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Michigan Standards potentially met with this quest (it just depends where the students will take

the assignment):

Geology and Biology:

LS4.D - Biodiversity and Humans (the effect of humans on
ecosystems, the importance of biodiversity)
HS-ESS2-2 and -4 - Earths systems (Affecting one part of the
earth affects other parts of the earth, changing the earth has permanent
ESS2.D - Weather and Climate (Plant, animal, and human effects
on climate, climate change)
ESS2.E - Biogeology (Co-evolution between the earth and its
HS-ESS3 - Earth and Human Activity (Weather and Climate,
Natural Resources, Natural Hazards, Human Impacts on earths systems, Global
Climate Change, Developing Possible Solutions)
E2.1C - Change in one system affects others
E2.2B - Renewable and Nonrenewable resources
E2.3a - Carbon on the earth
E2.4 - Human interaction with the earth
E4.1C - The link between land use and water quality
B3.2c - The effect of removing organisms from a food web
B3.3 - Food webs
B3.4 - Ecosystem changes and human effects
B3.5 - Population growth and the effect of invasive species
B5.3 - Natural selection (geographic isolation and biodiversity)
G1 - Spatial thinking
G2 - Physical and human characteristics of a place
G3.2 - Ecosystems
G4.2 and 3 - culture, cooperation, and conflict
G5 - Humans and the environment
G6 - Global issues
CG2 - Resources
K1.3 - Spacial relationships and patterns
K1.6 - Viewing issues from another culture's point of view
K1.7 - Social problems, structures, institutions, classes, groups,
and interaction
K1.8 - Apply social studies to current events, issues, and problems
P2.2 - Read and interpret graph data
P2.3 - Find, interpret, evaluate, and present data
P2.4 - Find and use multiple perspectives and resources to analyse
social issues
P2.5 - Problem solving
Political Science:
C3.5.8 - Our role in the political decision making process
C4.1 - USA foreign policy
C4.2 - USA role in international affairs
Writing and speech language arts:
1.3 - Communicate in writing or speech using styles that are
appropriate for the audience and purpose. (persuasive)
1.5 - Make a variety of written or spoken works
CE 1.3.7 - Participate in groups