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Exercises - What has happened to Lulu?

Stanza 1

1. Who do you think Lulu is?

2. Give 2 pieces of evidence which indicate that Lulu has disappeared.

3. What does the shortened name of Lulu in line 2 suggest?

Stanza 2

1. How old do you think Lulu is? Give reasons.

2. Is her age important? Why?

3. What do lines 3 and 4 show about Lulu and what she has done?

4. What literary device is used in the first 2 lines?

Stanza 3

1. Why are there only two characters present in this poem?

2. What does the use of the term 'mother' instead of 'mummy' suggest?

3. Based on your thoughts, why is the mother crying? Provide 2 reasons.