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October rrots, leek

s, onions
nd fo r c a ring, and
the grou will go in next sp ed
and pota
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o f c om post, we r.
December February
njoy a lo lky, organic matt r early spring
all will e r b u the ground fo
r othe pr epar in g Prepare the grou
manure o rwinter fo
r Finish
nd for chard, sown
s of p ea s, to ove sowings and pl April, by digging
in compost or we
dy varie leaves and
rotted manure. ll-
Sow har xt year. d, leeks, salad
September an early
c ro p n e
ith fleece Harvest char

Len Cros
radish w winter radish
. Potatoes Sow lettuce in po

u m m e r in pots fo ts and keep them
nd s ove tubs
of ra
Sow fast-growing lettuce and summer radish lettuce a r next year.
winter ha cover. Sow early under
Protect n til ha r vested. M place. Everyone can help to build ut of your plot fo
modules or lengt
peas indoors in po
for crops this autumn. You can also sow tasty su
or cloche a well-lit, frost-fr
ee Plan the layo
, onion sets an
d hs of guttering, or
winter salad leaves and crunchy winter radish. raised beds seed potatoes outdoors in mild sow
pota to es to
, Order seeds, areas.
m er v egetables r firs t shallot sets.
the last
sum d you
Plant sets of overwintering onions. These are Harvest s. A lso leeks, an Protect outdoor
sowings with fleec
special varieties, many from Japan, and will be d pumpk November Check your to
ol kit cloches for a mon e or
ready earlier than spring-planted ones.
radish an
lad le av es.
and see wha t needs January th or two.
winter sa pening, d winter Sprout early pota
Prepare the ground for carrots, leeks, cleaning, shar ks, salad leaves an toes ready to plan
placing. Harvest chard, lee bs. next month. t
Water lettuce and radish in dry spells. onions and potatoes if you didnt get it mending or re potatoes from tu
radish, plus new
done last month. Protect chard,
rm it up, by Harvest chard, lee
Harvest carrots, pumpkins and any onions or overwintering peas and winter radish heavy rain, and wa ks, salad leaves an
Protect soil from or cle ar). Hold it winter radish. d
shallots that were not ready in July. Also pick using cloches or fleece until March. ring with polythene (black
cove giant
climbing French beans grown for pieces of wood or
down with bricks,
drying and gather the first leeks coathanger wire.

Harvest chard, leeks, salad leaves and staples made from
and chard.

Charles G
the first winter radish.
tic, old
s with black plas
Cover weedy area at ex clu de light. This
aterials th
Build raised beds, construct new paths carpet or other m sier in spring.
d makes work ea
and carry out any maintenance before
us soup kills the weeds an
the winter. ke delicio
Leeks ma
Paul Upward

Clean up your pots, trays, labels, canes

and so on ready for next season.
Chris Collins with student

Charles Gerva
Using a fo
rk to lift le
as they m eks

Fiona Secrett

n waste
p osting garde Picking hardy salad leaves
all year
goes on

Fiona Secre
Prepare the ground for pumpkins by June
incorporating plenty of bulky, organic material.
May Sow Pumpkins outdoors if not already done. Sow
March Sow early carrots, chard, and radish outdoors.
Sow more lettuce and radish
early carrots to crop in September, and winter
digging in Sow leeks, lettuce, and peas indoors or out, if not
for French beans by salad leaves.
Prepare the ground d fertiliser where done last month. Sow French beans and pumpkins outdoors for a continuous crop.
ost or well-rotted manure. Ad Sow French beans and pumpkins
ard and potatoes. in pots and keep in a warm place indoors. Thin out seedlings sown outdoors, if necessary.
youll be growing ch outdoors in milder areas, indoors

Fiona Secrett
Plant onion and shallot sets, and early potatoes, if in pots if it is still chilly at night.
early peas, Plant New potatoes in large tubs, plant out
Sow early carrots, not done last month. Plant out lettuce seedlings Sow chard outdoors if not already
seedlings from earlier sowings once they are
h ou tdoors. If the
lettuce and radis once they have a few leaves. done.
wet wait until large enough.
soil is still too cold or

Howard of Effingham School

lettuce and Pulling the first radishes
next month, or start Protect outdoor sowings, and early potatoes, with Thin out seedlings sown outdoors
Water newly planted seedlings, salads, and
oors. Sow leeks
peas off in pots ind fleece or cloches as long as frost is likely. if necessary.
vegetables about to crop, in dry spells.

in pots under cove
Earth up early potatoes as they shoot to protect Plant out seedlings from earlier
ot sets, and Harvest lettuce, radish and your first carrots, arvest
Plant onion and shall sowings once large enough. ttuce to h
them from frost. overwintering onions, spring-sown peas, and
early potatoes. Lots of le Garden visits can provide
early potatoes. h
wings and early Protect French beans, early potatoes and this mont new ideas
RHS Registered Charity No: 222879/SC038262

Protect outdoor so pumpkins if frost threatens.

nt h or two, using
potatoes for a mo
ches .
fleece or clo Earth up early potatoes. July

plants as soon
Support young pea Sow green manure on bare areas of ground.
grow ing with twiggy s if
as they start Introducing garden tools Thin out seedlings sown outdoors if necessary
. Water salad leaves and pumpkins in dry spell
sticks or netting. possible. Carrots, chard, leeks and onions should

erwintered Water newly planted seedlings, salads, and look after themselves.
Harvest the last ov sticks if vegetables about to crop, in dry spells.
ch ard, leeks, winter twiggy
vegetables s w ith
Visit your nearest allotments, community gard
radishes and salad
leaves. h bean
t Frenc Mulch between plants, making sure the soil
is Talk to the gardeners to find
Suppor . s
or public gard en.
ary wly damp first. This will help keep down the weed out which varieties do well in your area, and
any ne holidays.
d ish and ells. and keep in soil moisture through the up other local tips.
Paul Upward

e, ra
lettuc in dry s
Water e edlings, ets
d s Harvest French beans, carrots, lettuce, Check out supermarkets in Europe, and mark

e w e b site for Starting pumpkins off in pots t the fir
st s p ring veg d radish.
peas an Preparing to plant potatoes
overwintering onions, peas, early potatoes and in other parts of the world, for cheap or
radish. Harvest shallots if ready, or leave them
Visit th urces on Harves verwintering
, o until September.
interesting vegetable seeds.
more r g ro wing,
vegeta es s on plans
g l