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Language basics Verbs are your best Pesky parts of speech Reduce jargon and
friends buzzwords
1. Subjects and 1. Possessives: lessons in
predicates; nouns and 1. Prefer the active voice apostrophes 1. What are they?
verbs 2. Why avoid them?
2. Understand the 2. Prepositions: how they 3. When is it okay to use
2. Clauses and phrases drawbacks of the passive contribute to wordiness jargon?
voice 4. What can you do with
3. Parts of speech 3. Avoiding adjectives and jargon when the audience
adjectives is the public?

Homework on adjectives Homework on passive voice No homework Homework on jargon
& adverbs
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Bad nouns Taking out the trash Producing paragraphs Rules of the road

1. Taking apart noun 1. Why wordiness creates 1. Parts of a paragraph 1. Types of editing
clumps weariness
2. Paragraphs in a narrative 2. Being a sensitive editor
2. Cutting long sentences 2. Reduce redundancy
3. Why chunking works 3. How much editing?
3. Avoiding frozen verbs 3. Sweep away
(nominalizations) prepositional phrases 4. The value of headings 4. Three rules of the
editing road
4. Identify and trim fat
Homework on report Practice on emails; review Rework internal memo No homework; List of
excerpt lesson resources provided