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PRACTICE TEST: Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer.

For numbers 1-10, select the letter of the pronoun which best completes each

1. Describe her parents complaints, she decided to live by ____ in Manila.

a. her c. oneself
b. herself d. himself
2. If you happen to see Adolfo this Friday, please give _______ my warmest regards.
a. her c. it
b. him d. them
3. I can never understand _________ when Rita speaks Spanish with __________.
a. her, me c. her, them
b. him, me d. him, her
4. Cheaters should be ashamed of ______________.
a. himself c. themselves
b. him d. them
5. Nene was worried about the children, so she told _______ husband not to accept
the job.
a. his c. their
b. her d. my
6. Anna and I met a friend of __________ at Robinsons yesterday.
a. ours c. ourselves
b. us d. them
7. I cant find _______ ballpen. Can I use ______, Tristan?
a. my, yours c. your, yours
b. mine, your d. yours, mine
8. I, hurt ________ when I was slicing the onions.
a. me c. you
b. myself d. my
9. The condominium is too expensive for _______. You know we cant pay such a high
monthly rent.
a. us c. them
b. we d. we
10. Each plan has ________ merits.
a. it c. its
b. its d. their

For numbers 11-15. Select the most appropriate word to complete each sentence.

11. Igors nipa hut was destroyed _________by typhoon Peping.

a. altogether c. altogether
b. all together d. at all
12. The battered wife is seeking _________separation from her husband.
a. judiciary c. judicious
b. judicial d. jusrisdical
13. The ________ of the story is not to count your eggs until they are hatched.
a. moral c. moralism
b. morale d. morality
14. the ancient people made a __________ that the end of the world is near.
a. prophecy c. prophet
b. prophesy d. prophetic
15. ________ wiring is the cause of the sudden blackout.
a. Lose c. Losing
b. Lost d. Loose

For numbers 16-20, select the word which means the SAME as the underlined word
in each sentence.

16. Your findings are impertinent to the results of this investigation.

a. malicious c. important
b. violent d. irrelevant
17. Several elements must be transmuted to see the real implications of this event.
a. surpassed c. changed
b. estimated d. summed
18. You should be ashamed of yourself for having such carnal desires.
a. spiritual c. worldly
b. bold d. guilty
19. The president showed great aplomb while dealing with the reporters.
a. agitation c. composure
b. nervousness d. perturbation
20. Thank you for your candor, Mr. Secretary.
a. honesty c. shyness
b. frankness d. courage

For numbers 21-30, select the most appropriate form of the verb to complete the
sentence. Be guided by rules for subject-verb agreement.

21. The price of these sneakers __________ reasonable.

a. is c. seem
b. are d. arent
22. Bread and butter _________ our daily food.
a. is c. were
b. are d. am
23. The famous singer and composer __________ arrived.
a. have c. will
b. has d. is
24. Collecting stamps _______ one of his favourite pastime.
a. are c. has
b. were d. is
25. Neither his father nor his sisters ______ mahjong.
a. play c. are play
b. plays d. are plays
26. Neither parent ______ fond of playing cards.
a. is c. am
b. was d. were
27. Some of my friends _______ here.
a. are c. will
b. was d. am
28. Many a man _______ to be rich and famous.
a. desire c. is desiring
b. desires d. desiring
29. The pair of scissors _______ on the table.
a. was left c. was leaving
b. were left d. is leaving
30. Mathematics ____________ the most difficult subject in the board exam.
a. remain c. remaining
b. remains d. has remains

For number 31 35, select the best preposition to complete each sentences.

31. Joan lives ________ Santillan Road.

a. in c. at
b. on d. to
32. Maggie will be ready to leave _______ about thirty minutes.
a. in c. on
b. at d. where
33. Since he met his new girlfriend, Mico never seems to be _______ home.
a. on c. in
b. at d. towards
34. Jeremy responded to his mothers demands __________ throwing a tantrum.
a. with c. from
b. by d. through
35. I think Carmen spent the entire afternoon _______ the phone.
a. on c. at
b. in d. with

For number 36 40, choose the letter of the correct answer.

36. The nearest post office is on _____________.

a. Twenty-second street c. Twenty Second Street
b. Twenty second street d. Twenty-second Street
37. Have you ever been to my _______________________?
a. brothers-in-laws repair shop, Guss Garage
b. brother-in-laws repair shop, Gus Garage
c. brothers-in-law repair shop, Gus Garage
d. brother-in-laws repair shop, Guss Garage
38. Please read the chapter ___________________.
a. Filing your Income Tax Returns.
b. Filing Your Income Tax Returns.
c. Filing you Income Tax Returns.
d. Filing Your Income Tax Returns