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Contact: Mandy Osborne, Director of Community Outreach &
Phone: (440) 951-6122, Extension 103


On February 14, 2017, members of Lake Humane Society (LHS) were surprised to find
that a civil lawsuit was filed against its board members and employees, both
professionally and personally. The lawsuit concerns the seizure of 161 cats from the
facility known as Carolines Kids and the voluntary surrender of a dog named
Chase as part of a different matter.

There are currently criminal animal cruelty charges pending in the Painesville
Municipal Court against 4 defendants related to the Carolines Kids seizure. In
addition to the lawsuit, the attorney representing the defendants in these cases
published a malicious press release containing false, defamatory statements about
those named in the lawsuit and other respected area animal welfare organizations
across the State. This statement and lawsuit appear to be intended to derail the
pending animal cruelty charges.

"Caroline's Kid's and its attorney are attempting to deny justice for the 161 cats that
were voluntarily surrendered to Lake Humane Society by Caroline's Kids. Lake Humane
Society will act as the voice for these animals and the case will be heard. All suffering
animals deserve humane care. It is our duty as a Humane Society to provide a
Humane Agent to enforce the law, and to provide the intensive medical care needed
for these fragile animals." - Lee Nesler, Executive Director, Lake Humane Society

LHS has worked tirelessly to ensure justice for the cats involved with this case. The
cost of care for the cats has already exceeded $64,000. The conditions the
cats suffered from at the time of seizure include untreated chronic upper respiratory
infection, ringworm, c. diff, ear mites, dehydration, and injuries and lacerations.
Several cats contracted feline leukemia (FeLV) and/or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
(FIV) as a result of lack of quarantine at the facility. Many of the cats suffered from
painful dental disease which prevented the cats from eating, causing rapid weight loss
and anorexia.

At one point in the lawsuit it is alleged that a dog named Chase was murdered by
LHS. In fact, Chase is alive and well and is looking for an adoptive home at LHS. LHS is
dedicated to finding every healthy, happy animal a permanent adoptive home and has
done so successfully for over 90% of its population in 2016.
Any claim that LHS pursued this case, or any case for financial gain is false. LHS is
committed to ensuring justice for animals that suffer due to neglect and cruelty and
has acted in this capacity since 1937. LHS will seek legal representation to protect its
good name and ensure continuing justice for all animals in Lake County. Ultimately, a
judge will decide whether these defendants are guilty of animal cruelty, but neither
LHS, nor the prosecutor, will be intimidated by these tactics.

We deeply appreciate the unwavering support we have received from our community.