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Utility Rates

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E ective with February 1, 2017 Billing

Utility rates are set each year through the budget adoption process.
A public hearing is heldprior to the adoption of the annual budget,
which governs expenditures for the calendar year.

Notice to Bid - Baseball League

Water (In-Town) Rate
Separate sealed bids for the Baseball Minimumcharge $9.57
League Uniform bid project to serve the
City of Jackson will b Read More Allusage(per1000gal) $3.40

All News & Events

Water (Out-of-Town) Rate

MinimumCharge $19.12

Allusage(per1000gal) $5.51

Calendar of Events
Electric (Residential) Rate

PickleballPlay Allusage(perkWh) $0.1058
Pickleball Play - Join us for
Feb Pickleball on Wednes...Read Minimumchargesinglephase $13.35
Minimumchargethreephase $17.80

Pickleball Play - Join us for
Electric (Small General) Rate
Feb Pickleball on Friday...Read
More Allusage(perkWh) $0.1115

FebruaryAnnual Minimumchargesinglephase $15.58
Feb The February Annual
Minimumchargethreephase $20.03
Collective, an art gallery To qualify for Large General, minimum KW demand total must be 100 and
fea...Read More minimum kwh must be 30,000 monthly.

CityOfficesClosed Electric (Large General) Rate
Allusage(perkWh) $0.0724
Feb Holiday

DemandChg(perKW) $12.25

View Full Calendar Minimumcharge $155.78

To qualify for Industrial, minimum KW demand total must be 300 and
City of Jackson
minimum kwh must be 30,000 monthly.
101 Court Street
Jackson, MO 63755 Electric (Industrial) Rate
Phone: (573) 243-3568
AllkWhperkWh $0.0445
Fax: (573) 243-4588
DemandChg(perkVA) $16.41
Powered by Element 74
MeterCharge $155.78

Security Lighting Rate

MonthlyCharge $10.9548.07

Sewer (related to/same aswater usage) Rate

Minimumcharge $12.85

Allflow(per1000gal) $3.12

Solid Waste Pick-Up Rate

MonthlyCharge $6.00