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ET 2200 SYLLABUS 1/8/17

My mission To enable learners

attain professional happiness by
coaching them to become disciplined,
synthesizing, creating, respectful, and
ethical individuals.
ET 2200
What I Do Help institutions realize
their mission by enabling entire
organization work as One Team to
deliver top-notch performance. Build
solutions that enable integration of
Spring 2017
organizations People-Process-
Technology. Orchestrate solution success through alignment of project Name: Athan Vouzianas
efforts and management of organizational change . . . by . . . teaching, of Office: Stocker 135
course. Office hours: MON 9:00 10:00
My experience includes (but not limited to) teaching, educational TUE 10:30 11:30
leadership, corporate training, business and technology consulting in the am
WED 9:00 10:00
marketplace, and engineering service in the industry. I teach mathematics,
engineering, and physics in higher education institutions. My research THU 10:30 11:30
interests are in engineering education and leadership development. am
FRI 9:00 10:00
My academic background pursuing a Doctorate in Organizational am
Leadership at Argosy University. Includes a Master of Science and a
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, and Phone: (740) 593-1414
many-many more years in other schools. E-mail:
My job Lecturer of Engineering at Ohio University and Student (at large) Skype: athan.vouzianas

Course Information Draw free body diagrams for a Calculate area moments of
Credit Hours: 3 system of forces on whole inertia and polar moments of
Course No: ET 2200 100 2686 members, as well as for any inertia for typical engineering
Schedule: M, W, F at 7:30 member cut at an arbitrary sections, including using the
am 8:25 am section parallel axis theorem
Place: Stocker 103 Solve for external reactions for 2-
D and 3-D static problems
Required Text
Course Description using vector methods and RC Hibbeler, Engineering
Laws of equilibrium of forces, static equilibrium Mechanics: Statics 14th Edition,
friction, centroids, and moment of Pearson Prentice Hall.
Locate the centroid of a 2-D body
and center of gravity of a 3-D Also available as Engineering
Course Topics body Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics,
Statics of Particles Analyze truss structures using 14th Edition.
Equivalent Systems of Forces the method of joints and the
Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies method of sections If you use an earlier edition it is
Centroids and Centers of Gravity Solve for external reactions and your responsibility to make certain
Analysis of Structures internal forces for frames and the homework questions are the
Internal Forces machines same.
Friction Draw shear and moment
Moments of Inertia diagrams for beams, Required Technologies
calculating all extrema Access to the online materials
Course Outcomes Solve static problems involving from the publisher
Students will obtain knowledge in (MasteringEngineering).
mathematics, science, and Blackboard for course
Solve statically determinant
engineering. announcements, lectures, and
problems to determine internal
Understand concept of static assignments
and reaction loads
equilibrium of a particle CATMAIL for Email and
Determine moments of inertia
via integration Calendar
ET 2200 SYLLABUS | 1/8/17 2 for course Every week you need to post a

blogging. At the end of the response to the online discussion
first day of class you will posted by the teacher. You also
receive an invitation to join need to comment to AT LEAST
Team ET2200. two of your classmates postings
(total of three online
Requisites postings).
MATH 2302 and PHYS 2051. Online Activities
Each week, for each lecture, I will
Teaching & Learning Style assign several online activities.
Here is how I view this:
For each activity I will specify the
In class I introduce a topic due date usually by the next
with the necessary theory and lecture date.
math Grading Formula
In class I solve some Attendance: 5%
There will be three tests, the
examples all the way through Participation: 5%
final exam, and a number of
numerical answers Online Activities 5%
unannounced quizzes. The dates
I post the lectures on Blackboard Quizzes: 5%
for test/ final are shown in the
Tests: 40
Outside of class you study tentative schedule. Absolutely
from the book/class no make ups will be given,
Final Exam: 35
notes/course website unless for a documented
o Solve examples from book emergency. Unannounced
Homework: 5%
check your answers quizzes cannot be made up.
o Solve problems from book Final Exam
90 A- 93 A
check your answers The final exam is scheduled on 92 100
o Solve HW problems assigned Mon, Apr 24, at 8:00 am; it is 80 B- 83 B 87 B+
you may or may not be able mandatory and cannot be 82 86 89
to check the answers rescheduled. 70 C- 73 C 77 C+
When solving real life problems in Homework 72 76 79
engineering you have no Each week I will assign 4 - 6 HW 60 D- 63 D 67 D+
answers to compare the problems. Each week I will 62 66 69
correctness of your answers. BUT collect ONE of the problems 0F
you still need to be confident assigned the week before. 59
about the correctness of your Homework will be accepted
only if: Professionalism
answers. I do not post solutions in
1. Worked on engineering This class adheres to the standards
the Blackboard because you need
computation paper, front of professionalism practiced in the
to learn to validate your own
page only, and sequentially Industry. Although the content of
numerical answers. However, I
2. Each problem starts on a new professionalism is very wide, I
encourage you to synergize with
sheet outline some norms which will
your classmates by working
3. On top of each page state enhance teaching & learning by
together and posting questions in
the problem number and making our interactions more
the course blog
day problem worked on effective.
( You may also
4. Free body diagrams are Meeting w/Instructor
see me in the office with any
shown for the problem At the end of a lecture I may
question you may have.
5. The homework handout (or may not) be able to stay.
Grading Policy posted on the Blackboard (or If I stay I can only answer
Attendance handed to you in class) is questions about the lecture.
Class attendance is necessary stapled on top of the You may walk to my office
for success in engineering homework package during office hours or make
studies. In each class you will an appointment using
sign the attendance sheet to CATMAIL Calendar. In either
signify attendance. You are case you need to prepare for
expected to be in class on time our meeting.
and not leave early. You are To schedule a meeting:
responsible for material and o Create a new meeting
announcements given during with your preferred day.
class. Enter a title for the
Participation meeting (for example,
discuss HW problem 4.3
ET 2200 SYLLABUS | 1/8/17 3

o Add Athan to the late you will be asked to leave

People class and by marked absent. Diversity Statement
o Click on Scheduling No phone zone please keep Respect: Students in this class are
Assistant to see Athans your phones away from your encouraged to speak up and
availability and select a desks. If you need to use your participate during class meetings.
convenient time for both phone kindly excuse yourself out Because the class will represent a
o Click Send to finalize of class. diversity of individual beliefs,
Classroom Privacy Audio or backgrounds, and experiences,
the creation of the
video recording is not allowed. every member of this class must
meeting. This will create
show respect for every other
the meeting in your
member of this class.
calendar and my calendar
Always come to a meeting
prepared on what you want
to talk about
Be on-time for the meeting.
If you need to cancel or
reschedule the meeting, do
so in Calendar.
Email in Subject include
the class name and a
summary of the reason for
the email
Class Blog ( First Generation at OHIO
to share HW discussions I am an OHIO First Scholars
with everyone in class. Advocate. I am committed to
Blackboard for weekly supporting first-generation
announcements, HW, and students at Ohio University! A first-
online discussions and generation college student is one
activities. for whom neither parent/guardian
has earned an associates degree
Special Needs or higher. If you are a first-
Students with needs for special generation college student, please
accommodations are kindly contact me anytime or visit me
requested to present to me a letter during my office hours. For more
of accommodation from the Office information about support for first-
of Student Accessibility Services generation college students on our
(348 Baker Center). Please submit campus visit
the letter of accommodation as
early as possible. en/.

Academic Misconduct The
penalty for any act of academic
misconduct may range from a
failing grade for the work in
question to a failing grade for
the course. In addition, cases
with academic misconduct may
be referred to the University
Judiciaries who may impose
sanctions such as suspension or
expulsion from the university.
Makeup Tests Will be given
only for verifiable/documented
Tardiness I pledge to be in class
on time and I expect you to do
the same. If you walk in class
ET 2200 SYLLABUS | 1/8/17 4

LGBTQ Equality Statement welcome. I recognize that harassment, bullying, or

I am firmly committed to diversity discrimination can be direct or victimization. The success of this
and equality in all areas of campus indirect and take place at both policy relies on the support and
life, including specifically members institutional and personal levels. I understanding of everyone in this
of the LGBTQ community. In this believe that such discrimination is class. We all have a responsibility
class I will work to promote an unacceptable and I am committed not to be offensive to each other,
anti-discriminatory environment to providing equality of or to participate in, or condone
where everyone feels safe and opportunity for all by eliminating harassment or discrimination of
any and all discrimination, any kind.

Tentative Schedule
Week Start Topic (Sections) Week Start Topic (Sections)
# Date # Date
1 Jan 9 Chapter 1 Mar 6 SPRING BREAK
Chapter 2
2 Jan 16 (Martin Luther King Day 1/16) 9 Mar 13 Chapter 6
Chapter 2
3 Jan 23 Chapter 3 10 Mar 20 Chapter 7
4 Jan 30 Chapter 3 11 Mar 27 Chapter 8
Test #1 on 2/3/17
5 Feb 6 Chapter 4 12 Apr 3 Chapter 8
Test #3 on 4/7/17
6 Feb Chapter 4 13 Apr 10 Chapter 9
13 Chapter 10
7 Feb Chapter 5 14 Apr 17 Chapter 10
8 Feb Test #2 on 3/3/17 15 Apr 24 Final exam on Mon, April 24, at 8:00
27 Chapter 6 am

This schedule is tentative and subject to change.