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10/2/2010 Carcass Utilization


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Leather Tanning
Carcass Utilization
India has a large cattle population and an estimated 25 million animals including buffaloes die of
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natural causes each year. In rural areas, carcasses of these dead cattle are usually left for carrion
Technology Package after removal of the hide. This is not only an environmental and health hazard but also a waste of
valuable resources.
Case Studies
Technlogy Transfer
A technology package to fully utilize all parts of carcasses in an efficient pollution-free way has
Fruit & Veg Processing been developed by the Centre for Technology & Development, or CTD, through a research project
supported by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. Some technical
assistance was also provided by the Central Leather Research Institute, Madras.
Non Edible Oils
Mahua Products The technology yields valuable products viz. Tallow, Bone Meal and Meat Meal.

Ongoing R&D The model and technology package have been developed spec
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rural application and generate incomes/employment for Artisans or
(mostly SC) Flayers there.
The model Unit caters to a cluster of villages and is ideally suited
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for NGOs, KVI or other Cooperatives, Flayers' Societies etc.

The model is also applicable to other contexts such as

municipalities, areas near airports both civilian and military to
ward off bird hazards, in goshalas and dairies, for waste-handling
in meat processing units etc.

This package offers the necessary plant and equipment for

standardized processes and products made to ISI specifications.

The model has received nationwide recognition and has been

adopted by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Ministry of
Agriculture, GoI, the Ministry of Rural Areas & Emplyoment, GoI,
the Leather Technology Mission and CAPART.

CTD can supply all the equipment required to any place in India.

CTD also offers Turnkey installation and commissioning, as well as consultancy services for
feasibility studies and project preparation.

Carcass Products

3 main products are obtained from this technology:

Tallow or fat is obtained by `clarifying' fatty tissues and from the Cooker, the former being white
superior grade and the latter slightly yellowish. These are familiar products and find a ready
market in soap-manufacturing.

Meat Meal is a protein-, vitamin- and mineral-rich material used as a supplement in poultry feed.
In our process, it is completely sterile and free from pathogens since it is processed at high
temperatures. It is a valuable substitute for fish meal since it is much cheaper and also eliminates
need for some other additives. Meat meal can also be used as Pig Feed.

Bone Meal is rich in phosphorous and calcium, is famous as fertilizer especially for horticulture,
floriculture and home gardens.

Bone meal is also an extremely beneficial supplement in Poultry Feed for both layers and broilers.

It is also a powerful nutritional supplement in the growth phase of dogs. 1/3
10/2/2010 Carcass
It is also a powerful Utilization
nutritional supplement in the growth phase of dogs.

The CTD package makes available this very useful and cost-effective product conforming to

Composi tion & Properti es

Bone Meal Meat Meal

Moisture (%) 7.0 Moisture (%) 8.0

Calcium (%) 32.0 Crude Protein 80.0

Phosphorous(%) 14.6 Crude fat 6.0

Crude fat (%) 0.9

Fluorine (%) 0.1

Bacillus anthrasis nil Bacillus anthrasis & nil

clostridium spores
& clostridium spores

Proces s

The process involves first separating horns, hooves and such items. These items are not
processed in this package.

Visible fatty tissues are separated and clarified to yield superior grade tallow. Cracklings can be
used as pig feed.

The carcass is then chopped and processed in a wet-rendering Cooker at 35 psi for about 2-3

Effluents are taken to lined soak pits outside the workshed. Fine manure is formed in due course.

Tallow of slightly yellowish colour is tapped off and later clarified.

Cooked meat and digested bone are easily separated.

The cooked meat is minced and dried rapidly as per stipulated procedures yielding sterile powdery
brownish Meat Meal with almost no odour.

The digested bone is powdered in a Crusher and then sieved to suitable size to yield finely
powdered Bone Meal.

Equi pment & Machines

Carcass Cooker is a pressure vessel to operated at a pressure of 35-40 psi. The Cooker handles
one large carcass (250 Kg) at a time, larger capacity vessels not being preferred since the timing
of carcass arrivals is unpredictable and each carcass should be processed immediately on arrival
to prevent putrefaction. The Cooker is made of MS with SS inner cage.

At least 2 Cookers are recommended for each Unit for reasons as above.

Overhead rails, trolley, chain and pulley etc for loading and unloading Cookers are provided for
convenient material handling.

The Cookers are to be installed on platforms with grates, chimney, dampers etc. for operating
with biomass fuels.

Meat Minc er

This medium-duty motorised machine with SS body is for mincing the cooked meat
emanating from the Cooker. It is supplied with extra plates for different output sizes.

Bone Crusher

This heavy duty machine powders the digested bone from the Cooker to yield bone meal.

V ibratory Si eve 2/3
10/2/2010 Carcass Utilization
This sieves the Bone Meal to desired size as per user specifications.

SS Tal low Cl arif ication V es sel s

Tallow tapped off from the cooker is clarified in SS vessels.

SS Dry ing Tray

Cooked and minced flesh is gently dried on SS trays over an open herath to yield Meat Meal.

Other equi pments

The following other items are also required as part of the package:

Flaying Bed
Hoist with chain & pulley
Cleaver, knives, apron, handtools etc
Wheel barrows
Tallow Storage SS bins
Balance (500 kg.)

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