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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e

Name: Marian Iordachioaia

Adress: 38, Hartland Road, London E14 5AH

Phone: 07943611549


Driving license: Yes

Personal Profile

A highly experienced and creative individual with several years of experience in a variety of exciting
projects within different fields.
A level head and rational approach to problem solving combined with a passion for innovative and
fresh ideas has led to a portfolio that includes and combines creative and technical skills.
Technically competent with a background in Engineering, I have experience in mechanical and
electrical maintenance. Also very creative with a proven experience in Web Design, Graphics and
Printing industry.

Skills Creativity, Attention to detail, Open minded

Experience in web design and graphic design HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash

Proven experience in development of e-commerce websites

Open Cart, Prestashop
Technical Graphic Skills: Photoshop,BusinessCardsMX,CorelDraw
Windows hardware&software, iOS Repair
Mechanical and Electrical Skills - Repair and Mentenance

Sales Skill, Sales Agent Mechanical and Electrical

Merchendise Skills
Business and Marketing
Technical Skills, Repair a large variety of tools
Repairing & Technical skills
Vehicle maintenance and repair skills
WORK Experience

2008 to present [FREELANCER] - Graphic and Web Design jobs

Website developer front-end Html, CSM, E-commerce.

Graphic design [Photoshop] & Print - business cards, flyers, leaflets, posters, banners
Web design and Graphic design PORTOFOLIO available on

2013 - August 2015 Mechanic & Electrical Maintenance and Repair (Germany)
HPZ - [ Haag Palleten Zentrum GMBH ]
Diagnose and repair a variety of tools and machines ( MAKITA and BOSH )
Lift Truck Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (LINDE FORKLIFT) - diploma
VCQ (Vocational Competence Qualification)
ERR (Employment rights and responsibilities) & PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills)

2011 - May 2013 Co-Owner at MIA HOME DESIGN SRL (Romania)

Digital Ceramic Print ( RTC) Resident Technology Consultant
Responsibility of servicing customers.
Decision on benefits for employees, benefit information and forms.
Dealing with employee questions and complaints.
Provide guidance and training for Ceramic Printing Technology

2010 - March 2011 3D Graphic designer PURE RENDING ROMANIA SRL (Romania)
3D Design and Graphic Analize In 3D SOLID WORK Program;
Development on GearBox components in 3D animation;

2009 - January 2010 Sales Agent InterCleaning RO-GER SRL (Romania)

Managing customers queries and concerns
Understand and communicate contractual agreements
Upselling products in line with customer requirements

2007 - April 2009 Car Fleet Manager Smart Business Plus SRL (Romania)
Manage and maintain depot fleet in excess of 35 vehicles
Manage and motivate depot personnel including office and maintenance team
Coordinate regional sales team
Responsible for depot fleet maintenance costs
Monitor all defect reports and ensure all are matched to corrective action statements
Ensure vehicle planners are up to date and accurate
Report to Directors against a set of operational techniques

2005 - January 2007 Document Technologist XEROX

Integration of tools and processes (at client sites) to support Managed Services initiatives
Managed Services site architecture and infrastructure programs
Production and office solutions, networking in both the centralized as well as distributed enterprise
production environments
Education / Study

2007 - 2011 The Faculty of Material Science and Engineering (Degree) Romania
Material Engineering;
Producing and Processing metal materials
Medical Engineering systems
Chemistry of processing materials
Development in manufacturing metals, ceramic and carbonic materials
Procesing semi-finished goods and parts for high-tech industry

2004 - 2007 College Lyceum ( Prometeu-Prim ) A- level Certificate

College - Educational Physics, Biology, Maths and Computer Science

2001 - 2004 School of Arts and Crafts Certificate of competency

Secondary College - Vehicle Mechanical Maintenance and Repair

LINDE FORKLIFT ( Certified Operator License ) GERMANY

Programs & Softwares

Operating systems - Windows / iOS ( Mac ) / Linux

Software - Photoshop, CorelDraw, illustrator, Filezilla, BusinessCardsMX, OpenTable, Mozilla

Thunderbird, Microsoft Office, 3D HomeDesign, 3D SolidWorks, ODB - (CAR Diagnostic).

Server Portals - Open Cart, PrestaShop, Magenta, Wordpress, QuickCart, WebPageMaker,

Responsible Mobirise.

Romanian - Native language
English - Fluent (speaking, reading, writing)
German - Intermediate

Additional Information and References

Reference available upon Request.