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TARANAKI RTLB SERVICE To make better use of IT to support

our service.
GOAL 1 Strategies
To ensure that the needs of
learners with additional learning
STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2019 Ensure our data base meets MOE and our
cluster requirements, and is being
and behaviour difficulties are used consistently by RTLB.
met. Grow and maintain your current website.
Strategies Provide tailor-made on going IT
Ensure RTLB are kept up to date GOAL 2 professional development for staff to
professionally and have annual To particularly focus on supporting Maori and Pasifika students. support cluster requirements and work
individual goals that link back to Strategies in schools.
the cluster strategic plan.
Ensure we have the staff and resources to meet the needs of tamariki, Pasifika and
Ensure that paperwork/database
entries are completed to comply Maori.
with expected level of Ensure aims, programmes and resources reflect the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. GOAL 4
accountability. Consult on a regular basis with Taranaki Kura / communities to see how we can best To work collaboratively with
Provide opportunities for individual support their needs. colleagues, schools, whanau, Special
RTLB to share their expertise Plan activities to help strengthen and provide support to improving our capacity as a Education and other agencies.
across the cluster.
service to deliver a culturally responsive service. Strategies
Ensure LSF and Years 11-13
Collect, analyse and use Maori student achievement data to inform planning and Ensure Principals and SENCOs are kept
allocations are needs based,
practice. well informed of RTLB work in their
equitable and transparent.
Work with others to actively lead, Collect, analyse and use Pasifika student achievement data to inform planning and Support the implementation of the Special
promote and support inclusive
Education update.
practices in all our work with
Cluster Manager to attend meetings at
cluster schools and community
management level of other agencies
Train new IYT facilitators when
VISION/MISSION when appropriate.
necessary to enable the service Strengthen links with the Taranaki
to continue to deliver the MOE Mana through manaakitanga. Collaborative relationships, Activity Centre.
contracts and associated work. empowered people.
Through collaborative, professional relationships, the Taranaki RTLB GOAL 5
To build our knowledge about
To focus on supporting children and
how to support schools with the Cluster will respond to the needs and aspirations of our students. RTLB
will support students, staff and whanau to recognise, develop and young people moving into state care
value their strengths so that students feel safe, included and cared for. Strategies
GOAL 8 Ensure we follow the process when
To ensure that the RTLB service, involved in Gateway referrals.
has a robust self-review process Cluster Manager to attend all multi-
in place to monitor the disciplinary meetings led by the
implementation of the strategic GOAL 7 Gateway Co-ordinator.
plan. To make being a RTLB an exciting and rewarding career
Strategies choice. GOAL 6
Adhere to the RTLB self-review plan. Strategies To enhance the reputation of the Taranaki RTLB
(Created 2015). Ensure RTLB are included and have ownership in the way the service in the wider community.
Develop and refine Taranaki Taranaki Service is delivered. Strategies
RTLB cluster policies/procedures Develop a culture within the team of being supportive and To continue to educate schools and other stakeholders
to support the strategic plan and respectful of each others individual differences. about what RTLB do.
daily operation of the RTLB Encourage innovation and creativity. Ensure that RTLB, who are not meeting the Practising
Service. Celebrate success stories. Teacher Criteria and/or the professional standards,
Provide appropriate opportunities for professional development and/or the Taranaki RTLB Code of Practice, are given
within the limitations of the clusters budget. appropriate support and guidance in a timely fashion.
Provide opportunities for RTLB to grow as leaders. Update our appraisal system to better meet the
requirements of the Education Council.