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Literature Review
According to Wikipedia, the social media go-to reference created by the general
public within the kind of thousands of contributors, defines Social media as media for social
interaction, exploitation extremely accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social
media is that the use of web-based and mobile technologies to show communication into
interactive dialogue.

According to Cheryl Burgess from Blue Focus Marketing, Social media consists of
varied user-driven (inbound marketing) channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube).
These channels represent a stark distinction from the advertiser-driven (outbound marketing)
push model. Because the principal owner of the client relationship within the firm, typically,
the marketing department is in charge for managing these social media
channels. Although some might argue that the client relationship is everyones
responsibility within the firm, the overarching responsibility rests with
the marketing department because of the champion for the client.

According to Lisa Buyer from The Buyer Group, Social media is todays
most clear, engaging and interactive sort of public relations. It combines the truth grit of real
time content with the beauty of authentic peer-to-peer communication.

According to Michelle Chmielewski from Synthsio, Social media is

not regarding what each people does or says, however regarding what we tend to do and
say together, worldwide, to communicate in all directions at any time, by
any attainable (digital) means.

According to Marjorie Clayman from Clayman Advertising, Inc, Social Media may be
a new marketing tool that enables you to induce to understand your customers and prospects
in ways that were previously out of the question.
This information and data should be purchased with output of respect, trustworthiness, and
honesty. Social Media is not a fad; however, I conjointly assume its just the beginning of
the marketing revolution not the end.

According to Joe Cothrel, Social media loosely defined consists of

any online platform or channel for user generated content. By this definition, for instance,
WordPress, Sharepoint, and Lithium qualify as social media, as do YouTube, Facebook and
Twitter. Social media additional narrowly defined includes solely channels for user-generated
content, as distinguished from platforms, that are referred to as social technologies. By this
definition, for example, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are social media, and WordPress,
Sharepoint and Lithium are social technologies.

According to Sally Falkow from ARP, Markets became conversations. Social

media are the online platforms and locations that offer the way for individuals to participate
in these conversations. For individuals, it is a way to connect and share content with friends
and like-minded people. For businesses, its a way to faucet into
what individuals are express regarding your brand, your product and/or your service,
participate within the conversations, be open to new concepts and then use these insights to
form higher business selections.

According to Howard Greenstein from NYC, Social media are the online technologies
and practices that individuals use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, views, and
media themselves. they are media for social interaction. You can tell social software
system as a result of it is no fun to use by yourself an account with no friends connected has
no worth.

According to Natalie Saaris, the relative advantages and drawbacks of social

media are a topic of frequent discussion. A number of social medias benefits embody the
flexibility of users to handily keep in touch with friends and family who live far away,
connect with like-minded individuals, and expand business contacts, typically at no cost.
Social media has additionally been used to increase awareness of social and
political problems and organize demonstrations. Frequently cited disadvantages of social
media include a decrease in real-world, personal connections and also the potentialities of
cyberbullying, stalking, hacking, and other privacy issues.

According to Charlie R. Claywell, the biggest advantage of social media is its

power to connect individuals. It has become a preferred method for family and
friends who live far away from each other (sometimes internationally) to keep up with what
is happening in each others lives, while not the costly price of long-distance calling. In
a very different sphere, another advantage of social media is that it will used
to connect individuals informally. On the other hand, some critics have created the argument
that social media solely serves to drive individuals farther away from each other. Whereas it
is nice that you can contact your aunt in another country, these digital interactions are still a
poor replacement for face-to-face contact. Sometimes, friends dont feel the necessity to be
as close in reality as a result of they think that chatting online will make up for this. Another
disadvantage of social media is that it will serve as a platform for inappropriate
actions. Individuals would possibly do or say things they would not
in reality because there are negligible rules for communication in social media.

According to Dave Hofstetter, social media could be a tremendous and

powerful thing, however it also can be quite harmful and cause unhealthy selections. One
advantage of social media is that the ability to communicate with many various people at one
time. Chatting online with others can be a good way to strengthen long-distance ties
with individuals you may not otherwise be able to talk to often. You can also rekindle
friendships that may have been lost due to a move, a falling out, or simply having lost bit.
Some of the disadvantages with being able to communicate a lot of simply with
multiple people on the web is the threat, particularly for teens and even sometimes young
adults, of cyberbullying and stalking. Thousands of teens use social media every
day, however not all have the good intentions. Several use a computer screen to
hide behind, that makes it easier to make fun of somebody, because you are not interacting
face-to-face. This may seriously damage the people who are becoming bullied and cause
them severe stress and pain.