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Coalition to Draft Rick Nolan

for Governor

February 14, 2017

Dear DFL Friends:

If we lose the Governorship in 2018, we will become Wisconsin.
Last year we lost both houses of the Legislature and suffered a devastating defeat.
We need a candidate for Governor who appeals to the broadest number of Minnesotans, based on proven DFL
policies and principles.
We believe Rick Nolan will be our partys best candidate in 2018s existential election. That is why we urge
you to join our Coalition to Draft Rick Nolan for Governor effort today:

Join us on
Sign our online petition supporting Rick Nolan at
Send a contribution via our web page to recharge and enlarge our DFL Party!

Why Nolan?
If we lose in 2018, redistricting could be completed by a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature,
resulting in three lost DFL Congressional seats and the Minnesota State Legislature for a decade. It has
happened, folks, in state after state. It could happen here if we dont unite behind a leader who can win.
Win by bringing the DFL together again. Rural. Metro. Labor. Farmers.

That leader is Congressman Rick Nolan.

He has the record and backbone to stand up to right-wing extremism.
Nolan has proven he can win against big money and relentless attacks
and do it without backing down from our DFL principles!

Remember, if we fail, Minnesotans will lose prevailing wage, minimum wage, public sector collective
bargaining, public pensions and the progressive, liberal legislation of three generations of the Democratic-
Farmer-Labor Party. Students will be harmed because our unique higher education will decline; rural
Minnesota will become a new base for the Republicans.
If you think we are being alarmist, just look to the east to Wisconsin, to the west to the Dakotas, to the south
to Iowa, and to our nations capital in Washington, DC. In Wisconsin, where public employee bargaining
began, the once-powerful 90,000-member teachers union and other major public sector unions have
beenobliterated. We are at an existential moment when we face 2018.
We believe Rick Nolan is the DFLs best chance to unite our party and champion the principles which we
allshare. Nolan can and will win this fight. Heres why:

RICK NOLAN GETS RURAL MINNESOTA: Rick Nolan has represented 39 of Minnesotas 87 counties
in Congress, an area comprising well over half of the geographic area of our state. Nolan has represented
Minnesotans from Rock County on the South Dakota and Iowa borders all the way to Cook County on the
Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canadian borders -- and everything in between! Nolan has won in places our
Party needs. Rick Nolan believes in the right to be rural. He understands that the idea promoted in the
recent electionnamely, that the DFL could create a permanent majority in the Legislature by controlling
the suburbswas utter nonsense, and a signal that some in our party have abandoned rural Minnesota to the
Republicans. In 2010, there were 58 rural DFL legislators. Today there are only 23! Thats why are are in
danger as a party.
And Rick Nolan will fight to enable Minnesotans to prosper in our rural cities, towns, forests,

you like Bernie Sanders, you will love Rick Nolan. In 2011, when Nolan declared his candidacy for
the 8th Congressional District, he stood next to the statue of Floyd B. Olson at the State Capitol and
declared that he wasnt just a liberal, he was a radical in the Olson tradition. Nolan opposed the war in
Vietnam, and hes opposed every other war of choice this country has engaged in. He has stood up for
working families and the middle class in every vote he has taken, from the State Legislature to Congress.
Nolan has openly campaigned for a single-payer health care system in his last three races. He is a real
progressive. Bernie Sanders, in turn, supported Rick Nolan and mobilized progressives nationwide to get
Rick the resources he needed to beat Republican millionaire Stewart Mills in 2016. If you want a real-
deal progressive, Rick Nolan is your candidate.
Rick Nolan will be the candidate in the race for Governor in the tradition of Bernie Sanders, Paul
Wellstone, and Floyd B. Olsonalways standing up for the middle class, protecting the most
vulnerable, and fighting for equality, fairness, and liberty.

RICK NOLAN BELIEVES IN THE DFL: Nolan served as the Associate Chair of the DFL for eight years.
He has gained DFL endorsement in each race he has run. If you want a party loyalist, Nolan is your candidate.
Rick Nolan wont just seek the DFL endorsement and nomination. He will rebuild our partyfrom the
University of Minnesota Campus to the streets of Austin, from the Red Lake Reservation to the Union
Halls of the Iron Range, and from the urban homes of our newest citizens to the farm homesteads of our
oldest families!

ranked as one of the Ten Best by the National Journal last month. Nolan raised over $3 million in that race.
Nolan knows how to run and win a modern campaign, as demonstrated by the strategic allied spending in his
last race. Republicans have spent nearly $30 million to define Rick Nolan as too liberal, too progressive, and
too compassionate for Minnesota. Isnt that exactly who we want to carry our values forward?
Rick Nolan is a proven fundraiser. He has raised more money than any other DFL congressional
candidate. And hell do the same in 2018 for a gubernatorial campaign

in the Minnesota State House, he was the Chair of the Minnesota World Trade Center under Governor Rudy
Perpich, and he started his own small business in the town of Emily, Minnesota. He knows government and
what it can do. He knows creating jobs is the fundamental mission of a Governor. Nolan has been for jobs and
for environmental regulation to protect our natural resources. As he said at the last State Central Committee
meeting, Our Party can and must be for the environment and for jobs; they are not mutually exclusive.
There is no reasonnor do we have the timefor DFLers to fight with each other or be enemies. We are
all friends and must remain so. Our collective fate and that of our fellow Minnesotans is too important for
disunity and division. We need all of us and each of our strengths for the battles ahead.
We believe we need a candidate from rural Minnesota sharing the ticket with Amy Klobuchar. If we do this,
we can make this state One Minnesota again. We are faced with a threat to those accomplishments like at no
other times in our lives. It is up to each of our generations to keep that light alive and bright for the future.
We ask that you join with us by filling out the enclosed card and lending your your name and financial support
to this effort. Go to Facebook or our website. Join. Sign our petition. Please do it today!

Tell Rick Nolan we want him in this fight.

Very truly yours,

Coalition to Draft Rick Nolan for Governor

Justin Perpich, Chair

Hannah Alstead Michael Blomquist Deena Congdon

Jeffery Anderson Bill Brooks John Dalsveen
Ronald Aylward Mitch Brunfelt Byrdie Dicklich
Kaitlyn Babich Roni Brunner Ron Dicklich
Ben Baglio Harry Burns Orion DiFranco
Jane Beccue Troy Caddy Charlie Drapeaux
Joe Begich Gary Cerkvenik Tom Dwyer
Ben Beleui Sophie Stokes Cerkvenik Rob Ecklund
Henry Bensen Jackie Cherryhomes Graham Faulkner
Mary Berscheit Bill Congdon Jim Fisher

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Irene Folstrom Kyle Luebke David Sandbeck

Donald Fosnacht Jan Makowski Beverly Schulte
Paul Gammel Michael Maleska Kevin Schulte
Ray Gildow Brent Malvick Brandon Shofner
Dylan Green Jonathan Martin Gary Skalko
MaryPat Grigsby Pam McCrory Irv Stern
Jordan Hagert Jason Metsa Sam Stern
Madison Hagert Dick Miller Pam Stoke
Robert Harter Jake Multer Kim Stokes
Julie Idelkope Jared Muskovitz Sam Stokes
Charles Johnson Rick Nelson Stacey Sundquist
Tamara Jones David Noah Jim Swiderski
Sean Kehren Mike ODonnell Karin Swor
Colleen Kenyon Matt Olsen Kevin Thompson
Richard Kleinbaum Scott Padrnos Alex Tieberg
Rick Krueger Dominic Pauling David Tomassoni
Rachel Krulc Cali Perpich Cynthia Trevino
Carol Kummer Marlene Pospeck Kyle Vanderflute
Lisa Kvas Jeanne Prittinen Darlene Voltin
Prof. David Laporte Wayne Pulford Kevin Walli
Mike Larson Dustin Raygor Steve Wiewel
Todd Lefko Dan Reed Trecia Wiewel
Joe Leoni Brian Rice Tom Whiteside
Dave Lislegard Joe Samargia Jason Yoder

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