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A Home for Ladybirds

Make a simple home to attract ladybirds to your school. They need somewhere to
stay during the winter. Ladybirds are very helpful to gardeners as they eat aphids
that damage plants.

Materials to attract insects to your school garden:

 2 litre plastic drink bottle with the top cut off

 Bamboo canes or wide diameter art straws cut to fit the length of the
bottle. The diameter needs to be 4mm or larger. The bamboo needs
to be cut so that the solid node is at one end or the whole length is

What you do:

 Fit the bamboo or straws tightly into the drinks bottle. Ensure the
hollow end of the bamboo is facing outwards.
 Hang almost horizontally in a warm spot with the open end slightly
lower to prevent water logging. Ladybird boxes are best placed no
higher than 1m above the ground.