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Huawei Data Center Cabinet

System NetHos

Huawei NetHos standard cabinet provides the appropriate environment

for equipments, and presents many excellent features of advanced cooling
performance, comprehensive cabling management, simple installation,
high compatibility, high security and reliability. It is widely used in various
data centers.


The NetHos cabinet consists of one front door, two rear Top cover Rear doors
doors, two side doors, one rack, and one top cover.
It complies with the IEC 60297-1 Standard. Two PDUs Side doors
behind the cabinet are reserved for installation.
The NetHos cabinet supports top cabling and bottom
cabling. Cables are routed through wire blushing behind
the cabinet. The perforation rate is about 70% for the
front door and rear door. Air flows from the front and
exhausts at the rear to ensure good heat dissipation.

Front door Side doors


Technical Specifications
Items Technical Specifications
2000 mm x 600 mm x 1100 mm 2000 mm x 600 mm x 1200 mm 2200 mm x 600 mm x 1200 mm
Rack dimensions (H x W x D)
(78.73 in. x 23.62 in. x 43.31 in.) (78.73 in. x 23.62 in. x 47.24 in.) (86.61 in. x 23.62 in. x 47.24 in.)
Minimum installing depth 220mm 220mm 220mm
Maximum installing depth 945mm 1045mm 1045mm
42 U 42 U 46 U
Single cabinet installing space
(1866.9 mm or 73.5 in.) (1866.9 mm or 73.5 in.) (2044.7 mm or 80.5 in.)
Net weight 125KG 135KG 145KG
Bearing Capability Static load: 1200 kg / Dynamic load: 1000 kg
Ventilation channel Front and rear ventilation channels
Structure composition Single-swing for front door, double-swing for rear door
Surface Black indoor powder
Material High-intensity class A carbon cold rolled steel, Thickness 1.2 mm (0.05 in.) to 2.0 mm (0.08 in.)
Protection level IP20
Grounding and ESD Ground screws and ESD wrist strap sockets are reserved.
Environmental requirement Complies with RoHS
Customer Values
Advanced cooling performance Comprehensive cabling management
The single cabinet supports no less than 20kW (30kW for max) of NetHos cabinet provides integrated horizontal, vertical cable distribution
cooling power. Super-mesh door has the perforation rate of 70%. functions and optional parts for high-density wiring applications.

Simple installation High compatibility

Front and rear hole strips could be adjusted easily, so as to adapt NetHos cabinet does not only support all Huawei servers and
different servers. Top, side door and PDU support installation storage device, but all third-party 19inch servers, storage and
without tools, and removing easily. Idler wheels and leveling feet network equipment are compatible. (Maximum depth is 935mm)
make cabinets moved smoothly and time saved.

High security and reliability

Super bearing load: static load is1200 kg, dynamic load is 1000 kg.
NetHos cabinet is made of high-intensity class A carbon cold rolled steel sheet and hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet.
Front and rear door magnetic switch makes door status monitored remotely.
Unique anti-static wrist design helps to discharge static electricity by grounding system from human body, so as to protect equipment
in maximum.
All parts are conducted, multilevel grounding points protect safety for devices in cabinets.

Application in southern base of Application in CANTV data center Application in data center of China
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