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20118/A list of new arrivals in August, 2011

/Japanese-language books

/Title /Author /Publisher /Call number

(10+1) , INAX 2003 097.021/9/2002/R

Wa : :
: Paris, Budapest, Essen, Warsaw, Saint-Etienne,
2011 097.5/47
Seoul and Tokyo :

2010 2011 221.003/Ni53/R

: , , 2011 361.5/Ko12(2)

: , , 2011 361.5/Ko125

, 2011 709.53/Sh23

N1 [] 2010 810.7/G73/1

N2 , , 2010 810.7/G73/2

/Foreign-language books

/Title /Author /Publisher /Call number

Disaster prevention and people : working towards the

Japan Foundation 2011 093.69/3
creation of a strong society, from 20 to 31 January, 2011

Singaplanet : Yamaguchi Akira 2011 097.021/92
Japanese contribution to Islamic studies : the legacy of edited and with an introduction by
IIUM Press 2010 120/I99
Toshihiko Izutsu interpreted 1st ed Anis Malik Thoha

Japanese philosophy : a sourcebook : hardcover(Nanzan edited by James W. Heisig, Thomas University of Hawaii
2011 121/H51(2)
library of Asian religion and culture) P. Kasulis, John C. Maraldo Press

(:18) 2009 162.1/Su16

Korea under Japanese rule : past and current research International Research
results and issues for future research (Japanese studies edited by Matsuda Toshihiko Center for Japanese 2009 210.04/Ko515/2002-2
around the world:2002) Studies

Changing perceptions of Japan in South Asia in the new International Research

Asian era : the state of Japanese studies in India and other edited by Takao Uno Center for Japanese 2011 210.04/U77
SAARC countries(International symposium) Studies

Nh xut bn Gio dc
Minh Tr Duy tn v Vit Nam Nguyn Tin Lc 2010 210.61/N69
Vit Nam

The battle for China : essays on the military history of the edited by Mark Peattie, Edward J.
Stanford University Press 2011 210.74/P32
Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945 Drea, and Hans van de Ven

Japan's contested war memories : the 'memory rifts' in

historical consciousness of World War II : (RoutledgeCurzon Philip A. Seaton Routledge 2007 210.76/Se11
contemporary Japan series)

() () / 2010 219.9/A65

Satsuma spirits Society of Satsuma Samurai Spirits 2011 289.1/Sa18(4)

edited by Purnendra Jain and Brad

Japan in decline : fact or fiction? Global Oriental 2011 302.1/J15

Japon pluriel 8 : la modernit japonaise en perspective : sous la direction de Noriko

actes du huitime colloque de la Socit franaise des Berlinguez-Kno et Bernard Editions P. Picquier 2011 302.1/J24/8
tudes japonaises : Lille, 18-20 dcembre 2008 : pbk Thomann
Policy entrepreneurship and elections in Japan : a political
biography of Ozawa Ichiro (The Nissan Institute/Routledge by Takashi Oka Routledge 2011 312.1/O36
Japanese studies series:79)
: , /
2010 319.2201/C623/R

Britain & Japan : biographical portraits v. 7 edited by Ian Nish Japan Library 2010 319.3301/B74/7

The Cold War and the United States Information Agency : Cambridge University
Nicholas J. Cull 2010 319.53/C95
American propaganda and public diplomacy, 1945-1989 Press

edited by the National Institute for

East Asian strategic review 2011 Japan Times, Ltd. 2011 319.8/B621(1)/2011
Defense Studies
Research and Training
Enhancement of measures to prevent repeat offenses(White
Institute, Ministry of 2010 326.3/H29(2)/2009
paper on crime:2009)
Labour migration from China to Japan : international
students, transnational migrants (The Nissan Gracia Liu-Farrer Routledge 2011 366.89/L73
Institute/Routledge Japanese studies series:77)

Transforming Japan : how feminism and diversity are making edited by Kumiko Fujimura-
Feminist Press 2011 367.21/F63(2)
a difference Fanselow
Children as treasures : childhood and the middle class in
Harvard University Asia
early twentieth century Japan (Harvard East Asian Mark A. Jones 2010 367.6/J72
Japanese ghost stories : spirits, hauntings and paranormal
Catrien Ross Tuttle Pub. 1996 388.1/R73
phenomena (Tuttle classics)
Statistics and Information
Health and welfare
Handbook of health and welfare statistics 2010 Department, Minister's Secretariat, 2010 498.059/Ko83/2010/R
statistics association
Ministry of Health, Labour and

.. , ..
: , , 2010 629.21/Mo81

The Dentsu way : secrets of cross switch marketing from the Kotaro Sugiyama, Tim Andree/and
McGraw-Hill 2011 674.21/Su49
world's most innovative advertising agency the Dentsu Cross Switch Team

Information & communications in Japan 2011 InfoCom Research 2011 694.21/I54/2011

Questioning oriental aesthetics and thinking : conflicting International Research

visions of "Asia" under the colonial empires( edited by Inaga Shigemi Center for Japanese 2011 701.1/I52
:38) Studies
Mississippi Museum of
The Orient expressed : Japan's influence on Western art, Gabriel P. Weisberg/essays by
Art/in association with
1854-1918 (The Annie Laurie Swaim Hearin memorial Petra ten-Doesschate Chu ... [et 2011 702.3/W55
University of Washington
exhibition series) al.]
[edited by Japanese Association of Japanese Association of
Museums in Japan : selected 100 2010 706.9/Ni28
Museums] Museums

Ukiyo-e : the art of the Japanese print Frederick Harris Tuttle 2010 721.8/H335

Publishers of Japanese woodblock prints Andreas Marks Hotei Publishing 2011 721.8/Ma52(2)

Japan photo almanac 2011 2011 740.59/Ni39/2011/R

Modern Japanese ceramics : pathways of innovation & Anneliese Crueger, Wulf Crueger,
Lark Books 2007 751.1/C94
tradition Saeko It

Japanese film 2010 Vol.37 UniJapan Film 2011 778.059/J24/2011

The guide to Japanese film industry & co-production 2010 UNIJAPAN 2010 778.21/U75/2010

Hong Kong University

Frames of anime : culture and image-building Tze-yue G. Hu 2010 778.77/H98

Anime and philosophy : wide eyed wonder (Popular culture edited by Josef Steiff and Tristan D.
Open Court 2010 778.77/St3
and philosophy:v. 47) Tamplin

Tokyo in transit : Japanese culture on the rails and road Alisa Freedman Stanford University Press 2011 910.26/F46

Poesa clsica japonesa : Kokinwakash (Pliegos de oriente. traduccin del japons y edicin de
Trotta 2008 911.1351/D99
Serie lejano oriente:14) Torquil Duthie

Tanizaki Jun'ichir/translated by
Memoir of forgetting the capital Yushodo 2010 911.168/Ta88
Amy V. Heinrich

Hiroyuki Agawa/translated by
Burial in the clouds Tuttle 2006 913.65/A19(4)
Teruyo Shimizu
Kotaro Isaka/translated by Stephen
Remote control Kodansha International 2010 913.65/I68

Takeshi Kaiko/traduccin y notas

Una luminosa oscuridad La Cifra 2008 913.65/Ka21(16)
Daniel Santillana

2010 913.65/Mu43(73)

Haruki Murakami/aus dem

1Q84 : Roman DuMont 2010 913.65/Mu43(74)
Japanischen von Ursula Grfe

Ryu Murakami/translated by Ralph

Popular hits of the Showa era W.W. Norton & Co. 2011 913.65/Mu435(20)

()/ 2010 913.65/Sa46

, (
RedFish 2006 913.65/Ta33(3)

Wataya Risa/Nguyn Thanh Vn

Ci lng mun Nh Nam 2010 913.65/W47(2)

University of Hawai'i
Into the light : an anthology of literature by Koreans in Japan edited by Melissa L. Wender 2011 913.68/W58

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