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Downers Grove North High School 4436 Main Street Downers Grove, IL 60515 Wednesday, November17,

Thursday, December 13,2015

2013 Volume 46 Issue 3 DGNs Student Newspaper

News (2) Feature (4) In-Depth (6-7) Sports (11)

Ever heard of AVID? Turn Explore the new Research Sleep Deprived? Youre not Read about the differences
the page to learn about the and Development Learning alone. between club and school
program. exchange program at DGN. sports.

Costs associated with

Concept map for first floor as 0f potential projects
- $2.8 Million

- $11.4 Million

-$18.9 Million

*The Master Facility Plan map is comprised

of three phases. Each phase is highlighted
above and the groupings of renovations were
introduced together. If the renovations are
approved, they will be done one at a time.
Each introduced group of ideas has renova-
tions on multiple floors of the school.

*The Instructional Commons/ Fine Arts

Improvements contains an addition at the
southernmost part of of the map. If this addi-
tion were built, it might hold visual arts rooms
that would be torn down in the construction
of the new commons area on the first floor,
new CTE classrooms on the second floor and
new science labs on the third floor.

Facility renovations considered for D99 schools

Natalie White | Sports Editor bly squad rooms, which are visiting team locker rooms added where classroom 050 is now which would be at Carstens Field. Approximately 1,000 seats may be helpful as long as an entire class can fit into the room,
added, the bleachers and press box may be moved cen- according to physical education chairperson Courtney
The Master Facility Plan (MFP), estimated to cost ter with Carstens Field, which was moved a few yards White.
69.9 million dollars if the version presented to the BOE north during the Master Site plan, which renovated I dont know if there is quality to it [the under-
Oct. 19 is adopted, has been in the works for about two outdoor facilities. ground track]. Quite frankly, it needs to be redone. We
years and would involve renovations to DGN and DGS. [The bleachers] are old, theyre small, and if were are years, when I say years I mean decades, behind oth-
The MFP has left students, staff and community mem- installing new stands, more seating makes sense, if er schools and how they set up their fitness facilities,
bers with lots of questions. According to DGN Associate were going to do that it makes sense to center them, said White.
Principal Dr. Ken Sorensen, the school board prompted and if its possible to have squad rooms there because One of the first drafts of the MFP included an extra
the district 3-4 years ago to create an idea of what im- right now we have visiting teams using the garage and gym facility. However, due to that draft of the MFP be-
provements they would like to see in both schools. our team comes inside the building, said Associate ing too expensive, the extra gym facility was cut. During
At DGN specifically, possible renovations may occur Principal Dr. Ken Sorensen. the winter season alone, boys and girls indoor track,
in the courtyard, library, cafeteria, study hall room 050, The basement of DGN is an area of concern for ad- cheerleading, boys and girls basketball, wrestling,
underground track, white gym, counseling services, Athenas, girls gymnastics, boys swimming and diving,
college and career center, art rooms, bleachers, a small Orchesis, Imani Steppers, winterguard, D99 Hoops, as
3-story addition and press box. Additionally, with the Quite frankly, [the underground well as off-season sports, are all competing for time
current MFP, air-conditioning would be installed every- and space to practice and train indoors on campus.
where in the school except the field house and hallways. track] needs to be redone. We are I would love to have that extra gym back. I know
However, there are still many decisions to be made and years, when I say years I mean de- they cut it [in the current version of the Master Facility
all concepts are subject to change. Plan that was presented at the Oct. 19 Board of Educa-
At the time the Strategic Plan was developed, during cades, behind other sch0ols. tion meeting], but if we were able to get a third facility
the 2010-2011 school year, there was a lot of sentiment -PE chairperson Courtney White it has to be multi-purpose, it has to be functional for PE
that we should review our facilities. Education is al- and everything they do, and it has to be functional for
ways changing; it is good practice to continue to evalu- athletics and everything they want to do, said White.
ate educational facilities. It is also important to contin- The courtyard may be removed and changed into
ue to renovate and improve public facilities so they last ministrators, as well as faculty. The weight room may a more student-friendly area. However, this change
a long time. That protects the taxpayers investment, see a bigger electricity circuit to power the new cardio would shift the classes surrounding the current court-
Superintendent Mark McDonald said. equipment the school has, and possibly a new under- yard.
2.3 million dollars were introduced to be spent on ground track floor. Additionally, a cardio room may be
renovating the bleachers at DGN, press box and possi- (story continued on page 3)