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the mega The final word in news

J1 (ECIV: Journalistic Expression & Media Literacy) = counts for senior
English, write articles for the paper, learn journalistic writing style,
design one issue of the paper. (open to sophomore-senior)
J2 (Advanced Journalistic Writing) = write for the paper, design
pages, be an editor. (contact to apply)

Influence your school Enjoy coming to a class

and community that is relaxed but still
Go on national trips challenging
and have fun Publish your work in the
Explore the impor- newspaper
tance of news Inform students about
Build your college re- school events and news
sume Grow as a communicator.
Become an editor Obtain a senior English
one of the best leader- credit Learn to manage your
ship opportunities Utilize your creativ- time, write correctly, and
Improve peer editing ity through photos and persuade others
skills graphics Compete at local, state
Design and edit using Speak out on issues and national competitions
Photoshop & InDesign throughout the school. Make speelling or gram-
Develop friendships Receive input on your mar errors that everyone
with people from all writing sees....oops
social circles Pick what students read
Find your inner artist in the newspaper To learn more about the
Omega and journalism
Take great photos Become aware of whats classes, contact the EICs:
Introduce yourself to going on in school
different types of writ- Discover if youre inter- Abbe
ing from opinion to ested in a career in jour-
sports to reviews nalism