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PAGARA, of legal age, Filipino citizen, single

and a resident of Molave Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines hereby
depose and states that;

a. The following are my personal assessment with regard to the

preparation of WMSU-COLLEGE OF LAW for the Bar Exams,
to wit;

1. The schedule provided by the college has not been

diligently followed, for the following reasons; a). Most
students are working; b). Professors are also working;
c). Some Professors are always absent in class and,
d). Some Professors are very inconsiderate with
regards to time (i.e., class starts at 5pm, Professors
start class at 8 pm and ends at almost 10:00-10:30 in
the evening. Hence, students are too exhausted to
read at home and/or lost his/her interest in attending
classes); e). As mentioned, students get frustrated
whenever a professor promises to attend class,
however cannot comply with the same without any
reason at all resulting to a decrease in the students

2. There are students who are enrolled for the sake of job

3. In relation to the aforementioned statements, after

students graduate without sufficient preparation, they
proceed to take the bar exams, adding to the number
of failing bartakers;

4. Finally, there are a lot of students cheating during

quizzes and exams for the reason that some
professors are not very particular with regards to the
grading system.