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Heluo on 2014 annual predictions 9 Star Ki 4

Wood year
The year 2014 is 4 Wood in 9 Star Ki. We will here
run you through some approaches as you follow
news events in your media this year. As a matter of
fact, if you were to print this blog post along with
the 9 Ki Divination series we did since 2010, this
would mount to a manual. What we want to achieve
is, your being able to single-handedly apply 9 Ki
forecasting for personal life progression and news
Since there are 27 Stars to any annual-, monthly- and
daily Luoshu, you could soon feel lost if you were to zoom in on those all in one
go. It gets much better than that.
You would follow a certain systematic approach in your reading 9 Stars and
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The collected series on this blog would give you a good idea on Luoshu
Trend, Reversed Luoshu Axis, the dynamic of In Prison-Out of In Prison, how to
always read opposite Stars and Palaces, and other 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax.
Who is Star 4 and how to forecast We note annual Star 4 in the central
Luoshu Palace, which is to communicate that we will not be
able to locate annual Star 4 into any of the magnetic
directions. Annual Star 4 descends from heaven to take in
no direction. It finds not its portents represented from out
of any direction, which is why it comes much under
influence of its environment, the other Stars being active
from out of and into the 8 directions. As it is be that
Luoshu employed for Flying Star Feng Shui or 9 Ki -, there
is no physical space reserved at the Luoshu center to accommodate 9 Stars.
In order to help you develop your ability to lay bare both tangible and intangible
Star 4 properties for your daily experiences and in the media, we need to know
what Star 4 portents. Star 4 of course represents people with 4 Wood as their
personal Star. You will find news to evolve around 4 Wood people.
Star 4 Green (S L ) is governed by Trigram Wind (Xn ) as it is to
denote something lenient, susceptible and fragile, thus in need of
protecting from the top.
It associates with planet Jupiter (M Xng ) and with the fourth star in Big
Dipper (Bi Du ), named Megrez, also known as Wn Q Literary
Any such direct translations from Chinese characters would be feeble, but what is
implied is Xuns relation to writing, art, scholarship, examination. Xun is inventive
and intelligent, as it represents the ability to pass imperial exams, while it is
further associated with art and music.
Xun will be generally associated with something gentle, flexible, upwardly growing
and eloquent. It can be sociable, extroverted and branching out into different

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However, if you follow the news on Star 4, the Wind associated with this Trigram,
may just turn fierce and devastating, as in hurricane, typhoon or cyclone, which
only becomes imaginable along one of 19 Principles of One infinite Universe that
says that Yang in its extreme changes to Yin, Yin in its extreme changes to Yang,
saying, if we were to change all lines in Xun Gua, we obtain Zhen Gua for
Thunder, Xuns much more explosive brother. You may note heavy storms if Star
1 and Star 4 meet in Luoshu, or with Star 1 and Star 4 in opposite position in
Star 4, besides wind, is also turbulence, funneling, any disruption of wind, or air.
The best way of showing Xuns such association with turbulence is by the hand of
the BP oil disaster in 2010, where a massive oil leak on the ocean floor2 had
occurred, releasing immense pressure4.
An explosion6 and blaze9 had occurred on 20 April 2010, so that, with annual
Star 8 and monthly Star 9 jointly in the central Luoshu Palace we note an
oil9 platform8, with Star 8 for built structure.
Here is Luoshu for 20 April 2010.
The 9 Fire Palace and the 1 Water Palace form one
magnetic Luoshu axis. One thing to know about Luoshu is,
opposite Palaces may move energy into opposite direction.
If the 1 Water Palace denotes some depth, things may fall
into such depth from a point above it, in this case the 9
Fire Palace.
Here Luoshu suggests that an aspect of annual Star 3
would move away from an aspect of annual Star 4, vice
versa, such that one movement would cancel the other.
You need to consider this instrincic Luoshu dynamic, in order to see why I said
that a certain attempt announced by BP to plug the well would fail.
It was announced that, in an attempt to stop the leak, engineers would try to
plug the well by pumping debris such as bits of tyres and golf balls under very
high pressure, a method known as a junk shot.
This attempt was undertaken on 26 May 2010, with daily Star 4 in the 9 Fire
Luoshu Palace, then opposite monthly Star 4 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace.
As you read along, you may also factor in annual and monthly Star 2 for mud,
mud slide, fueling to appear on the annual and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis
in the 8 Earth Palace, finding annual and monthly Star 5 into opposite position.
Involving only the 9 Fire Palace and the 1 Water Palace, if
Star 4 denotes turbulence, you will note monthly Star 4 in
the 1 Water Palace, then daily Star 4 in the 9 Fire Palace.
You may visualize the leak to occur from the 1 Water
Palace, the attempted junk shot to occur from the 9 Fire
Not a good day, I thought, with daily Star 4 and monthly
Star 4 for turbulence to cancel each other. BP pumped
thousands of barrels of mud2 into the well, failing to overcome the flow of oil.
9 Stars and Trigram attributes Star 4 governs Liver and Gallbladder, more
predominantly Gallbladder, hair, upper arm, chest, thigh, buttock, pulmonary
system (breathing, respiratory ability), while it associates with suffocation,
strangulation. Rope, cord. The 4 Wood Palace associates with outward bound
energies, no longer as explosive as Star 3, but emphasize on growth, increase.
Star 4 may be feeble, in due need of support, as it may easily stumble or capsize.
Younger children up to around the age of 12, fully matured women, female work
force, balding men. Anything made of (or containing) paper, documents,
contracts, books, archives, (air)mail (including email), parcel. Wooden structures,
country house, houseboat. Garden, vegetation, grassy, shrubs, pastures,
meadow, park. Post office. Astronomy, space related, aeronautic industry,
airplanes, drone, airfield. Anything airborne, projectiles, missiles, rockets.
Transportation industry. Relates to art, music, fashion. Gunpowder, powder
(including suspect powders such as anthrax hoax letters), fuse. Wind, turbulence,
pressure. Anything moving through air from point A to point B, anything moving
or disturbing air: wind turbines, wind farm, parachuting, windsurfing. Star 4 in
company of Star 1, can be Dolphin, Whale, skilift, elevator, escalator, Ferris
Wheel, roller-coaster, religious proclamation, torrential rains, hurricane, typhoon,
Primarily with your Star visiting the 4 Wood Palace to lesser degree also your
Star visiting Star 4 or Star 4 visiting your Star, then any outcomes furthermore
flavored by portents of other Stars involved:
Slow progress, matters slowly taking shape, ambivalent, instability in movement.
May travel and go on a plane trip. If your Star appears opposite Star 4, may
cancel an intended trip or boding some event on the background to concern of a
Receive any kind of document or written announcement, be involved in written
agreements, contracts. Related to art and music, also study and exams.
Good for social activities also involving marketing, networking, transportation.
Can be empathic, gentle, tolerant, at the same time feeble and timid. May need
to mind Liver and Gallbladder, respiratory ability.
Star 4 and young children Trigram Xun Wind for Star 4 is generally being
associated with Eldest Daughter, matured women. It says nowhere in Shuo Gua
Zhuan that there is an association with young children. Yet, you would
have just seen me include younger children up to around the age of 12 in those
9 Stars and Trigram attributes linked to Star 4.
That is actually at this stage a proposal and pretty much up for further scrutiny,
but I wouldnt like you to miss out on an observation I was able to do time and
again in following news events involving young children.
We may have seen many school events, where children are being harmed. Each
time, Star 4 seems to involve, even though it doesnt bode school, study or a
school building. What you would note whenever there is a debacle involving a
school is, Star 2 for studies, teacher and student and Star 8 for built structure, so
that in itself, such Star combination as 2-8 or 8-2 would bode a school.
If we completely randomly pick an annual-, monthly- and
daily Luoshu, you would note annual Star 2 and monthly
Star 8 in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace. Within context, this
could bode a school, where Star 2 provides study, Star 8
the built structure.
Day Star 4 is in opposite position in the Dui Palace, by this
further flavoring goings on to account of 2-8. For what its
worth, under such Star configuration, we would often see
young children up to the age of 12 involved.
Yet, such association between Xun Gua and young children wouldnt be there in
those ancient treatises.
Comparably, however, if Star 1 bodes H2O, Id have seen many incidences of
notably young children to drown with Star combination 1-4.
Reversed Luoshu Axis 4 Wood year To the left is the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth,
to the right the annual Luoshu for the 4 Wood year. Reversed Luoshu Axis for the
year appears on the North-South Luoshu axis.
If a Star such as here annual Star 9 appears opposite its original Palace in
Luoshu, it instigates Reversed Luoshu Axis. This Star is magnetically off, with
then in this case annual Star 8 going nowhere, because it appears into opposite
position from the annual Star that appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace.
If Luoshu
is a battery, each Luoshu Palace carries its intrinsic plus or minus pole.
We say that by Reversed Luoshu Axis, North-South Luoshu directions may be off,
not calibrated or whatever image will be helpful for you to better understand the
Reversed Luoshu Axis for a 4 Wood year would affect associations pertaining
annual Star 9 Fire and annual Star 8 Earth. Annual Star 9 will appear opposite its
original Luoshu Palace, thereby finding its attributes and properties magnetically
off, it is displaced with its original Luoshu Palace having been taken by annual
Star 8 Earth.
Annual Star 8 appears opposite the annual Star that appears opposite its original
Luoshu Palace, thereby, Star 8 attributes be going nowhere, so we would like to
know attributes to both Star 9 and Star 8.
Star 9 Fire Star 9 governs Heart and Small Intestine. Heart Constrictor, Triple
Heater, blood circulation, eyes, tongue. (In)ability to speak. Middle-
aged people. All fire related instances. Li Gua denotes something
hard on the outside, yet soft, pliable or empty on the inside, so that it
associates with shellfish, turtle, barrel, thereby body armor, armored
vehicle, fully armored soldier or riot police, helmet, armament.
Parched. Inflammable, volatile substances (alcohol, gasses). Further
instigation of heated events. Chemicals. Oil and pharmaceutical
industry. Hollow tree. Surfacing of the hidden and obscure,
excavation, exposure. Cattle, live stock, poultry. Nuclear when
combined with e.g. 1, 4, 5.
Star 8 Earth Star 8 is strong, immovable, mysterious. Buildings, real estate,
property (if Star 2 is the piece of land, the Star 8 of it is in the fact
that you own it). Young men. Earthquake, landslide. Star 8 is
revolutionary and it can invoke uproar, in particular involving racism or
ethnicity. Once it does, we may see massive demonstrations, notable
rioting, looting, stone throwing, because Star 8 denotes small stones.
With accent on the own culture, own ethics, it can invoke revolution
and public clashes, so that we may see riots. Taken for its revolution & change,
Star 8 may take matters to closure. Star 8 would be associated with sudden
stillness, it is inheritance. Other Star 8 associations are in mountain,
mountainous area, caves, scientific research, open gate. Star 8 governs Spleen,
small bones, fingers, nose.
Directions in Luoshu You may see that, in our pointing out the dynamic of
Reversed Luoshu Axis, we may often refer to North-South Luoshu axis, Northeast-
Southwest Luoshu axis and so on. This is pointing to dynamics within Luoshu
itself, i.e. North-South Axis means, a dynamic signified by the 9 Fire Palace (-)
and the 1 Water Palace (+). It is a matter of Luoshu plus and minus poles, actual
directions may not be implied.
This is important in our at all understanding dynamics surrounding the notion of
Reversed Luoshu Axis, because, one could all too easily take directions literally, as
in thinking that, if something occurs in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, such thing was
to occur from out of or into South direction.
If a Star arrives on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, this tells us something about 9
Stars and Trigram attributes of such Star, the magnetic condition of this Stars
In a 4 Wood year, annual Star 9 instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis,
thereby no matter actual directions its portents magnetically off. Annual Star
9 is magnetically off, because it appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace,
whereas it has nothing to do with actual directions. If then Star 9 represents
cattle, we would see events to concern of cattle, and such into any imaginable
By your connecting to Star 9 attributes (consequently then also Star 8 attributes)
or by your even so much as relating to a Star 9 native at any time, any location
or into any direction in a 4 Wood year, then, no matter the objective of your
meeting and by no more than clinging on to a person that finds his personal 9 Ki
Star on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, you would be tapping into Reversed Luoshu
Axis aspects.
If for a month or a day, your personal 9 Ki Star arrives on the annual Reversed
Luoshu Axis, you would be tapping into the dynamic for that month or that day,
no matter where you are located. Irrespective of your 9 Ki Star, now that Star 8
portents will be going nowhere due to annual Star 8 on the annual Reversed
Luoshu Axis for the year 2014, and once you would involve yourself with real
estate or built structures, you would tap into Reversed Luoshu Axis dynamics, no
matter where you or the Star 8 aspects are located, while for that, your personal
Star wouldnt need to reside in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace or the 1 Water Luoshu
Palace, as just your connecting to either Star 9 or Star 8 properties would do the
trick, such dynamic then only magnified should your personal 9 Ki Star arrive at
either the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace or the 1 Water Luoshu Palace for a month or a
Reversed Luoshu Axis in news events Reversed Luoshu Axis for a year may
firstly affect attributes of the annual Stars involved, here annual Star 9 and
annual Star 8 as they appear along the North-South Luoshu axis for the 4 Wood
year. It is almost safe to say that, if you see negotiations or voting announced
concerning the housing industry, mortgages, real estate or built structures in
general, that such would be failing, if only on first attempt. Then, once more,
because annual Reversed Luoshu Axis occurs along North-South Luoshu
directions, we could wrongly think that only initiatives would fail with parties
having to move into or away from these directions. While this would still hold
true, we may say that, in general, even if you had to travel into any other
direction, once an initiative involves either Star 9 or Star 8 attributes, chances are
youd return empty handed and youd have to make another attempt.
Meaning, as you assess Luoshu, you would take any directionology as notional at
best. You will note the directions just as you would Wuxing Five Transformations
between Stars and Luoshu Palaces -, but once that established, you would
proceed by reading Stars and Palaces just to account of their basic Trigram
attributes, wherever in Luoshu. As it is, 9 Stars and Trigram attributes come
before direction or Wuxing considerations, so that, if you see a Star or a Star
combination in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, you would note that this Luoshu Palace
associates with North direction, but whatever would then be signified by Stars
there, you would see related events to occur into or out from any direction.
Principal 9 Ki related events for a 4 Wood year
As we may proclaim any Star subject in
our Luoshu sentence, we would zero in on that
subject Star, wherever it appears in a certain
given Luoshu.
For example, if Star 3 is our subject Star, we
would note annual Star 3 in the 4 Wood Luoshu
Palace for the year 2014 and read
accordingly. However, each time in our
approaching a freshly constructed Luoshu, we
could involve 3 approaches, primarily, even before then we took note of our
subject Star.
Luoshu Trend
Reversed Luoshu Axis
In Prison-Out of In Prison
Luoshu trend We know that we can take the Stars to appear in the central
Luoshu Palace for Luoshu Trend, popularly said, to see what is in the air or what
is in the streets, so to say.
Reasoning along Luoshu Trend, we can gain first estimation of what overall news
to expect in 2014.
As annual Star 4 appears in the central Luoshu Palace, we
know that this is the energy currently descending from
heaven, with as a consequence that annual Star 4 takes in
no magnetic direction. We may note Star 4
for: Documents, contracts, the written word. Aeronautics,
aviation, airplane, airfield, transportation industry.
Anything airborne, missiles, shelling. Chest, respiratory
Many practitioners wonder about Stars for countries and it is not a done deal. In
order to designate a countries Star, we could take many indicators, such as the
date of such countries constitution. We may take the date of a major revolution,
or any other significant enough date if it had changed course for such country.
Some would take the overall temperament of the countries people, or the
countries overall topography. Some may count syllables in the name of the
country, or take the name to Chinese characters to count the amount of brush
I would not endorse the vision that says that, the central Luoshu Palace is to
specifically indicate China, as that has actually been one of associations. In a far
distant past, it was proposed by someone that, since Luoshu was invented in
China, basic Star configurations in Luoshu would mimic mainland Chinas
topography, so that Star 3 is in Luoshu East because China has forest in the East,
Star 8 is in Luoshu Northeast, because China has mountains in the Northeast.
Whether the central Luoshu Palace should be taken for China, would be easy to
tell, if China would notably and significantly make it to headline news to account
of Star 4 properties in 2014. This would have you note goings on to account of
aeronautics, aviation, fashion, music, art, world trade, treatises and
transportation. We would then furthermore need to see massive infections in
China, involving the chest.
If so, you could soon think that, yes, the central Luoshu Palace was to depict
China, then perhaps failing to notice that annual Star 4 is actually just the overall
Luoshu Trend, so that goings on to concern of Star 4 attributes would be
occurring just generally, globally and no matter the geography.
The thing most notable about Star 4 in the news, would be Star 4s association
with documents. Just Star 4 on its own, depicts paper, more specifically the
written word, which may come as a letter, a book, a contract, archives.
Once Star 4 accompanied by other Stars, this may give further detail, so that any
combination between Star 4 and Star 1 may represent a religious1 declaration. If
you see a 1-4 or a 4-1 combination, you would gather yet more detail by referring
to the opposite Stars in Luoshu. Combination between Star 4 and Star 2, may
represent a publication to account of subjects pertaining Star 2, such as
agriculture, food, the mining industry, education or a medical document.
If Star 4 arrives at the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, or with any combination between
Star 4 and Star 9 in Luoshu, a document4 may surface9, or we may see the
excavation9 of a manuscript.
Star 4 bodes anything airborne, or any capacity traveling from point A to point B
through air, including parcels and email. Parcels may be delayed if Star 4 in
company of or appearing opposite Star 5 for stagnation, or Star 8 for building, so
that in latter case, the parcel was being held up at customs. If then also Star 7
involved, the reason for the hold up may be financial tax related -, if Star 1
involved, there may be a suspicion for drugs.
Star 4 at the central Luoshu Palace for a year, month or day, may denote
aeronautics in general, aviation, an airfield, an airplane, or a drone. Airplanes,
airfields, but also aerospace may pull in a lot of attention in the year 2014, which
would include the International Space Station, satellites, any spacecraft, whereas
also, we may see new inventions and developments in the field of aerospace
industry, aerodynamics, while notably, we would see discovery of new planets.
Once not Star 4 in the central Luoshu Palace, it may still represent a minor
airfield, but you would read it for airplane. For example, if you saw an airplane
crash into water, notably Star 4 would be in the 1 Water Palace, or wed see a 1-4
combination. Combination 4-6 would indicate explosion6, then, if you also noted
Star 3, the explosion would be due to short circuit3, while if then furthermore you
saw Star 2 involved, electrical failure would have been caused by a fault in
As Star 4 depicts any airborne projectile, such as missiles, rockets, the act of
shelling, we may expect airstrikes, bombardments, resurgence of hostilities, while
combination of Star 4 and Star 6 furthermore denotes air force, the military
deployment of missiles, as it can also point to a missile4 silo6 or a launch facility.
Star 4 in combination with Star 7 may point to an aircraft carrier. With Star 4 as
Luoshu Trend for the year, we may see mobs in the street, throwing projectiles.
Chest infections
In terms of body and health, Star 4 may denote chest and the respiratory ability.
We may expect a surge in infections concerning the chest, more notably those
contaminations coming through air, breathing, e.g. Star combination 4-1 could be
water particles contaminated with aerobic bacteria, causing Legionnaires disease
and comparable. On the upside, you may expect new developments to account of
Cattle, poultry
Annual Star 9 resides in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. If within context the 1 Water
Palace taken for infections and infectious disease, we may see contamination
related to cattle, the meat industry, poultry. Due to North-South annual Reversed
Luoshu Axis, we find annual Star 8 opposite annual Star 9. Star 8 bodes built
structures, so that any buildings involved in animal food industry may be dealing
with contamination of animals, such as farms, slaughterhouses, meat storage.
Equally, if annual Star 9 taken for oil, inflammable substances, we may see oil
spill in sea, or pollution of sea and air by volatile substances. To this respect, you
would look up monthly Luoshu for detail. If Star 7 involved (in direct company of
Star 9 or into opposite position of Star 9), the oil spill may be due to a
rupture7 and to occur from an oil9 tanker7, if Star 8 involved, this may point to
an oil9 platform8.
Real estate, housing industry
The global financial crisis occurred in the year 2008, which was a 1 Water year, so
that the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis was East-West. With as such annual Star 3
opposite its original position in the 7 Metal Luoshu Palace magnetically off, this
would render annual Star 8 for built structures, real estate going nowhere in the
3 Wood Luoshu Palace. Annual Luoshu for a 4 Wood year gives annual Star 7 for
finances in the 8 Earth Palace, thus reading revolution and change to account of
monetary affairs. This combined with the notion that once more annual Star 8 is
on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, would have us expect new developments to
concern of real estate and mortgages, notably because annual Star 8 appears
opposite annual Star 9 for things coming to the surface or exposure.
Famous people
Once you would check the news on this, you would see people with first or second
Star 5, 7 and 9 to be notably appearing in the news this year. You may also check
for people with not these Stars perhaps, but their 9 Ki Star arriving the 8 Earth
Palace, 1 Water Palace or 6 Metal Palace for a month.
Volcano outburst and earthquake
Dont worry, you would see hundreds of earthquakes every month, which is too
great of an incidence to even suggest that 9 Stars and Luoshu would have a hand
in those all the time. There are, however, certain Luoshu give aways. One such
give away is Star 8, which, besides mountain, associates with earthquakes. If we
combine Chinese characters for fire and mountain , we get volcano . If
we stay with the annual Luoshu for a 4 Wood year, vulcano outburst would be
indicated by annual Star 8 residing in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, while
furthermore, annual Star 8 is opposite annual Star 9 in the 1 Water Luoshu
The year 2014 will come with notable earthquakes and vulcano outbursts. First
indication would be annual Star 8 for earthquake in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, i.e.
on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.
We find annual Star 9 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, which is indicative for ocean,
island, delta. We may see seaquakes, volcano outbursts on islands or into deep
Other indicators for earthquake would be Star 8 in the central Luoshu Palace, Star
3 in combination with Star 8, or seaquake indicated with Star 8 in the 1 Water
4 Wood year monthly events forecasting
February and November In your systematically approaching any annual- and
monthly Luoshu, emphasize would first be on Luoshu Trend,
annual Reversed Luoshu Axis and monthly Reversed Luoshu
For this particular Luoshu, Luoshu Trend is with annual Star
4 and monthly Star 8 at the central Palace. Annual
Reversed Luoshu Axis between annual Star 8 and annual
Star 9. Monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis between monthly
Star 2 and monthly Star 5.
Luoshu Trend Annual Star 4 at the central Luoshu Palace, then furthermore
involving monthly Star 4 for airplane in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace would be
suggestive for a plane crash in sea. Annual Star 4 strongly associates with
aeronautics, aviation, anything airborne, missiles, so that it would be easy to note
such Star 4 Luoshu Trend in your media. Annual Star 4 for documents in
combination with monthly Star 8 for buildings may also bode archives, documents
in a building. This combination may also bode treatises. As monthly Star 8
associates with revolution, you may see demonstrations and uproar, involving
rioting and looting, such demonstrations notably along political and ethnic lines.
North-South annual Reversed Luoshu Axis Annual Star 8 denotes built structures,
mountain, mountainous areas. Star 8 on its own would associate with
earthquake, whereas, as here annual Star 8 combines with monthly Star 3 in the
9 Fire Luoshu Palace, this would be only further indicated.
Monthly Star 8 arrives the central Luoshu Palace, so that you may expect
earthquakes to affect populated areas. Annual Star 9 in the 1 Water Luoshu
Palace, then furthermore combined with monthly Star 4 to indicate turbulence
may be a volcano outburst.
Northeast-Southwest monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis Monthly Star 2 in the 8 Earth
Luoshu Palace instigates the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, for which you may
be on the look out for certain specific news in your media.
For example, monthly Star 2 for things we rely on for protection, meets annual
Star 7 for demolished buildings. Often, with this combination, we would see
demolished buildings, dam breaks, balcony or pillar breaks, collapse of a tower
crane or a simple fall off a stage. Star 2 also depicts a zoo, inmate, famine.
Monthly Star 2 bodes a mob, a group of people (momentarily) relying on central
organization or kitchen, and we find monthly Star 2 opposite its original Palace,
so it is displaced. If monthly Star 5 in the 2 Earth Palace represents a compound
or community of sorts, monthly Star 2 would be headed into other direction, so
this could be taken as refugees, probably to gather in mountainous area.
Once looking at overall Star configuration for this months Luoshu, we may see a
school2shooting6 indicated. First by involving central Stars 4-8, then 2-6 (Star 2
for school, student or teacher, Star 6 for armed assault, handgun, rifle) in the 3
Wood Luoshu Palace, while we know that monthly Star 2 is on the monthly
Reversed Luoshu Axis. Combination 2-6 may also indicate inmates involved in
March and December Of course, as you read any of the monthly Luoshu for
March 2014, you would continue to involve annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, then
see monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, which is Southeast-Northwest for March and
December 2014.
Emphasize on your reading March Luoshu for news events
would be on Star combinations 8-2 and 9-3 on the North-
South Luoshu Axis, then Star combinations 3-6 and 5-8 on
the Southeast-Northwest Luoshu Axis.
If for purpose of personal life progression you would like to
look up your personal 9 Ki Star anywhere in this Luoshu,
you would still determine if your personal 9 Ki Star
appeared on the annual or monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.
Star 3 is on both annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis. If Star 3 taken for
uniformed personnel, we may read it to account of police. 9-3 in the 1 Water
Palace bodes police involved in drugs, sexual offense, scandal. 3-6 in the 4 Wood
Palace indicates shooting or police force under armed assault, notably a police
station with 5-8 into opposite position. Also, if 5-8 into opposite position of Star 3
bodes police headquarters, we may see reorganization and relocation.
In hand all that you know about 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, it will be easy for
you to follow news progressions, then see how Star combination 3-6 would play
out, for example, where Star 6 would bode cars and car industry. Due to monthly
Reversed Luoshu Axis, you would be able to see any initiatives to regard of car
industry or other Star 6 related properties fail, at least on first attempt. Same
can be said to account of annual and monthly Stars on the North-South Reversed
Luoshu axis, Stars 2,3,8 and 9 there, which would compromise properties
associated with these Stars.
Annual Star 4 at the central Luoshu Palace visited by monthly Star 7 for
demolished building, then furthermore Star combination 1-4 in the 2 Earth
Luoshu Palace, would bode torrential rains, hurricane, typhoon, such then noted
for both March and December 2014. Star combination 4-7 at the central Luoshu
Palace, then linked to Star combination 1-4 in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace and 7-1
in the 8 Earth Palace, gives images of a capsized vessel.
April and January of the following year The first thing to note about this
annual- and monthly Luoshu is, that annual and monthly
Reversed Luoshu Axes repeat along the North-South
Luoshu axis.
As it is hard to foretell what would be exactly in the news
paper and to give a listing of all the possible outcomes, we
may give a quick round up for Star combination 8-1, so
that you would note Luoshu relevance once certain events
appeared in the news.
8-1 Built structure8 art1 painting1 theft1. 8-1
Built structure8 robbery1. 8-1 Built structure8 mountain8 flooding1
Landslide8-1. 8-1 Built structure8 grave1 graveyard1. 8-1 Built
structure8 asylum1. 8-1 Built structure8 religious1.
May No monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis occurs, due to May being a 5 Earth
month. All 9 Stars settle in their original Luoshu Palaces for
the month.
If monthly Star 5 taken to Luoshu Trend, it may read army
in the streets. To this respect, Star 5 may indicate different
things, such as army, occupying military forces, coup
detat, martial law.
We may see an airport4 involved, while Star 4 also denotes
post office.
June Annual and monthly Luoshu configurations are
identical. Whatever would have up to this point not
materialized due to the annual Luoshu, would take its
course in June.
However, be careful not to proclaim Star 8 in the 9 Fire
Palace building each time you see it, or Star 7 in the 8
Earth Palace knife each time.
As you build your Luoshu sentence, Star 8 can be one time
a person, another time a physical object. Or, a Star can be
one time subject, the other time verb, or direct object.
July If you stay with news events closely, you will see that
monthly Star 3 may be taken for uniformed personnel,
police, electrically engineered machinery, such as by
extension train, tram, metro.
This would seem as good a time as any to really show that 9 Ki Stars do not come
as glorified Flying Star Feng Shui Stars.
Here combination 4-3 may come as uneventful as a male3 to walk into a post
office4, or it may be as significant as an electrical3 detonator used in an assault
on an airplane4.
For the attentive reader, it just said here that, for purpose of 9 Ki Divination and
in your following news events, there is no such thing as seeing two Stars to meet
along Wuxing supporting cycle, then believe that this should lead to auspicious
events. Similarly, it said nowhere that, should two Stars meet along Wuxing
controlling cycle, that this would have to bode inauspicious events.
This is critical, but at the same time, if you had your training history in Flying Star
Feng Shui, class would have definitely handled annual and monthly Stars at one
point in your training. Chances are that your teacher hadnt distinguished, so that
class was not notified that 9 Ki is an autonomous system, otherwise perfectly
unrelated to Fei Xing Feng Shui, much less annual and monthly Star to then
behave as they would be expected in a Flying Star chart.
It is subtle, but experience has it time and again that, once then the Flying Star
Feng Shui adept shown 9 Ki Divination syntax, most would be astounded to hear
that operators in 9 Ki are in no way comparable to operators in Fei Xing Feng
Shui and that a thing such as timeliness of Stars would be forever non-existent
in 9 Ki, because annual and monthly Stars would not answer to or rely on San
Yuan Jiu Yun (3 Cycles, 9 Periods) doctrine as Fei Xing Feng Shui would, and 9
Stars in 9 Ki will be as per definition timely always.
Equally, Wuxing will perform relative to domain, platform and context. For neither
system of application we can claim that supporting cycle is favorable or
controlling cycle is unbeneficial, where at least 9 Ki for news events would clearly
show that the reverse may be true just the same.
Saying, if we stay with just standing Wuxing convention and in sofar you hadnt
done so already, but if you were to step into 9 Ki Divination for news events just
freshly, you would have noticed this aspect within days after your having started
checking news event on 9 Ki relevance. Luoshu never lies.
This is critical, already for your Flying Star Feng Shui practice, but certainly in 9
Ki Divination, because as it is, it was about time that the metaphysical field
abandoned the untimely and of course all too silly contraction supportive
cycle is beneficial and controlling cycle is harmful.
Flying Star Feng Shui and 9 Ki Divination may go by same 9 Stars and Luoshu,
but thats as far as any comparison goes, as what operates 9 Stars in Fei Xing
(Form) is not what operates 9 Stars in either 9 Ki Divination or Nine Star Ki
Just because of different operators, Star performance and Star behavior in 9 Ki
would be in nothing the same as Star behavior for purpose of Fei Xing. Its
If at all you were to go by Wuxing supporting cycle is beneficial and controlling
cycle is unfavorable in your following news event, soon, Luoshu would clam up
like an Oyster.
To clarify, and just practically, take a supporting Star combination such as 1-6 or
9-4, then think ah, must be good, because one Star engenders the other. May
just be so, but 1-6 could be a car6 to fall1 into a depth1 or in a river1, 9-4 can be
an airplane4 on fire9. Equally, reasoned along Wuxing strengthening cycle, one
might think that 2-8 or 7-6 should lead to positive outcome, because 2-8 is all
Earth and 7-6 is all Metal. Could be, so that 2-8 is an 8 Earth native entering a
school2, going into active lecturing2, or just meeting spouse2, while 7-6 may be a
car6 parked near a supermarket7. Pretty uneventful, whereas, however much 2-8
may be strengthening cycle, still it could be a avalanche, with 7-6 perhaps an
armed assault6upon a financial institution7.
This is short for saying, dont worry, if you were to approach annual and monthly
Luoshu, you would always still note Wuxing relations, however, you would best let
go of any such Wuxing association already seconds into your assessment, as
simply, Luoshu will show you that Wuxing doesnt play a role of any significance in
9 Ki Divination for personal life progression or news events and once you get
this, Luoshu will open up for you like a novel and quite keenly show you its story.
It is where in your approaching Luoshu for news events, youd just rely on your 9
Stars and Trigram attributes, with not any connotation there, just apply Host-
Guest and incorporate opposite Stars and Luoshu Palaces.
August If the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace is instrumental in exposure, surfacing of lost
items and excavation and if Star 6 denotes skull, a skull
may be unearthed.
Due to annual Star 8, this may involve either a mountain or
a building, while also, monthly Star 6 may come to concern
of a (deceased or not) Star 6 native featured in the media.
Keep an eye out for children being harmed by their
parents, notably by the mother.
September Combination 4-1 is notorious for torrential
rains, hurricanes, typhoons.
We may see capsized vessels.
Monthly Star 6 is in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, which is
your first row seat in noting and not just once this month
cars to plunge into depths, be that a ravine, a river, a
Keep a close watch on the housing industry.
October Monthly Star 7 is on the East-West monthly
Reversed Luoshu Axis, so we may
note monetary affairs.
These may relate to Star 2
properties, because annual Star 2
and monthly Star 7 meet in the 3
Wood Palace, while moreover, we
find monthly Star 2 in opposite
Star 2 relates to education, refugees, inmates, zoo, mining, hospital, agriculture,
food provision, while combination 2-7 points to demolished buildings.
Print this image to keep with you as a reference as you follow news progressions
in your media.

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