Kelders, the areaaround Amalthea is
Virduks later treatment of all the western lands
dangerous.The druidsof W e t , evidently still upset with
under his control have diminished it to little more
their failure to orchesmte Amaltheas complete annihila-
than a militarized zone dedicated to provisioning his
war movement.
Perhaps their efTorts are sua& by all accounts, the
Zathiskesruler, from a generation of young men populationoftheareaisdwindling..iteanaturalenmity
named after the Calastian king, is a popular man who that could account for Khirdetsobsessionwith the area,the
has come to be called Little Virduk,despitehis lack of Veshian Vgds suspect that Amalthea is sought for entirely
statureormartialprowess.Still,VirdukOlemhaseamed practical reasons.However, the Vgds have been unable to
the devotion of his warrior population; by all accounts, discernwhatThmreasonsmightbeandcontinuetocornb
the man has the charisma, ambition and political acu- the region as time and manpower permit.
men of a great leader. Rumors suggest that Queen
Geleeda herself has visited this backwater empire, in- Bridged Cjty
spiring popular though juvenile jokes about the Queen Official or Predominant Worship: Madriel
confusing her Virduks. Were there were some truth to CompleteName: Bridged City of the Kelder Mountains
the rumors, it might spark a rivalry and civil war within Ruler: Gwatra, Queen of the Kelder Aeries
the CalastianHegemony,thus weakeningKing Virduks Government: Hereditary monarchy.
hold over his annexed territories, allowing some to slip
Population Composition Estimate: Human 66%, Elf
free. Conversely, in the event that the queen does not
18%, Halfling 12%, Half-elf 3%, Other 1%
provide him an heir, King Virduk might instead groom
Virduk Olem as his replacement. Allies: Mullis Town, Mithril and Vesh
Enemies: None

Following the Divine War, many people found appearedupon anotherfront;in truth,the dwarves simply
themselves homeless or, perhaps, without even a utilized their tunnels to flank their enemy.
nation to return to. Of course, theyd gained some- Finally, as if dealing with Calastias incursion were
not enough,King Thais people must also contend with
the dark elves of Der Drendal. These obsidian-skinned
elves, rarely seen on the surface of Ghelspad, evidently
dwell deep in the earths bowels. The Vigils know next to
nothing about these dark elves; Dier Drendal is but a
name and is otherwise unreferenced in this primer, as no
information is available. Due to either dwarven pride or
Kelders, Bridged City is an engineeringmarvel. Bridges of Thain volunteersno dormation on the dark elves or the
all materials and sizes stretch from cliff to chf- some to scopeoftheir attacks,sayingonly that they are adwarven
MdCaVesXth to manmade structures problem and will be solved in the dwarven way. As
ggest that Chrdradas evidence mounts that some dark elves are surfacing and
esign, but the official making diplomatic overtures to Calastia, perhaps King
records in Bridged City itself highlight the contributionsof Thain can be persuaded to be more forthcoming.
regiment duringthe DivineWar. These men, the founders
of the city, chose its location for its extreme defensibility Official or Predominant Worship: OfficiallyCorean;
and access to edible alpine flora and potable mountain- in actuality any, but especially Enkili
spring water. Despite its proximity to any number of
titanspawnlairs,the cityhas not beensuccessfully attacked.
In the past 10 years, only three major siege efforts have
needed breaking, the mast recent requiring the help of
Mullis Town and Vesh. It was thus that the King Jaren of
Mullis Town and Queen Gwatras daughter, Princess
Hannatha, became acquainted.
Burok Tom
Official or Predominant Worship: Goran
CompleteName: The ImpregnableCitadelof BurokTorn
n Rahoch, as Rahoch and

the continent, at Fangsfall, now a destination for the

multitudes displaced by King Virduks rampage.
Lord Vrail has watched his city grow out of control,
owing to a lackofplanning, the proximityof titanspawn
and the inexorable waves of refugees that continue to
find their way there. This deteriorating situation has
obviously soured a once-better man; there are rumors
that he is becoming more tyrannical as time passes,
though this may be an unkind exaggeration promul-
gated by those he is trying to whip back into shape.

Following the DivineWar, Ghelspads dwarvespos-

sessed ample lands throughout the heart and foothills of Official or Predominant Worship: Belsameth and
the Kelder Mountains. Constant fighting with the Vangal
Calastian Hegemony, however, has reduced their hold- Complete Name: Sovereign State of Glivid-Autel
ing to this lone, though perhaps truly impregnable,city of Ruler: Credas the Necrotic-King
Burok Tom, situated almost entirely underground. No Government: A council of wizards advises an absolute
one but the dwarveswho reside there knows the extent of rulerwho ispresumably replaced through power struggles.
the tunnel network built into the mountains. There must Population Composition Estimate: Unknown
be a vast complex of tunnels, for the tides of many battles Allies: None
tumed against Virduks forces when dwarves magically Enemies: Hollowfaust

It seems somewhat absurd to include the fiendish or laws can result in grievous punishment. Vigilants
necromancers of Glivid-Autel in this vigilant primer, bound for Hedrad receive very pointed instruction in
these laws to avoid any such confusion.
Hedrad, aremote city, rests on the cliffsthat overlook
the Blood Sea. Despite its distance from other civilized
regions, it does not suffer from very great numbers of
titanspawn, as does M i h l . Such vermin have difficulty
penetrating these far-eastem lands, and Hedrads own
dramatic efforts keep the titanspawn numbers in check.
Hedrads current ruling high priest is that of justice,
and its typically during this period that Hedrad is most
militant. As such, Hedrad has actually taken some
limited actions in concert with Vesh, especiallyagainst
the slitheren of the Mourning Marshes. But no matter
murders and pers the ruling priest, the mission of Hedrad remains clear
of his flight. The Ves elieve Hollowfaust and its citizens focused: they will bring order to the
holds a wizards fami Scarred Lands. Presently, they lack the means to do this
have not determined whether the creature (also of on a large scale, although their highly skilled mercenar-
unknown identity) belongs to Credas. ies and traveling judges contribute greatly to this effort.
Thesenecromancersdo not participatein the politi-
cal or economic action of the continent; instead, they
seem disposed to pursue the arcane matters important to Official or Predominant Worship: None
them, no matter its impact on others. From their name Complete Name: The Free City-state of Hollowfaust
Glivid-Autel,or Societyof Immortals,and what little
is known of their history at Hollowfaust, the Vigils infer
that their necromanticstudies are focused on the prideful
goal of achieving immortality.The morality of the means
by which they achieve such agoal seems inconsequential
to these fiends. These pursuits aside, Glivid-Autels re-
cent activities in the eastern Homsaw Forest (where the
elves of Vera-Tre have connected them to a number of
major foraging and hunting expeditions)warrant greater
vigilant scrutiny and investigation.
Official or Predominant Worship: Hedrada
Complete Name: The Holiest City of Hedrada conquest.Hollowfaustsnecromancersarebent on investi-
gations of a more scholarly and arcane nature, which do
obviously put it at odds with a great deal of the worlds
population.However,as therearegreatpwe rsintheworld
(e.g., magical energies) that may not descend directly from
the gods, as do the incantations of the priests, its difficult
to argue the absurdity of Hollowfausts quest.
Of course, one must judge Hollowfaust by its
actions. As long as it seeks only to defend itself, then
the Vigils will also defend it. As soon as it takes
unwarranted aggressive actions against peacefulneigh-
has become accustomed to the golem that looms over bors or its investigations take a patently sacrilegious
Mithril) is Hedrad. The pride of the city, and perhaps the turn, the Vigils will be forced to review its position.
patience of Hedradahimself, would suffer nothing less, as Hollowfaust is currently ~ fal dangerous position,
HedradisthegodofcitiesThecityisgloriouslyconceived especially if discussions between Dunahnae and Calastia
in every detail. While some (including most visiting evolve intoanythingofsubstance. Hollowfaust, alongwith
vigilants) find it difficult to live in what amounts to be a Lokil and perhaps Shelzar, would find themselves pressed
staggeringly colossal piece of art,the city is a n example of by juggernauts on both sides. O f course,tales of powerful
what canbe accomplishedwhen men put their minds and magic discovered in the forgottenhallsof this huge citadel,
hearts together.Ofcourse,thisseeminglymodel situation perhaps originally constructed by the legendary Warlock
is achieved and maintained only by means of an unmer- Kings, may well demoralize and deter armies approaching
ciful system of rules. The slightest infraction against rules

Hollowfaust. Alternately, it might lure thw,like Queen himself. The residents of the library also survived, and
Geleeda, who have a passion for such magic. they were charged with becoming the keepers of all that
lore, dispensing it when they deemed it necessary.
However, the librarians have done precious little
Official or Predominant Worship: Mormo
dispensing, and thus achieved a sort of oracular status.
Complete Name: Khirdet When they have dispensedsomepart of their knowledge
- whether venturing forth from their impregnable
home to show up uninvited at a kings court or allowing
guests to enter- the librarians wondrous knowledge
and prescient wisdom has changed the course ofhistory.
Official or Predominant Worship: Enkili
Complete Name: The Riders of Mansk

to exterminate
the druids who w Mother. Khirdet has Allies:

Sharliss Serpent-Kiss, it is showing some battle readi-

ness and impatience.Veshhas alreadylost afew vigilants
to this woman (two confirmed deaths and an actual
defection!), so she is not to be underestimated.
These fell druids, spread thin throughout Khet,
have no fixed population centers beyond Khirdet
itself, hence its inclusion as a city-state, not a nation. Under Warlord Klesh, the Riders have joined
Lokil together at least for a time. Klesh is working very hard
to provide a legacy and foundation to ensure that
Official or Predominant Worship: Hedrada
civilization in the region does not fade when he does.
Complete Name: Library of Lokil
Certainly one of the most tireless and committed
men of Ghelspad, Klesh faces numerous challenges to
providing such a legacy. In addition to marauding
titanspawn, the Horseman of Vangal frequent the
steppes and actively recruit riders into their ranks.
Once Klesh served as a vigilant, but the details
concerning his departure from those ranks cannot be
revealed in a document such as this.
Official or Predominant Worship: Corean
Complete Name: CoreansCity of the Mithril Golem
Ruler: High Priest Emili Derigesh
Government: A high priest rules this theocracy as a
spiritual and civic leader.
surpassing that housed in the Phylacteric Vault of Population CompositionEstimate: Human 74%,Dwarf
Darakeene.As the Divine War drew to a close,one of the 8%,Elf 6%, Halfling 6%, Half-elf 3%, Half-orc 3%
undefeated titans (its identityhas never been confirmed) Allies: Hedrad, Mullis Town and Vesh
attempted to utterly destroy the library so that the Divine Enemies: Calastian Hegemony
Races would lose this knowledge. The titan succeeded in The City of the Mithril Golem was founded at the
part. Molten rock and lava, rockslides, earthquakes and conclusion of the Divine War; it sits atop a cliff where
great storms swept over and through the city. Coreans mighty mithril golem was deposited, suppos-
When the cataclysmssubsided,the city was indeed edly for the purpose of defending those dedicated to the
destroyed. But amidst the wreckage stood the library, god who would later build a city there. In the 150 years
completely intact, preserved (assomeclaim) by Hedrada since, the golem has not moved, but the priests and

people of Mithrilhaveremained, dedicatedto the golem Government: This monarchy is transferred to the high-
asasymboloftheirmightygodandhisvictory in thewar. est bidder, though the populacesupposedly has the right
to deny the wemion by an unknownm e w
Population CompositionEstimate: Human 78%, Half-

uably a good thing. frontier tdwn of eas ituated between the

Without the trade
Cordrada Corridor that stretches from Mithril. Because
would be compromised. of Mullis Towns location and its good, hard-working
The priests and paladins of Mithril have more folk (many of whom moved there toescape the battles
pressing matters to contend with than the unsavory that rage elsewhere,<searchingfor a more straightfor-
side of Mithrils Harbor City. Situated amid lands ward existence), it derives many benefits from the trade
largely controlled by titanspawn, outlying farmlands route between Mithril and Vesh. Goods come through
experience frequent raids, while the golem deters the Corridor by caravan to Mullis Town and then
direct attacks on the city proper. The pirates of the proceed down the Homswythe on Veshian barges.
Toe Islands, a mysterious and arcane order of Penum- The present so-called king of Mullis Town,
bral Lords, defense of the Cordrada Corridor and King Jaren, is but the second ruler of the city. Power
provision of aid to the battle against Virduk all serve passed to him when the first ruler, Lama1Arl, suddenly
to keep Mithrils defenders sorely taxed. died. Arl, a wealthy merchant who foresaw the possi-
Mulljs Town bilities at that location, carved the city out of the
Official or Predominant Worship: Tanil wilderness with the help of a band of hired mercenar-
ies. When he died with no family, the city claimed his
Complete Name: Kingdom of Mullis
property and put the rulership itself up for sale, suppos-
Ruler: King Donad Jaren
edly maintaining the prerogative to turn down any

unwelcomeoffers. Jaren, a Darakeene merchant whod what amounts to be serfdom to meet feed quotas set by
conducted a lot of business with Arl, won; no one Virduk so that he may supply his burgeoning army.
objected, even when he decided to call himself king. Despite the iron fist under which the people of
It remains to be seen if a lineage will be established Rahoch live, there are some small cabals within the city
onceJarensweddingwith Princess Hannatha, daughter that plot (or perhaps play-act at plotting) the liberation
of Queen Gwatra of Bridged City, is finalized and of the city. Rumors circulate that a Vigil is in contact
cements an alliance between these two solid city-states. with such people,which is patently ridiculous,ofcourse;
Note: JarensDarakeene roots showed themselves the Vigils thrive in wilderness areas, not the hearts of
recently when he officially accepted into MullisTowns citiesdeep within enemy territory.Nevertheless,Mayor
citizenry a sizeable population of half-orcs. They had Trotila or Virduk himself uses this rumor and the
lived in that area since orc tribes from the Plains of Lede sometimes clumsy maneuvers of these liberation groups
invaded human settlements during the Divine War. as an excuse to shakedown the city as they please.
While not a unanimously popular move among most of Shelzar
Mullis Towns citizenry, the half-orcs already worked
Official or Predominant Worship: Enkili
most of the hard-labor jobs around Mullis Town, so
making their citizenship official was somewhat moot. Complete Name: The Pleasure City of Shelzar
The move served to draw more half-orcs from through-
acceptance of half-orcs draws them to that nation.
oever has
Official or Predominant Worship: Manawe, Mother
of the Oceans

spontaneous indulgence takes precedence over mature

responsibilities - a trait that seemingly characterizes
numerous city-states of Southwestern Ghelspad. Well-
noted for itsrevelry and the promise ofpleasuresunknown
in other lands,Shelzarhas a surprisinglystrongbackbone
of naval trade. The merchants who essentially rule the
ate, had origins stretch- city by purchasingvotes work hard to maintain both the
Divine War. It was and city and its reputation for pleasure and commerce.
remains the most important and traffickedport between The citys government, rife with cormption, only re-
Ghelspad and Termana. The efforts of King Virduk in flects the city itself. Shelzar is exceedingly open,tolerating
recent years to reestablish trade routes with that south- anythlng a person chooses to do to himself and often
erly continent rely almost exclusivelyon this port city. anythlng he chooses to do to someone else. SheWs con-
Set upon a cliff well above the Blossoming Sea, the stables, properly bribed, will overlook black mketeering,
city is far less impressive and famous than the Two someslaveryandvicesofal1sorts.Onlycriminaltheftcannot
Thousand and Ten Steps in Hedrad, though Rahochs be tolerated,asonemightexpectinacityruledbymerchants.
Sea Walk is an impressive bit of architecture.Unlike the Thoughaportcity,veryfewofthevesselsaremeant
other port city of southern Ghelspad (Shelzar),Rahoch for passengers; most are merchant vessels. The ongoing
berths aconsiderablenumber ofpassengervessels. These joke is that Shelzar is a place to which people journey,
boats, largely subsidized by King Virduk, offer free butfromwhichtheycannotreturn. Amongsuchperma-
passage to Termana for anyone of the Hegemony or nent guests are a large number of Old Venirs nobility.
anyone at all who will claim Virduk as his king. These They (and a good deal of their possessions) found refuge
people, given a parcel of land in Termana in the vast in Shelzar when it became clear that Emperor Urlis was
plains known as Virduks Promise, then work under going to hand Venir over to King Virduk.

i natural characteristics (e.g., the atrocious Wall of Bones).
While some of the information might be obvious to many of us,
b please recall that many of our brothers and sisters travel far
beyond this continent and may find themselves at a loss upon
returning. Changes to the landscape occur frequently, and
I these altered places are renamed constantly as territorieschange
their political affiliations or social characteristics.
As the Keeper of the Seeds, I am always within reach.
Please direct questions to me as the need arises. May you find
that way, and may Denev grace your path.

i n*
Keeper of the Seeds

Forests Hornsaw Forest: Though other regions of the

Bloodrain Woods: A lovely, new-growth woods continent may be more warped and befouled than this
sprang up at the southeastern base of the Kelders as once-mighty forest, there are few places as dangerous
the Divine War slowed. But the woods were soon orthatplayhosttosuchavileassortmentofdestructive
after perverted and twisted by the rain showers of and malignant creatures. Virtually everythingobscene
bloody water swept ashore from the Blood Sea. These to nature and to Denev can be found within the
periodic storms, while nothing akin to the Blood Hornsaw. Rumors suggest that this wood and those
Monsoon of 112 AV, are frequent and potent, mak- within it feed on the blood of Mormo, which seems
ing this region treacherous and almost impassable. likely, given the nature of its inhabitants.
This forest deservescontinued attention, especially if Khet: Some of those most hated of foes, the
one doesnot ascribe to the notion that these bloodrains Cannibals of Khet (or the Mad Druids of Khirdet) -
are natural events; otherwise, it will be lost entirely to those druids who insist that Denev has no place
aberrational taints. among the pantheon of new gods -inhabit these
Ganjus: Situated at the center of this ravaged woods. The Cannibals of Khet instigated the Druid
continent is Ghelspads great forest, the Ganjus. It is, in War, and though defeated, they have transformed
truth, the home of the wood elves, who dwell there these woods into their stronghold.
within their numerous villages and the astonishing city Scrub Forest: This relatively small forest is essen-
of Vera-Tre. The Ganjus is perhaps where all have left tially devoid of life and has been thus as long as the
their hearts. It is the safest and most restored wilderness continent has been catalogued. The trees are stunted
on the continent (and perhaps in all the ScarredLands). and withered, yet they do not die. The floor-level
Many protected and sacredgroves are located there, and vegetation is gray and sickly,yet it tenaciously remains.
the elves continue to be hospitabletoward those peoples These effectsand others are presumably the result of the
who worship Denev, which makes the wood elves vast number of undead creatures that frequent this area
singularamong the Divine Races,worshipinga titan. So and seem to command these wooc1s. Long and diligent
the elves suffer even somedruids gladly and well,despite inspection suggests that these undead are indeed orga-
the damage wrought by druidic enemies in the Druid nized. Clues, such as evenly spaced sentry posts and a
War some 100 years ago. defensive trench around the perimeter, suggest this is
Geleedas Grove: First Calastia annexes a grand true. The theory of wiser druids bears repetition: These
and large forest. Then King Virduk presents it as a undead are the remnants of the Dead Tide of Agavir.
wedding gift to his new queen, as though it were a Spine Forest: These woods, along the northeast-
small stand of trees or quaint yet insignificant little ern edge of the Kelder Mountains, were once call
garden spot. Portions of this forest cross the bound- Denevs Spine but are now known as the Spine Forest.
aries of several nations that comprise the Calastian The woods elongated shape and proximity to what is
Hegemony. Since Virduk bestowed the gift, it has considered the spine of the continent, the Kelders,
been significantly more difficult for outsiders to enter suggest its name. These woods see frequent incursions
it, partly because the forest is closed (under threat of from the orcs of the Plains of Lede, but as vigilants
death) -even to hunters who once secured permits patrol here and the people of Bridged City hunt here,
to plumb it mysterious depths. Poachers shy from it the woods are safe when entered in numbers during
now; the heads of those men, defiant or unwise, who daylighthours. What more canone expect of Ghelspad?
tested the tyrant now adorn spikes planted about the Stricken Woods: The Divine War did not cause
periphery of the woods. The forest is a strong one, all the blights of the land. The continued exploitation
weathering many wars and the years since very well. and destruction of natural resources motivates fre-
Time and more ardent investigations will reveal what quent revisions and updates to almanacs and travel
Queen Geleeda and her sorcery will make of it. guides. These woods, for instance, survived the Divine
Fouled Forest: Despite its name and unlike so War essentially intact. Later, though, when a group of
many of Ghelspads ravaged forests, this forest enjoys destructivewizards tired ofplayingat sovereignstate,
quite respectable health. In fact, its extreme age and they demolished the woods, creating a region that
overgrowth led to its apt naming. Many people and could just as well be listed below, in the Wastelands
armieshave become entangled in this wood and discov- section, as here. All manner of strange beasts (such as
ered accidentallywhat is now accepted as truth: passage a recently reported fleshcrawler), which are seldom
through this forest is difficult at best. While the wood seen in other parts ofGhelspad, seem to gravitate here.
seems normal and healthy, its growth rate is consider- Hjlls
able faster than what is expected for a forest of this kind.
Blood Steppes: These rough lands, near the
The cause or reason for this phenomenon remains
interior of the continent, are so dangerous that even
unknown. Just know that paths hacked through will be
Calastia refuses to annex them, instead devising
completely overgrown in as little time as a week.
borders that exclude the steppes. Named shortly after
C H A P T E R F O U R : T O P O G R A P H Y OF C H E L S P A D

the Divine War for the bloody battles that ensued intent on defending their city to the last. Best esti-
there even after the war, the steppes function as a mates suggest that the top of the pillar is roughly level
route from the Homsaw Forest to the Kelder Moun- with the land surrounding the sinkhole. The pillar
tains, which is used almost exclusively by titanspawn stands approximately 500 feet high and though irregu-
that will gladly murder anything they find in their larly shaped is on average a few hundred feet wide.
path. Thus, travel through the region is very difficult
and dangerous; one can never be certain what might
be encountered - anything from a small band of Devouring Reef: As ifprotecting the Titanshome
goblins to a fearfully dangerous hag and her retinue. Mountains from close scrutiny by sea, the massive
DevouringReefformsaprotective perimeter around the
Haggard Hills: Though these Kelder Mountain
northwestern portion of Ghelspad. Can it be a coinci-
foothillsblossom with renewed growth (thanks to many
dence that the most remote and unknown wilderness
druids and the elves of Vera-Tre), it remains a largely
area of the continent became even more inaccessible
devastatedzone.Damageresultingfromthe Divine War
when this reef sprang into existence during the Divine
and a number of very potent magical affects seem to
War? Rumors fly as to who created it and to what end.
have lingeringeffects on the land. Some low-lyingareas
Was it a single titan who escaped to the valleys within
and valleys within the hills remain barren, while those
the mountains?Does the extinction of the slarecianson
areas exposed to sunlight are finally supporting some
the eve of the Divine War tie into the reefs creation?
green growth. Wildlife tentatively returns to the hills,
There are as many theories as there are foesof the Divine
which is a welcome development. For the moment, the
Races. Regardless of the reefs origin, the storms in the
area allows safe passage, as wildernessareas go. Without
area, the ever-present danger of grounding on the reef
resources to sustain a fixed population, the herds relo-
and its viciously predatory aquatic inhabitants combine
cating there are not yet large enough to attract larger
to make this a formidable barrier indeed.
predators, with the possible exception of the Obsidian
Hound, which has been spotted twice over the past Drifting Isle: Though it has held its current
several months. position for at least 50 years, prior charts placed this
island at many different points in the Blossoming
Kelder Steppes: Because the orc populations to
Sea, so its name has stuck. Other than its legendary
the north force other titanspawn out of the area and
movements, the island is best known as the location
the vigilants of Vesh energetically scout southern
of the Solemnaic Vale, the home of the orafauna.
quadrants, the Kelder Steppes are probably the most
natural regions of the continent outside of the Tarrak: Believed to have once been a haven for
Ganjus itself. Wildlife is abundant and sustainable, titanspawn, Tarrak has now been partially colonized
existing in harmony with the land. Of course, defin- by a faction from the nation of Karria. These
ing natural) sparks numerous debates, but in this Darakeene refugees have slowed their efforts to colo-
case, the meaning should be clear. These prosperous nize the land in favor of exploring westward and
circumstances of course periodically reverse them- participating in the fishing that has made Darakeene
selves when the Hornswythe River reverses its flow, wealthy in recent years.
backwashing into the Blood Basin (see below). Toe Islands (Kadums Toes): The Toe Is-
Mounds of Man: Between the Festering Fields lands, off the eastern coast of Ghelspad, teem with life
and the Sweltering Plains are situated lonely and but host no establishedcommunities of any sort. All of
haunting (and allegedly haunted) hills, known as the these islands are way stations for pirates and brigands,
Mounds of Man. They are thusly named after the although a few permanent denizens have been ac-
belief that the earth has settled there over grotesquely knowledged,such as a handful ofhags. Pirates use these
enormous piles of corpses swept by the gods off the islands as homeports, as the toes are the last point of
ancient battlefields. Some joke that Dunahaes Wall generally safe ocean-travel before the terrible storms
of Bones would be finished in short order, should and winds east of the Celestial Shelf. From the Toe
those people mine these hills for bones, but no one Islands, the pirates and their sea witches prey upon
neighboring this place would be so flippant. Those merchant vessels bound for or departing Mithril.
who have traveled there relate personal experiences Uria: Silent enough to be overlooked but puissant
suggesting that legions of undead haunt these hills. enough to be forgotten at ones own risk, the island of
Pillar of Non: In the midst of the Perforated Uriahosts araceofelveswho havedistancedthemselves
Plains towers one of the strangest, most jarring sights from the affairs of Ghelspad since the Divine War. This
of the continent. The Pillar of Non supports the island, largely unexplored by outsiders, is presumably
remains of the city of Aurimar, the former capitol of a completely inhabited by the Urians and is thus probably
once-greatnation. The great stone pillar juts out of the safe for those mariners seeking refuge during a storm.
largest sinkhole of those ravaged plains. Approaching However, such sailors will be only temporary guests, as
the elves use their great harriers to transport such
the pillar (or even its surrounding sinkhole) is a
dangerousproposition, as its potent protectors remain interlopers back to the mainland.

Lakes Corridor. While druids do not generally favor efforts

Adums Tear:Formerly knownas MountainsTear that tame or intrude upon the wilderness, as this road
Loch, this large lake within the Kelders was famously is wont to do (e.g., it bisects migrational plains), they
renamed to honor the memory of a fallen hero. Whether also reluctantly agree that the result of Cordradas
owing to the magic of that historical moment and the ambition testifies as to the marvels that men might
appearance of the Great Swan or resulting from the achieve. The Corridor is a stone road, but one set with
natural course of fresh waters that flow to it from the grooves to accommodate the wheels of wagons driven
surrounding and inaccessible mountains, this lake has by Mithrils merchants. These grooves, smoothed by
remainednearlypristine. One druid reprtedseeingpls extensive use, ensure a quick and stable ride.
of blood within the lake, prompting theories suggesting Wall of Bones: Marring the wild beauty of
that AdumsTearmighthaveasubterraneanconnection Ghelspadswilderness is the manmade travesty known
to the Cleft of Corean or the Blood Sea itself, but it was as the Wall of Bones. The wall stretches across the
more likely the spoor of some recently killed creature. entire eastern border of Dunahnae, and its construc-
Lake Repose: This largest of all inland bodies of tion continues. Generations of slaves have scavenged
water lies on the Celestial Shelf near the city-state of bones from battlefields across the western portion of
Hedrad. By all accountsandmeasures,it is extraordinar- the continent, especially Devils March. The wall is
ilycleanandhealthy,due inlargepart tothe fastidiousness absolutely immense. The groundwork along the en-
of the fisherman who every spring keep very careful tire border rises to an average height of at least 5 feet;
watch over the fish that mount Sheer Falls. The fisher- in many places, it is 15 feet or higher.
manremove any fish suspectedof being tainted by its life Mountajns
in the Blood Sea. Some feel strongly that the fisher- Canyon of Souls: A number of connected and
man- in the judgmental manner that characterizes crossing canyons forms something of a pass through
their city-are too strict in their evaluations, but the the center of the Kelder Mountains, but like so much
results are undeniable if less than what they might be. that seems convenient in the Scarred Lands, these
The lake is presumably fed by an underground source. canyons trap the unwary. The powerful winds that
Manmade blow east of the Celestial Shelf are diverted around
Cordrada Corridor: There are a few stone roads the edge of the plateau and cross southern Vesh and
within the Calastian Hegemony and around the Mourning Marshes. In those lands, the winds can
Darakeenes capitol, Meliad, but nothing compares to be a nuisance, but once these winds channel into the
the awesomeand lasting workmanship of the Cordrada Canyon of Souls, their intensity rises to gale force.
The resulting winds can instantly pin a man to the

walls of the canyon or fling him like a rag doll a league south. Home to countless races, people and secrets, it
or more before shattering him against unyielding defies convenient summarization. The Kelders form
rock. There is, however, a definite pattern to the a wall across the continent that is easily passable at
winds, and the Ontenazians who rule the area claim only two locations: Irontooth Pass in the south and
to know them. Clearly, they do not know them the Canyon of Souls (controlled and surely best
entirely; the deadly winds still sometimes claim brave understood by the Ontenazians) in the middle.
people. Also worth noting: the winds have effectively Krakadom: This tallest peak of the Kelder Moun-
sealed off some areas of the canyons for years, even tains is home to the so-called forsaken dwarves,
from the adventurous Ontenazians, so the extent of who settled there after a long journey during the
the canyons and their contents remain unknown. Divine War. Some malevolent force allegedly resides
Celestial Shelf: This high plateau rises hundreds within the mountain, corrupting the dwarves, but
of feet over and between the Blood Sea and Lake this has yet to be substantiated.
Repose, supporting the city-state of Hedrad. The in- Moanscar Mountains: These mountains were
cline of the land funnels water from the lake westward, named after the Divine War. Kadums tail struck the
where it eventually reaches the Hornswythe River. land here before he was hurled into the Blood Sea.
Cliffs of Constancy: So named because they The titans thrashing raised these mountains, which
appear to resist erosion (despite the tremendous winds now impede travel east of the Hornswythe River,
that buffet them), these cliffs mark the southern tip save that through the Serpentine Pass: a winding
of the Celestial Shelf. canyon that runs between Moanscars peaks. The
Gascar Peaks: For good reason, the GascarPeaks are Cordrada Corridor runs nearly to the northeastern
lesexploredandsettledbytheDivineRacesthantheother portion of this pass, while Mullis Town rests on the
major mountain chain of the continent, the Kelders. The opposite, southwestern end of the pass. The moun-
Gascars enduredfar more environmentaldamage thanthe tain fauna are reasonably natural, although natural
Kelders duringthe DivineWar, and there remains no good in the lexicon of the Scarred Lands means hill howl-
reason topenetratethem whenother,more accessibleareas ers, vrail and other dangers.
have yet to be fully mapped and surveyed. Murmur Pass: This treacherous pass comprises
Gluttonous Caves: Virtually nothing can be the surest means of bypassing the Gascar Peaks, but
said of these caves. There is no record of recent, while circumventing many environmental threats, it
known instance of anyone penetrating more than a poses a single, significant geological hazard. By popu-
shouts length into the caverns and successfully re- lar accounts, the slightest noise - even a speaking
turning. Perhaps the caves house a dangerous beast; voice - can trigger dramatic and fatal rockslides.
perhaps the network of cave is a route into the Vigilants, making their way through the pass in the
interior of the Titanshome Mountains? middle of the night some years ago (serving as the
Godsface Cliffs: Like the Cliffs of Constancy, the only reliable source of information on the subject),
Godsface Cliffs (so named because the visage of every report that the mountains that loom or teeter over
major god is identifiable in the natural crags) are per- the pass seem stacked like wooden blocks, ready to
petually savaged by the harsh winds east of the Celestial tumble at the slightest provocation. The pass is
Shelf.These winds complicate water travel and naviga- presumably uninhabited.
tion around the shelf. Unlike its southern cousins, Spires of Gaurak: Newly formed (relatively
though, the Godsface Cliffs suffer extensive damage speaking), the Spires of Gaurak shield Darakeene
from the savagery of the wind. The cliff face crumbles, from the desolation of the Perforated Plains. Formed
sendingspraysofstoneinto thesea; sometimes,the finer when many of Gauraks shattered and extracted teeth
detritus remains airborne, carried for miles by the winds were cast down, in preparation for the Gluttons
and allegedly causing many odd injuries. A number of entombment, it takes little imagination to see the
cavesand smallerholes dot the face of the cliffs and serve titans fangs in the silhouette of these preternaturally
as homes for various birds and beasts. steep mountains. Certainly, the imprisoned titans
Irontooth Pass: Made famous by King Virduks essence taints the region. For example, Vengaurak so
surprise attackon the dwarves,this pass could have been thoroughly infest one region that it has been named
put to so much better use. It remains the only southern Vengaurak Vale as a warning to travelers.
passage through the great Kelder Mountains. Formerly Titanshome Mountains: Absolutely impen-
dotted by dwarven strongholds,the pass is now the site etrable, the Titanshome Mountains were so named
of fortified encampments of Calastian soldiers - en- because peoples superstitiousfears asserted that titans
campments that grow more permanent each season. might yet exist, hiding within its peaks. More than
Kelder Mountains: The greatest topographical likely, there are titans bound or buried there. But wild
feature of the continent is this range of mountains, stories tell of slarecian cities, forgotten empires and
which runs the entire breadth of Ghelspad, north to great treasures-everything and anything imaginable

-all mere fantasies, a desperate attempt to compen- Sheer Falls: Two waterfalls comprise this area,
sate for a dearth of real knowledge about a region too where the Placid River descends to meet the lowlands
dangerous,remote and inaccessibleto properly survey. of the marshes in eastern Ghelspad. Sheer Falls
abruptly drops about 150 feet. The other falls is a
Plains leisurely series of rapids that begin their descent from
Plains of Lede: Titanspawn and orc communi- a point a bit east of its mate and is called Balancing
ties, which could in truth be called cities, heavy Falls by the fisherman who live along its length.
populate Ghelspads great northeastern plains. The SplinteredRiver: Long assumed to be two rivers, the
orcs, largely nomadic, subsist on the plentiful, if often Splintered River in fact appears to be a single river,
dangerous, game that roams the plains. Other races, originating in the Gascar Peaks and running toward the
like the Proud, can be found here. These dangers Ukrudan Desert, where it mysteriously drops into the
essentially go unchecked, though some men, like the earth through a great rent in the ground.Just as mysteri-
Riders of the Kelder Steppes, have managed to carve ously, on the western side of the desert, the river is forced
out a home nearby. back up onto the surface and flows uninterrupted there-
Devils March: With soil grossly poisoned with after through Dunahnae, onto the Blossoming Sea.
blood and an atmosphere swimmingwith evil spirits, Witnesseshave confirmed that it is a single river: objects
Devils March supports little life in what, to all placed into the easternchasmhave been vomited forth in
appearances, seems an hospitable, grassy plain. The the west. However, some test objects did not successfully
March marked the front line for some of the largest complete the journey and were lost. Additionally, some
battles of the Divine War, particularly the great strangeartifactsandmangled,fleshyremainshavebobbed
struggles against the then-powerful asaathi, whose tothesurfaceinthewest-itemsthatwerenot reportedly
empire has been all but shattered. Regardless of the lost in the eastern chasm -giving rise to rumors about
conditions of the plain though, the peoples of titanspawn living somewhere along the underground
Ghelspad best be wary, for it seems the titanspawn portionoftheriver.Noexpeditionhaseverretumedfrom
population of this region grows bolder by the day. beneath the Ukrudan Desert.
Rjvers Seas and Inlets
Border River: A strong, quick-flowingriver, the Blood Sea:The most famous body of water in all
aptly named Border River marks the eastern border of the Scarred Lands, the Blood Sea allegedly derives its
Darakeene. In the past, it was called the Boundary unnatural sanguine coloration from the titan Kadum
River because Darakeene counted anything beyond it who, bound within its depth, continues to bleed from
to beof little importance.Since becoming more watch- wounds inflicted 150years ago. Who knows the limits
ful and wary of the remainder of the continent (while of a titans capacity to bleed or how one might live
adopting an irritating political neutrality that vexes under such circumstances?There is no telling whether
many), Darakeene changed the name of the river. this seas ruddy hue will persist, but red because of
Hornswythe River: This mighty river serves as blood - it cannot be denied. The bloods tainting
one of the main waterways within Ghelspads inte- effects will certainly persist well beyond the time the
rior. From a source deep within the Kelders, the river source itself is exhausted. From the monsters that raid
flows into and out of Blood Basin. From Blood Basin, Mithrils beaches to the beasts that harass and imperil
the river serves as a major trade route through Mullis maritime traffic, the blood has transmogrified count-
Town,south, to its mouth at the Arcernoth Delta. less beings and, in some cases, sparked the evolution of
The most peculiar aspect of this river is that it entirely new species. Which is, of course, exactly what
reverses its flow: water rushes north, from the Blood the titans did, so long ago. How can anyone thus claim
Sea back toward the Kelders. Only a full-fledged that the titans were truly defeated?
Blood Monsoon seems able to create the kind of air Blossoming Sea: Whereas the Blood Sea is dy-
and water currents needed to sustain this change for ing, the Blossoming Sea is doing exactly what its
any duration. But other documented strong weather name implies. Abundant life flourishes there.
patterns, such as thunderstorms or heavy ocean cur- Darakeene is only now beginning to explore the
rents, have reversed the rivers course for brief periods advantages of harvesting fish from the sea, and other
-a process that floods the Mourning Marshes with naval powers are realizing that, just as routes through
b1ood)tainted water. the Blood Sea are closed or arduous, those shipping
Placid River: This wide and slow-flowing (ex- lanes to the west promise expansion and profit. Cur-
cept near the Sheer Falls) river runs from Lake rently, seamen charting the western sea report neither
Repose, atop the Celestial Shelf, all the way to the terrible dangers nor unexpected and fantastic re-
Hornswythe River. Fishing communities dot the wards, but time and more exploratory expeditions
riverbanks and are occasionally menaced or raided by may yield something noteworthy.
the slitheren of the Mourning Marshes to the west.

Coreans Cleft: This long and narrow canyon in tion available suggests that an oily substance leaks
southeastern Ghelspad (near the beleaguered nation into the water through a fissure in the gulfs floor.
of Durrover) allegedly owes its creation to Corean, Liars Sound: The remains of boats, caught in
who smote the titan Hrinruuk as the titan prepared to unpredictable currentsand battered by an undulatingsea
hurl Hedrada into a great void. The exposed walls of bottom, litter Liars Sound-one of the most treacherous
this canyon signal great mineral wealth within the sailing areas of Ghelspadscoastalwaters (andperhaps the
cleft -material that the dwarves of Burok Torn have most treacherous,discountingthe waters surroundingthe
been anxious to gather. However, their battles with Celestial Shelf). The water here is strangely shallow in
Virduk have distracted them from the undertaking. many places, so unwary boats laden with goods will
Reports now indicate that the water from the Blood certainly run aground. The opportunistic people of
Sea is collecting in the cleft and stagnating (despite Fangsfall have begun looting old wrecks, searching for
fresh water flowing into the cleft from the Dardale treasures that might still remain on some of them. Curi-
River at it northern point). The stagnant, tainted ously, plagues ravage the city after each new discovery,
water in turn mutates the native fauna, creating truly which has dulled interest in this pastime.
horrid beasts. One eyewitness account (a survivor of
a Durrovian outfit preparing a sneak attack upon
Calastia via the Kelders ) verified that a powerful and Bleak Savannah: Long ago known as the fertileplain
frenzied monstrosity demolished his entire company. of Merses (legendary, especially among the paladins of
Inferno Gulf: Inferno Gulfs oily water can Corean, for the stories of Permenthes and the coreanic
indeed be set ablaze,which is a hazard both Dunahnae steeds that still &bit the region),the Bleak Savannah is
and other nations should remember, in the event that now both inhospitable and teaming with titanspawn. As
this nation, dedicated to Chardun, instigates any such,storiesof the Fountainof Coreango unsubstantiated,
future conflicts. The Dunahnaesians maintain a port althoughmembersofthelonger-livedraces insistthatitdid
within the waters of the gulf, and Dunahnaes neigh- once exist there. Whether it survived the Divine War is
bors suspect this port also has facilities for bottling unknown. If it did, it obviously no longer provides for the
the unctuous waters for purposes that are currently land as it once had. Further, the titanspawnof the region
unclear. A kind of sea life exists within the gulf, have evidentlycome to a sort of peace among themselves,
although it is of a variety clearly different from that of which bodes ill for Albadia, Vera-Tre and other nearby
the Blossoming Sea. The source of the waters greasy settlements,suchasAmalthea,because titanspawncannot
component remains unknown, but the best informa- go long without fightingfor pleasure.

Blood Basin: Most of the time, this large inland smooth black rock comprising Obsidian Pyre burns
lake is beautiful and life giving. Fed by good water perpetually. The flames do not reduce these rocks,
from melting Kelder Mountain snow, Blood Basin is nor does any evident fuel feed the blaze. Something
purified by the powerful Hornswythe River and pro- of the vast energy that the wizards of the Obsidian
vides water to the thriving wildlife populations of the Pyre used to destroy this region persists here, and it is
Kelder Steppes. However, during rare Blood Mon- perhaps a continuing source of power to them, for
soons, when the flow of the Hornswythe reverses and they seem to return here on a regular basis. Perhaps
backwashes tainted Blood Sea water into the lake, they commune with their goddess Belsameth?What-
the Basin becomes stagnant and slowly spreads across ever the explanation, even the Stricken Woods most
the steppes until it achieves a vastly greater size. The dangerous beasts shy away from this spot.
fouled water, when ingested by unknowing animals, Perforated Plains: Once the site of a great
and the residue it deposits when the waters subside empire, centered on its capitol city of Aurimar, these
spark great and terrible changes throughout the re- plains bear witness to that treacherous nations fate.
gion that can last an entire generation. Some animals The entirety of the plains was savaged by great storms
suddenly become killers, hunting more than they of hail and stone (boulders reportedly the size of
need to survive. Other creatures go on mad rampages horses), pockmarking the landscape with rents, holes
until they are destroyed. Others, seemingly unaf- and gouges.The plains flora and fauna have begun to
fected, unwittingly pass the taint along to their recover from this devastation, but the destruction
offspring or even carrythe taint and infect other was so complete that its original, natural ecology has
water supplies (which is the theory behind the brief not completely reasserted itself. A large number of
but violent Frenzied Orc War). titanspawn allegedly exist here, most of them under-
FesteringFields: TheCalastianHegemonystopped ground, perhaps having carved tunnels between some
its westward expansion for two reasons: First, Virduk of the larger holes gouged into the region.
evidentlydidnotyetwishtosparktheireofHollowfaust, Sweltering Plains: Through a means unknown
which lies north of this plain. Second, the dead walk but hinted at in countless legends, unbelievable tem-
freely about this plain. It is a region where the living peratures, elevated well above those of surrounding
seem to quickly join the ranks of the dead. areas, ravage these plains, rendering them incapable
Obsidian Pyre: At the heart of the blighted of sustaining any natural life. This heat tapers off as
Stricken Woods is an area known by few and seen by one reaches the periphery of the affected lands, but
perhaps a handful. Looking like a monument of even so, it declines too quickly to be a natural
standing stones, broken and fallen into disarray, the meteorological phenomenon. Numerous dangerous

beasts have of course adapted to the heat. While SorporatraSwamp:Whenthewinddiesdownandnde

fables speak of the intact ruins of ancient cultures, miasmic, noxious vaporsform swirling clouds, this swamps
preserved by the dry heat, unfortunate treasure seek- air becomes so immediately lethal that it is bottled by
ers have instead found mirages, heat stroke and assassins. How such potions are later put to use (for,when
violent death in abundance. r e l d under better, ventilated conditions, the toxins
Ukrudan Desert: This region is as blighted and would surely dispene) cannot be explained. Because these
devastated as any inGhelspad. Some asaathi,by means unique and deadly circumstances rarely occur,though, tl-m
of the ancient magic that preserved them before and m a t desolate and rottenwetlands need not be categorized a
during the Divine War, manage to live here. With the wasteland.However,thisratingmight change,asthevigdam
exception of one city believed to be in the Swamps of suggest that not even the slitherentarry long in this swamp.
Kan Thet, the largest remaining community of asaathi Swamps of Kan Thet: Theseswampswere once part
dwell near the center of this wasteland. of a great m t h i empirethat ruled much of western and all
Wetlands of southwestern Ghelspad. The empiresremnants consist
of dozens of ruined cities and small tribesof asithi survi-
Mourning Marshes: The bilgelike waters of the
vors. Because many of the asaathi cities destroyed during
Mourning Marches are more fetid and muddy than even
the DivineWarwerenevercompletelysacked (the Divine
Armies could not spare the time during their campaign
water is rarely more than a few inches deep, allowing a
against the asaathi), a number of explorers eagerly delve
number of higher-gound areas where animals and beasts
into thii huge swamp, searching for ruins and stores of
can make a lair, the marshes arevirtuallyimpassable fields
asathi treasure.Until recently,theseexpeditionshavemet
of loose mud and thick rot. Many of these muddy areasare
with ill fortune and endured many fatalitiesowing to the
quicksand treacherous. Beware stories of lost treasure;
swamps mhoqitable terrain, diseased-spreading insects
while doubtlessly true, the chance of finding the exact
and a variety of bizarre, predatory creatures that make the
location within the marshes confusing mess is remote.
Swamps of Kan Thet their home. However, two recent
Many kinds of beasts, including the vile slitheren -all
expeditions,financed by an anonymous merchant from
feeding upon the remains of the titans -dwell within
Shelzar,have returned ladenwithold asaa&i treasuresand
these marshes, making the place even more inhospitable.
troubling reports that the asaathi presence in Kan Thet
These obscenities hunt widely, herding their prey and may be far larger than the totals commonly projected.
other interlopers into deadly terrain and natural traps.
I <

King Virduk of Calama and the Calastian Hegemony:
i My sovereign, a5 you have commanded, so it is done. 1 i
have compiled a record of the most influential organizations
on the Ghelspad continent, detailing their most current
i activities. A summary of the full report appears below. Please 1
let me know if you find this document deviates in any way I

from your expectations.

Humbly yours,

Royal Advisor
Archmage of the Calastian Battle Mages

Courtesans of Idra I will continue our efforts to ensure that your

O n the surface, the Courtesans of Idra scarcely Hegemony is free of these harlots, lest they one day
qualify as deserving your highness scrutiny. If they assert their influence from myriad positions of power.
were merely a group of Shelzarian harlots or promis- In this regard, I strenuously reiterate -cognizant of
cuous priestesses devoted to Idra, as they would have the fact that certain implications might cost a less-
so many believe, I would not waste your highness wise man his head -that some courtesans we have
time. However, in recent years, our informants have found are sorceresses of considerable power, are of
begun ferreting out the true extent of this organiza- Albadian stock and are the wives or lovers of intelli-
tion, and each new piece of information suggests a gent and powerful men.
much more widespread and powerful group than we Cult of Ancients
would have surmised. Belsamethsband of thugs still frightens the com-
Your highness will recall that I first discovered mon folk. With cult members presumed to operate
the existence of courtesans within your court upon across Ghelspad through a network of safehouses in all
exposing one of my own apprentices, whom I had major cities, the Cult of Ancients maintains its perva-
taken as a mistress. I did not discover her true identity sivereputationas the Slayerschosen assassins. Referring
until years into her studies under me, and only then to itself as the Order of Ancients, commoners dub it a
after conducting a surprise test of divination magic .
cult, though not to its face .. for diplomacys sake.
wherein I pierced her sleeping mind deeply enough to The Cult continues to accept payment in return
discover her hidden agenda and membership in the for assassinating chosen targets. The Cults telltale
Idran cult. Under torture and further mind probes wmtongue blades and obsidian dirks have found
from your esteemed torturer-priests, we discovered their way into many a merchants or political rivals
the identities of a number of courtesans in your court. back this past year, not to mention the number of
Subsequent arrests and interrogations revealed a net- poisonings and other accidental deaths for which
work of courtesans who had insinuated themselves the Cult is ultimately responsible. Our own business
into the lives of your generals, wizards, priests and dealings with the Cult have concluded satisfactorily,
civic officers. except as you recall, their asking price for King
As our investigations continued, we discovered Thains demise: it was not deemed worth the expen-
the presence of these courtesans at every court in your diture. The Cult refuses but a few targets requested of
Hegemony. Numerous details imply that similar them, mostly on religious grounds (usually targets
networks exist in countries such as Vesh and related by faith to their dark goddess). However, the
Darakeene. What continues to elude us is the prices they ask for some targets, such as Thain, suggest
organizations purpose and who ultimately controls that they conceal their cowardice behind prices so
it. While Charduns teachings ensure that the men of high, they make the assassinationattempt unfeasible.
power within your Hegemony keep their women in Nonetheless, 111 grant the Cult its due. Their
their proper place and have not been influenced by members must be trained from birth to be so fanati-
these Idran courtesans, it is likely that they had at cally devoted to the Cult and to Belsameth and given
least formed an excellent intelligence-gathering net- their talent at stealth, killing and rudimentary magic.
work within your Hegemony. In other countries that We have some evidence of family affiliations among
have not yet ferreted out these Idrans, I surmise the Cult members with whom we have dealt, implying
courtesans still provide this spy network with infor- that extended families comprise the Cult. I would
mation and exert what influence they possess or even further extrapolate from other evidence that some
dominate their lovers into certain courses of political fiendish blood courses through the narrow veins
or mercantile action. within some of these families (Belsameths daemons
The courtesans come from a variety of back- may have taken a liking to some Cult members in
grounds and sexes, though most commonly female recent generations). Finally, the Cults ties to the
and of half-elven or Albadian stock -presumably due sorcerous Order of Goat (formerly Nine Goats) give
to the comeliness of these races. Courtesans are it access to more advanced magical training for some
usually bards, priestesses to the love demigoddess Idra of its members and craftsmen capable of forging
or sorceresses.Reliably, the courtesans we have iden- wmtongues, as required.
tified are mistresses or wives -some of many years -
to men (but rarely women) in positions of political, Exemplars
military, magical or mercantile power. Yet there has Hedrads chosen take many forms.
emerged no single cause which the courtesans seem SomefewsoulsthatHedradahaspluckedfromamong
to support or for which they might exert their influ- hiskithful,to be paragons ofhumanachievement,are true
ence. Attempts to divine a command structure or Exemplars. These ascetic monks largelyoperate across the
base of operations has failed thus far. Blood Sea and are rarely a Calastian concern.

More commonly in Ghelspad, the title exem- Horsemen of Vangal

plar is bestowed in conjunction with some select Being dead for 10 years (or undead, as the case
craft or skill that a follower of Hedrada has chosen to may be) has done little to inhibit Galdor or his
pursue to perfection within his mortal lifetime. If leadership of the Horsemen of Vangal. The manner
these zealous individualswere content to be Smithing of undead state the Ravager placed upon his general
Exemplars or Pottery Exemplars,your highness would remains unknown to us. From the tales of destruction
be enjoy an exquisite vase, not reading this report. that follow Galdor and his horsemen, his undead
Unfortunately, some few of these faithful choose a nature seems to have amplified his personal power.
martial focus as their route to sainthood. For example, (One credible report had him dueling with Vangals
the Sword Exemplars of Hedrad are those select Herald in a pissing contest for dominance - a con-
swordmasters for whom practice with the blade is a test that Galdor reputedly won!)
spiritual pursuit more than a purely martial one. Every Galdor keeps the largest host of horsemen in his
practice cut with their blade is aprayer to Hedrada;every own camp, but numerous other bands of horseman,
flawless slash and thrust, a building block to canoniza- from small squads to warbands five-score in number,
tion. Regrettably, these exemplars are not content to roam far from and independent of Galdors personal
spend their years cutting the air in the courtyards of leadership. It would seem that while all horsemen
Hedrads temples. More often, they take to the roads of will cede to Galdors ultimate authority, in practice
Ghelspad, pursuing opportunities to hone their skill in they roam Ghelspad in bands determined by the
battle and put their weapon mastery to the ultimate test, personal power of the bands chosen leader.
thus bringing bandit kings to justice and otherwise Horsemen range across most of the plains, fields,
restoring their vision of order to the world. steppes and savannas of Ghelspad. A t times they are
Hurrah, hurrah. little more than nomadic raiders, plundering mer-
Our field commanders need note that the dwarves chant caravans or frontier towns. Sometimes they
who worship Hedrada and who have answered the battle the titanspawn that frequent the wild grass-
exemplarscall most often use Hedradasown signature lands. Infrequently, though, bands of horsemen
weapon as their own: a double-malleted, two-handed converge, forming an army of an apocalyptic scale to
hammer. These Hammer Exemplars prove to be formi- assaultnations if only to shed blood and bum homes-
dable adversaries when they take the field against all in Vangals name. No encounter with the horsemen
Calastian armies. Although the singular focus of a is pleasant, as they are sure to at least spread their gods
weapon exemplars training means he often lacks pestilence to whomever they meet. Engaging these
other military skills, such as horsemanship OT heavy- blood-crazed,barbarous priests and warriors in pitched
armor combat, his skill with his chosen weapon is battle is a tribulation best left to our enemies.
unsurpassed by any other warrioror soldieronGhelspad.

House Asuras the conclusionof the Druid War. Yet as arule, incamates
Telos Asuras continues to defy Belsameths at- wield considerable druidic magic and serve as Denevs
tempt to claim his soul. By some accounts he has now priests, heralds, generals and ambassadors in the scarred
passed his loohyear, yet continues to personally Lands. This alone makes them worth noting.
direct his sprawling commercial empire and quarrel- Incarnate activity remains focused on restoring
some, power-hungry family. the land, whether blighted by divine or titan influ-
By recent count, Telos has 204 children, grand- ence during the Divine War or in subsequent events,
children and great-grandchildren living throughout such as the Blood Monsoon of 112AV. They do seem
Ghelspad (presumably on other continents as well), to be taking a more active interest in the conditions
administeringthe merchant familys many enterprises. of Queen Geleedas Grove, and I again council your
highness that I sincerely doubt the Queen can ex-
Your highness will recall that the Asuras family
clude Denevs chosen from the darker secrets of her
already had a sizable fortune and merchant enterprise
grove for very much longer.
before the Divine War. Though it is widely known
that House Asuras conducted business with both Also of note: In the past year, a fractious group of
sides of the war, divine and titanspawn alike, they incarnates has begun rumblings within their ranks.
were never condemned for it publicly by the national One of the most powerful and prominent Incarnates,
powers. After all, who would want to lose his own Lathos, has begun the so-called Hierophant Her-
supply line, funneling the goods provided by House esy. Few incarnates follow Lathos teachings so far,
Asuras? As a result, the Asuras wealth and power but we are endeavoring to make contact with Lathos
base expanded considerably during the War - this in case this splinter group might provide an opportu-
despite the familysloss of many holdings through the nity to manipulate any incarnates to further your
Wars overall destructiveness. highness destiny.
Telos (as his father before him) drives the mer- Legjon of Ash
chant family to capitalize on the momentum of While most mercenary legions will accept Disciples
acquiring power. Driving other merchants out of of War who have completed their training at any number
business through means fair but more often foul, of Darakeenes war-guilds, the Legion of Ash selects its
trafficking in slaves and black-market goods and members solely from the three war-guilds that together
insinuating family members into politically powerful comprise the Ledean War Colleges. The Ledean War
families through strategic marriages are all common Colleges themselves turn away hundreds of young appli-
practices for House Asuras. Fueled by greed, the cants each year and weed out even more during the
Asuras continue to focus purely on financial power, disciples first two years training. Those who complete
using their growing political influence, including their nine years training at a Ledean Colleges are well
many countries within your Hegemony, as a tool to versed in the stratagems of war, the tactics of battle and
advance their profiteering. Yet their power base can- the useof the tools ofwar. Still,not every Ledeandisciple
not be ignored, and I recommend to your highness enters the Legion of Ash, owing to either the candidates
that a strategy be formulated to deal with House distaste for the legions practices or questions regarding
Asuras. It will not be in its interest to support any the candidatesfitness, despite his Ledean training.
single nations control of Ghelspad, considering the The Legion of Ash, also called the Ashen Le-
limitations such a situation will place on commerce. gion, derives its name from its practice of initiating
Additionally, House Asuras titanspawn trade members into its ranks by rubbing a paste of ash across
during the War has benefited it with some of the best the initiates cheeks and brow. The ash, made from
intelligence available regarding the location of the cremated remains of Ashen Legionnaires who
titanspawn city ruins and cached war supplies. We died in battle, symbolically links the recruit into the
have several confirmed reports that the Asuras family prestigious ancestry of the legion and foreshadows
hired mercenaries and other agents to track down the recruits final act of service to the legion. The
ruins, crypts, cached treasures and such, supplying its recruit then undergoes additional years of field train-
hired agentswithantebellummapsofGhelspadmarked ing within the Legion of Ash and learns the secret
with forgotten trade routes to titanspawn cities. Con- signs and encryption codes that lend the legion part
sider that possibility that the Asuras are not only of its mystique as a cultic order of soldiers. Thus,
looting abandoned and heretofore undiscovered legionnaires can identify one another among a crowd
titanspawn sites, but are also rekindling trade relations of strangers (presumably through body language and
where they discover pockets of titan race civilizations. hand signals), ferret out imposters in their ranks and
Incarnates send encrypted field orders between officers.
Some may argue that the incarnatesare unworthy of Dame Greta Botar has run the Ashen Legion for
mention, as they are few in number and have rarely the past five years, since her husbands death. Many
asserted themselves in Ghelspads political arena since observers considerDame Botar the least popular leader

of the legion in known history, although no Ashen contract work in its region for the Crimson Legion-
Legionnaire would publicly express anything but sen- naires reporting to that region. When work in one
timents of loyalty and endorsement. Dame Botar area runs dry, Crimson Legionnaires travel to other
assumed leadership of the legion, instead of the more field offices looking for work. When work is a plenti-
popular General Thanakos , who many viewed as ful, the field office sends word to other field offices,
General Botars heir-apparent. Further, Dame Botar giving notice that it needs more men to satisfy its
has accepted more half-breed orcs into the legion and, contracts. More often than not, there is greater de-
more importantly, has compelled the Ledean War mand for legionnaires than are available. This gives
Colleges to accept more half-breed orcs into their legionnaires the freedom to travel the continent,
programs as potential future recruits into the legion. finding work wherever they travel, even if it is just
Finally, Dame Botar has continued her husbands manning a garrison or guarding merchant caravans.
legacy of accepting contracts for Legion work from A shortage of available legionnaires sometimes
Glivid-Autel -work some legionnairesfind morally compels local officers to accept non-legionnaires into
distasteful. Nonetheless, Dame Botar is a skilled poli- their ranks, to fulfill lucrative contracts by fielding
tician and tough negotiator who has filled the legions warm bodies. The secrethand signals of the Crimson
coffers if at the expense of its morale. Some speculate Legion are common knowledge in any tavern where a
that she and Thanakos engineered her somewhat Crimson Legionnaire spent his wages on ale and tried
unpopular but necessary changes to ensuring so that to impress the local whores. Posing as an imposter is
when leadership transfers to Thanakos, he will be not terribly difficult, especially if the local officer is
hailed a hero and inherit a fiscally healthy command greedy or desperate and lax in evaluating the fresh
while Dame Botar fades into early retirement. recruits who show up at his office. A growing faction of
One fact remains undisputed: The Legion of Ash Crimson Legionnaires, dedicated to improving their
is the most elite mercenary force in Ghelspad (and legions reputation, has taken to tattooing a crimson
some would argue the most elite, bar none). The sword on the back of their right hand, thus marking an
legions black and gray colors and ashen faces (Ashen official allegiance, since the old hand signals no longer
Legionnaires streak their faces with the ash of the work to exclude rabble from the ranks.
cremated before historic or desperate battles) demor- Order of the Momjng Sky
alize all but their most veteran foes. Those who
How can I not mention the Order of the Morning
demonize the Ashen Legion claim that its association
with Glivid-Autel has begun to corrupt it, further
Sky in this illustrious collection of transnational or-
ders?The Order continues its work across Ghelspad,
alleging that Glivid-Autels necromancers imbue the
eradicating pestilence and whatever titanspawn or
legions cremated-ash ointments with necromantic
divine creatureswould spread disease. Though faithful
magic, providing legionnaires with an assortment of
to Madriel, the priests of the Morning Sky are quite
preternatural powers.
militant in interpreting their goddess struggle against
Legion of Crimson suffering.For the Order, the ends justifythe means; for
Whereas theLegionofAshis themost select,elite example, after ridding a peasant village of disease, it
and expensive mercenary force on Ghelspad, the Le- would then raze its buildingsto the ground to eliminate
gion of Crimson aspires to be the most ubiquitous any lingering traces or threats of reinfection.
mercenary force on the continent. The Crimson Le- The Order has been quite helpful to our home-
gion accepts any recruit who can substantiate a claim steaders on Termana. That continent continues to
to have graduated from one of Darakeeneswar+guilds, suffer from Cherns dying plague curse, and the Order
and it immediately puts them into the field, earning has kept many of our colonists alive, at least long
mercenary pay. The quality of the Crimson Legions enough to make the harvest before being replaced by
rank-and-file, as well as that of its officers, thus varies fresh homesteaders.
a great deal. It has its share of competent soldiers - The Order professes to maintain strict political
those men and women who could not afford or did not neutrality, so all nations (except Glivid-Autel and
have the family connections to apply to one of Dunahnae) now allow the Orderspriests free passage
Darakeenesmore prestigiouswar-guilds,but who have within their borders to aid in pestilence outbreaks.
the basic character and physical talent to be a model However, your highness will recall that when the
soldier. However, the bulk of the Crimson Legion- Orders High Priest Adriam met with you last sum-
naires are average-to-poor soldierswhose morale turns mer, his agenda took a decidedly political turn,
on whether they have received their pay or not, as commenting as he did on our decisive treatment of
opposed to whether theyve done their duty or not. rebellious factions within Rahoch. I can only advise
The Crimson Legion maintains field offices in that we guard against any increased political favorit-
cities throughout Ghelspad, excepting a few nations, ism the Order might display and balance that with
such as Dunahnae. Each field office sells mercenary the service they provide in your colonization of

Termana. The Orders access to all lands makes them the pair has expanded the Scaleds presence to in-
ideal intelligence agents, and no doubt our enemies clude all of Ghelspads major cities. In many cities,
already pressure the Order to divulge what it knows of they are the dominant criminal element; in others,
our conquest on Termana. they have a truce or are in conflict with local criminal
Paladins of Corean organizations. Their recruits are always trained in
thievery skills, as well as whatever arcane knowledge
All hail the shining heroes and such rot.
their mind can hold - often no more than cantrips,
A t least the remote geography of Mithril and the though many Scaled are capable of low-level magic.
plentitude of challenges that assault that city keep The Scaleds magic focuses on abetting thievery and
Coreans chosen knights largely cloistered in their evading the law.
golem-protected nunnery of a city. However, these
The Scaled presence in Vashon has been con-
champions are known for their questing nature, and
trolled through diligent application of your highness
some inevitably wander across Ghelspad, serving as
justice. Other areas of your Hegemony, notably New
mortal examples of Coreans virtue and strength. For
Venir, have not proven themselves as capable in
the past decade, that service has taken the form of
dealing with the infestation. As might be expected,
supporting Durrovers defense against your
the Scaled flourish under the compassionate justice
Hegemonysforces. Whereas other militias lack some
administered in our enemiescities. Should you desire
talent that stops them from producing ideal leaders,
to augment your network of spies, my liege, I am
Coreans paladins seem to have it all: skill-at-arms,
certain I could make arrangements with the Scaled in
charismatic leadership, tactical acumen and spiritual
Vesh and other nations to perform missionsfor Calastia.
fortitude. On the field of battle, I have only seen
Duke Traviak and his Black Dragoons, inspired as Vigils of Vesh
they are by Chardun himself, rival Coreans paladins An ancient and illustrious order of warriors in-
passion for battle. deed. The origin of the vigilants dates over a century
The Scaled before the Divine War. They serve Vesh, but make
their annoying presence known throughout most of
You know the world is ripe for conquest when a
Ghelspad. Therefore, I list them among these other
band of amateur wizards-turned-roguescan infest eve
continental power groups.
ery city across the continent. With all of Hedrads
vaunted law and order, how ironic is it that the most Enduring the training and entering the ranks of
organized criminal element of Ghelspad should have the Vigils is said to be a masochistic tribulation,
its humble origins in Hedrad? The Scaled, sometimes befitting only the stoutest-hearted and strongest-
called the Guild of the Scaled, began as three siblings, willed of men. We can attest to the hardiness of the
who were all were expelled from one of Hedrads few vigilants we have captured. Even as we shattered
wizardry schools for their lack of disciplineand diligent their bones on the torture racks, they divulged no
effort. Karmut and Hashan and their sister, Lucera, meaningful intelligence to us. Your highness may
took offense and began a series of vandalous pranks also recall the amusing incident when Duke Traviak
against their former school, using the rudimentary hacked off the swordarm of a vigilant in the Second
magic they had learned to stay one step ahead of Battle of Burok Torn, only to be punched squarely on
Hedrads judges. Indeed, owing to the trioshubris and the jaw, the vigilant using his remaining hand. While
adding to its infamy was that they purposefully made the incident intensified our troops fearful regard of
it known that they were responsible but kept enough the vigilant, it also inspired Duke Traviak to train his
evidence to convict them out of the reach of the new cadre of Black Dragoons to counteract the Vig-
constables. Ofcourse, had this occurred invashon, the ils. Our informants are gathering more information
trio would have only been popular as martyrs. But in on the Vigils training methods, that the Duke may
Hedrad, the letter of the law is whats important. better employ them himself.
With insufficient evidence to convict them, the sib- The trends in vigilant activity over the past
lings escapadessimplyescalated, attracting all manner decade have continued. While they still work across
of criminals as well as their wealthy, disaffectedfriends the continent to monitor and eradicate titan races
who played at being wizards but who left their studies and serve as military envoys and aides to other na-
for the excitement of the Scaled. tions friendly to Vesh, their activities have been
Since then, Karmut and Lucera have demon- increasingly focused on restraining the growth of
strated quite a lot of discipline and diligence in your Hegemony. While ultimately futile in the face of
building a guild of thieves and would-be wizards over your highness destiny to rule all of Ghelspad, the
the past four decades. [Hashan died on a Cult of vigilants ability to track our troop movements, con-
Ancients blade- a hit possibly contracted by Lucera duct guerilla warfare on our military supply lines and
herself when the Scaled was plagued by the Chalice of foment insurrections within our borders have all
Marvels, 136 to 138AV.] From their base in Hedrad, proved frustrating to our military command. It re-

mains to be seen whether Duke Traviaks Black I have dispatched emissaries to those few whose
Dragoons or our dear and beloved Queen Geleedas identity we have discovered, requesting an exchange
solution, secreted within her grove, will eliminate of arcane knowledge. To date our emissaries have
the resourceful and tireless Vigils. returned, our requests politely rebuked.
Arcane Factions Phylacteric Vault: Other than the Library of
Lokil, the greatest known repository of arcane knowl-
What follows are those few factionsof arcanistswho,
edge lies within the Phylacteric Vault in Darakeene
despitetheir small memberships and lack of geographical
and in the hands the arcane order of this same name.
diversity, are nevertheless organizationsof strategic im-
Begun as an academy of alchemists, the Phylacteric
portance due to the arcane power they wield.
Vault has grown over the centuries to house research
Calastian Battle Mages: The recruitment and
into all areas of arcane study, save only necromancy.
training of your battle mages proceeds at an all-time
Archmage Nerith proves herself an able chief admin-
high, your highness. While we lose some on the istrator to this bureaucratic collection of scholars.
battlefield and some few to defection, the ranks are Fortunately, most of the Phylacteric Vaults studies
nonetheless growing. thus far follow pacifistic paths of inquiry, such as travel
Glivid-Autel: Credas and the host of necroman- into other planes, divinatory magic and transmuta-
cers who run this city-state continue to dabble far tions ofphysicalmatter. They have also begun paths of
more in the dark secrets of death than in political magical study called oneiromancy and chronomancy,
pursuits. I believe we might consider it a potential which delve into the matters of dreams and time,
ally; certainly, annexing Hollowfaust would be a fine respectively. However, the scholars seem to frown on
addition to your Hegemony. those students who pursue paths of evocation magic,
Hollowfaust: Though every bit as talented in which proves essential on the battlefields of Ghelspad
necromancy as their Glivid-Autel rivals, Hollowfausts and which is mastered by our own battle mages.
necromancers seem inclined to pursue their studies Apprentices and students of the PhylactericVault
for more humanitarian ends, if such a thing can be travel all of Ghelspad in search of rare components
said of such research into death magic. Their history for use in their arcane research, to unearth magical
and location amid titanspawn outbreaks has forced knowledge among the ruins of cities lost in the
them to militarize their city-state, so the druids Divine War or to study abroad with other wizards.
eventual conquest by your highness will not be a Rune Wizards of Burok Torn: The dwarven
trivial undertaking. wizards of Burok Tom pose less of a threat to us each
Obsidian Pyre: This enduring cabal of wizards year as we and the dark elves of Dier Drendal manage
tired of the burden of sovereignty and destroyed their to kill them off. Though the dwarven peoples innate
own domain, now called the Stricken Woods. What- tie to magic -the same tie that makes their soldiers
ever magic they called down blighted the area and damnably resistant to many of our evocations- lends
attracted aberrations, thus rendering the Stricken their wizardsgreat aptitude,it seemsthatstodgydwarven
Woods effectively impenetrable. Whatever secrets tradition requires that apprentices undergo decades of
the wizards keep hidden here and the power they tap study before learning even minor manipulations. It
into during their regular trips back to the heart of the seems likely that Burok Tom will not replace its
woods remain unknown. They guard their secrecy wizards nearly so fast as they are eliminated. While the
well, and we have had little cause to antagonize them dwarvesstill hold one of the strongestarcane traditions
by sending scouts into their domain, even if they no on Ghelspad, with knowledgethat predates the Divine
longer permanently inhabit it. The wizards of this War, I do not believe they will halt your inevitable
group instead live throughout the Scarred Lands. conquest of Burok Tom. They do, however, continue
Certainly, the Obsidian Pyre counts archmages to master more and more of the runic magic pilfered
among its ranks, and whatever ritual they used to from the Ukrudan sorcerers during the Divine War,
destroy their own country could presumably be brought and they ably put such magic to use in augmenting
to bear on other nations, such as those of our enemies. Burok Toms already ample defenses.
Of all the gods, none has provided for his mortal servants
so much as Corean, the great protector, the great crusader,
leader of the gods during the Divine War. Mighty Corean has
thestrengthofhis father Kadum and the wisdomofhis mother
Denev, yet transcends his titan parents. Coreans armed and
armored aspect denotes his chosen role: champion. His armor
symbolizeshis ties to the metal-veined earth. His sword,forged
from scraps of Golthaggas anvil and quenched in the merci-

less titans blood, symbolizes Corean the champion, Hedrada

the paragon of the chivalric warrior. Corean de- (heh-DRAHdah), the Lawgiver, the Judge; god
mands uncompromising virtue from his faithful, but of Law, Justice, Wealth,Order,Cities and Knowledge
rewards them amply with his protection and with a
Son of Golthain and Denev, Hedrada receives
privileged place in his heaven after death.
credit as the first of the gods to realize that the titans
Domains: Fire, Good,Law, Protection, War had to be stopped, were the world to be preserved.
Holy Symbol: Four longswords forming a com- Thus, Hedrada is revered as the preserver of civiliza-
pass rose tion, andhisfaithfuloftenassumecivicoffices,forming
Madriel the backbone of society. Merchants, dwarves, sages
and some arcanists also worship Hedrada,honoring his
(MA-dree-el), the Redeemer, the First Angel
wealth and knowledge aspects. Those individuals
of Mercy; goddess of the Sun, Light, Sky, Redemp-
choosingthe path of an Exemplar dedicatethemselves
tion, Healing and Agriculture
to Hedrada that he might inspire in them the disci-
Madriel, merciful and beautiful, cures our ill and
pline and the knowledge to perfect their chosen skill.
illuminates our homes and quickens life in our fields
Hedradas chosen avatar, a powerful man, wears
with her warming sun. The Divine War chronicles
a somber judicial or scholarly robe and gold crown
Madriels aspect as Redeemer: an armored angel,
and wields a massive two-handed hammer.
wings of peacock feather, a spear formed of pure-
white sunlight. Madriel and her faithful relentlessly Domains: Knowledge, Law, Protection
struggle against suffering and the depravities of her Holy Symbol: Two-handed hammer
twin sister, the nightmare goddess Belsameth, and Denev
her minions. The common men of these Scarred
(den-EV), the Earth Mother
Lands know Madriel as the most merciful and com-
The only titanspared the godsretribution, Denev
passionate of the gods. Her temples are popular across
remains a divinity (of sorts) in our lands because of
the Scarred Lands, particularly among those infertile
her wisdom, which counseled her to ally with her
fields blasted by titan magic over a century ago.
children against her brother and sister titans who
Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Plants, Sun
ravaged Scam. The war that raged across the land
Holy Symbol: Spear with a tassel of peacock that was itself Denev left many scars on the Earth
feathers Mother, apparently driving her into retreat. While
Tanjl her avatar, a living mountain wielding a great stone
(TAH-nil), the Huntress; goddess of Travel, sickle,often lead her elemental, incarnate andarborian
Hunting, Forestry, Music, Archery, Freedom and armies against titanspawn in the Divine War, Denev
Good Fortune today barely makes her presence known. She still
answers prayers from those druids who venerate her,
Free-spiritedbut ultimately compassionate, Tanil
but she is not a generous or merciful mother. Perhaps
is seldom worshiped in the cities of the Scarred Lands.
these druids would do well to chose a true divinity to
Like their chosen goddess, Tanils faithful spend their
worship, rather than continue their veneration of a
days on the highways and in the wilds. Her followers
titan whose days have past?
include noble souls like many of the Vigilant of Vesh,
most bards, some merchants and even some rogues. Domains: Air, Animals, Earth,Fire, Plants,Water
Elves, who lost their own god, and some titanspawn Holy Symbol: Stone sickle with a flowering
creatures seeking redemption, such as dryads and wooden hilt
unicorns, also venerate Tanil. Enkili
Daughter of Denev and Hrinruuk, Tanil ulti- (en-KEE-lee), the Trickster, the Shapeshifter,
mately got the better of her father. Tanils deeds in the Unlucky; god or goddess of Storms, Trickery,
the Divine War highlight her ability to track down Chaos and Misfortune
titans and their spawn, which sought to hide from
Allegedly born of the female titans Lethene and
righteous judgment, and her stealth and archery. Her
Gulaben (as certain chronicles humorously suggest),
avatar appears in the lands as a lithe archer wearing
Enkili embodies the pure chaos of a storm infused
flexible bronze armor. Her bronze-shafted, silver- with a holy presence. Even Enkilis gender seems
tipped arrows eagerly seek out Belsameths werebeasts,
fickle, as he has appeared in aspects both male and
which she considers an insult to nature and cruel
female. Those who place their faith in Enkili -
treatment of animals. though heavens knows why -most commonly wor-
Domains: Animals, Chaos, Luck, Plants, Travel, ship his godly aspect; sailors, however, make offerings
Trickery to Enkili the goddess that she might spare their ships.
Holy Symbol: Three bronze arrows lying parallel Regardless of gender,Enkilis form changes with each
new sculpture or mural that seeks to portray him -

sometimes a masked god battling titans with his their countrymen, lovers and enemies alike are the
thunder. and lightning-casting flail; sometimes a fiends nearest Charduns black heart.
courtesan tempting the unwary into tragic love af- Charduns aspect, the conquering hero, appears
fairs. Enkili, the trickster among the gods, sowsdisorder dressed in white regalia, his sandal-lace feet splat-
and disruption wherever he travels. Gamblers and tered with blood and dusted with powdered bone. He
thieves may revere him, but most humble folk make wields a golden, macelike scepter stained crimson
offerings that beg Enkili to travel in a different with the fresh blood of the meek.
direction and thus spare them misfortune. Domains: Evil, Law, Strength, War
Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Trickery Holy Symbol: Blood-soaked golden scepter,
Holy Symbol: Mask decorated with lightning crowned with a thorny laurel wreath
shooting from the eye slits
Chardun (BEL-sa-meth), the Slayer, the Assassin; god-
(char-DOON), the Slaver, the Overlord, the dess of Darkness, Death, Nightmares, Deception,
Great General; god of War, Domination, Con- Witchcraft and Madness
quest, Avarice and Pain The daughter of Mormo and Mesos, Belsameth is
Let no one doubt the contributions of Chardun in her twin sisters antithesis. While Madriel the
freeing the world from the titans. Much respect for the Redeemers sun warms the land, Belsameths cold
Slaver ends there, however. And though any mortal moon brings death to the weak of body, madness to
should guard against speaking disrespectfully of any the weak of mind and despair to the weak of spirit.
god, wordsofcondemnationflow easilyon this subject. Belsameth alternately incarnates herself either as a
Chardun is the tyrant among the gods. As the cruelties beguiling beauty with alabaster skin, raven hair and
inflicted by Mormo and Gormoth, Chardunsparents, the body of a temptress or as a hideous hag with
were callous by-products of the titans flawed charac- vulture wings, scaled skin and red, baleful eyes. From
ters, Chardun has mastered calculated cruelty. His her basalt throne on the dark side of the near moon,
mortal servants emulate their god through their mili- she commands her mortal servants to spread death
tary ambitions and domination of the weak. Despotic and madness throughout our already tortured world.
generals, iron-handed monarchs and slave-dealing Evil sorcerers and witches, harpies, goblins and of
merchants venerate the Overlord. Those who exhort course werewolves and their like enjoy her favor.
obedience rather than inspire it and those who enslave Some groups, like the Cult of Ancients, who terrorize

king and commoner alike with the threat of an The Titans

assassin's knife finding its mark in the dark of night,
Excerpted from The Divine and the Defeated by
adopt the Slayer's jet-black dagger as their symbol.
High Priest Emili Derigesh:
Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Trickery
Though the titans have been destroyed, their
Holy Symbol: Thin silver circle on a black field influence endures across our tortured land. Many
(signifying the lunar eclipse)
races still do not cede to the gods' authority, and
Vangal when such races cannot be redeemed, the gods de-
(VAN-gahl), the Reaver, the Ravager; god of mand their destruction. Many titan-worshiping
Destruction, Pestilence, Famine, Bloodshed, Thun- nations are as yet unchallenged and unconquered, so
der and Disaster purging the land of their taint remains our divinely
Bom of some unholy union among Chern, mandated duty. In the spirit of honoring that injunc-
Thulkas and Lethene, Vangal, the eldest of the gods, tion, this humble volume provides information on
is destruction itself given form, especially the de- the titans, that we may better know our enemies.
structiveness of war. Generally, he is depicted as a Chem (CHURN), the Scourge, the Last
huge charioteer wearing filth-covered armor, blood Great Sjckness and Suffering
matting his beard and dreadlocks, as he wields two
Formerly, the FlourishingFlats encompassedgreat
massive axes encrusted with the blood of the titans he
fertile plains between two great rivers that ran from
overcame. He is death in an instant, as the god of
the Kelder Mountains to what is now the Blood Sea.
volcanoes and disasters, and he is slow, wasting de-
Creation stories suggest that the gods gave birth to
cline, as the god of disease and famine. Few mortals
man in that blessed and fertile place. Today, though
are demented enough to follow Vangal, though some
the nation of Vesh yet exists there, much of the
pay him fearful tribute. A n apocalyptic cult dedi-
territory, blighted by the interred, contaminated and
cated to him, the horsemen are despisedas doomsayers
festering corpse of Chern, has been transformed into
and bearers of death and disease. Any society that
the Mourning Marches. Defeatedon Termana, Chem,
values life drives the horsemen from its borders -not
in his death throes, unleashed a curse of disease that
an easy task, as the horsemen are fanatical and
has haunted that distant continent ever since.
barbarous warriors.
Chem created vermin of all breeds - even
Domains: Chaos,Destruction,Evil, Strength,War
vermin who walk as humans. The Order of the
Holy Symbol: Cloven shield dripping blood Moming Sky contends with both the plagues that

Chern created to destroy the Divine Races and the skull to crotch by Vangal and Chardun, each half
vermin races that spread them. placed on opposite sides of a great chasm, Gormoth
now suffers excruciating torment. The flailing halves
Gaurak (GAH-rock), forever -and futilely -struggle to reunite.
the Glutton, thevoracjous One
A hideously obese and always ravenous titan, Gulaben (goo-LAH-bjn), Lady of the Wjnds
Gaurak is rumored to have devoured all the life from Gulaben rarely made her presence known to the
the once verdant moon. Upon his defeat, the gods modworld; somedOUbtherexisten~stenceatallorsuggestshe
extracted all of Gauraks 100teeth before entombing W~an~~tiOnofleth~e.HOWeVer,Ce~~nP~es
him deep within the earth. His discarded teeth are attributethe creationof dl manner of aerial monstrosities
said to have taken the form of mountains, colossal and inimicalSpirits to this Lady ofthe Wnds-
obelisks and even trees, tainting the land near them. Hrjnmuk (he-R]N-rook), the Hunter
Gaurak created servitor races whose purposes A vile foe during the Divine War, the Hunter
included breeding and bloating themselves as food for stalked and slew Miridurn, the goddess of lore and
h e titan and hunting and gathering other foodstuffsto daughter of Hedrada. Indeed, this cunning titan
sate their masters hunger. Such creatures, which in- mighthave slain Hedrada himself but for the inter-
clude Garabrud and the Obsidian Hound, were created vention of corean, whoslew ,.he H~~~~~and gifted
as Predators Or harvesters, supplying meals to the Hedrada with the titans still-living head.
Glutton. Gauraks titanspawn legacy are particularly
For his own amusement,Hrinruuk created many of
hated by druids, as they overhunt and overharvest
natural areas, stripping them of all edible life.
the most lethalmommities to ever walk scam.
tent with the ease of hunting normal creatures,Hrinruuk
Golthajn (GALL-thane), the Faceless createdtitanspawnthat would provide him some degree of
Remembered by the titanspawn as a weakling, Challenge-With thetitansdah these feral and Cunning
Golthain was the only titan the gods offered a merci- C r e a ~ W O U l d ~ V ~ e O ~ W O r l d ~ C h ~ k ~ , b U t f O r e f f ~

ful death. Golthain the Faceless was singular among and some band Of brave mortal K&.
the titans: he could display a vague compassion for Kadum (KAH-doom),
the life he and his kind hadcreated. For this Golthains
fellow titans mocked him and, punishing him for this
the Mountajnshaker, the Bleedjng one
obvious weakness, stripped him of his senses, so he This great beast uprooted mountains when en-
could neither enjoy what was created nor detect how raged,but strength alone couldnot savehim. Belsameth
badly the other titans treated those creations. cut his heart from his chest, and Chardun chained him
to a rock that Vangal in turn hurled into the deepest
Golthain created few races himself, but more often
Ocean chasm. To this day, the Blood Sea runs red with
influenced the development of other races. He did
the Bleeding Ones ichor, and races of tainted merfolk
create some servitor creatures to compensate for his lost
and other fell sea monsters arise from that pollution.
senses,and some giant races revere him as their creator.
Golthagga (gall-THAH-ga), Lethene (lay-WEEN),
of the Forge, the Shaper Dame of Storms, the Untamed One
Many lesser gods fell before the fury of Lethene
This misshapen brute cared nothing for the living.
during the Divine War, but in the end, the gods tamed
hisbrethren had
the Dame of Storms. Scripture does not say how -just
shattered their still-living bodies upon his forge and re-
that it was done. Lethene created a few spirit creatures
shaped them into servitor races that a m d or intrigued
that still harry the Divine Races, but their atrocities
him.Coreanslew the Shaperat Golthaggas own forgeand
pale against the furious storms Lethene once un-
dispersed the titans remains throughout creation.
leashed upon mortals for her own amusement.
Golthagga created many aberrations from the
normal beasts and races crafted by other titans. These Mesas (WY-ZOhZ),
tortured beings, driven mad by their own suffering, Sjre of Sorcery, the Djsrupted
take their comfort in visiting pain on living things. M e m was the first titan felled by the gods during the
Gonnoth (GORE-moth), the Wrjthjng Lord Divine War.Some atrocity committed by Mesos -the
This titan spent centuries in lonely agony after his xripture does not specify what -compelled the gods to
sister Mormo had poisoned him. Upon his recovery, destroy the titan. When Mem form was sundered, the
Gormoth vented his spite and hate upon the world. explosion flung his constituentparts to the farthestreaches
ofexistence.WhileM e m is no more,his legacyconstitutes
Where his siblings often destroyed and created on a
the most deadly and enigmatic of the titampawn races.
grand scale, Gormoth made playthings of individuals
Somemonstrous, some beautiful;some giant, some tiny-
-many ofwhom attended him to ease the spasms that
would periodically wrack his great frame. Split from
all of Mesosprogeny pulse with arcane power.

Mormo (MORE-moh), The four months of spring are as follows:

Mother of Serpents, Queenof Wjtches Corot - The month of strength, particularly that
Thisgruesomecrone, the patronofall witches and returning to the land after winter
hags, created serpentine races like the asaath and Tanot - The month for hunting
medusae. Her spilled blood has seeped into and trans- Enkilot - The month of storms
formed the Hornsaw Forest into a homeland for mutant Belot -The month of death, particularly those new-
terrors. Rumors suggest that her followers seek to born that fail to endure
recover the various pieces of the Serpent Mother, The four months of summer are as follows:
strewn across the Scarred Lands, hoping to assemble Chardot - The month of war
these grisly trophies so that Mormo may be reborn.
Madrot - The month of the radiant sun
Perhaps the most prolific titan, creating hags ,
Hedrot - The month of wealth
gorgons and dozens of other races, Mormo neglected
Vangalot - The month of disasters
many of them, losing interest as soon as they were
fashioned. Second only to Mesos, Mormos spawnoften The four months of autumn are as follows:
wield sorcerous or druidic power. Indeed, many druids Charder - The month of servitude
who venerate Mormo pose as worshipers of Denev to Madrer - The month of harvest
better infiltrate foreign lands and spread their heresies. Enker - The month of travel
T ~ u ~(thool-KAHS),
~us Corer - The month of crafting
Father of Fire, the Iron God The four months of winter are as follows:
Taner - The month of good fortune
Where the powerful Kadum was unstoppable,
the impregnable Thulkas was unmovable, for he was Belsamer - The month of darkness
said to be an extension of the earth. That he burned Hedrer - The month of protection

with the heat of 1,000suns only increased the threat Vanger - The month of pestilence
Thulkas posed. Mighty Corean could not budge this Days of the Week
beast, so the Avenger bent him, pressing the Iron
There are eight days to the normal week: Corday,
God upon Golthaggas forge and hammering him
Madraday, Taniday, Hedraday, Wildday, Charday,
into the form of an arrow. Tanil then drew back her
Belsaday and Vanday. The gods ask us to respect Denev
great bow and fired that arrow into the sun itself.
on the last day of each month, so the last week of each
Thulkas dwells there still, stuck and unable to move.
month holds the extra day of Denday, sometimescalled
Legends tell us that Thulkas created spawn more
Landsday. Two weeks of eight days and one week of nine
by accident than by design. The interplay of forces days comprise the 25 days of each month.
would create new spawn when natural phenomenon
interacted with his fiery body. Most of the creatures Holjdays
thusly spawned have affinities for earth and fire and The gods allow four days to honor the land and the
enjoy great resiliency, especially when in contact seasons.These days, once celebrationsto honor Denev,
with these elemental forces. In addition, many goblin are given over to honoring the gods while paying our
races, influenced by Thulkas, bear his mark. due respect to the titan mother. As expected, druids
and titan races celebrate these days as though their
The Calendar vanquished masters were still responsiblefor the lands
Excerptedfrom Commandmentsofcurean, scribed bounty and thus deserving of tribute.
by High Priest Emili Derigesh: The Carnival of Flowers, held on the second
And thus Hedrad spoke of how the days, months Wildday of Tanot, is the first of the four celebrations.
and years should pass and what should be the orderof the Feasts, great hunts honoring Tanil, music and danc-
heavenly bodies. Corean did see his brotherswisdom, so ing (and in the case of the druidic celebrations,
set the world and sun and moons in motion. He gave to wanton licentiousness) mark the event.
us in our meditations the rightful naming of the days and The summer solstice falls on the second Vanday of
months, so that the faithful may live lives in accordance Madrot and is celebrated during the Festival of the Sun.
with the heavens, reflected in the seasons. ... The faithful give thanks to Madriel and ask of the sun a
Thus began our use of the After Victory (AV) bountiful harvest. The druids and their flock repeat the
calendar. Toward developing a common understand- immoralitiesof their springcelebrations with more wild
ing, I offer the edicts of Corean, below. and violent dancing and wanton carnality.
Months of theyear The autumnal equinox, marked by the Feast of
Wheat, occurs on the second Belsaday of Madrer.
The year is divided into 16 months, each honor-
Madriel is again honored, as the harvest reflects her
ing two aspects of the eight divinities.
fecundity, and Enkili is toasted, often too liberally

and frequently, with freshly brewed wheat beers. world we see,hear, touch and smell -is but one plane
People also honor the dead, this day above all others, of reality among many. The world of Darakeene,
so Belsameth is paid her respects. Druids who have Ghelspad and the whole of these Scarred Lands com-
always celebrated this day, honoring their dead, take prises the physical plane of reality. The lives of virtually
their rites a bit too far, performing rituals that border all beings are confined to the physical plane; they leave
on the necromantic. it only when they dream or die. How great the joy of a
Grim Day, the second Vanday of Belsamer, is the mage- that he might transcend his shackledexistence
darkest day of the year. On this day, the faithful do on this one plane to seek out the grandeur and mysteries
penance, atoning for the sins of the past year. (Titan of the ethereal, the astral and the godly planes.
races and their druids see this day as natures cleans- In closest proximity to the physical plane is the
ing ritual and celebrate winters destruction of life, ethereal plane. Magics you already know interact with
making way for the new life of spring.) this plane, allowing sight into this otherwise invisible
Augmenting the four seasonal holidays are sev- world; your first mastery of planar magic will be that
eral days marked for special worship. The grandest of which allows you access to this plane. While remark-
these holidays is Divinities Day, which fallson the first able for its denizens, some quite dangerous, and its
Corday of Chardot. Divinities Day celebratesCorean freedom of travel into aerial, aquatic and other mir-
andchardunas thegodsofwar.Festivitiesincludeare- rored regions of the physical plane, the ethereal plane
enactment of Coreans and his siblings destruction of so closely parallels our own that it takes but a few years
the titan Mews - the event that began the Divine of study and experiment to gain some mastery over it.
War. In recent years, DivinitiesDay has served as the The astral plane is entirely different. Whereas
focal point of a movement to end the practice and use the ethereal plane and the physical plane contain our
of arcane magic. In Darakeene, those passionately mind, soul and body, the astral realm permits entry of
supporting this movement have marred the days cel- only our mind and soul; our physical bodies remain in
ebration with violence against arcanists, claiming it the physical or ethereal planes when we enter the
symbolizes the destruction of Mesos. astral realm. Freed from the constraints of a physical
body, you may travel the astral plane at tremendous
The Heavens speeds, which is fortunate, as there is much to see.
Belsameths moon first hides then reveals its
Those who pursue oneiromancy will be driven to
alabaster face in one complete cycle every month. To
explore the dreamlands of the astral plane. Here the
honor her sister, Manawe commands the sea tides to
dreams of mortals carve out regions in the unformed
rise and fall in rhythm with that cycle.
Our second moon waxes and wanes over a cycle further mold and shape.The common man is unfamiliar
of four months plus one day. Corean has revealed that withthiswholeproces,muchlessthedangerspresented
this moon deserves no name, as it is an unsuitable or boons offered by the astral planes denizens.
vessel for our faith. Commoners guess at the origins of
The other known areas of the astral plane are the
this moon; is it some stunted demigod shunned by its
homes ofthe gods themselves. By following dead souls as
parentsfor its hideousness?Thefaithful heed Coreans
they travel to their final reward, we have charted out the
prohibition and give this moon little thought. When
paths tothe homesofthe gods-eachaplaneofexistence
referenced at all, it is called the Gray Moon or the
unto itself that can be accessed from the astral plane.
Nameless Orb. Its passing often parallels natural
disasters, especially every six and one-quarter years,
herein-eene, wehavenowtakentopassingonsuch
when both it and Belsameths moon reveal their full
informationorally, as physically recording the means to
faces simultaneously.Legendsfrom before the Divine
access the planes of the gods might inflame the self-
War warn that when both moons are full on the
righteous enemies ofour studies. Suffice it to say that most
summer solstice, apocalyptic disasters shall visit the
gods prefer only the souls of their preferred d e c d to
land. The continent may see this legend proved, as
entertheirrealms. Takeprecautionstogamersafepassage
such an event will occur within this generation.
past each planes innumerableguardians.
Corean preserve the faithful!
Beyond the home planes of the gods and dream
The Planes of Ixistence regions, there is much of the astral plane not yet
explored. We have encountered entire races of beings,
From Lessons on Planar Magics by Archmage
mostly inimical to us, who possessa magicalknowledge
Nerith, Phylacteric Vault of Darakeene
unknown to us. We have seen signs that vast sources of
If you would embark upon higher conjurations, raw, arcane power lie in the astral realm, waiting to be
divinations and transmutative portations, you must harnessed. One theory holds that the greater part of
possess a thorough understanding of realitys construc- Mesas power dispersed into the astral plane when he
tion. Beginning the journey of knowledge in this area, was sundered. A resourceful archmage will find much
first realize that the basic reality of our world - the worth pursuing in the astral realm.
" Y Y.


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