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2-Day Conference, Exhibition & Networking Forum

Big Data Analytics to support the Smart Grid

Predictive Analytics for Dynamic Grid Performance
Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th April 2016 | Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands

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Utility Case Studies from:

Hear Implementation Insights on: Jeff Montagne
Chief Data Governance Officer
Robin Hagemans
Manager Analytics, Innovations
& Livinglabs
Nejc Petrovi
Technical Researcher
Elektro Gorenjska
Jose Manuel Corera Sanchez Slawomir Noske
99 Business Case establishing the cost-benefit analysis, Head of Control Systems
Stefan Lanz
Data Scientist
Senior Smart Grid Engineer
determining the organisational structures and workforce BKW
Lars Garpetun Ruben Verweij
development requirements, gaining stakeholder buy-in and R&D Programme Manager, Pedro Ferreira Risk Analyst Electricity
Smart Grid Projects Manager, Smarter Grids
investment, and driving your analytics vision from strategy Vattenfall Distribution Nordic EDP Inovao

to implementation Frits Raas Arjen Jongepier

Rob Cloosen
Specialist Asset
Asset Manager Project Manager Sustainability Management
99 Utility Analytics Use Cases applying predictive analytics Enduris & Long Term Developments Stedin
to a variety of use cases including asset management, grid Martijn van Huijkelom John R. Baranowski
planning and investment, grid operation and maintenance Innovator
Kaspar Kaarlep Senior Consultant, EMS and
Head of Digital Network Model Management
Stefan Pantea Technology Elektrilevi O PJM Interconnection
99 Effective Data Handling identifying and prioritising Interoperability and Systems
Engineering Expert
the most useful data feeds to invest in from smart meters, National Grid
substations, historian, social media, and published sources
for a variety of use cases Expert Advice from:
Bas Kruimer Henk Bijl Jon Longstaff
99 Advanced Data Management - developing a data Senior Manager, Smart Grid Managing Director Head of Cyber Security EMEA
governance framework to ensure quality sourcing, storing, Services Accenture OMNETRIC Group
integration and analysis of static and real-time, structured Theo Borst Jeroen Fidder
Per Myrseth Senior Consultant Smart Grid Management
and unstructured, high volume and complex data sets to Chief Specialist Information DNV GL Consultant
maximise accuracy and speed up decision making Risk Management
DNV GL Ivo Kuijlaars

99 Tools & Technologies benchmarking the latest DNV GL

open-source and customised analytics platforms and Technology Innovations from:

visualisation tools and selecting the most integration ready, Prof Antonello Monti Matthias Stifter Michael Probst
high functionality, and future-proofed option for your grid Director of the Institute for Scientist, Energy Department Director of Utilities
Automation of Complex Power Austrian Institute of SAS Institute
scenario Systems Technology
E.ON Energy Research Centre, Franz Winterauer
99 CIM Protocol understanding the essential building blocks RWTH Aachen University Jean-Louis Coullon Head of Energy Insight
Business, EMEA
Asset Performance
of the CIM standard and identifying the optimal way to Bastian Fischer Management Director OMNETRIC Group
CEO GE Grid Solutions
implement it within your infrastructure Locamation

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Would you like the opportunity to raise your brand profile, demonstrate your
As smart meter and smart grid deployments continue to products and services, and share your expertise with a highly concentrated
gain momentum, demand for big data analytics capability and influential group of utility data analytics implementation experts and
to better manage grid operations and plan network decision makers?
investment is at an all-time high. Our adjoining exhibition area provides the perfect platform for you to do this
and more! Capped at 10 stands we ensure a focused and relevant display
But securing adequate internal investment, building an of the latest data analytics tools and technologies for our audience and
analytics organisation that transcends traditional silos, maximum visibility for each exhibitor.
selecting and implementing the right analytics platform, and
effectively managing the large volumes of complex and To find out more about the various sponsorship and exhibition opportunities:
unstructured data flooding the network to provide real-time,
predictive and highly actionable intelligence to the wider
Call: +44 (0)20 8349 6360
organisation, is not without its challenges! Email:
Grid Analytics Europe 2016 draws together 120+ Data
Science and Domain experts for a review of the most
innovative analytics implementations within the European
smart utility environment. Over 2 intensive days you will hear
directly from 12+ utility analytics front runners, gain important
new insights into their implementation experiences, and a
sneak preview of their management approved roadmaps.
Programme benefits include:
99 Case-Study Agenda hearing from technical experts and
decision makers on the lessons learnt from pilot projects and
large scale implementations of grid analytics infrastructures
99 Utility Heavy Speaker Line-Up selected on the strength
of the projects they are involved in, their pivotal roles in
Silver Sponsors
Locamation is a leading global provider of
implementation decision making, and their insights into innovative smart grid enabling substation
lessons learnt and future roadmaps automation technology. The company offers
power network operators a simple, flexible and
99 Roundtable Discussions the opportunity to deep dive easy to upgrade solution that allow high, medium and low voltage networks to
into a specific theme arising from the days presentations become intelligent. The companys SASensor solutions are installed in hundreds
and benefit from the views and insights of the entire utility of substations worldwide. The SASensor solution replaces thousands of installed
analytics eco-system devices with five hardware components only. Thanks to Locamation, installations
become smarter, with easy upgradeable open platform software that unlocks
99 CIM Workshop a 2-hour tutorial providing clarity on real time key data about grid operation, network capability and efficiency.
the fundamentals of the CIM standard, delving into its Locamation is headquartered in The Netherlands and operates internationally
with local representation as well as sales and distribution partners.
practical implementation in TSO and DSO environments,
and providing hands-on experience of CIM tools
99 Solution Zone running alongside the conference, the OMNETRIC Group helps utilities to explore and
solution zone provides a focused display of state of the integrate data, and implement and operate
analytics solutions to help them better plan,
art analytics tools, technologies and services, with experts design, construct, extend, operate, and maintain
on hand to discuss your specific challenges and provide transmission and distribution (T&D) assets and networks. Our solution architecture
tailored advice to help propel your implementation plans includes a utilities Smart Grid Logical Data Model that leverages IT/OT outputs,
to the next level integrates and applies them to deliver tangible benefits in areas such as
revenue protection, transformer maintenance and load management, substation
99 Live Demo Labs a 1:1 private demonstration, providing equipment management, T&D asset management, outage management, system
you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of modeling, power quality optimization, advanced distribution management,
demand response and management, security management, micro grids, and
the most advanced and forward looking analytics tools real-time network operations. In conjunction with OMNETRIC Groups other
and technologies on the market four service offerings - Smart Markets, Grid Operations, Strategic Advisory and
Business Transformation, Architecture, Integration and Technology - Energy Insight
99 Networking Canal Cruise taking place on the evening
presents a comprehensive integrated offering to support clients in the energy
of conference day one, this networking event is open to sector with innovative solutions for a smarter grid.
all conference participants, and provides the opportunity
to relax and unwind, meet with colleagues from across the Live Demo Lab Sponsor
utility analytics community, allow new ideas to cement and
CoSMo is a software company offering
new partnership opportunities to emerge revolutionary modeling and simulation
solutions to help industries operate their digital
We look forward to welcoming you to the event in April 2016. transformation by better understanding their
systems and leveraging their data. Industries
Kind Regards, are facing increasingly complex systems, where
everything is interconnected. CoSMo has developed the worlds first systemic
solution allowing to build game changing applications to better understand,
Mandana White design, and manage critical systems. Global leaders such as Total, EDF, GE,
Veolia, RTE, SNCF or Sanofi Pasteur already rely on CoSMos solutions to operate
Director | Phoenix Forums their digital transformation and optimize their operational performance, in the
fields of energy, urban systems and life sciences.
Conference Day One: Tuesday 5th April 2016
08:30 Registration and coffee 13:00 Lunch and exhibits
09:20 Opening address from the chair 14:00 Grid Management gaining an accurate overview of the grid to proactively
Bas Kruimer, Senior Manager, Smart Grid Services, Accenture manage power quality, voltage fluctuations and prepare for unplanned
09:30 Grid Analytics Business Case developing a cost-benefit analysis to establish
Establishing an agile analytics system architecture that effectively supports the
a clear vision, strategy and implementation plan to maximise the return on
needs of control centre staff whilst being flexible enough to develop in line
grid analytics investment
with additional use cases
Prioritising the grid analytics use-cases that are likely to provide the most rapid
Developing an intuitive user interface to ensure speed of analysis, ease of
return on utility investment
decisions making and action, and speedy take up of analytics services across
Evaluating the benefits of distributed vs centralised organisational structures
the organisation
to support immediate and long term data analytics activities for a range of
Identifying and prioritising the data sources that will provide the most
valuable intelligence for grid management
Developing the internal skill sets required to efficiently gather, manage, analyse
Making best use of historical grid data and developing meaningful patterns
and report data with speed and accuracy
that inform grid management decisions with accuracy
Establishing a data governance framework to ensure consistency of data
Overcoming the challenges of utilising near real-time data accessed over PLC networks
Validating analytic processes and decisions to maximise accuracy and optimise costs
Assessing the latest analytics platforms on the market and identifying the most
Implementing an access control approach that strikes the balance between
cost-effective and future proofed option for your grid scenario
security and functionality
Determining the timelines for return on investment
Planning for future needs as data volumes and complexity increases
Henk Bijl, Managing Director, Accenture
Kaspar Kaarlep, Head of Digital Network Technology, Elektrilevi O
10:00 Energy Transition leveraging predictive analytics to manage risk, reduce costs
14:30 Smart Meter Analytics managing the influx of high volume real-time
and optimise grid performance in the energy transition
data from Smart Meters and identifying innovative analytics use cases to
Understanding the potential impact of electric vehicles, renewable energies,
maximise return on investment
and distributed generation on network development and investment
Evaluating the opportunities presented by the surge of data generated from
smart meters
Identifying the internal and external sources of data to draw on to accurately
Identifying appropriate systems and architectures to effectively store,
predict future investment levels
manage and analyse big data for a variety of use-cases such as: outage
Pooling and analysing a wide range of data to maximise decision accuracy
management, power quality, maintenance, customer support
and minimise risk
Achieving an integrated system architecture that effectively extends the
Interworking engineering teams with other internal groups and external parties
SCADA and Smart Meter systems
such as municipalities
Developing user friendly interfaces to support maximum grid visibility, ease of
Determining the analytics system functionalities required to minimise decision
decision making, and timely action
making time, maximise decision accuracy, and ensure effective communication
Building in effective IT security measures to protect customer privacy
for a range of stakeholders
Evaluating the next generation analytics functionalities
Rob Cloosen, Specialist Asset Management, Stedin
Lars Garpetun, R&D Programme Manager, Smart Grid Projects, Vattenfall
Ruben Verweij, Risk Analyst Electricity, Stedin
Distribution Nordic
10:30 Organisational Structures establishing a multi-disciplinary analytics Jose Manuel Corera Sanchez, Head of Control Systems, Iberdrola
workforce to support the rapid rise in analytics demand in the migration to
the smart grid (Each speaker will give a 25 minute presentation independently, and there will be
Evaluating the benefits of a centralised vs distributed data analytics department 10 minutes for Q&A at the end)
to support a variety of use-cases across the organisation 15:30 Substation Analytics identifying a cost-effective data management
Determining the skill sets required of an advanced data analytics function and and analytics strategy as the automation of secondary substations gains
developing an internal training programme to continuously upskill the team momentum
Working effectively with 3rd parties to plug internal skills gaps as your internal Identifying all sources of substation data that can be extracted and analysed
analytics capability builds to optimise grid performance both on a delayed and real-time basis
Establishing a robust analytics governance framework and breaking down Applying substation data analytics to improve demand side management
internal silos to support this Evaluating the potential of substation data analytics for a variety of grid
Placing actionable intelligence at the heart of your analytics organisations performance use cases such as peak load shaving
output Building data models and algorithms that provide consistent results in an
Robin Hagemans, Manager Analytics, Innovations & Livinglabs, Alliander efficient manner
11:00 Morning refreshments and exhibits Utilising legacy systems and integrating effectively with the analytics platform
Stefan Lanz, Data Scientist, BKW
11:30 IT Architectures building a robust, real-time, scalable and cost-effective
16:00 Afternoon refreshments and exhibits
analytics system architecture that leverages legacy systems and provides
decision support at all levels of the grid 16:30 Cyber-Secure Analytics identifying and overcoming the security
Evaluating the benefits of service oriented IT architecture (SOA) to support vulnerabilities of next generation grid analytics infrastructures that integrate
current and future grid analytics multiple systems and data sources
Development of CIM based SOA messaging to enable access to EMS Updating on the latest regulation regarding consumer data privacy and
information and integrate legacy systems understanding the implications of this for grid analytics infrastructures and
Implementing an enterprise service bus (ESB) for integration of multiple systems strategies
and data sources while ensuring high levels of security and privacy Planning, managing and communicating data policies and rigorous processes
Enabling a fully redundant mission critical systems while ensuring consistent for client data protection
data for downstream systems Implementing measures to combat the security vulnerabilities introduced by
Use case example of adding Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) information system integration
using SOA Balancing the need for security with the need for ease of data access
John R. Baranowski, Senior Consultant, EMS and Model Management, PJM Jon Longstaff, Head of Cyber Security EMEA, OMNETRIC Group
12:00 Asset Management developing an analytics model for real-time condition 17:00 Roundtable Discussions during this
monitoring and predictive maintenance to maximise asset life-cycles and 90 minute session the audience will split
minimise long term asset investment into several smaller working groups, each
Quantifying the benefits of data analytics for asset investment planning, focused on a specific theme arising from
network design, procurement, installation and commissioning, operation and the days presentations. This is the ideal
maintenance, decommissioning and disposal opportunity to bring your specific grid
Developing an analytics platform that integrates legacy systems, multiple data analytics challenges to the table and
flows in high volumes, and structured and unstructured data with ease brainstorm possible solutions with the entire
Correlating multiple data streams including live condition data, historical data, grid analytics ecosystem. At the end of
and weather feeds to maximise accuracy the session each working group will feed
Building rules to trigger automatic work order and optimise the maintenance process back a summary of their discussions and
Martijn van Huijkelom, Innovator, Enexis recommendations to the wider audience.

12:30 Grid Planning utilising multiple data sources to develop an accurate model 19:00 Networking Canal Cruise take
and support future grid planning and investment activity this opportunity to relax and
Understanding the impact of non-DSO activities (traffic, building, pollution) unwind with colleagues from
on pipeline integrity and environmental safety across the European grid analytics
Identifying the internal and external data sources that will best inform short ecosystem. The perfect way to
and long term planning requirements round off an intensive day of
Working with the imperfections and uncertainty of external data sources presentations, panel sessions and
through effective risk management break out discussions.
Leveraging data analytics to optimise network investments
Arjen Jongepier, Project Manager, Sustainability & Long Term Developments,
Enduris 20:30 End of conference day one
Frits Raas, Asset Manager, Enduris
Conference Day Two: Wednesday 6th April 2016
08:30 Registration and refreshments 14:30 Real-time Data Analytics - establishing the infrastructure and
processes necessary to support real-time event processing in MV
09:20 Opening address from the chair
and LV networks
Jeroen Fidder, Smart Grid Management Consultant, Accenture
Prioritising the key use-cases that will drive investment in real-time
09:30 Data Quality & Integrity building data models and governance analytics
procedures to ensure consistency of data quality for historical and Identifying the complete range of internal data that can be leveraged
live, internal and external data feeds for real-time analytics
Identifying the data quality challenges associated with a range of data Evaluating how best to connect with external sources of data and
sources from across the network; weather, geo, time-series, manual data integrate those with your real-time analytics system
Dealing with historical data that is presented in an unstructured manner Identifying the most critical functionalities and determining whether to
Determining the most cost-efficient and effective methods of data build or buy the platforms and systems to support real-time analytics
cleaning within required timescales Achieving effective integration of the real-time system with other
Creating standardised data models and upskilling teams to minimise internal systems
human error and ensure consistently high quality data Building in effective visualisation capability to suit the needs of both
Implementing a continuous improvement programme to ensure the data and domain teams
data entering the system can be fully trusted for decision making Pedro Ferreira, Manager, Smarter Grids, EDP Inovao
Jeff Montagne, Chief Data Governance Officer, ERDF
15:00 Afternoon refreshments and exhibits
10:00 Data Integration & Interoperability building a cost-effective
15:30 CIM Tutorial: Fundamentals of CIM for big data integration and
foundation for the seamless integration of multiple data sources
to maximise the accuracy and minimise the time required to turn
The Common Information Model (CIM) is an abstract information model
analysis into action
that provides data understanding through the identification of the
Examining the challenges of integrating multiple data sources including
relationships and associations of the data within a utility enterprise. This
historical, real-time and manual data from across the network
enhanced data understanding supports the exchange of data models
Determining the optimal use of CIM to achieve seamless data
and messages and increases the ability to integrate applications both
integration of structured and unstructured data
within the enterprise and with trading partners. These trends go beyond
Establishing the hardware and software requirements to build a
exchange or updates of network models to the exchange of specific
flexible system architecture that can adapt in line with smart grid
dynamic data within transactional messages in a real-time environment.
infrastructure development
The CIM companion standards provide extensions and specifications
Implementing a communication infrastructure that will protect the
that, when used in conjunction with the CIM models, provide a
security and privacy of high volumes of data transfers
framework for the exchange of static models, transactional messages
Managing the interfaces between new analytics platforms and legacy systems
and full enterprise integration. (Source: CIMug)
Maintaining data integration and interoperability in the migration from
pilot project to large-scale deployment This 2-hour interactive tutorial will provide a step-by-step guide to the
Slawomir Noske, Senior Smart Grid Engineer, ENERGA-OPERATOR essential building blocks of the CIM standard, clarify how it can be
applied in TSO and DSO environments, and interworked with IEC 61850
10:30 Data Correlation effectively combining grid data with public data to support the seamless integration of multiple data sources and systems.
and social media data to maximise forecasting accuracy A series of presentations will be followed by a practical group exercise to
Identifying the optimal mix of data sources to correlate and determining bring the CIM protocol fully to life.
how best to utilise unstructured and complex data sources Tutorial Leaders:
Evaluating the latest tools available for data correlation and identifying
Stefan Pantea, Interoperability and Systems Engineering Expert,
the best ways to integrate these with existing infrastructure
National Grid
Leveraging advanced visualisation techniques to bring new
intelligence to life and support action immediacy Nejc Petrovi, Technical Researcher, Elektro Gorenjska
Building up the appropriate analytics skillsets of domain experts and Ivo Kuijlaars, Consultant, DNV GL
creating a path for effective interworking of data and domain teams 17:30 End of conference day two
Theo Borst, Senior Consultant, DNV GL
Per Myrseth, Chief Specialist, Information Risk Management, DNV GL
11:00 Morning refreshments and exhibits
11:30 Analytics Technology Innovation Panel learning from the
application of advanced and open-source analytics technologies
and tools in the large-scale implementation of utility grid analytics
Who Should Attend?
Evaluating the range of advanced and open-source technologies and tools
on the market
Assessing the most suitable technologies for smart utility environments Directors, Managers, Heads, and Experts in:
Understanding the progress being made towards standardisation of
technologies and tools
Determining the need for converged data storage and management systems Data Science Substations
Bastian Fischer, CEO, Locamation
Franz Winterauer, Head of Energy Insight Business, EMEA, OMNETRIC Group Smart Grid Smart Meters
Michael Probst, Director of Utilities, SAS Institute
Jean-Louis Coullon, Asset Performance Management Director - GE Grid Control Centre Cyber-Security
Prof Antonello Monti, Director of the Institute for Automation of Complex
Power Systems, E.ON Energy Research Centre, RWTH Aachen University
13:00 Lunch and refreshments
Testimonial from Grid Analytics Europe 2013:
14:00 Data Visualisation and Exploration turning high volumes of
complex, varied, real-time data into user friendly visuals for
advanced decision support and rapid action
I found it really useful to see that the issues
Establishing the optimal analytics and visualisation methodologies to faced across Europe are similar to those facing
support grid planning and operation for a single network as well as
multiple networks for comparison
my own company. There are some really useful
Achieving speed of visualisation when dealing with unstructured data sets ideas that I can take back.
from multiple sources across the grid
Jenny Woodruff, Innovation and Low Carbon Engineer, Future
Optimising visualisation interactivity to ensure data can be fully explored
and anomalies identified effectively Networks Team
Ensuring effective interworking of data science and grid engineering Western Power Distribution
colleagues to maximise exploration effectiveness
Improving the visualisation tool to ensure its robustness for additional
applications and key performance indicators
Reviewing the range of visualisation tools and open-source libraries on
the market and how they can be adapted for grid analytics
Matthias Stifter, Scientist, Energy Department, Austrian Institute of Technology Copyright Phoenix Forums Ltd 2016
Speaker Biographies
(in order of appearance)

Bas Kruimer participated as senior member of the Taskforce Energytransition deployment related projects in Elektrilevi. Currently Head of
Senior Manager, Smart Grid in the development of Allianders Smart Grid Strategy & Roadmap. Network Technology Department in Elektrilevi, he and his
Services team are responsible for maintaining and developing all
Accenture John R. Baranowski digital systems used for asset management. This includes
Bas Kruimer is a Senior Manager Senior Consultant, EMS and Model substation automation, telecommunications, SCADA, DMS,
at Accenture Smart Grid Services Management network information systems, analytics platforms, cyber
and Intelligent Grid Operations PJM Interconnection security and Smart Grid architecture problems. For the
Domain in the European Utility John R. Baranowski, P.E. is a Senior past year, he has been leading a project for enabling
Markets. Bas is a graduated Consultant for EMS and Model advanced analytics in grid operations and beyond.
Power Engineer from Delft University of Technology in The Management in the PJM Operations
Netherlands and has 27 years of international experience in Support division with over 30 years Lars Garpetun
the energy and electrical utility sector in different commercial of power system experience. R&D Programme Manager, Smart
and marketing roles, in product and business development He earned BSEE and MSEE degrees from Drexel University in Grid Projects
and general management. He earlier worked at ABB Network Philadelphia, PA. and is pursuing a Masters certificate in Cyber Vattenfall Distribution Nordic
Control & Protection, ABB Industrial Automation, KEMA T&D Security at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester. MA. His
Consulting, KEMA Quality, Utility Service Provider Eneco/ Lars has a degree in M.Sc.
previous experience at PJM includes SCADA, AGC (generation), Electrical Engineering and
Joulz and Quanta Technology in T&D Consulting. Bas is a transmission network analysis and modelling support. He assisted
recognized expert in substation automation, network control/ has been working in different
in the design, development, integration and testing of the PJM parts and positions in the
SCADA, protection and IEC 61850. In recent years his focus Energy Management System (EMS). Prior to joining PJM, Mr.
has been on Situational Awareness and Phasor-Measure- Vattenfall organisation. He
Baranowski was employed by PECO Energy in Philadelphia for has a very broad background and experiences from the
ment Strategy and Applications Road Mapping, while also 17 years in assignments including System Planning, Transmission
addressing Asset Management and Big Data Handling, Grid transmission and distribution area. Between 2002 and 2008
System Operations (as a system operator), and Information engagement in Vattenfall AMR-project, responsible for system
Analytics, Smart Metering Programme Management, System Technology. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the
Resilience and (Cyber) Security. developments and later on AMM development. In recent
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. times responsible for developments of Low Voltage Grid
Henk Bijl Monitoring system based on the Smart metering infrastructure.
Martijn van Huijkelom Lars has today achieved a very broad experience
Senior Manager Innovator
Accenture and deep knowledge in the area of Smart Metering.
Henk Bijl is an Accenture After completing his electrical Jose Manuel Corera Sanchez
Senior Manager dedicated engineering studies, Martijn Head of Control Systems
to the Operating Group worked since 2009 at Enexis. A Iberdrola
Resources with 11+ years Dutch independent DSO. The last
utility experience in the Grid Electrical engineer from Bilbao
three years he worked on different Superior Engineering School
Operator and Energy Supply & innovation projects from the
Sales area. Henk is leading the Asset Management offering and MSc from Cranfield Institute
department Asset Management Innovation. From his position as of Technology, UK. MBA from
for Accenture Smart Grid Services (ASGS) in EALA and an Innovator, he was the project manager of several major smart
is responsible for the ASGS practice in The Netherlands. Euroforum Escorial, Spain. After
grid projects Your Energy Moment ( working in automation firm
Henks areas of expertise include Asset Management and Together Smart with Energy. In addition, Martijn is also active
(PAS55, ISO55000, Asset portfolio planning, Investment Robotiker joined Iberdrola in 1989. He is now responsible for
in grid innovation projects, such as the implementation of Smart the Control Systems Department in Iberdrola Distribution, with
management, organization blueprint & transformation, EAM); Cable Guard. The goals of the innovation department of Enexis are:
Business Intelligence, data management & analytics; Asset the responsibilities for control systems, metering systems and
Facilitate the energy transition; Improving the state determination of cyber security. He also coordinates the integration activity for
innovation (Energy saving, HEMS, digitization); Operational our assets; Productivity improvement by applying new techniques..
excellence transformation; and Capital projects for Utilities. control systems in Iberdrola networks (international). He has
been responsible for Iberdrola for several R&D collaborative
Arjen Jongepier National and European projects, and among others acting as
Rob Cloosen Project Manager, Sustainability &
Specialist Asset Management coordinator of FP6 project FENIX. He is involved in CIGRE, CIRED
Long Term Developments Enduris and IEC Conferences win tasks related to network management.
Arjen Jongepier has more than 25 Stefan Lanz
Rob graduated in Aerospace
years experience in the energy Data Scientist
Engineering and Sustainable
utility industry. He holds an M.Sc. BKW
Energy Technology at Delft
and a Ph.D degree power system
University of Technology Stefan Lanz is a Data Scientist
engineering, with an emphasis on
(Netherlands). Since 2013 he in the Smart Grid Engineering
the technical and financial optimization of the energy chain. This
has been working with the Dutch distributed system operator division of BKW, the largest
chain is a close cooperation between production from various
Stedin. Robs activities involve strategic studies regarding long distribution grid operator in
sources, via robust and safe transmission and balancing systems, to
term (financial) implications of renewables implementation Switzerland. After several years
consumers of energy, great and small. As a system innovator, Arjen
on the electricity grid as well as developing instruments as a researcher in theoretical
is very interested in opportunities to improve the optimization by
aimed at optimizing local energy infrastructure from a particle physics, he has switched into the energy sector as a
new cooperation schemes with customers and stakeholders, while
societal cost point of view. Rob receives personal satisfaction load forecast expert in energy trading. More recently he has
maintaining the societal KPIs sustainable, reliable and affordable.
from stimulating and facilitating the energy transition. focused on the development of algorithms and software that
Frits Raas allow distribution grid operators to understand and actively
Ruben Verweij optimise flexible loads in their grid.
Asset Manager
Risk Analyst Electricity
Stedin Jon Longstaff
Frits Raas has started working in
Ruben Verweij is a graduate of Head of Cyber Security EMEA
the business of utilities in 2007.
Delft University of Technology OMNETRIC Group
He holds a BSc in Mechanical
and working as a Risk Analyst
Engineering and an MSc in Business Jon leads the OMNETRIC Cyber
Asset Management at Stedin
Administration, with a specialization Security Practice where he
Netbeheer B.V. Stedin is a DSO
in Innovation Management. In 2008/ works with energy operators
in the Netherlands serving 2
2009 Frits was involved in the development of the Dutch standard to improve their resilience to
million clients. Ruben is working between the interface of
NTA 8120 Asset Management - Requirements for a safety, quality digital threats. He has been
electrical energy technology, statistical computing and data
and capacity management system for electricity and gas network working in the IT industry for
science. The higher goal is to predict and monitor electrical
operations. The purpose of the NTA was to formulate general over twenty years as a developer, architect, consultant and
network risks. Recent work is a low voltage capacity model
specifications for optimal control of the (external) safety, quality and manager. His experience includes a range of industries such
predicting the impact of various energy scenarios on all
capacity of electricity and gas network operation. Other areas of as retail, logistics, e-commerce, government and energy, with
cables and distribution transformers within Stedin area.
expertise are Policy Development, Risk & Safety Management and the security of those solutions as a consistent thread. As a
Asset Lifecycle Management (effecting a business in which the part of the global team working on cyber security for the past
Robin Hagemans
amount of value created is improved by effectively balancing costs, few years both at Siemens and OMNETRIC Group, Jon has
Manager Analytics, Innovations
risks and operational performance throughout the life cycle of the been developing strategies to help energy operators deliver
& Livinglabs
infrastructure). smart grid technologies, whilst minimising their risk from cyber-
attack. The challenge of delivering innovation in the energy
Robin Hagemans MSc is working Kaspar Kaarlep industry whilst ensuring the security of the solution, is constantly
as IT R&D Manager at Alliander Head of Digital Network evolving. Making a difference to how operators understand
(holding company of Liander) Technology and mitigate these cyber risks is what motivates my team.
and member of the management Elektrilevi O
team for Digital Grids. He studied
Kaspar holds an MSc in
Process Engineering and Business Science in the Netherlands
Engineering Physics and has a
and is the executive of the Advance Analytics Innovation
background in biorobotics. For
program for translating complex grid related analytics into
the past 6 years has worked
robust and scalable IT solutions. Robin has a background
with a range of Smart Grid
in Technical Automation & Statistical Engineering and
Speaker Biographies
(in order of appearance)

Jeroen Fidder Bastian Fischer Pedro Ferreira

Smart Grid Management CEO Manager, Smarter Grids
Consultant Locamation EDP Inovao
Accenture Bastian has held over the past
20 years a number of executive Pedro Ferreira graduated in
Jeroen Fidder is a Manager at management positions in Europe, Physics Engineering and has
Accenture Smart Grid Services USA and Asia with leading IT-, been working in EDP for the last
and Intelligent Grid Operations grid and customer management 10 years. He started to work in
Domain in the European Utility vendors. He is currently CEO EDP labs (LABELEC) and moved
Markets. Jeroen is a graduated of Locamation, the leading to EDP Inovao five years ago.
Economist from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands provider of digital substation platform products for utilities. During this time developed studies in several subjects related
and has 10 years of international experience in the electricity, Prior to Locamation, Bastian was Vice President and General clean energy sources. Over the last two years has been
gas, and downstream oil sector in different advisory and project Manager of ORACLE Utilities responsible for establishing the developing the Smarter Grids area within EDP Inovao.
delivery roles. Jeroens passion is driving value creation in core Utility industry business unit in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The work has been focused on providing real time analytical
TSO and DSO operational processes. These include gas- and During that time, he conducted the post-merger integration of capabilities to the DSO, and the development of a big data
electricity transmission and distribution, incident management, two companies and supported the acquisition of a Utility Big- and analytics infrastructure. Current projects are focused
and maintenance planning and execution. In recent years Data company. Previously Bastian was seconded to the USA in Streaming Data, Disaggregated Load and Generation
his focus has been on improving operational performance at and Japan to conduct the expansion and internationalization Forecast and Situational Awareness.
TSOs, where he supports the identification and implementation of SAP Utilities in the Americas and Asia. Bastian earned a BS Stefan Pantea
of processes and solutions that make operations safer, more degree of Applied computer science and post-graduation in Interoperability and Systems
effective, and efficient. Key enablers for these improvements Business Administration in Germany. Engineering Expert
were ADMS, simulation, and advanced analytics solutions. National Grid
Franz Winterauer
Jeff Montagne Head of Energy Insight Business, Stefan M. Pantea is an Operational
Chief Data Governance Officer EMEA Tools Specialist within the Data
OMNETRIC Group and Modelling Team in the
ERDF National Grid System Operator,
Franz Winterauer is OMNETRIC
Jeff has 18 years experience Groups Head of Energy Insight U.K. He is assigned to working on
in IT systems and in Controlling. business in Europe, the Middle the IEC Common Model Information for network operational
He started his career in 1998 East and Africa - crunching systems. He has 10 years of international SCADA experience
as an R&D engineer in EDF different sources of utility data, in Substation Supervisory Control Systems (SCS), Distribution
Group Labs and worked on addressing wind power forecasts, Management (DMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS).
setting up telecommunication asset reliability, consumer behavior and more. Franz holds a His area of interest is information models management.
and exchanges platforms for the French TSO. He then Masters degree in Physics from the University of Technology Mr Pantea has been a member of the IET since 2015.
contributed modernizing security and architecture policies in Vienna, and has been working in the industry for 15 years.
for EDF IS Group division. He holds an MBA from ESCP I enjoy working with utilities in a collaborative and interactive Nejc Petrovi
Europe business school since 2007, and has been working way - be it in joint R&D projects or in large implementation Technical Researcher
for EDF Group controlling and for ERDF Finance division. programs - to discover the hidden value in their data. Im Elektro Gorenjska
He is now in charge of all aspects of data governance convinced, and Im sure my team will confirm, that for the next Nejc Petrovi received a B.Sc.
for ERDF: publication and protection policies, roles and ten years at least, being a statistician is THE cool job to have degree in electrical engineering
responsibilities, data management strategy and data quality. - we are truly changing the way things work! in the field of power engineering
at the University of Ljubljana,
Slawomir Noske Per Myrseth Slovenia in 2012. After graduation
Senior Smart Grid Engineer Chief Specialist, Information Risk he had been employed as an
ENERGA-OPERATOR Management engineer at a power distribution company Elektro Gorenjska,
Slawomir has been employed DNV GL Kranj. His work focuses on researching smart grids technologies
in the DSO company since Professional background is and solutions with the main focus on systems integration.
1991. He has been participated master in computer science He is also a member of a mirror technical committee TC57
in many development and from University of Oslo in (Power systems management and associated information
innovations projects. He is 96, and a mix of IT research exchange) at the Slovenian Institute for Standardization.
currently employed as a Senior and consulting experiences
Research and development Engineer in the Department of during 25 years. He designs and/or establishes electronic Ivo Kuijlaars
Innovation. It has a wide experience in the field of distribution collaboration between businesses and/or public sector Consultant
network development. He completed postgraduate MBA entities. And most projects involve R&D activities on topics like DNV GL
management studies. In 2013, he earned Ph.D. in electrical information governance, semantic technology, interoperability, Ivo Kuijlaars is consultant and
engineering from the Poznan University of Technology. His risk assessment, big data, data analytics and open data. project manager at DNV GL
research interests included diagnosis of cable lines with Energy Advisory. He graduated at
the use of the partial discharge test. Member of CIGRE Matthias Stifter the Delft University of Technology
Study Committees B2 Insulated Cables. Hi is Chairman Scientist, Energy Department in 1988 and the VU University
of Cable Group of Polish TSO and DSO Association. Austrian Institute of Technology Amsterdam in 2008. Ivo has over
Matthias Stifter received a 20 years experience with Geographic Information Systems
Theo Bors for utility companies. After software engineering and solution
Head of Section, Energy degree in Technical Cybernetics
from Vienna University of architecture he now is a project manager, enterprise architect
DNV GL and management consultant. He works on data model
Technology, Austria. From 2003
Theo is Head of Section and to 2007 he worked at the Institute architecture, asset data harmonization and the development
Senior consultant / Project of Computer Graphics and and standardisation of interfaces. He specialises in GIS-SCADA/
manager at DNV GL - Energy. Algorithms at Technical University DMS interfaces, the use of the Common Information Model
Within the section Intelligent of Vienna and at University of Technology Graz. He has (CIM) and the implementation of change in organisations.
Networks and Communication several years of experience in the industry as a professional
(INC), Theo focuses on Power in the field of software development. Since 2007 he is with
System Operation consultancy services such as SCADA AIT, Energy Department - Electric Energy Systems. His research
EMS/DMS replacement projects, Smart Metering roll-out, interests include integration of distributed generation, active
Substation automation, Energy Data Analytics and Cyber distribution networks, voltage control, low voltage networks,
security. As Head of Section, his responsibilities include P&L smart meters and standards for communication and control
management, strategy- and business development, sales, in smart electricity networks. Since 2008 he is national expert
consultancy management, product management and team and since 2013 operating agent for the IEA DSM Task 17 -
management. Theo graduated in electrical engineering and Integration of DSM, DG, RES and Energy Storages. Since 2010
computer science at Delft University of Technology and holds he is lecturer at the University of Applied Science Technikum
an MBA from Webster University. He has more than 23 years Wien for Electric Networks and Simulation of Smart Grids. He
of experience in system- and software engineering, solution has authored and co-authored more than 45 research papers.
architecture, business consultancy, product management, He received the national Smart Grids Award three times. He
project management and QA. He has a broad knowledge on is member of IEEE PES, where he is member of the task force
software-, database and telecommunication systems across a for open source software for power systems, member of IEEE
number of industries. Theo holds a PRINCE II and IPMA-C project IES Technical Committee on Smart Grids and member of
management certificate as well as an ISPMA software product Cigre Joint Study Committee C6 D2.32 on Smart Meter Data.
management certificate. He has a track record in process
analysis, theme-based business development, business- and
technical consultancy and business process optimization.
2-Day Conference, Exhibition & Networking Forum

Big Data Analytics to support the Smart Grid

Predictive Analytics for Dynamic Grid Performance
Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th April 2016 | Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands
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