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Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
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Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey

What Are the Fey? Immortality. Most of the fey are age-
less spirits. They can be killed by mortal
As we begin, this is the question we must hands, and especially fear the bite of cold
answer. The fey are creatures of mystery and iron, but time cannot end their dance. This
magic, spirits of wood and wind. At first should always play a role in encounters with
glance, this may seem to tie them to elemen- mortals. The short lifespan of humans is baf-
tals, but the differences are significant. fling to the fey. One of the quiet folk might
Elementals are truly alien creatures, embody- mistake a human for the mans great-grand-
ing the purity of the elements themselves. father, who the spirit spoke with in ages past.
The fire elemental is raw fire given form, the This can provide the basis for an interesting
essence of flame, and it exists to burn. It has adventure: perhaps the ancestor made a
no place in our world, no common frame of promise to the fey or vice versa and
reference, and if it is unleashed in the realm now the spirit has come to complete the
of compounded elementals, it is likely to fly agreement.
out of control and destroy the unfortunate
Tradition Versus Chaos. To the outside
creatures that cross its path.
observer, fey often appear to be the epitome
Elementals may be the purest forces of of chaos. They are wild and unpredictable,
nature, but the fey are the bridge between sweeping mortals away with their revels. But
humanity and the natural world. When a those who study the fey often find them to be
sailor hears a song on the ocean wind, he may creatures of tradition. The deep mermaid will
think of the mermaid. When the gale howls always return to the same rock at the same
outside the manor, those inside fear the fell time each week, combing her hair for precise-
omen of the beansidhe. And walking through ly one thousand strokes before returning to
the deep woods, it is easy to believe that the water.The grig fiddler can play with a skill
there is some force that is aware of you beyond that of any human bard but he
whether it is the dryads bound to the trees or may not be able to create new music of his
the leshy, lord of the forest itself. own. Fey may be baffled or even frightened
Classic Fey, the next in the Iconic by new things or innovations they do not
Bestiary line, offers an assortment of faerie understand.
creatures. Most are drawn from the folklore Furthermore, fey are often bound by
and legends of earthly cultures. In addition to rules or traditions about which mortals know
statistics for the creatures themselves, youll nothing. The beansidhe, for example, cannot
also find ideas for variant rules when dealing aid her mortal charge even if she wishes to:
with the fey: storybook curses, faerie she is a spirit of warning, and that is all that
changelings, and other elements that may she can do.
play a crucial role in any adventure dealing
Word is Bond. Even the chaotic fey are
with the fey.
deadly serious about promises. If a faerie
When using fey, consider the following makes a promise, it is bound to hold up its
ideas. end of the bargain. However, the fey are leg-
endary for their ability to twist words to their
benefit. Furthermore, if the mortal involved

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
ever breaks his word to the fey or attacks the diets. A dryad may dine on flowers and rain-
spirit, the fey is released from all obligations. water; a changeling of the Quiet Folk may be
Nothing is Predictable. Just because a able to eat ten times its weight at a single sit-
player has memorized every detail about ting; and a beansidhe dines on misery and
every monster doesnt mean a deep mermaid sorrow.
cant surprise him. The appendix at the end of In general, you should always look for
this book includes an assortment of magical ways to highlight the mysterious and alien
feats that fey creatures can possess. Many of nature of the faerie folk. The fey are not sim-
the fey presented here already use one or ply monstrous humanoids. They are the whis-
more of these feats, but these can always pers of the world, the magic that exists
been changed and adjusted and you because we know that it must. Tree-spirit,
should feel free to come up with new feats house-spirit, omen of doom and despair
with similar flavor. Traditionally, it is the the fey are always there in the shadows, and
beansidhe who curses those who cross its humans who delve into their world often end
path. But the barbarian who decides to attack up the worse for it. Fate itself twists in favor
the pixie may find it has the same power! of the fey, and the wise adventurer will learn
Appearances Can Be Deceiving. Many to treat them with respect.
fey are similar in appearance to humans or Welcome to The Iconic Bestiary: Classic
elves, but they are not mortal creatures, and Fey!
this should become clear to anyone who Keith Baker
spends much time around one. They eat and
drink, but cannot actually starve to death
and furthermore, many fey have unusual

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey

You see a beautiful young woman with pale skin
and long dark hair that spills out from the hood of
her tattered gray robe. Her cheeks are streaked with
tears, and her eyes are wild and unfocused with
grief. Spotting you, she drops to her knees, opens her
mouth and howls a horrible, keening wail that
fills you with a sense of loss and despair.

Medium Fey (Incorporeal) (pronounced BAN-shee) is not a ghost, but

Hit Dice: 6d6+12 (33 hp) rather a fey spirit that warns the living of mor-
Initiative: +4 tal danger.
Speed: 30 ft (6 squares); fly 30 ft. (perfect) Most of these wailing spirits are tied to
AC: 17 (+4 Dex, + 3 deflection), 17 touch, 13 specific families, traditionally those of pure and
flat-footed noble blood. A beansidhe appears to warn her
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/ charges of the presence of death. There are
Attack: None three common manifestations of the beansid-
Full Attack: None he:
Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft. A young woman wailing and keening in
Special Attacks: Deadly vengeance inconsolable misery, as described above.
Special Qualities: Blood guardian, damage This is the most common form of the
reduction 10/cold iron, darkvision, dimension beansidhe, but in this manifestation she
door, low-light vision, spell resistance 20 typically stays at a distance from the
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +9, Will +9 charge; her cries can easily be mistaken
Abilities: Str , Dex 18, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 18, for a terrible wind.
Cha 16 An old woman washing clothes; on closer
Skills: Hide +13, Knowledge (nature) +5, examination, she is washing the blood-
Listen +15, Perform (song) +12, Profession stained clothing of the person whose
(washer-woman) +8, Sense Motive +13, death she foretells. In this form, she may
Spot +15 or may not speak.
Feats: Alertness, Curse of the Fey*, Shun Steel* A stately matron in her middle years,
Environment: Any proud and strong. This is the one form in
Organization: Solitary which she will usually engage in conver-
Challenge Rating: 0* sation, pleading with her charge and
Treasure: None warning him of the danger that lies
Alignment: Neutral ahead.
Advancement: 720 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment: Needless to say, in most campaigns, a char-
acter faces death every day.If a player character
While there is an undead creature whose wail has a bond to a beansidhe, it would be foolish
can strike down the living, the true beansidhe to have her show up all the time, moaning

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Dont go into the dungeon! As such, the sive effect immediately takes 10d6 points
appearance of a beansidhe should portend a of damage (Will save DC 16 for half). This
significant threat aimed directly at the charac- requires no effort on the part of the beansidhe
ter in question, ignoring events where the and will affect a character who makes multiple
character is choosing to put himself in harms attacks multiple times.
way. Dimension Door (Su): A beansidhe can
To summon the beansidhe, the threat has use dimension door at will as a supernatural
to be truly dire: adventurers who encounter the ability. She will use this power to place herself
beansidhe should have reason to fear and to in the path of her charge, and to flee if attacked.
reconsider their course of action. Caster level: 20th.
A beansidhe rarely speaks, but she under-
stands Common, Sylvan, and the native lan- What Do You Know?
guage of the families she watches over. The following skill checks can provide useful
information about the beansidhe.
A beansidhe will never engage in combat Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10),
thus her challenge rating of zero. If she is Bardic Knowledge (DC 15)
attacked, a beansidhe will flee, possibly Information: The beansidhe is a spirit that
remaining long enough to lay a curse on the warns of death and disaster. While a harbinger
person who dared strike at her. However, she of doom, she is not responsible for the threat
will never actively try to provoke an attack, or and bears no malice towards those she warns.
curse anyone who has not harmed her. She
cannot take any action to protect her charge, Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15),
aside from warning. Bardic Knowledge (DC 20)
A beansidhe is incorporeal, but this will Information: Though she appears solid, the
not become obvious until someone attempts to beansidhe is an incorporeal spirit. She is a crea-
touch her; she appears to be completely solid. A ture of the fey, and not a ghost or other form of
true seeing spell will reveal her inhuman and undead.
incorporeal nature.
A beansidhe does not need to eat, sleep, or Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 20),
breathe. Bardic Knowledge (DC 25)
Blood Guardian (Ex): A beansidhe has Information: A beansidhe will never initiate
an instinct connection to a particular mortal combat, but those who dare attack her may be
bloodline. She can sense threats to the heirs of instantly killed or cursed.
this bloodline, and when she has detected a
threat she can locate the endangered heir. She Skill Check: Knowledge (religion) (DC 20)
may warn her charge, but her ability to inter- Information: A character who makes this
fere with the situation is extremely limited. check knows nothing about the beansidhe, but
More often than not, the beansidhe herself can at least tell that it is not an undead crea-
knows nothing more than the fact that a threat ture.
exists; occasionally she will possess more spe-
cific knowledge, but her warnings will be cryp- Adventure Ideas
tic at best. As such, neither detect thoughts or For long term use, it can be interesting to
zone of truth will be able to force more infor- attach a beansidhe to one of the player charac-
mation out of a beansidhe. ters. If the spirit hasnt shown up for a few gen-
Darkling Retribution (Su): Anyone who erations, its appearance can be unnerving and
attacks a beansidhe using a ranged attack, potentially mistaken for an attack. Once the PC
melee attack, or spell with any sort of aggres- has come to terms with the nature of the fey

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
guardian, there are many ways it could influ- When the wailing woman appears and
ence a story. warns you from your current course of
An outsider, deity, or other powerful action are you sure its a beansidhe?
enemy such as the dullahan, What if its just a doppelganger, using the
described on page 12 has targeted reputation of the fey to steer you away
the character for destruction. The bean- from its secret schemes?
sidhes warning can put the character on
his guard, and potentially give some hint A beansidhe can also serve as a motivating fac-
as to the nature of the foe. tor in a game even if its not attached to one of
The party has been invited to court by the the PCs. If the characters are preparing to
king himself but the beansidhe attack an aristocratic villain, perhaps a beansid-
warns of treachery and murder. Refusing he tied to his family places him on guard. Or a
a royal invitation is out of the question, nobleman haunted by a beansidhe fears for his
but now the party knows they are walk- life and asks the adventurers to protect him
ing into a trap. Provided that there are from unknown threats.
multiple people who might wish the
party ill, its an excellent chance to add a
little paranoia into the scenario.

Deep Mermaid
You hear the song before you see the woman. You
cant make out the words, and youre not even sure
there are words; the song is pure music, sweet and
haunting. The singer is a woman, sitting on one of
the rocks spread out along the barren shore. She is
naked, but the pale skin of her back is largely hidden
by her long, flowing black hair, which glistens and
gleams like deep water. Her beauty is breathtaking,
and yet slightly disturbing, as well. As she turns her
dark eyes towards you, you cant help but feel that
such perfection is unnatural. And thats when you
see the long fish-tail that takes the place of her legs.

Medium Fey Attack: Claw +8 melee (1d4+2)

Hit Dice: 12d6+24 (66 hp) Full Attack: 2 Claws +8 melee (1d4+2)
Initiative: +4 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Speed: 5 ft. (1 square), swim 120 ft Special Attacks: Sea songs
AC: 18 (+4 Dex, +4 natural), touch 14, flat- Special Qualities: Amphibious, aquatic bond,
footed 14 damage reduction 10/cold iron, low-light
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+8 vision, spell resistance 20, voice of the water,

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
water breathing, wild empathy ing Child of Magic, Evil Eye, Fey Curse,
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +12, Will +12 Oracular Vision
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 18,Wis 18, Environment: Aquatic
Cha 22 Organization: Solitary or pair (deep mermaid
Skills: Bluff +20, Concentration +15, and deep merman)
Diplomacy +15, Heal +15, Hide +19, Challenge Rating: 10
Knowledge (nature) +15, Listen +15, Treasure: Double standard (and deep under-
Perform (oratory) +15, Perform (sing) +24, water)
Sense Motive +15, Spot +15, Survival +10, Alignment: Any Chaotic
Swim +20 Advancement: By character class (typically
Feats: Extend Spell, Greater Spell Focus bard or druid)
(enchantment), Inhuman Performance, Spell Level Adjustment:
Focus (enchantment), plus one of the follow-

Deep Merman
A massive figure rises from the water: a man, heavi-
ly muscled and towering over nine feet tall. His
snow-white hair is wild and loose, flowing around
his shoulders like the spray of a storm-wave, and he
has a long, thick beard. His gaze is like a thunderbolt,
confident and aggressive. For a moment, he seems to
be wrapped in the water; as the lightning flashes,
you see that his lower body is that of a powerful fish.
The mighty merman raises a heavy, trident-like hal-
berd and laughs, and the thunder rolls in perfect
time with his mirth.
Large Fey Special Attacks: Stormcalling
Hit Dice: 18d6+72 (135 hp) Special Qualities: Amphibious, aquatic bond,
Initiative: +2 damage reduction 10/cold iron, fast healing
Speed: 5 ft. (1 square), swim 120 ft 5, low-light vision, spell resistance 22, voice
AC: 19 (+2 Dex, +8 natural, 1 size), touch 11, of the water, water breathing, wild empathy
flat-footed 14 Saves: Fort +12, Ref +13, Will +18
Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+21 Abilities: Str 26, Dex 14, Con 19, Int 13,Wis 20,
Attack: +2 halberd +18 melee (2d8+14, Cha 17
1920/x3) Skills: Concentration +20, Handle Animal
Full Attack: +2 halberd +18/+13 melee +20, Intimidate +24, Knowledge (nature)
(2d8+14, 1920 x3) +22, Listen +20, Perform (oratory) +20,
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft. Spot +25, Survival +26, Swim +20

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Feats: Combat Expertise, Dodge, Great who yearns for mortal companionship, but it is
Fortitude, Improved Critical (halberd), Iron always possible that a deep merman will take
Will, Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack, an interest in a mortal bride, especially a druid
Whirlwind Attack or bard.
Environment: Aquatic The coloration of the deep merfolk often
Organization: Solitary or pair (deep mermaid reflects the creatures that inhabit its waters.
and deep merman) Arctic merfolk are pale, while those bound to
Challenge Rating: 12 tropical waters will be bright and colorful.Deep
Treasure: Double standard (and deep under- mermaids are slender and beautiful, while the
water) deep mermen are stern and powerfully built.
Alignment: Any Chaotic Deep merfolk speak Common, Aquan, and
Advancement: By character class (typically Sylvan.
barbarian or druid)
Level Adjustment: Combat
Despite the physical power of the deep mer-
Common merfolk are mortal creatures, driven man, neither merman nor mermaid particular-
by the same emotions and desires as human ly enjoys physical combat. A deep mermaid will
beings. The deep merfolk are another matter always try to use enchantments and songs to
entirely. Though similar in appearance to the deal with her foes, often fleeing if forced into
mundane merfolk, these creatures are fey spir- physical combat. A deep mermaid prefers to
its with a strong bond to the ocean depths.The rely on his powers of stormcalling to strike
deep mermaid embodies the mystery and hyp- down his foes from a distance: when forced
notic lure of the ocean.The deep merman is the into battle he makes use of his tremendous
master of storms, the lord whose fury can send speed, using Spring Attack to strike his foes and
vessels to their doom. Both are territorial crea- move on. Both merman and mermaid may be
tures of habit, tied to their chosen domains. accompanied by other creatures of the deep.
Anyone crossing the realm of a deep merman Unless they are evil, the deep merfolk will not
would be wise to throw an offering into the sea sacrifice the lives of these creatures needlessly,
at the start of the voyage.Those who anger the but if the odds can be turned with the aid of a
fey may be destroyed by storms or lured from few octopi, these creatures will cheerfully join
the ship by enchanting song, while those who the fray.
honor the spirits can receive fair winds and Aquatic Bond (Ex): Each of the deep
good weather. merfolk has a strong tie to a particular region
The behavior of the deep merfolk is of water. Unlike dryads, the deep merfolk can
strongly influenced by alignment. A chaotic leave their home waters without suffering a
good deep merman may serve as the guardian penalty, but they prefer not to. While in their
of the waters, fighting off dangerous monsters home waters, the deep merfolk can use com-
or aquatic undead and caring for the natural mune with nature as will, as a druid with a cast-
creatures of the region; sailors who cause no er level equal to their hit dice. The effect only
harm have nothing to fear. But the chaotic evil reaches to the boundaries of the merfolks per-
fey sees mortals as toys, and takes pleasure in sonal domain, as defined by the DM.
crushing their ships or luring them to their This bond can manifest in many other
doom. ways, at the DMs discretion. A deep mermaid
The deep merfolk are solitary by nature, may be able to hear any time her name is spoke
though a merman and mermaid are occasion- over her waters. If an item is thrown into the
ally found together, and it is possible to find water as a sacrifice to a deep merman, it may
one of the deep merfolk leading a band of mor- end up reaching him regardless of where he is.
tal merfolk.Traditionally it is the deep mermaid This is fey magic, and there are no hard and fast

Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
rules for it; the deep merfolk are spirits of salt can use this ability to influence the attitude of
and sea, and this is one of the mysteries of the any aquatic or amphibious animal. This func-
water. tions much like a Diplomacy check, but the
Fast Healing (Su): A deep merman has a merfolk rolls 1d20+5 and adds his hit dice and
stronger bond to the ocean than his mate, and Charisma modifier to the result. Any druid or
the sea heals his injuries. As long as a deep ranger levels stack when using this ability.
merman is submerged in salt water, he gains Skills: The deep merfolk receive a +12
the benefits of fast healing. racial bonus on Swim checks. They can always
Sea Songs: The power of the deep mer- choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if dis-
maid lies in her voice. A deep mermaid can cast tracted or endangered. They can use the run
spells as a 12th-level bard, though she does not action while swimming, provided that they are
possess any of the other powers of the bard swimming in a straight line.
class. Deep merfolk usually specialize in Possessions: The deep merfolk possess
enchantment and illusion effects, and they double standard treasure, but at least half of
cannot use evocation or transmutation effects. this will be hidden in their lairs, far from where
Typical bard spells known (3/5/5/4/2; Save they are likely to be encountered and inaccessi-
DC 16+ spell level, 18+ spell level for enchant- ble unless the party can venture into deep
ments): 0dancing lights, detect magic, light, water. A deep merman will always possess a
lullaby, message, prestidigitation; 1stcause magic weapon with a market price modifier of
fear, charm person, hideous laughter, sleep; at least +2. Deep mermaids are more likely to
2ndcalm emotions, enthrall, suggestion, possess rings or wondrous items jewelery
whispering wind; 3rd charm monster, confu- or combs that impart magical powers to the
sion, cure serious wounds, deep slumber; 4th bearer.Both prefer to avoid armor and clothing,
break enchantment, legend lore, shout. although magical bracers are acceptable.
If a deep mermaid takes levels of bard,
these stack with her hit dice to determine What Do You Know?
spells known, spells per day, and other effects The following skill checks can provide useful
dependent on caster level. information about the deep merfolk.
Stormcalling (Sp): The deep merman is a
powerful foe, but his greatest strength is his Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10),
command of wind and weather. He possesses Bardic Knowledge (DC 15)
the following spell-like abilities, which he uses Information: While most merfolk are mortal,
as an 18th-level druid: At willcall lightning a few are powerful fey with a strong tie to
(DC 18), control weather, control wind (DC 20); ocean waters.
2/daycall lightning storm (DC 20). The saving
throws are Wisdom based. Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15),
Voice of the Water (Ex): The deep mer- Bardic Knowledge (DC 20)
folk can communicate with any aquatic or Information: These deep merfolk have differ-
amphibious creature, as if under the effects of ent powers based on gender. The mermaid is
speak with animals. This is a constant effect known for the magical power of her voice, and
that requires no effort on the part of the mer- can lure men to her doom. The merman has
folk. tremendous control over wind and water, and
Water Breathing (Sp): Any deep mer- can call down storms to shatter ships.
folk can cast water breathing once per day
(caster level 15th).Should one of the deep mer- Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 20),
folk take a mortal lover, she will use this power Bardic Knowledge (DC 25)
to bring her paramour beneath the waves. Benefit: At this level, the character has heard
Wild Empathy (Ex): The deep merfolk tales of any deep merfolk that are active in the


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
local waters. The character knows the general During a long sea voyage, the party begins
behavior of the merfolk whether they prey hearing enchanting singing at night
on all who cross their territory, or if they can be the voice of a deep mermaid who is fol-
placated. The character also knows the sacri- lowing the ship. Eventually she lures an
fices typically made to buy the favor of the fey; ally of the party or one of the PCs
these are up to the DM, as befits the nature of over the edge and into the depths. Can
the specific spirit and the needs of the cam- the adventurers find a way to rescue
paign. their companion from the mermaid?
What if he doesnt want to be rescued?
Adventure Ideas When the ship the adventurers are travel-
An artifact the party desperately needs is ing on is destroyed, they are rescued by
found to have been aboard a ship that one of the deep merfolk, who gives them
sunk on open waters and now it is in the power to breath water for one day.
the hands of a deep mermaid. It will be But the party is very far from land, and
very difficult for the party to reclaim it the merfolk have no interest in helping
from the depths on their own: can they them further, leaving the adventurers
make a deal with the mermaid? What with one day to find an answer to their
will this chaotic spirit want in exchange? problems. Think Hitchhikers Guide to the
A series of terrible storms are interfering Ocean!
with shipping to the town the party uses
as a base of operations. This deadly
weather is the work of a deep merman:
but why is the spirit so angry, and what
can be done to placate him?

A powerful black stallion canters towards you. Its
eyes are red, and sparks fly from its nostrils as it
snorts and scents the air. A well-dressed man sits
astride the horse, a lord dressed in black and crimson
finery a man with no head. He holds a short
whip in one gloved hand, a flail formed from a
human spine, and in the other he holds his own
head. The flesh glows ever so faintly, and the mouth
is twisted in an idiotic grin. The eyes are small and
black, and are still alive in the severed head. The
spectral horseman fixes you with his gaze, and you
feel an unreasoning horror flow through you


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Large Fey quarry hears the call, the victim is struck dead.
Hit Dice: 22d6+154 (231 hp) The dullahan is tireless, and neither wall nor
Initiative: +2 gate can stop it. If the dullahan is hunting for
Speed: 80 ft. you, pray your heroes can find it before it reach-
AC: 39 (+2 Dex, +14 natural, +14 deflection, es you.
1 size), 25 touch , 33 flat-footed The dullahan hunts only at night. It typi-
Base Attack/Grapple: +11/+25 cally appears within 20 miles of its prey and
Attack: +3 flail of wounding +23 melee follows the roads leading towards its target.
(1d8+13 plus 1d4 constitution damage) Should the victim somehow survive until sun-
Full Attack: Whip +23/+18/+13 melee rise, the dullahan will vanish, only to appear
(1d8+13 plus 1d4 constitution damage) and again the next night. This continues until the
2 hooves +15 (1d6+5) victim dies or the dullahan is defeated.
Space/Reach: 10 ft./ 5 ft. Typically, those the dullahan hunts are
Special Attacks: Deaths call, tears of blood, people already in danger: the ill, the over-
terrifying gaze indulged, or those who could die even without
Special Qualities: DR 15/magic and cold iron, the spirits help. However, its always possible
darkvision 120 ft, deaths herald, dimensional the dullahan could come for someone in the
lock, low-light vision, regeneration 5, resist- full bloom of health. No one knows how or why
ance to cold 10 and fire 10, soul scent, spell a dullahan chooses its victims, or the fate of the
resistance 35, unbarred passage, unblem- souls it claims. Some say that dullahans serve
ished gold long-forgotten gods who still hunger for
Saves: Fort +14, Ref +15, Will +16 human sacrifice. Others believe the dullahans
Abilities: Str 30, Dex 14, Con 25, Int 13,Wis 16, take the souls to a dark orchard in a sunless
Cha 18 plane, where they are used to fertilize strange
Skills: Climb +20, Listen +28, Jump +35, and terrible trees. In the end, this decision is up
Search +26, Sense Motive +28, Spot +28, to the DM, because once a soul is claimed by a
Swim +25, Survival +28 dullahan, the only way to return the victim to
Feats: Combat Expertise, Dodge, Improved life will be to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Overrun, Improved Trip, Mobility, Power
Attack, Run, Spring Attack. Combat
Environment: Any A dullahans sole goal is the destruction of its
Organization: Solitary designated prey. When attacked, it will seek to
Challenge Rating: 18 continue the hunt as swiftly as possible, using
Treasure: See below trip, overrun, and Spring Attack to scatter its
Alignment: Chaotic evil foes and keep moving. It will only pause if it is
Advancement: 2230 HD (large) faced with an enemy it cannot outrun, who
Level Adjustment: manages to inflict significant injury on the dul-
lahan. In this situation it will focus on that foe,
The dullahan is one of the most dangerous of returning to the hunt as soon as the foe is inca-
the fey. Many fey embody aspects of the natu- pacitated.
ral world, from the dryad and leshy of the A dullahan is quite similar to a centaur for
forests to the deep merfolk of the sea.The dul- combat purposes. Though it appears to be a
lahan is a spirit of death, come to seize a mor- human riding a horse, the human body cannot
tal soul and carry it to a darkness beyond the be removed from the horse (willingly or not)
world. A particular dullahan exists only to claim and the two act as a single creature.
the spirit of its victim. It tears along the roads A dullahans head can only be removed
leading to the home of its quarry, calling out from its hand if it chooses to throw it, and even
the doomed mans name, and as soon as the then, it returns at the end of the round.


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
However, anything held in its other hand individual only needs to save against this effect
such as its flail can be disarmed or dis- once per encounter. The first time a character
lodged through normal means. sees a dullahan, check for blindness before the
A dullahans natural weapons and any effects of terrifying gaze. The saving throw is
weapons it wields are considered to be magi- Charisma-based.
cal, evil-aligned, and chaotic-aligned for pur- Terrifying Gaze (Su): Anyone who meets
poses of overcoming damage reduction. the gaze of a dullahans severed head must
Deaths Call (Ex): While on the hunt, the make a Will saving throw (DC 25) or be affect-
dullahan can only speak to call out the name of ed as though by a fear spell (caster level 22nd).
its victim. When it comes within 500 feet of its This follows all of the standard rules for a gaze
victim, it will raise its head and call out the attack.The save DC is Charisma-based.
name.This sound will carry through any natural Unbarred Passage (Su): Nothing can
barrier, tearing the soul from the victims body slow the movement of a dullahan in pursuit of
and killing him instantly. Worse yet, his soul is its prey. It can run through bog, cross water, and
trapped by an effect similar to soul bind; in even run up walls. It receives all of the benefits
order to restore the victim to life, allies will of freedom of movement, water walking, and
have to face the force that commands the dul- spider climb, and can move through all forms of
lahan. If the dullahan is somehow silenced, it terrain at normal speed. It even runs across
can perform the same effect by flinging its empty air, levitating as it runs across a short
head at its intended victim. This is a ranged chasm. It cannot, however, stand on air, and will
touch attack with a range of 60 feet. fall if it ends its move on empty space.
As soon as the dullahan collects the soul it Any sort of gate or portal that lies in the
has been sent for, it vanishes. path of a dullahan will fly open as soon as the
Deaths Herald (Ex): While not undead, dullahan comes within 30 feet of it. This is the
the dullahan is an embodiment of death. As equivalent of combined knock and open spells
such, it possesses a number of unique traits. A (caster level 22nd). If a magical barrier such as
dullahan does not eat, sleep, or drink. It is a wall of force is used to block a dullahans
immune to poison, disease, death effects, and progress, it is struck by greater dispel magic
mind-affecting effects. It is not subject to criti- (caster level 22nd) as soon as the dullahan
cal hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain, or comes within 30 feet of the effect. If the barri-
energy drain, and is immune to fatigue and er survives, the dullahan can attempt to dispel
exhaustion. A dullahan is not at risk from death it again as a standard action.
due to massive damage, but it will discorporate Unblemished Gold (Ex): Gold repels a
instantly when reduced to zero hit points. dullahan.Wearing or holding a gold object pro-
Dimensional Lock (Su): The dullahan is vides a character with immunity to the tears of
surrounded by a continuous dimensional lock blood ability, and a +5 morale bonus to saving
effect. This is identical to the spell (caster level throws against the terrifying gaze. Any charac-
22nd), but affects a 500-foot radius centered ter who knows of this weakness can attempt to
on the dullahan. turn the dullahan by threatening it with the
Soul Scent (Su): A dullahan has an unerr- gold object; treat the character as a cleric of
ing sense of the location of its prey.This is sim- equal level, and the dullahan can only be
ilar to discern location, but not even mind blank turned, not rebuked or destroyed. If the charac-
will protect the victim. ter is a cleric and expends a daily use of the turn
Tears of Blood (Su): Anyone who sees a undead ability, he receives a +6 bonus to the
dullahan must make a Will saving throw (DC check.
14). Those who fail are struck blind as bloody A weapon made of pure gold will bypass
tears flow from their eyes. This effect lasts for the damage reduction and regeneration of the
one hour. Regardless of success or failure, an dullahan, and inflicts an additional 1d6 dam-


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
age per strike. Gold is a soft metal, and gold Information: The dullahan and its horse are a
weapons have a 1 penalty on damage rolls, a single creature, and cannot be separated. It is
hardness value of 7, and 20 hit points per inch highly resistance to both magic and injury,
of thickness. though enchanted weapons forged from cold
Possessions: Every dullahan carries a +3 iron can harm it.
flail of wounding made from a human spine,
which it uses like a short whip. While in the Skill Check: Knowledge (religion) (DC 15) and
hands of the dullahan, the wounding effect of either Knowledge (nature) (DC 15) or Bardic
the flail is increased to 1d4 points of Knowledge (DC 20)
Constitution damage per hit. When the dulla- Information: The dullahan can be driven
han is reduced to zero hit points, it discorpo- back if a gold object is presented in a forceful
rates, leaving behind its flail, a +3 ring of pro- manner.
tection, and a set of horseshoes of speed. While Benefit: The character can attempt to turn the
there is no obvious mechanical effect, carrying dullahan by using an object made of gold in
the whip of a dullahan is a sure way to attract place of a holy symbol; see unblemished gold,
misfortune and bad luck. above.

What Do You Know? Adventure Ideas

The following skill checks can provide useful An ally of the PCs comes to them with a
information about the dullahan. desperate plea.Every twenty years, a dul-
lahan claims a member of his family
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10), and the hunter is scheduled to arrive
Bardic Knowledge (DC 15) tomorrow night. Can the party find some
Information: The dullahan is a harbinger of way to keep the dullahan from claiming
doom, brought into the world to harvest the its prey?
soul of an unfortunate mortal. It appears at There is no saving throw against deaths
nightfall and moves directly towards its victim. call, and even an epic hero can be struck
When it reaches the home of the unfortunate down by a dullahan. But why was the
target, it need only call his name to tear his soul spirit unleashed against the PC? Did the
from his body. party anger a fallen god? Can this spirit
Despite its ghastly appearance, the dulla- be appeased, or can it be destroyed com-
han is a fey spirit, and not an undead creature. pletely, freeing all the spirits it has gath-
However, it possesses many of the same ered over the course of centuries?
strengths as the walking dead. Under normal circumstances, the appear-
ance of a dullahan is a rare and fearsome
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15), event. But over the course of a year, dul-
Bardic Knowledge (DC 20) lahans begin appearing with increasing
Information: Merely seeing the dullahan can frequency. Why are these heralds of
fill a man with terror or strike him blind. Pure death gathering so many souls? Does
gold offers some protection against this spirit, this portend the arrival of an even
and wearing a gold ring is enough to block its greater spirit? Or are the souls of the
blinding powers. dead serving a vital role on another
plane, with the dullahans acting as
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 20), valkyries in a terrible extrapalanar war?
Bardic Knowledge (DC 25)


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey

The little man before you is green. His body is cov-
ered with shirt green fur, and he has a long green
beard and hair that flows to his shoulders. He has
cloven hooves instead of feet, and short goat-like
horns protrude from his forehead. He wears a sheep-
skin robe, but curiously, he has it turned inside out.
He regards you with sparkling green eyes and smiles
Medium Fey (Shapechanger) Environment: Forest
Hit Dice: 24d6+72 (156 hp) Organization: Solitary
Initiative: +6 Challenge Rating: 16
Speed: 40 ft., climb 30 ft., swim 30 ft. Treasure: None
AC: 30 (+2 Dex, +10 deflection, +8 natural), Alignment: Usually neutral
22 touch, 28 flat-footed Advancement: 2550 HD (Medium)
Base Attack/Grapple: +12/+18 Level Adjustment:
Attack: Claw +14 melee (1d4+2)
Full Attack: 2 Claws +14 melee (1d4+2) and The leshy (plural leshiye) is the lord of the for-
bite +8 melee (1d4+1) est and all its creatures. His voice is the wind,
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft. and the storm is his fury.Every leshy is bound to
Special Attacks: Lord of the forest, spell-like a particular woodland region. Good leshiye do
abilities their best to protect their animal subjects,
Special Qualities: Change shape, DR while evil leshiye turn the power of the forest
10/magic and cold iron, forest bond, leshy against any humanoids rash enough to test the
traits, low-light vision, regeneration 5, resist- strength of the wild. They lie dormant during
ance to acid 10, cold 10, and lightning 10, the winter, but can be encountered at any other
spell resistance 30, wild empathy, woodland time of year.
speech A malevolent leshy will rarely be seen by
Saves: Fort +13, Ref +16, Will +24 his victims. His shapechanging powers allow
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 16,Wis 26, him to inflict his mischief on intruders without
Cha 23 revealing his presence. But if an adventuring
Skills: Bluff +15, Climb +15, Diplomacy +15, party has an accomplished druid or ranger, a
Handle Animal +35, Heal +20, Hide +20, leshy may appear to the travelers. Leshiye love
Intimidate +25, Knowledge (geography) to drink and gamble, and may play games with
+10, Knowledge (nature) +30, Listen +30, the party or ask for stories from foreign lands,
Move Silently +20, Search +15, Sense Motive but the leshy demands respect from all who
+20, Spot +30, Swim +15, Survival +35 deal with him. He is the master of his domain,
Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight, Faerie Luck*, and those who insult him will feel his wrath.
Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, A leshy can assume many forms, and will
Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, usually approach strangers in the guise of an
Iron Will, Reality Bends* elderly man. He saves his true form for those he


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
trusts, or those he intends to drive from his benefit from this network of contacts. While
lands. leshiye rule the natural animals in their
Leshiye speak Common, Auran, Aquan, domains, they are not the masters of the fey:
Sylvan, and Terran. Leshiye often keep in con- dryads, grigs, skogsnufvar and the like may
tact with neighboring leshiye and other pow- show respect for the local leshy, but they are
erful fey or elementals, and adventurers who not obliged to follow his orders.
earn the friendship of a leshy may be able to


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Combat the leshy that the destruction of a signifi-
cant portion of woodland would lower the
While a colossal leshy is a dangerous foe, the
maximum hit points of the leshy.The full extent
leshiye disdain physical conflict and are far
of the bond is left to the DM, as best serves the
more likely to use magic to deal with an enemy,
needs of the story.
or to call on the local wildlife to aid in the
Leshy Traits (Ex): A leshy is a spirit of life.
struggle. A malicious leshy will often use the
A leshy is immune to disease and death effects,
least of its powers to deal with enemies, calling
and receives a +4 racial bonus on saves against
on ghost sound and ventriloquism to lead trav-
elers off pathways and into dangerous terrain.
Lord of the Forest (Su): A leshy has
An angrier leshy may raise a storm to strike at a
complete control over the natural creatures of
party camped in its forest. It will only resort to
its domain. Unless driven by an outside force,
its full powers if a party is posing a clear threat
such creatures will always have a helpful atti-
to its domain, slaughtering the inhabitants of
tude towards the leshy. In addition, the leshy
the forest or destroying the plants.
can dominate (as dominate animal) all native
Leshiye are clever combatants. If it is out-
animals within its line of sight as a standard
matched or outmaneuvered, a leshy will use
action. The leshy can maintain this control as
transport via plants to escape, healing itself and
long as it wishes. There are stories of leshiye
carefully planning the next stage of the battle.
sending flocks of birds or rodents to neighbor-
Change Shape (Su): The leshy is a mas-
ing fey to pay off gambling debts.Creatures can
ter of many forms. A leshy can assume the form
resist the effect with a Will save (DC 30), but
of any plant or animal (including dire animals)
only those with a hostile or unfriendly attitude
as a standard action. It can also assume the
will attempt to save.
form of an elderly human. While in its natural
In addition, while a leshy is in its domain it
form it can alter its size, shifting anywhere from
may use up to 40 spell levels of summon
Fine to Colossal size; the effects of this are
natures ally per day (eight castings of summon
described in more detail below. The leshy can
natures ally V, five castings of summon natures
maintain a new form as long as it wishes,
ally VIII, and so on). However, the leshy may
though it will revert to its natural shape if
only summon creatures that actually live in its
domain, and it is reluctant to summon other
Forest Bond (Su): A leshy is lord of a par-
fey; such creatures are not subjects of the leshy,
ticular region of woodland. He can commune
and service will create a debt the forest lord
with nature at will; this effect covers the entire
must repay.
length of the leshys domain, regardless of size.
Regeneration (Ex): A leshy cannot
He can also use greater scrying (caster level
regenerate damage caused by cold iron
20th) to scry anywhere within the borders of
weapons.It can only regenerate while in its for-
his domain. A leshy can use whispering wind or
est domain.
any spell-like ability that targets animals
Spell-Like Abilities: At willanimal
through the spell sensor, allowing him to dom-
messenger, animal trance (DC 20), barkskin,
inate animals at a distance.
calm animals (DC 19), charm animal (DC 19),
A leshy leaves no scent or trail when mov-
dominate animal (DC 20), entangle* (DC 19),
ing through woodland environments, and can
find the path*, ghost sound, goodberry*, hide
ignore any penalties caused by woodland ter-
from animals, hold animal (DC 20), repel vermin
(DC 22), transport via plants*, ventriloquism,
These only touch on the possible limits of
wall of thorns*, whispering wind; 3/dayani-
this power. Some say that the leshy is aware of
mal growth, call lightning* (DC 21), command
anything seen or heard by one of its animal
plants* (DC 22), contagion, control weather*,
subjects. Its possible that this bond can hurt
control wind* (DC 23), greater magic fang, plant


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
growth, protection from energy, reduce animal, +12; Saves Fort +12, Reflex +17; Str 10, Dex
remove disease*, restoration*, stone tell*; 17, Con 15; Hide +25, Move Silently +21.
1/dayanimal shapes*, heal, liveoak*, water Large: AC 30, touch 20, flat-footed 29; 204
breathing. Caster level 24th. The save DC is hp; claw +17 (1d6+6), bite +12 (1d6+3);
based on Wisdom. Powers marked with an grapple +26; Saves Fort +15, Reflex +15; Str
asterisk are tied to the leshys domain. If the 22, Dex 13, Con 21; Hide +15, Move Silently
power can normally be used at will, it can be +19.
used 3 times per day beyond the leshys realm; Huge: AC 31, touch 18, flat-footed 31; 252
other powers can only be used in the feys hp; claw +20 (1d8+10), bite +15 (1d8+5);
home forest. grapple +34; Saves Fort +17, Reflex +14; Str
Many of these abilities may seem redun- 30, Dex 11, Con 25; Hide +10, Move Silently
dant when Lord of the Forest is taken into +18.
account, but they reflect the leshys ability to Gargantuan: AC 33, touch 16, flat-footed
control foreign animals brought into the realm. 33; 300 hp; claw +22 (2d6+14), bite +17
Woodland Speech (Ex): A leshy can (2d6+7); grapple +42; Saves Fort +19, Reflex
communicate with any woodland creature or +14; Str 38, Dex 11, Con 29; Hide +6, Move
plant, as if under the effects of speak with ani- Silently +18.
mals and speak with plants. This is a constant Colossal: AC 34, touch 12, flat-footed 34;
effect that requires no effort on the part of the 348 hp; claw +22 (2d8+18), bite +17
fey. (2d8+9); grapple +50; Saves Fort +21, Reflex
Skills: A leshy receives a +8 racial bonus +14; Str 46, Dex 11, Con 33; Hide +2, Move
on Climb and Swim checks, and can always Silently +18.
choose to take 10 on a Climb or Swim check.
Possessions: Leshiye do not hoard mate- What Do You Know?
rial goods; their wealth is the forest itself. The following skill checks can provide useful
Someone who does a favor for a leshy could information about the leshy.
receive an exceptional animal (+2 to all phys-
ical ability scores) to serve as a mount or com- Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10),
panion. Bardic Knowledge (DC 15)
Altered Size: While in its natural shape, the Information: Tales tell of powerful fey spirits
leshy can shift in size, transforming from the that hold dominion of entire regions of forest.
size of the smallest leaf to that of the tallest Some only secret to protect the wilds, while
tree. This affects its physical abilities, natural others use trickery and magic to lead travelers
armor, and other factors as shown below: into danger.
Fine: AC 42, touch 34, flat-footed 36; 132
hp; cannot claw or bite; grapple 3; Saves Fort Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15),
+12, Reflex +20; Str 4, Dex 23, Con 15; Hide Bardic Knowledge (DC 20)
+40, Move Silently +24. Information: The faerie lord of the forest is
Diminutive: AC 37, touch 29, flat-footed 32; known as the leshy; he looks like a green man
132 hp; claw +13 (1 point), bite +8 (1 point); with the horns and hooves of a goat. Leshiye
grapple +1; Saves Fort +12, Reflex +19; Str 4, are accomplished shapeshifters and can take
Dex 21, Con 15; Hide +35, Move Silently +23. the form of any natural creature. They can also
Tiny: AC 34, touch 26, flat-footed 30; 132 change their own size; a leshy can hide beneath
hp; claw +12 (1d22), bite +7 (1d22); grap- a leaf or tower about the trees.
ple +6; Saves Fort +12, Reflex +18; Str 6, Dex
19, Con 15; Hide +30, Move Silently +22. Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 20),
Small: AC 32, touch 24, flat-footed 29; 132 Bardic Knowledge (DC 25)
hp; claw +13 (1d3), bite +8 (1d3); grapple


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Information: Leshiye love gambling and share their drink, and maybe play a hand
drinking. A traveler who makes an offering of of cards or dice.Those who treat the leshy
good food or strong drink upon entering a for- respectfully may earn his friendship,
est can usually avoid the spirits wrath, provid- while rude adventurers or anyone he
ed the traveler treats the creatures of the catches cheating will earn his ire and
woods with respect. would be wise to avoid the forest in the
Benefit: Due to his knowledge of the leshiye, future.
the character receives a +2 circumstance A group of farmers approach the heroes
bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive with a problem. The local leshy has
while dealing with a leshy. begun demanding tribute in exchange
for grazing rights in the meadows adja-
cent to his domain. He wants vast quan-
Adventure Ideas tities of strong drink, and the finest
While traveling through the woods, the beasts of the herd. Can the part locate
party hears the cries of an infant in the the leshy and convince him to go easy on
darkness. Is this a leshy trick, intended to the poor farmers?
lure the adventurers into bog or briar? Or Once the party has earned the friendship
is the child actually a young leshy in of a leshy, they may be drawn into deal-
which case the party who goes to its aid ings between powerful fey spirits.To pay
may receive the favor of the father, while off a gambling debt, a leshy must send a
those who allow it to come to harm will herd of deer to another forest, and he is
feel his wrath. worried about hunters preying on the
An old man approaches a party camped in deer en route. Can the heroes escort this
the woods. He says that he is a hermit, strange herd across the land, protecting
living in the woods; he wants to talk, it from both natural and human hazards?

Quiet Folk
You see a tiny man with dark skin and a red, bushy
beard that falls to his waist. At first you think he may
be a small gnome covered with soot from the fire-
place, but his proportions are odd. His arms are too
long for the rest of his body, and when you look
down, you notice that his feet are strangely large
and flat. He wears a well-tailored crimson doublet
and breeches, and a large black hat.

Tiny Fey (Earth) flat-footed 14

Hit Dice: 2d6+6 (13 hp) Base Attack/Grapple: +1/3
Initiative: +1 Attack: +7 melee (5 points, slam) or by weapon
Speed: 20 ft. Full Attack: +7 melee (5 points, slam) or by
AC: 16 (+1 Dex, +2 size, +3 natural), touch 13, weapon


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Space/Reach: 2.5 ft./ 0 ft. For these fey, work is a labor of love. They
Special Attacks: None could easily buy what they want but they
Special Qualities: Cap of darkness, conjuring dont like the system of buying and selling, and
point, darkvision 60 ft, damage reduction prefer their own style of barter. Quiet folk often
5/cold iron, light sensitivity, low-light vision possess stashes of gold, and some believe these
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +5 fey can actually conjure gold from the air; how-
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10,Wis 14, ever, trying to get the gold of one of the quiet
Cha 14 folk is a sure way to anger the creature.
Skills: Craft (any two) +14, Hide +14, Listen On rare occasions, quiet folk have been
+7, Move Silently +10, Profession (any one) known to reveal themselves to humans.
+11 Sometimes this is a request for help, but in
Feats: Craftmans Blessing, Domestic Spirit, other cases a solitary fey may simply desire
Superstitious companionship.
Environment: Urban and underground The quiet folk look like long-armed
Organization: Solitary, family (25), or vil- gnomes, though they are only one and a half to
lage (2050) two feet in height. They have dark skin and
Challenge Rating: 2 wild, bushy hair and eyebrows. Quiet folk have
Treasure: Quadruple coins, standard items webbed, flat feet like ducks, but are embar-
Alignment: Usually neutral rassed about this feature and become angry if
Advancement: By class (usually expert) it is pointed out.
Level Adjustment: +2 Quiet folk speak Common and Terran. Both
men and women speak with deep, resonant
The quiet folk are one of the many subspecies voices.
of little people who prefer to live around civi-
lization as opposed to the wilds. While large Combat
groups establish their own underground com- Despite their tremendous strength, the quiet
munities, individual quiet folk are more likely folk prefer to avoid combat and rarely wear
to settle in a human house.The quiet folk rarely armor or carry weapons. Quiet folk spend most
reveal themselves to the owners of their abode; of their lives under the cloak of invisibility,
they steal whatever they need to survive,pay- working on their domestic chores.
ing for these goods by performing domestic Cap of Darkness (Su): Each of the quiet
tasks. If the homeowner actively curries the folk carries a cap that bears a personal
favor of the fey leaving out better food or enchantment. While wearing this hat, the little
supplies for their work, or praising his good one can use invisibility at will. Triggering the
neighbors he may receive greater services hat is a standard action that does not provoke
in exchange. The quiet folk are skilled crafts- an attack of opportunity. There is no duration
men and love nothing more than hard work: a for this effect; it continues until the wearer
smith who has a good relationship with the chooses to suppress it or until he takes an
quiet folk may find weapons or armor finished action that negates it.
overnight, or he may find his own skills improv- If the hat is taken from the owner, it loses
ing. In contrast, those who anger their fey its enchantment after one hour. It takes six
houseguests may suffer professional sabotage, hours for one of the quiet folk to create a new
soiling or spoiling of food and clothes, or in the cap of darkness.
worst case, the effects of the Evil Eye or a Fey This power has no effect on fey creatures,
Curse. (The Craftsmans Blessing, Evil Eye, and including other quiet folk. The fey can always
Fey Curse feats are new, and may be found on find one another.
page 30.) Conjuring Point (Su): By spending one
hour in meditation, a quiet folk can designate a


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
five foot by five foot square as his conjuring Adventure Ideas
point. As long as he is within 500 feet of this
Does the party have a favorite tavern? If it
point, he may teleport any item weighing no
does, that tavern has the best ale for
more than 10 pounds from the square to his
miles around.This is, unbeknownst to the
hands or from his hands to the square, as if
public, the work of one of the quiet folk.
using gloves of storing.This is a standard action
When the faerie disappears, the innkeep-
that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
er suspects foul play and begs the party
This allows the quiet folk to establish a haven
to find his invisible friend. But whos
within a house where they store their valu-
responsible? A rival brewer or rival fey
ables, food, and tools. A quiet folk can only have
or both?
one conjuring point at any given time, though
A low-level party desperately needs to
he can abandon the old one any time he wants
enter a building unseen, but they lack
to establish a new one.
the skills or magic to accomplish this
Skills. The quiet folk are inhumanly skilled
task. A friend happens to know a local
at their crafts, and receive a +4 racial bonus to
family of quiet folk. Can the party con-
Craft and Perform checks. They also receive a
vince the fey to lend them caps of dark-
+4 racial bonus to Move Silently checks.
ness? And will they be wise enough to
What Do You Know? return the caps, or will they seek to hold
onto what appear to be powerful magic
The following skill checks can provide useful
items only to have the enchantment
information about the quiet folk.
fade away?
When the party purchases a home of its
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10),
own, valuable objects begin disappear-
Bardic Knowledge (DC 15)
ing. How long will it take them to locate
Information: The quiet folk are tiny fey, simi-
the quiet one who shares their home?
lar in appearance to gnomes. They are usually
Diplomatic parties may work out an
harmless as long as they are treated with
alliance with the spirit and gain great
respect. Quiet folk are exceptional artisans and
insight into the local fey activities. More
aggressive adventurers will find that
their little housemate has the power to
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15),
throw curses on those who mistreat
Bardic Knowledge (DC 20)
Information: The quiet folk have the power of
invisibility, which they use to hide within
human homes. People who cultivate a good
relationship with the quiet folk can receive
valuable services in exchange.

Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 20),

Bardic Knowledge (DC 25)
Information: Quiet folk are superstitious
creatures that fear religious icons and pray. A
cleric or paladin can drive these fey away using
the same techniques as he would to turn


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey

A swarm of glittering lights dance in the air,
sparkling in the dusk. As it flows towards you, you
see that each glimmer is a tiny humanoid figure, a
naked, elfin being with a cruel smile. Hundreds of
the tiny spirits dance around you, calling out in
strange and incomprehensible voices, and you feel
the world slipping away
Diminutive Fey (Incorporeal, Swarm) legends say that they are the spirits of children
Hit Dice: 5d6+5+3 (25 hp) who died in birth,who are now trapped between
Initiative: +4 worlds.The fact that they are repulsed by positive
Speed: 60 ft flight (perfect) energy lends some credence to this claim,though
AC: 21 (+4 Dex, +4 size, +3 deflection), touch most druids believe the sheerie are simply a
21, flat-footed 17 capricious manifestation of nature.
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/ Sheerie are only found in swarms.They cling
Attack: Swarm (Confusing touch) together and seem to be driven by a group con-
Full Attack: Swarm (Confusing touch) sciousness. Individual sheerie are luminescent
Space/Reach: 10 ft./ 0 ft. and insubstantial humanoids, two to three inch-
Special Attacks: Confusing touch, maddening es in height.There are no reports of anyone ever
cry having a successful conversation with a sheerie
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 feet, haunting swarm.While they act with intelligence, the only
images,immune to weapon damage,low-light time they speak is to utter cacophonous howls
vision,spell resistance 15 (from Child of Magic), that drive their victims to madness. While they
swarm traits do not speak,multiple sheerie swarms always act
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +8,Will +5 with perfect coordination.
Abilities: Str , Dex 19, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Sheerie frequent desolate places, and while
Cha 16 the sun does not harm them they only emerge
Skills: Bluff +11, Hide +28, Knowledge (nature) during the hours of darkness.
+9, Listen +9, Spot +9, Survival +9 Being insubstantial, the sheerie do not
Feats: Ability Focus (confusing touch), Child of actively collect treasure. The sheeries hoard rep-
MagicB, Superstitious,ToughnessB resents the remains of previous victims, and it
Environment: Any sparsely populated region should be scattered over the area.Tracking down
Organization: Solitary, pair, or host (2d4) the treasure can be a deadly task in its own right!
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: Standard Combat
Alignment: Usually chaotic evil The sheerie are completely insubstantial and
Advancement: cannot cause any direct physical harm to their
Level Adjustment: victims. Instead, they use the terrain as their
weapon, trying to cause travelers to stumble into
The sheerie are malevolent spirits that take natural hazards. The haunting images power of
pleasure in leading travelers to their doom.Some the sheerie is an effective tool; sheerie will often


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
make broken bridges appear whole, cover over they may choose to howl at their victims, creat-
deadly chasm, or create the image of a welcom- ing a maelstrom of eerie, incomprehensible
ing inn across deadly quicksand. sound.Any creature that can hear the sheerie suf-
When the sheerie choose to close,they drive fers a 2 morale penalty to his saving throw
their victims mad with dazzling lights,chattering against any sheeries confusing touch. The mad-
voices, and fey magic. The victims of sheerie dening cry is a free action for the sheerie, but
madness may stumble into danger or may turn some prefer to act it silence.
on one another. Swarm Traits (Ex): A swarm is not subject
Sheerie do not need to eat,sleep,or breathe. to critical hits or flanking. It cannot be tripped,
Confusing Touch (Su): When the sheerie grappled,or bull rushed.It is immune to any spell
ends its move, all creatures that share its space or effect that targets a specific number of crea-
must make a Will saving throw (DC 17). Those tures. It takes an additional 50% damage from
that fail become confused for five rounds. A vic- spells or effects that affect an area, such as burn-
tim must make a new save every time the ing hands or splash weapons.
sheerie ends a turn in his space; the effects are Wind effects (such as gust of wind) typically
not cumulative, but a failed save will reset the deal 1d6 nonlethal damage to the swarm per
duration to five rounds. spell level, but as the sheerie are insubstantial,
At the start of each round, use the following they are immune to this effect.
table to determine the actions of a creature
affected by confusing touch:
What Do You Know?
0120 Act normally The following skill checks can provide useful
2140 Do nothing but babble information about the sheerie.
4170 Flee at top speed in a Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10), Bardic
random direction Knowledge (DC 15)
71100 Attack the nearest creature Information: You have heard tales of swarms of
other than the sheerie dancing lights that haunt the wilds at night, lur-
ing travelers to their doom. Unlike the will o the
The saving throw for this effect is Charisma- wisp, these swarms are incorporeal and cannot
based.It is a mind-affecting enchantment effect. cause direct physical harm.
Haunting Images (Su): Sheerie can create
illusory images to lure travelers to their doom.As Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15), Bardic
a standard action, a sheerie can create a minor Knowledge (DC 20)
image. This image fills four five-foot cubes Information: These fey creatures are called the
the same space as the sheerie itself. A successful sheerie. While they are incorporeal, the sheerie
Spot check (opposed by the sheeries Hide) will can steal their victims wits with a touch; those so
reveal the sparkles of light hidden in the image. afflicted wander madly for as long as they
A character can also disbelieve the illusion with a remain within the swarm of lights.
successful Will save (DC 15).Multiple sheerie may
join together to create a larger image, but they Skill Check: Bardic Knowledge (DC 25), or
will also play games with perspective.If a sheerie Knowledge (nature) (DC 20) and Knowledge
disguises itself as an inn thats only five feet tall, (religion) (DC 20)
people may assume that its simply far away. Information: While they are fey creatures, the
This is an illusion effect with a caster level of sheerie are repulsed by true faith and the pure
five.The save DC is Charisma-based. essence of positive energy. Tales tell of priests
Maddening Cry (Su): The sheerie do not driving the sheerie away, much like turning
speak any known language, but when attacking undead.


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 25), Bardic Someone seems to be trapped under the
Knowledge (DC 30) coach; a hand can be seen, a ladys hand
Information: The sheerie have the ability to with a number of rings, fingers twitching.
create static illusions.One should always be care- In fact, the coach and a significant portion
ful when crossing a bridge in the wilds, or if shel- of the bridge are sheerie images. The first
ter seems to appear from nowhere: the sheerie person to cross the bridge will end up in
could be luring you into a trap. the bog below.
Benefit: A character with this level of knowl- Traveling at night, the party spots a camp-
edge should receive a +2 circumstance bonus on fire.If they scout carefully, they realize that
saving throws against the sheeries confusing its their camp: they can see themselves
touch and haunting images; he knows the tricks sleeping around the fire, with one of the
of these creatures and is on his guard against characters on watch. Or perhaps, looking
them. closer, they see that the members of this
mirror party have all been killed and
Adventure Ideas when they try to move in for a closer look,
A shattered stagecoach lies on the far side of the camp disappears.The sheerie are hop-
a bridge. It looks like its been hit by ban- ing that the party will separate to investi-
dits, but a sharp eye can see the glint of gate; a lone adventurer is easily led astray
gold coins scattered around the ground. by sheerie madness.

A young woman emerges from the woods and your
eyes are instantly drawn to her face. Her skin is
smooth, her features perfect, and her emerald eyes
sparkle with a mischievous light that sends a thrill
through your nerves. She wears a simple green
dress, and her hair is long and loose, flowing down
her back in a fragrant cascade.

Depending on the Spot skill of the observer, you tail, similar to that of a cow; you can see the very
might add the following: tip at the edge of the hem. And as you study her
As she turns, you notice a faint flicker of move- hair, you notice something stranger than any
ment along the base of her dress. Studying it, you tail: empty space instead of flesh an open
come to the conclusion that she is hiding a long hollow where her back should be!

Medium Fey Attack: Claw +11 melee (1d4+7) or unarmed

Hit Dice: 9d6+36 (67 hp) strike +11 melee (1d3+7, can be lethal or
Initiative: +2 nonlethal)
Speed: 40 ft. Full Attack: 2 claws +11 melee (1d4+7) or
AC: 15 (+2 Dex, +3 natural), touch 12, flat- unarmed strike +11 melee (1d3+7, can be
footed 13 lethal or nonlethal)
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+15 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Special Attacks: Rend (2d4+10); fey wood-wife hiding in polite society might wear
temptress gloves. Most skogsnufvar have pale complex-
Special Qualities: Child of the woods, DR ions, but this can vary by region; a wood-
10/cold iron, fast healing 2, low-light vision, woman in a tropical rain forest might have dark
spell resistance 14, spell-like abilities, wild skin and the tail of a jaguar.
empathy, woodland speech Skogsnufvar speak Common, Auran, and
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +8 Sylvan.
Abilities: Str 24, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 13,Wis 14,
Cha 18 Combat
Skills: Bluff +15, Climb +7, Disguise +7 (+17 Like many of the fey, most skogsnufvar prefer
to conceal fey traits), Diplomacy +6, Hide to avoid physical combat, leading enemies
+14, Knowledge (nature) +8, Listen +12, astray through trickery or magic. Should a
Move Silently +14, Spot +12, Swim +7, wood woman be forced into battle or
Survival +12; plus one of Handle Animal should her favored animals be slaughtered by
+14, Heal +12, or Profession (any one) +12 unwise hunters she will prove a surprising-
Feats: Ability FocusB (fey temptress), ly deadly opponent. Despite their frail and wil-
Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, lowy appearance, the skogsnufvar are incredi-
Power Attack, and any one of the following bly strong and tough, easily capable of tearing
Child of Magic, Evil Eye, or Fey Luck a man limb from limb. If a skogsnufva wishes to
Environment: Forest hide her claws, she can use her great strength
Organization: Solitary to grapple with her foe and crush the breath
Challenge Rating: 7 from his lungs.
Treasure: Standard; no coins or goods. Child of the Woods (Ex): A skogsnufva
Alignment: Any chaotic possesses a number of special abilities that
Advancement: By class only apply in woodland environs.While in a for-
Level Adjustment: est or jungle, she can Track as if she possessed
the feat. She herself leaves no trail, including
The skogsnufva (plural skogsnufvar) is also scent, unless she wishes to. She can move
known as the wood woman or wood-wife. She through any woodland terrain at full speed,
is a forest spirit, though unlike the dryad, she is and never takes damage or suffers impairment
not bound to a specific tree and can find a due to woodland terrain. Finally, while in
home in any woodland region. Good-aligned woodland terrain her base speed is increased
skogsnufvar serve as guardians of the forests, by 20 feet.
while evil wood women take pleasure in prey- Fast Healing (Su): A skogsnufvas fast
ing on unwary travelers. healing doesnt heal injuries caused by cold
The skogsnufvar are often fascinated by iron weapons.
mortal men. The wood women are infamous Fey Temptress (Su): Skogsnufvar are
for enthralling mortals, using magic to bind infamous for seducing mortal men.The kiss of a
men to their will. However, some skogsnufvar skogsnufsva carries the effect of charm person
truly love their mortal mates, and it is a lucky (DC 20). This suffers the usual penalties if used
farmer who wins the heart of a wood woman. during combat, but it is a very powerful effect;
Skogsnufvar appear to be beautiful female a victim will refuse to accept the idea that he
humans. This guise is marred by three distinc- has been enthralled, and will take any action to
tive features: a long cows tail; a hollow back; protect his beloved wood-wife from harm,
and claws in places of fingernails. Wood even from his own allies. This effect continues
women are quite adept at concealing these until the victim has been away from the
features, using clothing and misdirection; their skogsnufva for 24 hours. Bear in mind that if
claws retract slightly when not in use, and a this does not occur in combat, it may not be


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
immediately obvious to the companions of the woodland animal. This functions much like a
victim. He is smitten with the skogsnufva, but Diplomacy check, but she rolls 1d20 and adds
she may simply ask to accompany him, as her hit dice and Charisma modifier to the
opposed to turning him against his friends. result, along with any druid or ranger levels.
If the victim sleeps with the skogsnufva, Wild Shape (Su): Many skogsnufvar can
the bond grows even stronger. The victim will assume the form of wild beasts. This power is
obey any command without question, as if identical to the class ability of a 9th-level druid;
dominated. Furthermore, if he is removed from the skogsnufva may assume the form of any
the wood-wife for more than a day includ- small, medium, or large animal up to three
ing if she is killed he will suffer.A victim will times per day.
either go mad (suffering the effects of insanity Woodland Speech (Ex): A skogsnufva
or feeblemind, at the DMs discretion) or waste can communicate with any woodland creature,
away, becoming sickened and suffering 1d6 as if under the effects of speak with animals.
points of damage each day; this damage can- This is a constant effect that requires no effort
not be healed while the curse remains in effect. on the part of the fey.
The victim can be cured by miracle, wish, limit- Skills: A skogsnufva receives a +10 bonus
ed wish, or by a remove curse spell with a caster to Disguise checks, solely for the purpose of
level of at least 15. There is no saving throw concealing her fey features (her claws, tail, and
against the effects of sleeping with a hollow back). In the case of her claws, this
skogsnufsva. It is a mind-affecting effect that reflects a minor form of retraction; if she uses
only affects male humanoids, so some crea- them in combat, they become obvious to all
tures are immune to its power. observers.
The saving throw DC of the wood womans Possessions: Any treasure possessed by a
kiss is Charisma-based. skogsnufva will be items she can wear, typical-
Not all skogsnufvar possess this ability, and ly clothing or jewelry. Skogsnufvar despise
it is up to the DM to decide if a particular wood armor (and are not proficient in its use), though
woman is a temptress.Those that do not have it one could use bracers.
possess the Wild Shape ability, described Special: A skogsnufva can be summoned
below. using summon natures ally VII; such a spirit will
Rend (Ex): If a skogsnufva strikes her be chaotic neutral and possess the wild shape
opponent with both of her claw attacks, she ability instead of fey temptress.
latches on and tears at her foe, inflicting an
additional 2d4+10 damage. What Do You Know?
Spell-Like Abilities: While in a forest or The following skill checks can provide useful
jungle environment, a skogsnufva may use the information about the skogsnufvar.
following spell-like abilities: 3/day ghost
sound, summon natures ally I; 1/day com- Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 10),
mune with nature, transport via plants, ventrilo- Bardic Knowledge (DC 15)
quism; 1/week summon natures ally V. Information: The skogsnufva, or wood-wife,
Caster level 9th. The effects of commune with is a forest spirit that appears as a beautiful
nature only cover woodlands, even if the spell human women. She possesses the tail of a cow
effect would normally reach into other terrain. and a hollow back, though she will hide these
Summon natures ally can only be used to sum- traits from observers.
mon creatures or fey found in a forest environ-
ment; summon natures ally V can also be used Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 15),
to summon a large air elemental. Bardic Knowledge (DC 20)
Wild Empathy (Ex): A skogsnufva can Information: Skogsnufvar are often hostile to
use this ability to influence the attitude of any travelers, especially those who harm the crea-


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
tures of the forest. A skogsnufva possesses and the most observant character
superhuman strength and can tear a man catches a glimpse of the matrons cow
apart. The wood-women are also known for tail. This wood woman has managed to
their seductive powers, and anyone who sleeps keep her true nature a secret from her
with a skogsnufva will fall under her sway. inobservant husband for five years, and
theres no telling how hell react if the
Skill Check: Knowledge (nature) (DC 20), truth is revealed. Does the party spoil the
Bardic Knowledge (DC 25) relationship? And what vengeance will
Information: If one knows that conflict with a the skogsnufva seek if they do?
wood-wife is inevitable, there are precautions A close friend and business associate of the
you can take. Wear your outer garments inside adventurers has taken to wandering in
out, and chew garlic; both of these will help to the woods, and he falls under the sway of
weaken the fey spirit. a skogsnufva temptress. He plans to
Benefit: A character who follows these defen- move to the forest to be with his myste-
sive precautions gains a +5 bonus to saving rious beloved. Even if the party deals
throws made against the Fey Temptress power. with the skogsnufva, their ally will begin
In addition, a skogsnufva suffers a -2 morale pining away: can they find some way to
penalty on attack and damage rolls made cure this lethal love?
against someone protected in this manner. During a journey through a vast forest, a
A character with this level of knowledge woman approaches the party at dusk. A
will also know the traditional methods for pla- great evil an aberration or fiend
cating a wood-wife, which are similar to those has made its home in the region, and the
of the leshy: a ritual offering of food upon wood woman cannot defeat it on her
entering the forest, and careful effort to respect own. Should the adventurers succeed in
the creatures of the region. cleansing the forest, the skogsnufva may
fall in love with the most heroic PC. If she
Adventure Ideas has the powers of a fey temptress, the
While traveling, the party stops at a rural kiss that she rewards him with may have
inn. Any ranger or druid will note that unforeseen consequences for everyone
the livestock are especially well cared for involved!


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey

Fey Curses
The curse is a classic element of faerie tales. Barren Touch: Any food or drink touched by
When the hag is shunned from the christening, the victim spoils. Any plants he tills die.
she lays an inescapable curse on the child. Any Healing checks he makes automati-
When the miller steals from the witchs garden, cally fail, and any cure spells he casts
she renders his line barren. In the classic tales, have a 50% chance of becoming inflict
people fear the quiet folk, and with good rea- spells of the same level.
son: If you cross the fey, you may suffer a pun- Ignominy: Anyone who comes into contact
ishment that will last you the rest of your life. with the victim will forget any noble or
While any fey can have the power to curse, valorous deeds she has done, while clear-
in practice few do. Faerie curses are represent- ly remembering any crimes she has com-
ed by three feats: Evil Eye, Fey Curse, and Death mitted or mistakes she has made. People
Curse. will attribute the characters greatest
The Evil Eye is the weakest of these, and achievements to other people. If the
mimics the effects of bestow curse. The victim curse is lifted, memories will return.
receives a saving throw to resist the effect. The Ostracism: The victim is surrounded by an
advantage of the Evil Eye is that it can be used aura that causes all NPCs to have a hos-
on whoever the fey wishes. If the old pixie is in tile attitude towards him. This also
a foul mood, he can curse the first person to results in a 6 penalty to the victims
cross his path in the morning. Charisma score, to a minimum score of 1.
Fey Curse is far more powerful, but far People cant explain why they dont like
more limited. A fey may only use this feat when the victim he just seems suspicious
he has actually been wronged: it is reactive, not and hateful. NPCs can resist this some-
proactive. Of course,being wronged is still in what, but will still find the character
the eyes of the fey. The king may not see a strangely repellent; they may suspect
missed invitation to the christening to be that that he has been replaced by a doppel-
important, but if it matters to the hag, its ganger or an evil twin. In addition, any
worth a curse. In any case, if a character treats a sort of spell used to detect alignment
fey respectfully, peacefully and politely, he will always respond with the alignment
should remain safe from a curse. Even violence most hostile to the caster, and discern lies
is acceptable, in self-defense: a leshy cant will always show the victim as lying.
attack you and then curse you because you Poverty: Any precious metal that the vic-
fight back. But if you strike the first blow, thats tim touches turns to lead.
a different story.
Fey curses are powerful effects.The bestow These are just a few examples. From the
curse and binding spells can both be used as curse of Oedipus to Sleeping Beauty, any curse
guidelines, but only as guidelines.This is a case the DM can come up with is possible. Of course,
where the DM should be prepared to throw the the power of the spirit should be consistent
rules out the window and come up with some- from encounter to encounter. In Irish folklore,
thing that makes a good story. Consider the fol- the sidhe Macha lays a curse on all the men of
lowing: Ulster after she is wronged; thats not some-
thing just any pixie can pull off.
Aging: The victim ages one year at the While the Evil Eye may fail, there is no sav-
start of each day. ing throw against a fey curse. After all, how


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
interesting is a faerie tale if the princess just curse of poverty can be broken by something as
saves against the witchs curse? However, spell simple as one truly generous act, or perhaps
resistance does apply. Most fey curses have a the victim must go one full year without touch-
caster level of 20th. Mortals may be helpless ing gold. In the end, a fey curse serves the
before a fey curse, but gods, fiends, and magical needs of the story, and the DM should choose
creatures are not so easily bound. the release conditions accordingly.
Remove Curse and Break Enchantment will Normally, leveling a curse is a standard
negate the effects of the Evil Eye, but not a true action that does not provoke an attack of
fey curse. The only spells that can lift such a opportunity. the fey addresses the victim,
curse are wish and miracle. However, every announcing his fate. The Death Curse feat
curse has a set of circumstances that will break allows the fey to curse her killer as an immedi-
the effect.These are known to the fey who lays ate action at the moment of her death.This feat
the curse, but are not chosen by her: they are also supercedes the self-defense rule. Even if
set by the DM, and thus could be far simpler the fey starts the fight, if she has Death Curse,
than the fey would like. So its possible that the youre bound to suffer if you kill her.

Fey Marriage
Faerie tales are filled with examples of fey who A true marriage between fey and mortal
fall in love with mortals. These stories often entered willingly by both parties con-
seem strange to the outsider: why does the fers benefits on both. As long as he remains in
beautiful wood woman take an interest in the the company of his fey spouse, the mortal
average farmer? Why is the deep mermaid inherits a fraction of her immortality: the pas-
intrigued by the sailor when there are so many sage of time is reduced by 25% when deter-
mermen in the sea? Some sages say that the mining the effects of age, so after 20 years of
draw is based on children: that the fey believe marriage, he is only considered to have aged 15
that they do not have true souls, and that a years. Furthermore, he receives a +3 bonus to
child of a mortal-fey union will be capable of a all saving throws against disease.
spiritual life the pure fey can never have. A sim- The fey partner draws inspiration from her
pler answer is that opposites attract, that the mortal companion, as well. Due to their bond,
vibrant spark of the mortal fascinates the fey, she receives a +1 morale bonus to all saving
and that the fey is drawn to the farmer precise- throws and skill checks.
ly because his life is so different from her own. These bonuses only apply to matches of
As such, a fey is more likely to take an interest true love. When a skogsnufva temptress claims
in the human fighter or rogue than the elf wiz- a mortal as a toy, neither gain any benefit from
ard or gnome illusionist; long-lived and magi- the arrangement.
cal, the elf is not so different from the fey them-


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Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey

Fey Feats
One of the few things that can be relied upon Craftsmans Blessing [Fey]
when dealing with the fey is that nothing can Folktales are filled with stories of the inhuman
be relied on. In one folktale, a mermaid lays a skill of fey artisans, who can squeeze the work
terrible curse on the love who spurns her. But of days into a single night and produce work of
not all mermaids possess such power. These amazing quality.
feats provide a way to customize the fey to suit Prerequisite: Fey, 5 ranks in two or more
the needs of a particular tale. Craft skills.
While these abilities are selected using Benefit: This feat provides you with a
feat slots, they vary in power and are typically number of benefits. You receive a +5 insight
far stronger than feats available to normal bonus to all Craft skill checks. Creating items
characters; they are a compromise between takes only 25% of the normal time.
mortal feats and the salient powers of immor- You can give up these benefits for 24 hours
tal, god-like beings.These feats should never be in order to grant a single creature a +3 insight
made available to non-fey, and fey player char- bonus on a single Craft skill check. Granting this
acters can only select these feats with the per- gift is a standard action, and the bonus applies
mission of the DM. Ultimately, these feats are to the first Craft check the target makes in the
expressions of the spirits magical nature. 24 hour period.
Craftsmans Blessing is appropriate for the
Quiet Folk and for sprites that live in urban Curse of the Fey [Fey]
areas, but it doesnt make sense for a beansid- You have the power to level powerful curses on
he or a dullahan, and shouldnt be given to those who wrong you.
these creatures. A crusty old pixie may have the Prerequisite: Fey.
ability to lay a curse on those who bother her, Benefit: You can level a fey curse
but that makes her a fearful legend Fey (explained in more detail on page 28). While
Curse should not be treated with the noncha- there are no specific prerequisites, this is one of
lance of Power Attack. the rarest and most powerful abilities present-
ed here, and should be used with caution.
Child of Magic [Fey]
Your spirit is suffused with magical power, and Death Curse [Fey]
as a result, you can shrug off the effects of If you are slain, you may lay a curse upon your
many lesser spells. killer.
Prerequisite: Fey, one or more spell-like Prerequisite: Fey, either Curse of the Fey
abilities. or Evil Eye.
Benefit: A fey with this feat gains spell Benefit: When you are slain, you may
resistance equal to 10 + its hit dice and class immediately target your killer with Curse of the
levels. If the fey already possesses spell resist- Fey or Evil Eye, whichever you possess.
ance, increase its innate SR by 5. Regardless of your choice, there is no saving
Special: You may select this feat multiple throw against this effect. People should think
times. Each time, it increases your spell resist- twice before going on pixie hunts!
ance by 5.


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6

Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Domestic Spirit [Fey] Standard: The aid another action pro-
You can perform a host of minor magics that vides a +2 bonus.
can make you a boon around the house or a Inhuman Performance [Fey]
terrible pest.
The songs and music of the faerie folk are
Prerequisite: Fey, Helpful Spirit.
beautiful and hypnotic.
Benefit: You can use prestidigitation at
Prerequisite: Fey, 5 ranks in two or more
will.This is a spell-like ability with a caster level
Perform skills.
equal to one-half the sum of your class levels +
Benefit: You receive a +3 insight bonus
hit dice (minimum 1).
to Perform skill checks. When using bardic
Evil Eye [Fey] music effects with static saving throws (such as
You have the power to lay minor curses on your suggestion and mass suggestion, but not fasci-
enemies. nate, which bases its save on a Perform check),
Prerequisite: Fey. increase the DC of the saving throw by 2.
Benefit: You may use bestow curse once You can give up these benefits for 24 hours
per day as a supernatural ability. This is a stan- in order to grant a single creature a +3 insight
dard action that does not provoke an attack of bonus on a single Perform skill check. Granting
opportunity, does not require a touch attack, this gift is a standard action, and the bonus
and has a range of 30 feet. The caster level is applies to the first Perform check the target
10th, or your character level, whichever is high- makes in the 24 hour period.
er. The curse can be negated with a Will saving Inspiration [Fey]
throw, with a DC of 15 + your Charisma modi-
You have a gift for guiding the minds and
fier.When you use this ability, you must verbal-
hands of others.
ly state the nature of the curse.
Prerequisite: Fey, Helpful Spirit.
Faerie Luck [Fey] Benefit: Once per day you may choose to
Fortune often favors the fey. Many of the faerie lend your guidance to another creature. This
folk are gifted with remarkable luck when provides your target with one of the following
things appear to be at their worst, they sud- benefits, which you must choose when you use
denly take a turn for the better. the feat:
Prerequisite: Fey. +1 insight bonus to all skill checks
Benefit: Twice per day, you may reroll a +1 insight bonus on attack rolls
die roll you have just made. You must accept +1 insight bonus to armor class.
the result, even if it is worse than the original This is a supernatural mind-affecting abil-
roll. ity, and the effects last for 24 hours.
Special: You may take this feat multiple Oracular Vision [Fey]
times. Each time, your daily allotment of rerolls
You can have the gift of Sight, and can see
increases by two.
visions of the future or advise those in need.
Helpful Spirit [Fey] Prerequisite: Fey, Wisdom 15+.
You have an innate gift for assisting others. Benefit: You can use augury once per day
Prerequisite: Fey. as a spell-like ability. Once per week, you can
Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus to the perform one of the following: commune, com-
check whenever you attempt to Aid Another, mune with nature, or legend lore. You are not
either with a skill check or in battle. If you are actually communing with a specific deity
successful, you provide your ally with a +3 you are simply drawing the answers from the
bonus (to an attack roll, AC, or skill check, as world itself. The caster level is equal to your
appropriate). combined hit dice + character levels.


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Lions Den Press The Iconic Bestiary: Classic Fey
Reality Bends [Fey] Shun Steel [Fey]
Faerie Luck can bring dramatic changes in for- Your spirit is suffused with magical power, and
tune. But sometimes reality only needs to bend as a result, you can shrug off the effects of
a little to make all the difference in the world. many lesser spells.
Prerequisite: Fey, Faerie Luck. Prerequisite: Fey, damage reduction
Benefit: You receive a pool of luck points (cold iron).
equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1). Benefit: You gain regeneration 1. You
When you have just failed an attack roll, saving cannot regenerate wounds caused by magic or
throw, skill check, or ability check, you may cold iron. Furthermore, you suffer an additional
choose to improve the roll to the minimum 1d6 points of damage whenever you are struck
result required for success; this requires one by a cold iron weapon. Even touching a cold
luck point for each point of modification. If you iron object causes you to suffer 1 point of dam-
have insufficient luck, the attempt automati- age for each round of contact.
cally fails, but you keep your points.Your pool of
luck points replenishes at the start of each day. Superstitious [Fey]
Special: You may take this feat multiple You have an inherent fear of religion, and
times. Each time, your daily allotment of luck devout people can drive you away by invoking
points increases by three. holy powers.
Prerequisite: Fey.
Shadow Weaver [Fey] Benefit: You cannot take cleric or paladin
Fey are renowned for their power to deceive levels. Furthermore, you are vulnerable to turn-
and enchant their victims. ing attempts as if you were an undead creature.
Prerequisite: Fey, arcane spellcaster. However, you can only be turned:you cannot be
Benefit: Select one of your arcane spell- destroyed, commanded, or rebuked.
casting classes. Add two spells to your spells Despite these drawbacks, you may select
known list. These must be illusion or enchant- two additional fey feats. You must meet the
ment spells that you are capable of casting prerequisites for any feat you take.
based on level. You do not need a spellbook to
prepare these spells, and the saving throw DC
of these spells is increased by 2.
Special: You may take this feat multiple
times. Each time, it applies to two new spells.


Jordan Bassett (order #48404) 6