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A Defense to the Secular Clergy

Jose A. Burgos

According to these article it was for the acknowledging the presence of the
secular clergy in their passion to spread the Christianity. These secular clergy who are
being discriminate for the past 4 century the regular clergy who just stay in monasteries
and waiting to collect the tax of the masses of the Filipino people. The regular clergy
stay only in the monasteries and collecting the taxes of the masses. These clergy who
are acknowledging that are religious and they are wholly in behalf of the issues they
face against the masses. A true clergy has the desire to the prosperity of its nation, in
behalf they are too far to their natural life risking their life to evangelize the people.
According to Father Bernadino De Cardenas that a good clergy must take risk in
danger for the religious order for the good of its ministry, In addition to these also
Fernado VI says If the clergy applied superior and subordination to its ministries it
cause depression and pain to them self.

The article that acknowledging patriotism of the secular clergy who take risk
evangelizing the non Christianize area and who are being discriminate that they are not
a religious. The passion of the secular clergy to their doctrine shows nationalism
through sharing the gospel of GOD to evangelize the souls of the people. In behalf to
the good deeds of the secular clergy, the Spaniards considered them as a threat to the
Spain government and some of the them are being persecuted specially the three friars
the GOMBURZA who are being executed because accusations of treasury to the Spain
and acting as the leaders of the revolts to the Spain in that time.

Various Articles on the Philippines

Graciano Lopez Jaena

The Filipino people are strong and brave logically, varied with different costums
and traditions. When Spaniards came to the Philippines they introduce the Christianity
as the supreme religion and use to threatens the Filipino people , as a defense against
for those who are trying to fight against them.

The Philippines facing different problem as the Spaniards rule the nation .one of
it is in the economic crisis after long they closed the trading system of the Filipino nation
to its neighbor country. Second is that no enough educated people at this time to give a
solution to this crisis. These are the distress of the Filipino nation .in behalf of these
problems the Spaniards remain no actions to solve these problems. In fact they are only
focusing on how to control the Filipino people not to revolt against them and for those
who are neglecting the orders are being accused of treason against the Spain as a
result, the Spain established a military state to the nation.

The causes of these distresses are the things that are not fully given to the
Filipino People. A proper education that suit to solve the problem of the nation in the mid
of crisis. An anomalous education had been introduced for almost four century. The
youth are teaching to read and write, however they did not know how to work. The
church did not introduce these subjects: Elements of Physics, chemistry, geography and
agriculture, that would help to solve the problem and for the economic progress of its
nation. However the church let the youth to hold rosary, novenas and saints that only
nourish the spiritual aspect of the youth.

The next to the causes of the distress is that the archipelago of the country its
self. As the manila is the center of the state, the government of Spain had no fully
control the other islands in the Philippines that they are no longer to take control the
natural resources. The Chinese and British are the one who manipulate to extract the
natural source of other island, specially the gold as the use for the trading. However
these foreigner had violate the law of nature . The Filipino people had no idea how to
defend its mother land from the destruction and also they have no idea how to gather
and use these resources without violating the law of nature its because the education
system that the church had been introduce to them is not efficient nor fitted to these

This article of Graciano Lopez Jaena is teaching the importance of proper

education for the youth. The mistake that had been done by their ancestor must be
avoided and learn from it. The education is the key to the progress of its nation to build
a strong nationality and sovereignty against those are trying to destroy this nation. The
distance could be narrowed by the education to communicate with the other group of its
nation, being Philippine as a nation of the nations; it must have one desire to have unity
which is to be a progressive country in order to solve the problems of its nation.

The Causes of the distress of the Philippines

Philippines is rich of natural resources that many countries never had. That is
why some of foreigners want to experience the different spot or beautiful places here in
the Philippines. But it saddens me to think that the Philippines is not belong to the
developed country. Maybe if government officials have a heart to the people of the
Philippines and spending the right budget of each government branch there is a
progress or improvement. The tax paid by a taxpayer must have to go back to them in
terms of service and infrastructure. Every year each department of the Philippines
Government increases its budget. In the Department of health, the government must not
allowed any hospital to have a policy of first payment policy the nurse or employee of
some hospital asking or trying to scrutinized if the member of the patient is capable to
pay, instead of saving the lives of patient. The Senior citizen member or not in the
philhealth must also have a zero balance in hospital bill and must have a allowance to
buy medicines for their medications/maintenance and free check up for poor in the far
flang areas. In Department of Education there are schools that dont have enough
school supplies like books, chairs, blackboard and etc.

Some Government head/official is greedy of money and power, instead of

thanking for having a life that of being rich still they are not contented. They should at all
time think whats right to do if they are in a government profession.

Reflections on the Philippines and the Filipinos

Jose Rizal

This article shows how Rizal explains how radical is the education attainment,
the religion and the influence of the power of the government. Education in terms that
was not fully given by the friars, Rizal simply defined why Filipino want to learn
Spanish .its our desire to learn to read the language to understand the stories and
theories of liberty which how could Spaniards does declined these desires, Its because
they are afraid that the Filipino would understand that insulted of these Colonizers to the
Filipino nation.

How come does it does not need even with their but guns and have a body a little
sensitive almost already insulting the Filipino, and more of it if Filipino was accused by
them, how come to reply if Filipino doest learn how to speak Spanish

In clerical opinion, Rizal pointed that its not only the friars to blame, how come
Rizal is not a anti- Spanish? Its because he pointed they are the friars the one who
influenced the Filipino nation and tolerated and accept it, However the insult and
abused of the power was not tolerated by them. According to this article Rizal would be
rather neutral and will only chose who will win between the curates and those who
desires independent. These parties would use arms to have what they want, Rizal to
him would chose to endure peace and full with knowledge of the nation.

One thing he pointed that friar are doing things that are against with their doctrine
unless they are not a man. Another thing is that Chinese are the one who make the
Filipino poor. They control the market price that so sick Filipino struggling to buy their
needs because we are lack of economic control from our own place. Rizal is a neutral
that he desire to live in peace and plenty. For Rizal it would be more beautiful and more
useful freedom of the press that has equal rights, equal for gold. Equality to equality,
however that these equality are hidden the truth . The equality is only gained by those
who has the money. The people who desire the worth of money are the one who cause
the pain and struggle of the Filipino nation neither by the friars nor the curates.

Monastic Supremacy in the Philippines


Marcelo H. Del Pilar

The fusion of two nation begin in blood compact that occur in past century , the
blood compact of Legazpi and Secatuna into a single ideal. The blood compact deals
along the surrendering the sovereignty to the Spaniards, however the time has laps
these seals had no longer visioning of the ideal that had been agreed. The Spain let the
Philippine to be control by the religious sector which are the roman Catholism that they
bring and use a device to encourage the early ancestors to be colonized of Spain. The
Spain had no longer threat the Philippines as its sons. They let it to be controlled by the

Monasticims is a cosmopolitan that has no country, its not the Spain itself. In
such that the since monastism is the people who are engage the life to religious and
evangelize the people to manipulate the behavior of the masses. The Friars are had
been cruel to the Filipinos in behalf that the Filipino people are the one who are giving
the taxes empowering them to control them. In this period the Filipinos had already
manifested their repulsion against the friars, its because in behalf of loyalty for the
Spain, The Spain exploit and discriminate the Filipinos its because for the Spaniards
the Filipino are illiterate people and has no capability to be a nation. The Monastic
Supremacy in the government is fully adopted. The friars are powerful as to be with the
Governor General. They may impose a law with their correspondent needs to oppress
the people to avoid the revolts against them. They are imposing that for those who are
fighting against them means that they are fight the GOD. As the sense they are powerful
in all humanity in the Philippines at this time.

Marcel H Del Pilar shows that the Filipino are being fool by the Spaniards , the
seals between the blood compact of Secatuna and Legazpi are no longer to be seal for
the fusions of the two nations . In fact the comings of the Spaniards are the cause of the
disunity of the tribes in the Philippines as to be a nation. The Spain surrenders the
sovereignty of the Philippines to be Monastic. The promise of the Spain that the fusion
of the two nations is for one ideal nation is no longer efficient as the time laps.
What the Filipino Should Know (1896)

Andres Bonifacio

In our early ancestors, they already establish a government, at peace with

foreign neighbors, trading with good exchange. However they engage to alliances with
Spanish who promise a single ideal for one nation and display the other group of tribes
The article teach what does the Filipino should know, the Filipino are capable to be a
progressive nation even before the coming Spaniards . the Spaniards convince them
crumpled by honey words of diced . In the past years these promise are being tested
in behalf of the loyalty Filipino people during the threat of the Chinese and Dutch
against the Spain, The Filipino people had fight and open their breast for the bullets of
the enemy to fully shown the loyalty to the Spain. However the Spaniards giveback
treachery and false promises, had being exchange to the sacrifices the Filipino had

We must look back to the Sun that rise on the east clearly shows to our eye that
the Filipino must not be depended on the other for our living, that tells us to be united
and learn from our mistakes. The Filipino nation must look forward for a better life to its
sons. Every move we make we are on heading towards the brink of abyss of death, For
every Filipino must be rise as an independent to help its nation to be progressive nation
.Nothing can be consider stable in our loves, our peace in these time are is being
disturbed by moans and lamentations, by the size and grief of innumerable orphans.
These article tell to be united in sentiment in thought, and in purpose in order that we
may have the strength to find the means of combating the prevailing evils in the country
which at this moment are the Spaniards who are humiliating our mother land.

The Light and Darkness

Emilio Jacinto

The light and darkness of Emilio Jacinto describe the rising liberty inside a child
dream from the mistake of its ancestors, However he havent practice these liberty
because of those who are controlling his nation and abusing it for almost a century. The
nationality would only rise if the children of the mother land would desire a liberty from
its own; these would also to free its nation from colonization. The Liberty will rise upon
the oppression and humility from the colonizers. The Filipino nation had been
humiliated, discriminated and oppression by the false practice by the Spaniards for
almost four hundred years. The Filipino nation must desire the right to have liberty in
able to free its nation and have fully Independence. The liberty is given free for anyone,
however when multitude are subjugated by tyrants, the people are despoiled; the
tyrants are increasing their power tyranny. Intoxicated by the sense of selfish flatters
and derive from the government whom enslaved and empowering them self. There and
instance when liberty are smothered by errors, blind worship of Ancient bad practices
and laws suggested by crafty hence men. The liberties are fully given to the humanity,
however the responsibilities are given to the few and most of it was abuse. The
Spaniards who had liberty to conquest with the other island who had to enslaved the
Filipino people for a four century and teach the Filipino people with bad practices that
remove the desires of the Filipino to its own liberty. However the desire arose after the
suffering and humility upon them. The Filipino had revolts against the Spain to have its
liberty and independence to its mother land. The darkness would vanish if the light
would rise upon in every Filipino .The sun will always rise in the that and will give the
light that will give hope for a better nation and better future for the next generation.

The people and the government

Emilio Jacinto describes the Filipino people that they are superior to any of the
rulers, In addition it derives also to all humanity that has ability to be at the superiority.
The people are the one who act for the prosperity for its nation. The people are legible
for its rights and liberty. During the Spanish era, they oppress the people who are giving
them the prosperity, the people who cultivated the lands for needs of the nation. The
people are the one who empowered the Government to exercise its power to rule the
nation. The Government is chose to protect the sovereignty of its nation through
building its army. Also the Government are the one who exercise the legislature power
to suit the needs of its nation .Its because the people or the nation are the ruler of its
self , acting for its right and liberty. The people must be acknowledge by the
government because the people tilting the lands , breed and keep the cattles and
make utensils for efficient life , Most of the time people gives strength for the
government due to the loyalty and obedience

The Government must nor act a superior to its provider and oppress it, its because the
people are the one who chose them to rule the nation, as a response the government
must exercise his power for the needs of its nation.

The Struggle for Freedom



This article views the real purpose of the United States in colonizing the
Philippines. The America had fulfill the obligations of the U.S to the Philippines
(President Mckenly) The United State preferring to these obligations to be well being,
prosperity and happiness of the people of the Philippines for a developing nation.
However it does not take long as it be.

In order to achieve and believe by the Philippines must be govern by the U.S,
through giving them to rights and will for freedom, but this was due to that the
agreement of Spain and the America which are happened when the Spain are no longer
control in the Philippines and it was because to the arms of the Filipino people that free
itself from slavery of the Spain , however the Americans did not recognize the
independence of the Philippines

The Philippines at this moment must defend for its sovereignty if it will remain
oppress and struggle for its freedom. The Philippine will remain unprogressive and
backwards to the economic growth. Because of believing the poisonous promise, that
the intentions are to monopolize the economic industries of the Philippines through their
capital and these promises are political motivated that later are being forgotten.

In a solution the Philippines must fight against these colonizers and be

independent for their welfare and happiness, because greed is innate to everyone. The
U.S may recognize our rights and freedom, however our rights to established over our
economic status are not practice without the compulsory of these colonizers and we
cant raise an army that will defend our sovereignty. The Philippines remain enslave by
their false promise of full independence.

Economic Nationalism

Claro M. Recto

Nationalism derive to a devotion or the advocacy for the good of its nation.
However it different from the Filipino nation Philippines are for the Filipino people .This
article shows that the Philippine is lack of economic policy and derive that it have
problems of these sector. The Philippines has not fully distinguished its economic
status and where it will relay, The United States introduce industrialization that does not
fit our economy how comes, The Filipino is a cultivator for almost the past century and
now engaging in the industrialization.

Industrialization might be the best investment of the United States to it colonize

country, however its only focused on their personal need of its nation. The economic
status had raised the growth of the force labor for it and as a effect of it the decrease
of the man that cultivate its land that cause the shortage of food production in the
Philippines that cant suit the growing population. It was late that the congress
understand the true economic status that will fit in the economy of the Philippines.

Industrialization had change that endure later on the machineries and cause the
lack of employment of the Filipino . these had cause a big problem to the economy of
the Philippines. This was due that Filipino had a sick, Colonial mentality that we endure
to depend from the foreigners. Economic Independence may be for important than a
Political Independence.

The Economic Independence has the power to control over the political
independence of the nation, Such that Filipino does not seek for it. In our History, no
other independence had happened except the declaration of independence in the Caw
it, But United States did not recognize it and regain in July 1946. It was no purpose, we
became officially independent as a nation but not for the rights realm of foreign actions,
National Defense, Finance and economy.

A true national awakening shall doubtless come, these article that Claro M. Recto
Pointed that we must be independent not only political also for other aspect , especially
in Economic that will provide the prosperity of the nation

Foreign Banks And Economic Independence


Lorenzo M Tanada

The Nationalist renaissance is securing the economic independence. National

Economic goal of industrialization desires for eradication of poverty. The ill health, the
ignorance and stagnation to this colonial economic relation that had been produce to a
long time. Being a Democratic republic, the Philippines must establish the gathering and
garnishing the capital for its self function, primarily for the impotent of the state itself.
The Philippines must establish the concept of Filipino First to meet the central
problem of alien economic domination and if we not domain we remained control by
these foreign countries.

One of this are the Senate Bill No. 410(General Banking Act) that disallowing the
alien banks to accept deposit from the Filipino nation, however this act does not fully
suits the needs of the Filipino , In addition the Philippines need to establish its own bank
that suit and provide the funds that need of its nation to the economical progress. The
Philippine republic establish these banks : Agricultural Banks of the Philippines in 1908,
The Philippine National Bank in 1916 and Agricultural and Industrial Bank in 1939 this
banks had provide the capital of the Filipino economic.

The Senate bill are being amended in 1948 for some Object able purpose that
does not fit for the Filipino nation .As a result the alien banks are capable to establish
settlement without even a single capital, Observe the limits for a single loan, computed
and the basis of their combined capital accounts are anomalous, however the
Philippines had its limitation to the foreign banks functions that means disallowing the
Philippines to negotiate to other foreign banks to a purpose to preserve the native
financial and the local saving for activities that bounds the national economy of its

The foreign banks manipulate the economy of the Philippines throughout their
capitals inside on its own sovereignty. As they introduce limited loans in a short time by
their capital from their home offices which neglect the value of the Philippine money. As
the exchange are not equal and the foreign money are remain dominate the economy.
The Philippines remain back ward to the economic progress. For instance that the
Filipino people have a loan to the foreign bank as use of dollars and paid by the concept
of the Philippine money , the value of the dollars are increasing which are the Philippine
money value are decreasing the loan and its interest are getting bigger as it had in the
first it was taken. This is the one reason why the foreign banks may only invest a small
profit of capital and earn a big profit of income in the Philippines, One thing that this
articles says is that the Philippine government must establish an act that the foreign
banks must inhibit its capital before it invest here in the Philippines for a beneficial
bound back to the Philippines. In addition in order to be economically stable, the
government may not diminished these alien banks, however it must establish a law that
fitting the needs of the nation funds. And as result we may neglect these sayings
Matagal na tayong Ginigisa ng mga banyagang banko sa sarili nating mantika The
solution must came from the Philippine Government and not from the idea of the
Foreign economy.
Human Rights: Suppressing Dissent

Money is important to our daily lives, if we donSome people is capable of

working but why is other establishments or company is discriminating
Reflection Paper


Philippine Nationalism

Submitted to: Prof. Karen B. Casiple

Submitted by: Yasin G. Alonto