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FMNR: Motorcyling Australia Ltd IMN N: 517/01

Organising Club: Speedway Riders Association of SA Inc

Telephone: + 61 8 0403364658

Address: Wilkins Road Gillman Email

South Australia Track phone: _______________

Track fax: __________________
Title of the meeting:

2017 FIM Speedway Sidecar 1000cc World Cup

Date of the meeting: 8th April 2017 1st Heat time: 19.30 Hrs

Restaging date if meeting postponed: (1) 9/4/2017

The meeting will be held in conformity with the FIM Sporting Code

Access: Motorway: Wilkins Road Gillman Exit:

Major Road: Hanson Road

Nearest town: Adelaide Nine Kilometer from Post Office

Direction: North / West

Nearest airport: Adelaide

Coordinates: GPS Location S34-50 12.671 E 138 32 13.826

Venue: Gillman Speedway

Track: Length: 300Mtrs

Width of straight: 14Mtrs

Width of bends: 15Mtrs

FIM License N: 1054 Validity: 2016/2017/2018

For Track Racing, the use of an environmental mat is compulsory at all venues

Entries: Qualifications: 2 Teams nominated by ACU

7 Teams Nominated by MA

5 Teams Nominated by MNZ

2 Teams Nominated by AMA

Reserves: Nominated by MA

Starting Numbers: (Details of draw)

Completed by FIM

Race Jackets: Supplied by the organisers: NO

When the organisers supply the race jackets, all riders must wear them during
practice, press conferences, racing and the Prize-Giving Ceremony. The riders'
sponsors or any other advertisement must not cover any part of the race jacket
(except the shoulder straps).

Public Liability Insurance: Amount of cover: $50,000,000

Payment of Expense reimbursement:

Date: 8/4/2017 Time: 2230hrs Currency: Australian

Place: Gillman Speedway 30Min after last race.


Date: 7 /4 /2017 Time: 1800pm Duration: 2 Hours

Practice is compulsory: NO

Machine Examination:

For Practice Date 7/4/2017 Time From 15.00Hrs to 17.00hrs

For the race: Date: 8/4/2017 Time: from 1600hrs to 17.30hrs

Fuel: Will be available at the track: NO

Against payment: NO

Leaving the meeting: No rider may leave the pits, and no machine or engine shall
be removed from there, until after the conclusion of the last race of the meeting,
and then only with the permission of the Clerk of the Course.

Name of Hotel (1st choice): Quest Port Adelaide

Address/contact person: 36 North Parade, Port Adelaide

Phone N : 08 8409 3500


Prices of the rooms: Single & Double TBA 3 Beds $10 extra

Name of Hotel (2nd choice) : Comfort Inn Man Hatton

Address/contact person: 471 Main North Road, Enfield

Phone No : 08 8262 2748


Prices of the rooms: TBA 3 Beds $25 extra

Signing on: Date 7 April Time From 15.00 hrs to 1700hrs

Date 8 April Time From 16.00hrs to 1700hrs

Riders' Briefing Meeting: Practice: 7/4/2017 Time: 1700hrs

Race day: 8/4/2017 Time: 1800hrs

Parade: Time riders and machines required to be ready: 8/4/2017. 1900hrs

International Jury Meetings:

1st Jury Meeting Date 7/4/2017 Time 14.00 hrs Place Jury Room

2nd Jury Meeting Date 7/4/2017 Time 20.30 hrs Place Jury Room

3rd Jury Meeting Date: 8/4/2017 Time: 17.00 hrs Place: Jury Room

Last Jury Meeting Date: 8/4/2017 Time: Approx. 22.30 hrs Place: Jury Room

Protests and Appeals:

Any person or group of persons - rider, passenger, entrant, manufacturer, official,

etc., recognised by the FIM and concerned by a decision taken under the authority
of the FIM, has the right to protest against that decision before the International
Jury, except in the case of statement of fact.

Protests against the eligibility of a rider, passenger, team or a motorcycle entered,

must be made before the start of the official practice.

Protests against results must be presented to the International Jury within 30

minutes following the publication of the results.

An appeal may be made against a decision of the International Jury to the

International Disciplinary Court (CDI).

All protests to the International Jury must be made in accordance with the
requirement of the Disciplinary and Arbitration Code of the FIM and be
accompanied by a fee of 660 Euros.- or $_________ (equivalent amount in local
currency) returnable if the protest is justified or forfeited if the Disciplinary body
considers the protest to be groundless, or if it is withdrawn without a hearing.

Officials: FIM Jury President: Jan Staechmann FMN: DMU

FIM Referee: Chris Durno FMN: ACU

FMNR Jury Member: Lyal Allen FMN: MA 10490

Clerk of the Course: Brendon Gledhill FMN: MA 10493

Technical Steward: Verlaine Bell FMN: MA 10029

Environmental Steward: Allan Halley FMN: MA 10460

Timekeeper: Mary Mundy FMN: MA

All Correspondence to:

Name: Samantha Redfern

Address: Suite 125/9 Hall Street, Port Melbourne Vic 3207

Telephone: +61 3 9684 0500 Telefax: +61 3 9684 0555

Mobile: +61 409 143 339



The SR must be issued by the FMNR in accordance with the FIM Sporting Code.

Copies of the SR must be sent to the FIM Administration at least two months before the
date of the meeting for approval by the FIM before being sent to all the persons
concerned (riders, officials, etc...).


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