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Michael Simpson

History of Animation
Peter Lord
Will Vinton
History of Animation
Praxinoscope is a device that you can use your hand to
rotate it to make the pictures animate.
Invented 1877 by Charles Reynaud.

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Stop Motion Animation is animation that captures one

frame at a time as an object like a toy car is moved in
small steps. When all frames are played back the car
seems to move.

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History of Animation
Computer Generated Imagery is used in all types of ways like Films, TV
Programs and videos games. (The Avatar)

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The flip book is a collection of sequential images on the pages of the
book. As the pages are flipped through, the images appear to be in motion.

Cutout Animation is produced by using flat card, paper, or photographs. It

is involves moving the created shapes in small steps and taking a picture
each time.

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Drawn on film animation is made by the artist drawing images directly

onto film strip. There are a number of animated films produced by this

Modern techniques include 2D Animation (The Lion King) and 3D

(Toy Story).

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The Lion King made in 2D animation By Walt Disney

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Toy Story made in 3D animation By Walt Disney

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Peter Lord
He was born on November 4 1953 in Bristol, England.
He is well know as the producer and director of many
films like Chicken Run (2000), The Curse of the Were-
Rabbit (2005) and also Flushed Away (2006).

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Will Vinton
He was born on November 17 1947 in McMinnville Oregon
USA. He is director and producer for many films like The
Adventures of Mark Twain (1985), Claymation Easter (1992)
and A Claymation Chrisman Celebration (1987).

Date accessed 19/1/17
In this presentation, have discussed the following, which I did not know about before.

History of Animation Praxinoscope Invented 1877 by Charles Reynaud

Techniques The flip book, Cutout Animation, Drawn on film animation, Modern techniques The Lion
King and Toy Story.
Peter Lord Clay animation for Chicken Run, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Flushed Away.
Will Vinton Clay animation for Adventures of Mark Twain, Claymation Easter and A Claymation
Chrisman Celebration.