Why You Need a Birth Certificate Copy Your birth certificate is the first official record of your existence

. As such, it is a very important document. In England and Wales, following the passing of the "Births and Death Act" of 1874, having birth, marriage and death certificate s became mandatory and went into effect on the 1st of July, 1837. These records were considered so important that failure to register resulted in a fine. Today, the law is still in effect. While you don't have to keep a Birth Certificate Co py, it is still a good idea to have one or more in your possession for your pers onal records. In 1969, the format and details of birth certificates were changed in the United Kingdom. Today, a child's surname and gender are included in the record and the y are in portrait format whereas formerly they were in landscape format and only the given name was required. In the United Kingdom, all births in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wal es are recorded. If a birth occurred in one of these countries or one or more pa rent was a British national, there should be a birth certificate on record and o ne should be able to obtain a Birth Certificate copy. There are two types of birth certificates. The short form birth certificate is t he one issued to the parents at the time of birth of the child. This is sometime s referred to an "abridged birth certificate" because it contains only the basic information about the birth and is not sufficient for tracing genealogy. Full c ertified birth certificates, also called "unabridged certificates, contain detai ls including the full name at the time of birth, the sex of the child, the date and time of birth, the place where the birth occurred and details about the pare nts, including the mother's maiden name. In the U.K., the certified birth certif icate will also include a birth registration number (NHS). There are many reasons why you should consider having a birth certificate copy i n your possession. While birth certificates are not normally considered as proof of identity, they are important records nonetheless and if you are seeking to b ecome a naturalized citizen, they may be required. Aside from that, they are a v aluable tool for genealogists. Should you wish to trace your ancestry, this one document will be of invaluable assistance in tracing your family origins. In add ition, if you wish to obtain a passport, a certified copy of your birth certific ate will be required. Aside from practical considerations, having a birth certificate in your possessi on has a great deal of emotional importance. It is, after all, the one document that establishes the exact time and location of your birth. This can be of inter est to you, your spouse and your children. Many people consider this information to be of vital importance. Those who believe in astrology also believe that wit hout knowing exactly what time they were born and the exact location, one cannot have an accurate horoscope written. There is some psychological validity to hav ing this information at your fingertips, whether you believe in astrology or not . We all like to know where we came from. Psychologists say it gives us a sense of groundedness in the world. Even if you are only casually interested in having a birth certificate copy, the y are so inexpensive and easily obtained, there is really no good reason not to have at least one. Keep it stored safely in a place you will remember. One day y ou will be very glad you have it.

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