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Current MIRIAD + HLSS Web + Social Media Activity

News & Digest Documentation Social Media VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web hosting and Noticeboard - MMU Website Screens in Public Spaces - Geoffrey Manton/Number 70 Printed Materials Email Newsletter
WordPress network
Tumblr - Vimeo Facebook Home What our researchers are doing - monthly update What our researchers are doing - Monthly update Graduate School Events Brochure All FB posts emailed weekly to opt in mailing list
Key Graduate School contacts Achievements e.g. conferments, winners of 3MT, Welcome from Jenny Rowley and Kate Johnson
A collationof local and regional calls for papers, video mainly of the RDP sessions - but also of John Hyatt's Learning Laboratory (formerly the a gateway (and archive) for PGR and MIRIAD Promotion of events, exhibitions, talks/lectures, Links to faculty departments winners of HLSS Symposium Events listings for 2016/17 including learning support
exhibitions, upcoming events, news, information and PGR projects such as Creative Provocations and MIRIAD Facebook Group) - a closed group for sites on the network i.e. Regional Training, publication/projects, opportunities, training/reading Information on PG research support funding sessions, events organised by other services and social
opportunities. Replaces and extends the MIRIAD individual PGR and staff research and projects. current members of MIRIAD, alumni, collaborators MIRIAD Training, Postgraduate Projects, groups and announcements primarily within MMU Programme Leaders activities
News & Digest email via the Research Degrees Latest on Vimeo stream embedded into site. and friends. Community led postings - asking Creative Collaborations (not so much), and either involving or specifically aimed at Link to 2016/17 PG activities brochure
Administrator, Art and Design. Any posting made to advice from the community about research related Postgraduate Research - all share the URL MIRIAD PGR and staff.
Tumblr is automatically forwarded to Twitter. issues + CFP, exhibitions, issues of interest Also a small
number of separate PGR WordPress research
blogs hosted on the VPS (no longer
Facebook Scribd Twitter Latest on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram & http:// MIRIAD Researcher Development Programme
Quotation of the day streams embedded into site. MIRIAD Newsletters
Congratulations (PhD conferments, Masters relevant PDFs such as MIRIAD RDP programme Duplicates Tumblr posts MIRIAD Research Degree Handbook
Not managed by MIRIAD team - to the best of my knowledge
graduation + newsletter + CFP etc. - embedded into All embedded as PDFs on
Photos and posts from events posts
Welcomes and farewells for social media
Promotion of relevant events and activities (HLSS,
university, external)
SlideShow Facebook Opinion
Regular PhD student blog
PowerPoint presentations from contributors to the My Ideal Dinner Guest/My Desk section for articles and features submitted by
Researcher Development Programme (quite Requests (occasional) from students e.g. for MIRIAD PGRs and staff or published elsewhere -
recent) - embedded into proof reading, accommodation open for comment. Not particularly busy but would
posts Reminders of Man Met policy e.g. student email like to encourage more.
Twitter News form the Network

Where character limit allows, all content which is a stream of latest posts made by PGRs on their
on FB own or MIRIAD VPS
hosted blogs
Instagram - displays any Instagram post tagged Pages
#miriadonline - dormant
About MIRIAD - generic description of Institute -
links to official MMU pages. Needs to be reworked

Newsletters - PDFs of past MIRIAD Newsletters

Of Interest - embedded

To Read Later - favourite posts from a list of

active postgraduateand staff research and
practice blogs (not necessarily on the MIRIAD
VPS or Wordpress network). Not active - but an
interesting idea?

Researcher Development - newsand

announcements for the Researcher Development
Programme 2016-17 and other training related
opportunities of interest to MIRIAD PGRs -
including documentation from Vimeo + embeds of
contributors PowerPoints and links.

Resources - PDFs and links to useful resources

for PGRs e.g. - MIRIAD Research Degree
Handbook 2015-2016, Submitting your thesis/
work to Turnitin, Intellectual Property Rights.

Staff - links to official MMU staff pages +

duplicates Research News the email newsletter
distributed byProf. Steve Hawley, Associate Dean

Postgraduates - details of current (and recently

conferred) MIRIAD PGR project titles, abstracts,
images, links and research keywords.

Contact - online form - directs to Lewis.

Flickr - Photos from events - dormant