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Teaching Belief Matrix

Stephany Sessions
Classroom Management Community Role of Teacher
Create opportunities for Creates and maintains a
Consistency of class rules and students to share about student-centered learning
class policy themselves and get to know environment
Expectations and directions one another Scaffolds student learning
clearly articulated to students Foster a safe learning Communicator of material
Follow through with promises environment where students Provides opportunities for
Routines, procedures, and feel supported and valued social and emotional
cues Strong communication with development
Flexibility parents/guardians and Mentor
Creates classroom encourage involvement to Caregiver
environment built on respect support child at home and in
the classroom
Content Differentiation Assessment
Address state and common Identify and evaluate To be used as a way to check
core curriculum standards collective and individual student progress and re-
Interdisciplinary approach to needs of students evaluate lesson plans and
learning when appropriate to Make adaptations according teaching strategies as a result
create realistic learning to student needs if needed
experiences for students Extend and re-enforce Driven by planning
Incorporate student interests material as need for the class, Use multiple means to check
to further engage students small groups, or individual for deep understandings
students Creative whenever possible

High Expectations Application of Knowledge Professional Development

Setting goals that personally Provide opportunities for Reflect on lessons to help
and collectively challenge connections to be made further refine and develop
students between content in the lesson plans and teaching self
Encourage students to ask classroom and the real world Positive and collaborative
questions and go further Inquiry-based learning relationships with other school
opportunities district employees
Utilizes opportunities and