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January 31, 2017

1 Spring Cove Rd.

Arden, NC 28704

TCHRS Graduation Project Board

250 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

Dear Advisory Board:

For my graduation project I would like to learn about sports photography. Within the past year I have
acquired a love for photography, specifically working with different angles and lightings. I have taken
two photography classes in the past and I enjoyed them a lot. These classes taught me about film
photography as well as digital photography. I learned how to develop my own film, edit my own
photographs on photoshop, and about the history of the craft. Along with discovering my love for
photography, I also discovered a passion for more action-based field work, including sports photography.
I would like to use this project to learn more about sports photography and expand my knowledge and
experience with the topic, and eventually gain enough knowledge to decide whether it is a field that I
could make a career out of and major in in college.

When researching this topic, I will be looking into the importance of possessing a greater knowledge of a
variety of sports, specifically in regards to knowing when a moment is important. I plan on finding this
information from books, the Internet, along with my mentor, Benjamin Clark. I also plan on learning
these specific techniques from practical experience taking photographs of my schools multitude of sports
teams, as well as from the players themselves in regards to which moments are most important.

For my practical experience I plan on interviewing and learning from my mentor, Benjamin Clark, who is
an art teacher at TC Roberson. He also has his own professional photography business. Mr. Clark will be
assisting me throughout this project by teaching me more about the use of lighting, angle, and timing,
along with many other elements involved in photography. I estimate that this project will not cost
anything because I already own the equipment needed including a digital camera. I also estimate that this
project will take an accumulation of around 15-20 hours to complete all of my practical experience, along
with meeting with my mentor. To document this process, I will be posting a blog to my website portfolio
after each session, as well as taking pictures and marking on my time log.

I understand that throughout the completion of this project, plagiarism will not be tolerated in any
measure. I understand that it is illegal, as well as unethical because copying the work of others will not
further my knowledge of my chosen topic. I intend to use MLA format to avoid this unethical practice.


Sarah Wadington